This Guitar Neck is 100% Aluminum and it SOUNDS CRAZY

Music is Win
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Aug 3, 2020




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Music is Win
Music is Win 4 months ago
HEY. HEY YOU. Join Guitar Super System. It’s even cooler than this silver surfer guitar: guitarsupersystem.com
Mozart1220 22 days ago
@raven raven My Kramer DMZ3000 has an aluminum neck and it sounds great. It never warps or needs adjusting. it DOES require a bit of "breathing" time between taking it out of the case and playing...say 10 minutes in the room, otherwise it slips out of tune...but once done it's in tune all night.
Lorenz Kurt Santos
Lorenz Kurt Santos 27 days ago
Wow that’s amazing I wish I have guitar too🥺 my old guitar wag broke☹️ I’m from Philippines 🇵🇭
Bones #27 B
Bones #27 B Month ago
I like the name for the Guitar
Chris Roubis
Chris Roubis 2 months ago
that sustain is crazy
Clayton Fisher
Clayton Fisher 2 months ago
But it's dummer really. And no real guitarist would ever play this stupid contraption.
Korosh Baradaran
Korosh Baradaran Minute ago
Why cut the strings? Are they not reusable? Serious question from non-guitar person
calvin collison
calvin collison 4 hours ago
Hey man can u give me some info on buying either a guitar or a bass guitar due to me being hearing impaired with a high frequency loss?
ned star
ned star 6 hours ago
Later if you get sweat on your hands, you will get black hands from the aluminum neck.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 8 hours ago
U need to find a video guy who knows enuf to keep his finger off the fast zoom ......after the 3rd quik in/out of zoom ..i clicked off the video ..waste of time watching in my opinion
MrCell 9 hours ago
The neck that will never bend
hanse81 9 hours ago
Should have just started walking around in a circle following the arrows on the floor and 10 minutes in screamed for help!
dkyelak 10 hours ago
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 11 hours ago
you came for 7:10
Bryant Kelley
Bryant Kelley 14 hours ago
that was beautiful
Luke Martineau
Luke Martineau 15 hours ago
Imagine if that neck was heat treated to turn purple and stuff, unless that only works for titanium, but I’m sure it would be possible
Mickey Dangerez
Mickey Dangerez 17 hours ago
That guitar was waiting for you bro.
BAZITUBE 19 hours ago
show this to the clowns who say wood doesn't matter hahaha
EDI P 21 hour ago
So can we say 'tonemetal'?
ลัลดา กาญจนแก้ว
OMG perfect sound and look bery nice.
ลัลดา กาญจนแก้ว
I love your country so beautiful.
richards youtube channel
Awful sorry looks to weird .
CaptainZ Day ago
A friend of mine bought a guitar with an aluminum neck... The plus - I doubt it'll ever warp/bend, it'll last forever unless you drive a truck over it. The minus - he would take it to play gigs in the winter, and because aluminum expands/contracts a lot with temperature it'd be constantly going out of tune for the first 45min until the neck warmed up. Now, knowing aluminum, I'm guessing it was an extrusion grade (6061, 7075) rather than casting grade (356) which should deform less with temperature changes? He wound up trading the guitar in for something else.
carlos martinez
Just awkwardly carrying hand sanitizer in his hand for so long
David Griffith
I had not any idea what the inside of a guitar looked like. I am beginning to like your program, because you play different types of music. Fascinating.
Chris Sappenfield
Dude needs a better soldering iron. Something with a smaller tip. And maybe some lessons on soldering.
Randy Clark
Randy Clark Day ago
Rip guitar center
hvdvps6 Day ago
What's the song that played when you were attaching the aluminum parts? Please I tried to find it out but I couldn't. Please answer
Sebastian Selzler
The forgotten memories by Luella Gren
Knoel Day ago
When u don’t wanna look like a dick by passing up the sanitizer station but you’re also holding an aluminum neck so u awkwardly walk around with sanitizer sitting in your right hand for a solid minute
jim slater
jim slater Day ago
Not a big deal Ovation did it 40 years ago
Marc Foust
Marc Foust Day ago
I think an Aluminum body would have more affect on the guitar’s sound than an Aluminum neck. It does have a cool tone with those Texas Special Pickups, and I’m sure it plays like a dream.
Perry72 Day ago
That pick guard has got to go...
Logan Haueter
Why tf would you have yo watch 7 min of a 10 min video to hear the guitar when it is the main point in the video
Noah Paulette
If you're losing it in quarantine then stop complying with unconstitutional bullshit. If you live in America you have a right to peaceably assemble they literally have no ability to lock you down.
Colt Ramoneda
i like to watch it just to listen to the jam sessions
robert loera
robert loera Day ago
Wow songs amazing!!!
Vincent Hadeler
If you did not know there are guitar companies like aristides out there which are building guitar with carbon fiber based material (think the one for aristides is called arium). And they are sounding awesome.
Don Tanton
Don Tanton 2 days ago
Diablo 1 vibes for sure.
Dan D
Dan D 2 days ago
Now if he could build one out of adamantium Call it the wolverine..Smash the rest of the instruments on stage during a concert and not leave a scratch on his guitar. If not that at least have guitar strings made out of adamantium they would never break.
SourStrawberrys 2 days ago
Guitar center really sells you the ones off the rack? Never bought out the store before I buy off website. I wouldn't take the ones off the rack. I would tell them to find me one new boxed in the back or I won't buy it.
Generaider 2 days ago
Damn sounds like Hylics 3's guitar tracks got leaked
Joe Whitey
Joe Whitey 2 days ago
Make this guitar fretless lmao
Muerte The one
Muerte The one 2 days ago
With your ear and the setup you have you could make nylon string sound good, your good. Did I Meet you in Georgia?
Dylan Cooper
Dylan Cooper 2 days ago
Clean sound!!
Gary Lubbe
Gary Lubbe 2 days ago
You’re not a bad player mate, with less attitude you could be okay..? regards
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson 2 days ago
I love how every guitar center doesn’t give a fuck if you record there or not
hafizi sazali
hafizi sazali 2 days ago
The neck alone cost 649$ without shipping cost..man! Just wanted to try this but the price.
Alex B
Alex B 2 days ago
play stairway to heaven on this guitar
Rusty Cox
Rusty Cox 3 days ago
Sounds remarkably, unremarkable. But looks chill
ardell germello
ardell germello 3 days ago
Im not stuck i got to work ima trash man
billy ramsden
billy ramsden 3 days ago
Nobody wants to watch you shop. Just play the fucking guitar.
Ben Moore
Ben Moore 3 days ago
Aluminium pick guard would be sweet too.
Dime Barlak
Dime Barlak 3 days ago
B string and high e are out of tune killed my brain duuuuude
Joe C
Joe C 4 days ago
Bro you had the same ideas as me. Thanks for the vids
Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts 4 days ago
I can see that metallic funk sound at 8:00 going someplace.
TAN Boon Lian
TAN Boon Lian 4 days ago
Just my opinion, I think if u put silver chrome pickguard it will looks more cool
Andrew Porter
Andrew Porter 4 days ago
I’ve been to that guitar center many times. My girlfriend use to work there, and she use to rent out her old place with the GM of the store.
mills 4 days ago
No truss rod to worry about sounds like it has amazing range
mills 4 days ago
Guitar center across from Oxford valley mall, in PA?
Marc Morris
Marc Morris 5 days ago
I love that sound. Drop a glass slide on there.
Timber’s Rc adventures
Imagine polishing that thing...
Text Missing
Text Missing 5 days ago
Now I wanna see one with a full aluminum body
Miguel_M190 5 days ago
*John Dwyer has entered the chat*
Fresh Raven
Fresh Raven 5 days ago
I was interested until I found the price...
Orion's Arrow
Orion's Arrow 5 days ago
Came out sounding really bright to me, kinda like a steel body guitar. Not my thing, but that twang it has could really be good if you're into that. Overall, pretty cool idea
Bobachaii 6 days ago
Why TF this look like Ohio
Ron Secord
Ron Secord 6 days ago
Ha ha the arrows on the floor. Just like Kindergarden lol.
Christian Augustin
7:19 it sounds like a nice strat don’t waste your time.
Aaron Spencer
Aaron Spencer 6 days ago
The aluminum neck definitely shines in solos. Just regular strumming sounds a bit brighter but you can really tell with solos.
I would imagine there is no truss rod needed.
tk 6 days ago
He starts playing at 7:18
trompette en chamade 32'
What song was playing during the whole disassembling process
James Crutchfield
Well, anyone who says wood doesn’t effect tone.. uh. It does something cause this sounds awesome and it’s the neck. 😳
Travis beem
Victor Baker
Victor Baker 8 days ago
You're missing a flying saucer guitar. You could be light years ahead.
Dennis Davidson
Dennis Davidson 8 days ago
DVT bloodclots and guitars...this is what it's come to 2020
EDMAN 8 days ago
Can I have this guitar please ?
section8usmc53 9 days ago
What the hell are they wiping the guitar down with ? It can't be great for the finish. One wipe may not hurt it, but if it's popular, it may get wiped down several times a day, and whatever it is, just sits on the finish.
gonzalo 10 days ago
Eric McCleary
Eric McCleary 10 days ago
How much was the Aluminum Neck? Interested in one
Typical PC Tech
Typical PC Tech 10 days ago
Bow the neck for that tremolo effect. J/K! Sounds great, nice and crisp, but the pick-ups probably do a lot of that. Should have done before and afters for each step for a little more content. I feel like it's mostly the look. Definitely seems to ring out a bit more.
Bobby T
Bobby T 10 days ago
Brent hinds clear v has aluminum neck. I believe same brand.
Brittany Lynn
Brittany Lynn 10 days ago
I would rather hear some heavy metal riffs with max distortion. He is such a mediocre guitar player that it takes away from the excitement of the video. Maybe my standards were set too high and that's why I am left feeling like I wasted my time.
frdchstr 10 days ago
5:26 bruh it is painful to watch T^T
Nathan Glass
Nathan Glass 10 days ago
How would you set the neck if needed later?
NicknLex 11 days ago
what is the music at the end of the video?
[DarkmindGames] SLIVER
This guy: Yeah! Making a Silver Surfer guitar! Joe Satriani: Am I a joke to you?
Romppers 11 days ago
Just blinding out everyone when you go on stage 😂
Doug Ryan
Doug Ryan 11 days ago
Cool 😎 Neck! Where can you get them? How much?
Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres 12 days ago
That’s insane, never I’d sound so much of the same! 😃😐
J Voss
J Voss 12 days ago
Hopefully you're going to swap the switch and pots at some point...
kirill tabasov
kirill tabasov 13 days ago
thank you for video at the end heard a beatiful retrowave and now it is mine favorite
Eddy 13 days ago
Holy shit it sounds so... SOOOOO... normal.
Prince Luci
Prince Luci 13 days ago
Great tonewood on that guitar. All about tonewood.
Duke _of_Hell and brimstone
So you can polish a turd!!!! Impressive!!!
Dalton McKee
Dalton McKee 13 days ago
Wouldn't the strings destroy the aluminum pretty quickly?
minimorpheus 13 days ago
whats the song at 6:44? i really like it :)
Bradley Oliver
Bradley Oliver 13 days ago
Australian, south african, british,basically every other country that speaks English...
Kornelije Kovac
Kornelije Kovac 13 days ago
You need a better soldering gun... a smaller one.
Steven Stanton
Steven Stanton 13 days ago
Wow the guitar sounds like a guitar 😂
Sean Huntley
Sean Huntley 14 days ago
if its aluminum doe that mean there is no truss rod? wonder how it holds up in extreme tempetures . (evil me here) freeze it and then tell one of your buddies to try it out.
Brian Miguel Zamacona Ibarra
Could you give me the wooden neck, mine broke :D LOL
Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson 14 days ago
the guitar looks amazing
mekore 14 days ago
is that a real fret or machined to the neck?
Kevin Edward
Kevin Edward 14 days ago
yo i'm gonna get one of these!
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