This Guitar Neck is 100% Aluminum and it SOUNDS CRAZY

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Aug 3, 2020




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Comments 100
Music is Win
Music is Win Month ago
HEY. HEY YOU. Join Guitar Super System. It’s even cooler than this silver surfer guitar: guitarsupersystem.com
OddboxTV 6 days ago
Ever play Satriani's "Surfing with the Alien" on it?
R B 7 days ago
How many frets are on it? How many fret options are available? How do you file the nut on it? Whats the action like on it? So many questions, so few answers.
Ryan Alexander Rivera
Give me one of your old guitar please🥺🥺
XXDOOMSDAY 4200 22 days ago
Hah.... fucken figures once again late for the cool shit 20 days late....
Luke 24 minutes ago
Man... these some salty ass comments
Darkfox Hour ago
People from the UK also call it Alluminium
Mikey O'keefe
Mikey O'keefe 4 hours ago
1:54 Nashville?
E Beaulieu
E Beaulieu 7 hours ago
Really would of liked a before and after?
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown 13 hours ago
This seems like a very late response to something that has been a thing for a number of years.
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Flynn 17 hours ago
I wanna hear it rock!
Jonathan Varvar
Jonathan Varvar 18 hours ago
Omg... arrows, mask, and now you cant touch a guitar..... stop complying with the government you sheeple
Cody Cottingham
Cody Cottingham 22 hours ago
not as good as the dooo just saying. and we don't even know what the dooo's face looks like.
billhillard Day ago
His technique is solid, but everything that he plays everyone has heard before. Good video though.
billhillard 9 minutes ago
@Luke If you watch some of his videos you can also tell that he thinks way too highly of himself. Like the video with the aluminum neck, in which he asks the employee about the "free lessons" offered with the Squier guitar purchase. This probably explains why he is not growing as an artist and is relegated to making RUvid videos in the first place. Started playing at a young age. Probably classically trained. Small town hero. It happens. Some people act like this fellow -- narcissistic. And they rarely grow as artists, or people. If you are not a magician the sawing a lady in half trick is impressive. If you are a musician the trick shown is for a hack. It is the same for this guy's playing.
billhillard 18 minutes ago
@Luke What do you not understand about that comment? He has a solid technique, but he has nothing new to offer with what he plays. He does not even bring old riffs back to life with a new approach ala Stevie Ray Vaughn and what he did for blues. Technique is half of the battle. The other half is creativity. It does not matter how many words you know if you cannot compose them to construct something. Not the best analogy, but this is a RUvid comment and not my doctorial thesis.
Luke 28 minutes ago
PianoPooh Day ago
Aloo whatium? 😅😅😅🤪👌
ransidmilk Day ago
that's kinda like a sarod
Jonathan Zermeno
the cashier sounds like James Franco in Pineapple Express lol
Camo Rubberducky
Kramer started out with aluminum necks way back in the 70s. It's nothing new. In fact I have one of the basses.
Samarpan Chhetri
Yo guys guess what I found a metal tail guitar player 😅😆
Thee Injun
Thee Injun Day ago
You need some wood inlays, so you know where you're at.
Paul Watson
Paul Watson Day ago
FR35HM4K3R Day ago
does it Djent? XD
Naughtysauce Day ago
All this perceived "safety" by wiping down the guitars is hilarious 😆 🤣 😂
Wokko Day ago
RHCP vibes
Love Pang
Love Pang Day ago
This guitar name is Terminator's T-1000!!
The EDRgaming
why wouldn't you have a comparison video with the same equipment, different guitar to show how different it sounds?
MichaelWarner91 2 days ago
That neck would look good on a hollow body
Asim Christie
Asim Christie 2 days ago
🤔 how’d an aluminum bass neck sound you are definitely on to something
SirReginald96 2 days ago
I hear effects from the amp... The neck don't sound crazy at all
DreidMusicalX 2 days ago
What a beautiful clean sound it has. I seen another video with a guitar and a glass neck. I like the Aluminum sound much better. Great video! More cow bell.
Rick Mason
Rick Mason 2 days ago
You never played a Travis Bean?
Solo Cheung - Alpha
He hacks coz he replaced the pick-up assy and added reverb effect, so that it seems sound sweet lmao
Dave Smith Music
Dave Smith Music 2 days ago
I am curious how long those frets will last lol
Stexjy 2 days ago
My quarantine ended btw, but it's probably going to be another one soon XD
Son_of Hades
Son_of Hades 2 days ago
U should compare with other wood neck in youtube visualy so people can know clearly the diffrent sound is...
brandon barrett
brandon barrett 2 days ago
yo love the traditional jewish music. Thats a niggun. Wordless melodic chant/tune song.
Julian Merrill
Julian Merrill 2 days ago
Dude check out a Travis Bean it’s got an aluminum neck Jerry Garcia played one a lot with the Dead
Drone Pro
Drone Pro 2 days ago
Why did you cut the strings?
Ghoul4912 Gamer
Ghoul4912 Gamer 2 days ago
What’s the actual point of having us skip so far in the video just to hear that it’s just a normal guitar with some reverb
Seth Barnard
Seth Barnard 3 days ago
did he just hand sanitize one hand?
Mr T
Mr T 3 days ago
Thin sounding.
Ashton Beck
Ashton Beck 3 days ago
not near as warm as wood
I.Z 3 days ago
7:16 you all came for this
Jomama 3 days ago
As Justin plays a shovel.
Matias Aero
Matias Aero 3 days ago
En plena pandemia el boludo jugando a armar guitarras y violando los protocolos de la casa de musica
Laging Aaron
Laging Aaron 3 days ago
Can u give me ur fret board?
Fadhelshh 3 days ago
what’s the difference
Ryan 3 days ago
Might as well get out the chrome spray paint and go all the way
Josh Daughtry
Josh Daughtry 4 days ago
I bet running that thru the soundtoys crystallizer plugin in a DAW would be amazing having that aluminum neck
Kristijan Jurisic
I need the soundtrack to this video
Alice Cooper AC
Alice Cooper AC 4 days ago
Okay, it sounds just like a guitar. whats next? Reinforced ceramic or hard rubber guitar neck? Jk.
pingpongpung 4 days ago
It's aluminium, not aluminum.
Rex Feltrop
Rex Feltrop 4 days ago
You should play a jimi hendrix song with that
Seriously speaking its spelt aluminium. In an american dictionary there was a typing error which is how some americans pronounce it wrongly. You can see in the periodic table they are all meant to have "ium" at the end. helium, selenium, magnesium. It was discovered in europe as well so it wasnt the amerians who decided the name.
buerger3 4 days ago
And as I thought, the reason for not using metal as a neck is because you see every fatty fingerprint. But it sounds very nice!
Ezra Owen
Ezra Owen 4 days ago
You were in your car by yourself with a mask on after saying, you can't do anything! *Face palm*
Felipe Justino
Felipe Justino 4 days ago
Sounds like a guitar, nothing crazy
Gary Orlando
Gary Orlando 4 days ago
There is no "covid"
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me 4 days ago
without hearing it normal how do we know the difference,,its possible to get that sound anyway
Mary Duarte
Mary Duarte 4 days ago
Nice. Guitar
GeneralTHC 4 days ago
Waste of money and time. My time.
tippo81 4 days ago
I dont get how a alu neck would change the sound? But it sure looks cool
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay 4 days ago
Sounds normal
Vincent Robinette
To get a better comparison, it would have been nice, if you played the guitar as purchased, then, swap over to the strings you intended to use with the aluminum neck, then, the completed aluminum neck guitar, just so we could hear those differences in tonality. Choosing a "Dry" sound on the amplifier,(no effects) would also give us a better idea what the actual tone of the guitar is.
Alex De Luna
Alex De Luna 4 days ago
Anyone Know The Name Of The Song Like At Aroun 6:09 ?
Shaun Thompson
Shaun Thompson 4 days ago
Should be called the “Krantz” neck
slayerx2000 5 days ago
This neck is great for teaching people how to play guitar. You dont even need to give tabs because the student can just look at all of the fingerprints to figure out all of the finger placement. Brilliant!
Mark Kmiecik
Mark Kmiecik 5 days ago
I couldn't hear the neck at all. The noise from the strings was too loud and drowned it out.
mr peanut
mr peanut 5 days ago
I cringed when you cut the strings😆
ethan hunt
ethan hunt 5 days ago
un son de merde
Murray C
Murray C 5 days ago
If Eric Johnson and the T1000 had a baby
Squeaky Reed
Squeaky Reed 5 days ago
Apparantly my expectations grossly outweighed the reality of this RUvid recommendation! Sounds like a ........ guitar! It's a miracle!
Donny Hoot
Donny Hoot 5 days ago
Ridiculous that we have to wear useless masks everywhere!
Jordan Atkinson
Jordan Atkinson 5 days ago
Try titanium or copper
Robbie 5 days ago
Classic american logic *Picks up guitar with his bare hands. Wipes it a few times, then touches the spots he just wiped again with his bare hands*
Robbie 5 days ago
More arguments against tonewood right here. Coming from a youtuber who believes in it
Michele Amoruso
Michele Amoruso 5 days ago
with fender original pots could have sounded thousand times better! :D
AntiPrincess0 5 days ago
I did the same thing at Guitar Center a few days ago. I've been careful with COVID all this time, then I walk into a Guitar Center and lose my damn mind. I bought the guitar, but I still shake my head.
David Sailo
David Sailo 5 days ago
Expected the warmer tone...but...I didn't hear it
Jen farmer
Jen farmer 5 days ago
Okay good. Now play the guitar through a dry amp with no reverb and repeat and none of that and A:B it next the same model of guitar with a wood neck, because otherwise allwe have is your word that it sounds crazy dfferent when you have effects and settings changing the tone and you don't have a control to base the observations on.
Jen farmer
Jen farmer 5 days ago
People who say alum in eyum need to be set on fire.
Vincent Robinette
Actually, both spellings, "aluminum" and "aluminIum" are correct. When the element was first discovered, several papers were written on the subject, and the author spelled it with only one "I" on some, and two "I"s on the other. The United States and Canada adopted the former spelling, while Australia, and United Kingdom adopted the latter spelling. You can type either spelling on your computer or "smartphone", and the spell checker program will NOT attempt to correct it either way. BOTH spellings are correct!
Cole WIlliams
Cole WIlliams 5 days ago
Dude I just subbed about 3 months ago and didn’t realize lives in Nashville, tn! That’s amazing! I was actually just at that guitar center today.
FatherApex Gaming
God you really pushed to the 10 minute mark
The Derpy Unicorn
2:30 ok why tf are you playing RAP MUSIC on a GuItaR cHaNNeL?
andres gomez morales
That's a weird looking clickbait you got there
Leo Kun
Leo Kun 6 days ago
Has to be an alloy right?
2 D
2 D 6 days ago
This is my favorite guitar ever :C fuck
mando 6 days ago
Lol i find it funny how the background music went from hip hop to some mid evil ish type music
Cameron F
Cameron F 6 days ago
Pathetic that you felt the need to follow the arrows. I knew there was a reason I never subscribed.
laistab 1
laistab 1 6 days ago
Only thing i dislike about this was you cut perfectly good guitar strings
Ashley Griggs
Ashley Griggs 6 days ago
Bet steal guitar licks sound good on it
vivacenontroppo 6 days ago
My god, you build a guitars and you don't know how they work? Or you just have to repeat your clickbait in the video 5 times. It is pretty obvious it's gonna sound like every other electric guitar.
Kevin McVann
Kevin McVann 6 days ago
Hunt for an ALUMINUM BODY to match it
PlanetJeroen 6 days ago
As a n00b I dont really get the point of a different neck, as I am under the impression that it just provides a place to put your fingers and keep tension on the strings? Could you perhaps do a side by side comparison of a a few different necks and all else being equal? (or someone point me to a vid, cant find it)
Person XII
Person XII 6 days ago
I guess it looks nice but I dont get how it sounds any different from how it would sound, especially without hearing the “before”
Anyone know the Yann Tiersen-sounding folksy song over the montage?
Jack Amelung
Jack Amelung 6 days ago
i need to teach you how to solder.. clean up loose wires make the ends tight twist them no strays next add heat to connector add wire now come in with solder watch for even flow over the connector and wire. watch the color of the solder. solder should be silky smooth no lumps no cold joints. otherwise awesome project looks totally gorgeous, are the frets hardened? or the steel strings will cut the frets
Major Angel
Major Angel 6 days ago
Wearing a mask and following arrows is not law.
Glen Harness
Glen Harness 6 days ago
You should get Stan Lassiter for your next guitar camp. No other player like him in Nashville.
Selv 7 days ago
Cameron Harker
Cameron Harker 7 days ago
After wiping the guitar down he touched it with his hand to give it to you. What's the point 😂
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 7 days ago
Beautiful sound!!!
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 7 days ago
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