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During episode 1 of Friday night lights, this high school quarterback surprised me with his performance..

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Comments 80
Deestroying 7 months ago
Should I keep these going? Like if I should & tell me where should I go next week! 👇🏾
Gabriel Sandoval
Deestroying Alabama
Ryder Glemba
Ryder Glemba 22 days ago
Deestroying plz plz Wash High in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania plz there first game in 2020 plz bro you the goat plz bro you the best you the fastest and the best football so can you show me some love and come to are game
Savion Taylor
Savion Taylor 2 months ago
Deestroying North Clayton High School
josh_is_average_ 5 months ago
Deestroying go to Harlingen, Texas and watch The Cardinals play against our rival Los Fresnos
Bryce Lubarski
Bryce Lubarski 5 months ago
You should go to Chesterton Hight school.
Kailon Francis
Kailon Francis 2 hours ago
mann all the action in louisiana.! man aint nobody banging like we are😂
Nelson Ellis
Nelson Ellis 3 hours ago
Patrick Conron
Patrick Conron 5 hours ago
Good Counsel
TheKINGPython 11 hours ago
Pop out at Bristol central high school Bristol Connecticut
Boy J Alvarez
Boy J Alvarez 11 hours ago
Patriot High School
Shopz 11 hours ago
16:44 is the same exact play with lamar jackson vs the bengals
Leo Erles
Leo Erles 18 hours ago
Fay webb
Gabriel Forest
Gabriel Forest 20 hours ago
Spanish springs Nevada
Carter Guzman
Lemore High or Hanford high
Carter Guzman
Lemur high or Hanford high
-Chicago- Day ago
New Bern high school
Christian Morgan
Ohio state
Carlos Mendez
Come to Elkhart Indiana for the Central Blazer 2020 Elkhart lions (schools combining) We went 8-2
Gabriel Sandoval
Lil Green
Lil Green 2 days ago
That man shouldn’t Even be a QB he fast as hell
Shopz 11 hours ago
Thats the same people said with Lamar Jackson and who was the MVP this season?
Kibsaym Santiago
Kibsaym Santiago 2 days ago
lakeland fl we won stats bout three times in a row
Kibsaym Santiago
Kibsaym Santiago 2 days ago
go to lakeland broo
Dwayne Thomas
Dwayne Thomas 3 days ago
Quinton Keith
Quinton Keith 3 days ago
Beechwood Kentucky
Landon Her
Landon Her 3 days ago
Come to Texas and Support Vista Ridge High School Football. Cedar Park
Cameron Zaves
Cameron Zaves 3 days ago
Hortonville wi
Danny Fountain
Danny Fountain 4 days ago
Clinch county high
chungis Gonzalez
chungis Gonzalez 4 days ago
Bishop ward please I am a center you should go to bishop ward in Kansas it’s fun there lots of food and pregame snacks
isaac courtney
isaac courtney 4 days ago
north shore high school houston
Jaitej Toor
Jaitej Toor 5 days ago
Sunnyvale Texas is gonna give u some action
Tanner Smith
Tanner Smith 6 days ago
Aye you should come to Arkansas and watch lame Hamilton we got a really good football team
Duane Artis
Duane Artis 6 days ago
Bruh, go to bellport high school’s homecoming, they be having the most littlest games
Gianluca Palazzolo
New Milford high in New Jersey
Tracy Jackson Doyle
George Wytheville in Virginia we had a good season last year this season going to be good in Wytheville va
Tracy Jackson Doyle
Destroying I feel you kickers are people to Cause I am a kicker
Skyler Merrill
Skyler Merrill 8 days ago
Deestroying: “Whoever start ballin that’s who I’m cheerin for” Terminology: bandwagon
Caleb Jolliff
Caleb Jolliff 9 days ago
Ontonogan in Michigan
WalkingForChange 9 days ago
Luv Patrick's spirit!!!
Tracie Ward
Tracie Ward 10 days ago
Go to Oklahoma owasso they got action
Donovin Luangraj
Donovin Luangraj 10 days ago
Southlakes high school va Reston
kedwin lopez
kedwin lopez 11 days ago
You should go to Lehman’s next game
vSpoken 11 days ago
Patrick Is the best🤩🤩🤩
Harold Frost
Harold Frost 12 days ago
Osceola Kowboys in Kissimmee Fl
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson 13 days ago
Wilmington il they won state like 4 years ago
King Joker
King Joker 13 days ago
U should go to Cairo Friday night lights we a power house team
iOS Hacker
iOS Hacker 13 days ago
How much is a quarter? 15 min?
Aj Smith
Aj Smith 14 days ago
Come to a sea breaze and mainland homecoming game u will be Impressed by mainland
george spencer
george spencer 15 days ago
Oak grove high school in Louisiana
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 15 days ago
Bro you need to come to South Arkansas and attend some games I mean your channels views will go up and I promise you want be bored Arkansas ain’t really got to much goin but our football and Texas football is out the roof matter of fact we’re underrated do your research we produce some of the best corn fed fast dudes you will ever see when you watching a game on tv check and see were some of the guys come from they might have graduated from some other college or Highschool but they mainly grew up here and moved to get notice or parents wanted them to see more we have the SEC of football in Arkansas Highschool football fr!!
Toxic_896 7
Toxic_896 7 18 days ago
Carlsbad New Mexico Caveman
zayvon Mickans
zayvon Mickans 19 days ago
The west
Kung Flu Fighter
Kung Flu Fighter 19 days ago
The little ones are adorable. Lol! How flattering.
Kung Flu Fighter
Kung Flu Fighter 19 days ago
_Should you keep makin’ these?! You don’t know?! Do we like them you have the nuts to ask? Nah, I hate football so much anyhow that I’m gonna cheerfully watch every damn second of the video just to spite my own self. But I don’t deserve your sympathy. I’m a real grade ‘A’ fuckhole so I deserve this! Screw you! Lol! P.S. Just funnin ya man. Grass is legal here! Lol! Thanks for sharing.
Hunter Owen
Hunter Owen 19 days ago
Salem ohoi
Ryan Poore
Ryan Poore 21 day ago
Pop up at southlewis highschool upstate NY
Alex Mcquinn
Alex Mcquinn 24 days ago
Oscar Smith high Chesapeake Virginia
Gunshybubble146 24 days ago
Chop block: two blocks engage one player, one goes high and the other goes low. Fuckin awsome play that is not allowed😥
Krxmpuzz X
Krxmpuzz X 25 days ago
Come to Conway vs Bryant or Conway vs NLR in 2020 you gone see 13th ranked national school play in arkansas
Anthony Cocciolone
Anthony Cocciolone 29 days ago
This shit was terrible
I wish I was patricks friend I feel bad for him
can destroying follow me on ig at DRIP_LORXD
Extreme Hoopers
Extreme Hoopers 29 days ago
You need to come to ohio watch a elgin high school game
1 kingofme22
1 kingofme22 29 days ago
Ocs charter school
Justin La Platney
13:55 *wipes face off* only the ones who dgaf will under stand
Rusty Chubbles
Rusty Chubbles Month ago
D can you please visit my high school my school is old Rochester regional bulldogs and I’m going to play freshman ball next year and I would really appreciate it if you came to one of our games
joshua owens
joshua owens Month ago
Come to Indianapolis Indiana and go to Lawrence Central High School or Warren Central
Tony Benjamin Jr
Come to Jacksonville Florida Raines high school put up points
Jose Velez
Jose Velez Month ago
Should go to bryant high school in Arkansas 3 state championship in a row. 50 up every game!!!
CCheck Month ago
Freedom High School Oakley CA
Brittany Miller
Brittany Miller Month ago
cardinal gibbons
Carter Queen
Carter Queen Month ago
Anthony Romano
Anthony Romano Month ago
cliffside park
Justice Wallace
Justice Wallace Month ago
St James high school south carolina
gaming with dk
gaming with dk Month ago
Volcano Vista will give you some action
TSB- Exotic
TSB- Exotic Month ago
Go to Luverne Minnesota let's go Luverne Cardinals bring Patrick to and We have the best kicker in the state
Carter Vlogs
Carter Vlogs Month ago
Upper prak
Erick Aguilar
Erick Aguilar Month ago
Tartan high school vs North high school
Taylor Rossmiller
great oak the next place you should go to. Cali ball is different.
Juan Carlos Catania
come to Malvern Prep PA next season. It gets hella crazy
Ymh. Babynate
Ymh. Babynate Month ago
Ft lauderdale Fl, or Miami dade. You have teams like Dillard high school, stranahan, Miami central, northwestern.
Jonny Green
Jonny Green Month ago
Come to Minnesota Farmington
Johnathan Burns
Johnathan Burns Month ago
You should go to lasalle high school
Andress Month ago
Cutler Bay Middle
Come to the 757
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