This Guitar has a GLASS Neck! - Let's see What it Sounds Like!!

Darrell Braun Guitar
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That glassy Strat tone just became a little more real!
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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Jesse's Auditorium
Jesse's Auditorium 3 months ago
Cinderella would jam this
Random Boi
Random Boi 2 months ago
Good one
Studio-214 2 months ago
Jesse's Auditorium no way, the dumb b left it at the gig, the next bands lead singer found it and had to find her to return it! No responsibility, these crazy kids
Dank Meemees
Dank Meemees 2 months ago
Next person to like this comment gets you 1k likes
Eesh SinGer
Eesh SinGer 2 months ago
Jesse's Auditorium the band or the princess or both?
Jiv Ing
Jiv Ing 2 months ago
Cinderella use glass guitar neck, I get cause she is wearing the glass slippers I see.
RubyUmbreon Day ago
it's all fun and games until your guitar falls off the stand
N1KL8S KR 2 days ago
the „cleanest“ strat ever
Boris Sinkovec
Boris Sinkovec 2 days ago
A neck for Fender that is more fragile than a Gibson.
Martin Taper
Martin Taper 3 days ago
I love the woody tones he got out of it.
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith 5 days ago
I can see clearly now the rain is gone...
Grover Baker
Grover Baker 5 days ago
Sounds great..looks awesome!! Killer job
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter 6 days ago
I can see clearly now....nice choice...
xxstreme 6 days ago
i want to buy that one too
TH3_W1LD_ R0V3R 7 days ago
The sound of an electric guitar, once it’s plugged in to an amp and turned up.......has nothing to do with body material or neck material. It has everything to do with the pickups and other electronics, as well as the strings, and everything that touches the strings..... like the nut, bridge saddles, frets, the trem block, etc.
TH3_W1LD_ R0V3R 7 days ago
Should of got a glass nut. That would have had more of an impact on the sound than the actual neck. Glass nut, glass saddles, and glass frets would be interesting.
Spencer Probst
Spencer Probst 7 days ago
Samuel W.
Samuel W. 8 days ago
Do you know if that’ll fit on a schecter
Thomas Kenish
Thomas Kenish 8 days ago
Isnt there some concern about the glass shattering/cracking when you drill into it to put it on the body? Like isn't that why the manufacturer epoxied the tuning machines in?
Sïôro 9 days ago
Would make bumping the headstock even more nerve-racking
Samuel Rolle Music
Samuel Rolle Music 10 days ago
Tone wood doesn’t exist on electric guitars 🙄
Milo Rk
Milo Rk 11 days ago
No truss rod 😂
Justin Y Fans
Justin Y Fans 12 days ago
Next project is build glass or epoxy body and put colored oil in the body. Just like Kirk Hammet's guitar *I know its fun and tempting but dont put your pee inside*
Shitstirrer 13 days ago
Weird watching this video and seeing the body after already watching the 2020 dream build.
ihateliberals 13 days ago
i wonder what it would sound like if it was made out of crystal, or maybe quartz?
MrLeglamp 16 days ago
Why.....just why!
Erin Hobbs
Erin Hobbs 18 days ago
It makes me think of when you are little and play wine glasses with various amounts of water. I hear a bit of a nice tone that is similar, but that is probably just your guitar effects, not sure?
Kolot 17 days ago
What are you on about
Exo Zen
Exo Zen 18 days ago
Atleast it's more durable than a Gibson Les Paul
red crew mate with five children
Ok what if it breaks
Neil Neazer
Neil Neazer 19 days ago
Cute. I see what you did there with the song. Sweet build.
Stac Master
Stac Master 22 days ago
The introduction of glass necks finally deals with the problem of guitars just having wood necks?
V W 23 days ago
It would be great to hear it compared to a wood neck on the same guitar.
Mike Nodine
Mike Nodine 24 days ago
@Darrell Braun Guitar - It needs some laser pointers in the body aimed down the glass neck to illuminate it internally.
David Kim Piang
David Kim Piang 26 days ago
I saw the video
Paciente Rosa
Paciente Rosa 26 days ago
If you play 30 solar guitar and you play good that is be good musician that all
Paciente Rosa
Paciente Rosa 26 days ago
Be good player
Paciente Rosa
Paciente Rosa 26 days ago
By expensive guitar or amp no mind nothing
Philip Beasley
Philip Beasley 26 days ago
Sounds crystal clear! Like glass
Dog Mattinson
Dog Mattinson 29 days ago
How does it work without a truss rod?
Morgoth Bauglir
Morgoth Bauglir Month ago
Pretty sure I would kill for that guitar.
BC A Month ago
I think the pickups make sounds 99% in the case of the electric guitar
Ben Powers Guitar
That is something I have never seen. Very cool idea.
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Month ago
That really is incredible craftsmanship, shoutout to Alex!
theodore Dow-man
It looks quite tempered. Bet it's a lot stronger than most of us would imagine.
Apples & Oranges
What ever you do don't drop it...
migi punx
migi punx Month ago
I hope it's tempered glass
martinos877 Month ago
If it falls........
Tyler Homan
Tyler Homan Month ago
Morning star is also the brand for my corn dogs.
Travelin' Ted
Travelin' Ted Month ago
I'm more of an acrylic neck/body guy. Looking at you, Galveston guitars. Lol
Lorella de Pisis
nice, nice. but make sure you've got your first aid kit right by your side and a good surgeon on a speed dail when you practice, just in case
pedram Month ago
so weird
Guanjyn Month ago
It sounds...just like a wood neck. Looks awesome though.
y e y
y e y Month ago
Wow crazy sounds just like a guitar!
preludewinters Month ago
"the neck is clear now the grain is gone..." Lol
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Month ago
Fender neck profile comfortable? What? lol.
Mark Weiner
Mark Weiner Month ago
Nice teeth, how much did they cost? Take off eh. You sound like Bob, no, Doug! J/K Love it on a strat.
Michael MCNELEY Sr.
So I made a strat with 51 tone options. Let me know if you would like more info on it
George Leite
George Leite Month ago
Would stained glass color the tone?
Peter deWolf
Peter deWolf Month ago
So, is the glass neck impervious to temperature changes, right? It can't warp, but could a very fast and large drop in temperature crack it, like throwing cold water on a hot engine?
Exploring With Tyler
Now do classical glass
Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs Month ago
This is a nice novelty?! The guitar could even be made of poop, as long as it holds together?
Jeremy V
Jeremy V Month ago
Guy definitely put the time & detail into it. VERY cool
TealScarab Month ago
Is this what they call a through-neck guitar? Ok I’ll leave..
Lance Lawson
Lance Lawson Month ago
I'm reminded of those clear acrylic guitars from the 70's. However refretting one of those might be a problem.
Guitar Mask 70
Guitar Mask 70 Month ago
Don't hanging guitars with this neck aganst the wall in a support. The first thing that i think about it. Sorry for english. I from Brazil...
David Windhorst
David Windhorst Month ago
So, which sounds better: Dow Corning or TIffany?
What happens if you do a guitar smash
WorthCorpse Month ago
My first reaction is think of Lucifer Morningstar lol
Irish Cowboy
Irish Cowboy Month ago
Classy glassy
kapa zezza
kapa zezza Month ago
1:10 you can see it
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Month ago
Blood will show up really good on that neck.
ten curious things before
Especially if it explodes while someone's playing it
John Lawless
John Lawless Month ago
You should run some high output LED's to the base of it and light it up.
shojimujo shojimujo
Would have been nice to hear the guitar with the other neck before you swapped it...
Sneak Peek Reviews
Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Ayomikun F
Ayomikun F Month ago
it's the glass going to scrape off when you bends string.
I was bored so I picked up a bass.
The intro made me subscribe
I was bored so I picked up a bass.
Also next time you should compare it to a regular neck
Darrell Braun Guitar
Welcome aboard!
Abraham Yanes
Abraham Yanes Month ago
Okay so after watching this video Ive been inspired to do a partscaster build. Its a Tele body from warmoth with, seymour duncan Jazz in the neck, seymour duncan vintage p90 in the bridge, black&white burst to resemble a Penguin, with this glass neck to resemble the ice in Antarctica! :D Im super excited, thanks for showing us the guitar neck!
partssman1 Month ago
Not $769.00 ( according to their website ) cool.
A. R.
A. R. Month ago
A rigid enough material.
austin M
austin M Month ago
Wow your glass neck sounds exactly like your pickups, who would have guessed lmao
Kevin Radu
Kevin Radu Month ago
Holy smokes fellow Canadian I am impressed by that neck. Keep bringing in weird and unusual as I cook my striploin homemade soup..
Evil Sean
Evil Sean Month ago
there goes the tonewood argument ... again ... maybe now PRS can make a guitar out of old fork lift pallets for a fiver question ... I like to alter the neck relif for situational playing ...this has no truss rod ... a selection of necks perhaps ? ...EEEEKKK!!!!! . HOW much ??? +
Edward Decker
Edward Decker Month ago
What a bunch of crap! Your sound doesn't come from the guitar or the amp, or some glass neck but a combination of all of them. If you are a lead guitar player; this is you basic rig. A compressor, some kind of Wah pedal, a distortion pedal, and some kind of delay! Take someone like David Gilmore; he's still using the Big Muff pI distortion pedal he used 40 years ago. A glass neck isn't going to change your sound, that will be practice, practice, practice; using what you already have!
Dan Month ago
5:25 canadian "about" :D
Adze Flores
Adze Flores Month ago
Good vid, bro. Best if the same music was played with the regular neck for comparison.
Black metal baby
I like the tone. My only concern is how long the glass would actually hold up and last. My pride and joy is 7 years old and still going strong. The way this would pass the test is to see how long it'd last for me. Other then that, nice guitar.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Month ago
I want to see a guitar neck made of brick
Checo Month ago
Video begins 7:04
the D. Willy
the D. Willy Month ago
Every time I let someone else play my guitar I instantly regret having to clean off the DNA left behind by their sweaty palms. I can't even imagine what this neck would look like after a few gigs. I have questions: does the glass shatter into pieces or does it have that film in it like a windshield? If the neck chips can it be repaired? Do they offer these in stained glass? etc.etc.etc.
Piet Ruyssinck
Piet Ruyssinck 2 months ago
ouch ! power tools on a guitar :(
falsepod 2 months ago
“Best go conservative” but he’s got the torque set to 20. That’s almost a hammer setting man, I’m glad you didn’t crack the neck
The Malice King
The Malice King 2 months ago
So proof that wood doesn't matter on an electric guitar?
Weebi 2 months ago
I have the sudden urge to do a guitar flip
Lohan Karachay
Lohan Karachay 2 months ago
This is giving me anxiety
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 2 months ago
What about on an acoustic?
Meat Packing Glitterati
I love the Canadian accent! Great videos, too. Subscribed
Zander Shepard
Zander Shepard 2 months ago
I felt sick listening to this. It doesn't have the fullness of a wood neck and it was always missing something somehow.
Sam P
Sam P 2 months ago
Imagine a fretless version of this
daniel 2 months ago
8:55 getting some king krule vibes
CyberChrist 2 months ago
No truss rod ? I'm also surprised there's no metal part for the screws. Would've been curious to hear it acoustically. Also, using the drill to screw a neck, especially such a delicate one, made me cringe. Would the head break as easily as a Gibson's ?
Rusty Weapon
Rusty Weapon 2 months ago
Dabdab The third
Dabdab The third 2 months ago
6:58 is when he plays it Also I bet it would sound cool as hell fretless
Nafiz Imtiaz
Nafiz Imtiaz 2 months ago
How did he get the strings attached in 1 second! 🤔
CRAZYCANUCK TV 2 months ago
I am opening up a custom guitar shop here in St Thomas. Should be a great venture. Also doing repairs aswell
alphagt62 Month ago
I wish you luck! I do a bit of Luthiery out of my home, for local musicians, I don’t really make any money to speak of, just to cover my time, it’s more of a passion. But I know there’s a great need for people like you out there! I am constantly going behind Guitar Center and setting up guitars they supposedly set up, and I’ve had to fix a few pickup installs behind them as well. They are under pressure to get it done quickly, and good enough is about all you can expect. So a real luthier who knows what he is doing is rare indeed! Best of luck to you!
CRAZYCANUCK TV 2 months ago
Not bad for an $800 neck lol, hopefully you get your use out it lol
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