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This is the most harrowing story I've ever been through... I can honestly say I've never played a game that affected me quite like this one did.
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Jan 11, 2015




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Comments 80
Im Tried
Im Tried 10 hours ago
Danm that was 2 months ago
Chadd Sidener
Chadd Sidener 15 hours ago
Dude 2020? Why is this exactly like 2020 just without organ failure
Kevin Vasquez
Kevin Vasquez 15 hours ago
I am sorry but can someone explain what this game is about, meant, what the twist is about, and why people say it's good. I don't think it's a bad game. I just want to feel wholesome to really understand what the hell this game is talking about.
Shøtø Tødørøki
2015: * Hints about virus * 2020: CoRoNaVirUs!!!!
Sarah Osborne
I'm crying rn
Forests Day ago
This is pure foreshadowing for corona
Cleazic Day ago
we love you mark
Evilith Jr.
Evilith Jr. Day ago
I've watched this video 4 times.....
Kunisake Day ago
You are loved
Minion Masta
Minion Masta Day ago
Mark: is anyone watching 25:33 The video has over 13 million views I think they are watching
Minion Masta
Minion Masta Day ago
Mark: is anyone watching 26:00 The video has over 12 million views I think they are watching
Mark: Are you there?. Me: He already lost his mind.
Alice Gervais
I find the commentary of Mark at 25:25 truly disturbing because it puts us in the same place as the protagonist: Mark asks for any signs of life and since he doesn't get any response, he doubt himself and his ability to reach out to the world. It's weird how he sounds so convincing too. I truly want to let him know that YES!, people (13 millions when I'm writing this comment) are hearing what he means! He retranscrits so well this relationship between the Charlotte and the protagonist... Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
Unofficial mate
This game predicted Covid-19?🤔 Nah probably not.
Richard Bingham
Richard Bingham 2 days ago
I think that you're happy friend is a crazed lunatic cuz doing a list just to buy you games and they're being blood on your poster yeah that's a problem
Richard Bingham
Richard Bingham 2 days ago
Speaking of water there's a waterfall that's so high it turns into mist before it reaches the bottom
Dameon Howard
Dameon Howard 2 days ago
This reminds me of the situation at yand
Emilia Darling
Emilia Darling 2 days ago
how does this go on long with 2020 covid
Spaghettios ohno
Spaghettios ohno 2 days ago
"Everything I have has been constructed from people I don't know!"
The Slaughter Behind the Man
"The recent outbreak of a terrible virus"
Nu Nu
Nu Nu 2 days ago
The creator of this game knew it would happen the creator knew that we would suffer soon and wanted everyone to know but nobody got the hint (Idk why I just said this)
shannon N
shannon N 3 days ago
Charlotte's letters and death hit the worst for me now..knowing what happened to the creator of both games..are you coming? Are you alive? I can't take this loneliness.. I'm..sorry...it hits so hard now..
Goaty_girl_MH MH
Goaty_girl_MH MH 3 days ago
Did this game predict the rona virus.
emily weee
emily weee 3 days ago
yall realize this could actually happen to us now o-o
HyperActive Speedrunning
Plague inc: killing everyone That one guy in Greenland:
UT Lirya
UT Lirya 3 days ago
I was crying at the end
Mark going paranoid for an hour
Сэйрас Авалон
Sentable Liberty.
Shadow Trap
Shadow Trap 3 days ago
The letters stuff like 'Goodnight' and 'Good morning' because while you were on your game thing, you got more letters which were supposed to be opened sooner. This has been: Random Game Fact Time!
Frost 4 days ago
They predicted corona 5 years later wow
Feige Katarina
Feige Katarina 4 days ago
This is just ironic. I'm rewatching this during the Corona quarantine.
Nicholas Boss 123
2020 me hmmmm
Lost 4 days ago
this video made me cry :(
Lost 4 days ago
guy this game predicted the future
Fredbear's Universe
Meanwhile, in Russia... People are driving cars in malls.
Killer Baryonix
Killer Baryonix 4 days ago
Bro why so emotial its just a game
Ugle Beffus
Ugle Beffus 4 days ago
Hanne Verbiest
Hanne Verbiest 4 days ago
The song killed me🤣🤣
Kyra Baron
Kyra Baron 5 days ago
i’m going insane with him as this game progresses
saman darvish
saman darvish 5 days ago
Kaleb Tewodros
Kaleb Tewodros 5 days ago
Did anyone else get flashbacks to that spongebob scene at around 24:59
Monz 07
Monz 07 5 days ago
They predicted Coronavirus
Cookie Cool
Cookie Cool 5 days ago
This is really hard to watch because of what I know of the creator. If you don’t know what happened he died in June of 2018 by taking his own life....
acatsbackpack 5 days ago
"virus" this game predicted corona 😳
Felix the Fox
Felix the Fox 5 days ago
The biggest tear jerking moment When you hear her play the music And you want to call out to her But there is nothing you can ever do
Datchia 101
Datchia 101 5 days ago
Game: everyone’s dead Normal human beings: Noooooo Mark: *I DONT CARE, TELL ME WHOS DELIVERING THE LETTERS*
Trajinous X
Trajinous X 5 days ago
Whenever mark got Charlottes painting I heard a voice in the distance... it said.... Unus Annus
Regent Benedict
Regent Benedict 5 days ago
bruh this freaks me out cause everyone got sick of a virus in the game and everyone gettin sick of the corona virus right now in 2020
Lian Cassidy
Lian Cassidy 5 days ago
i watched this when i was 7 after that couldnt watch anything im going to watch it again to see how i feel
Lian Cassidy
Lian Cassidy 5 days ago
im ok
WolfPackYT 5 days ago
well this aged well..
Annasue Hardin
Annasue Hardin 5 days ago
This is very connected to 2020. I feel like with quarantine on everyone mind, this was good to rewatch.
Rachael Gagne
Rachael Gagne 6 days ago
Mark just predicted 2020
PortJohnson HD
PortJohnson HD 6 days ago
I’ve become increasingly convinced that markiplier was under the influence of LSD in the making of this video
Zero Ziann
Zero Ziann 6 days ago
Alright... who is here during quarantine and got the chills when the letter from almost the start was " we have noticed that due to the outbreak of a terrible virus, the population of our beautiful nation has started dwindling. This is unfortunate but there is still hope" ? Or is it just me? ^^*
King Ryli
King Ryli 6 days ago
This game predicted Corona.
Aiko1up 6 days ago
who watching in 2020 and feels like this is just a bit to close to whats going on today
Damions LiftedLife
Google solipsism this mans thought of is anyone outside your head really real is the definition of this some astronauts have experienced this from the shock of seeing our planet in a way a human was never meant too also love how traveler voice is pretty much Daniel from amnesia
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez 6 days ago
*has fever*
Wolfie 6 days ago
That isn’t funny
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez 6 days ago
Heather V
Heather V 6 days ago
This game is so much more horrible, now
SharkBoy Oren
SharkBoy Oren 6 days ago
You are being watched
cjoerger 6 days ago
Ya mark 13,449,491 are watching in quarantine
Beth Haupt
Beth Haupt 6 days ago
People in 2015: That infection could never happen in real life People in 2020: You were saying?
Taylor Szucs
Taylor Szucs 6 days ago
Beth Haupt
Beth Haupt 6 days ago
The madness of quarentine through emoji lol
Centaurian Mapping
this... this game is terrifyingly accurate, looking back i shouldve known that something like what is going on right now wouldve happened, considering this, along with many apocolyptic scenarios, kept bubbling up on my recommended but never in my wildest imaginations did i ever see humanity going through what these games and videos are depicting. insanity.
BOOMADI69 7 days ago
Fnafkid 45
Fnafkid 45 7 days ago
Me trapped in corona virus
bobbie anne
bobbie anne 7 days ago
me watching this in 2018: cool concept me watching this now: 👁👄👁
Phoenix TheInkling
This is more heartbreaking than the One Chance game
Thaiska aAlicea
Thaiska aAlicea 7 days ago
I hate the ending thats totali diferent fom the coratain 😭😭😭
Keebo 2 days ago
I love me some good ol coratain
Thaiska aAlicea
Thaiska aAlicea 7 days ago
I undertand yo mark
Finley Caldwell
Finley Caldwell 7 days ago
We’re not going to respond....
Just Piper
Just Piper 7 days ago
who else is just staring at the poster Charlolette sent in 2020 and is just like: "Unus Annus" | | v (THIS IS A JOKE)
J Bird
J Bird 7 days ago
Why does he sound like plankton lollll
_ herais _
_ herais _ 7 days ago
They predicted corona
Aidan Makes Things
Pssssh corona ain’t shit man Corona:
Nicktonyous 8 days ago
ick 8 days ago
wanted to come back to the comment section of this video specifically to ask if its concerning to anyone else how much this shit is playing out
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 8 days ago
The virus was depression
Coleymus 8 days ago
Sal didn’t realize that his hometown he came back to was dead. Making him very depressed and tonight’s big loser.
Ayndrila Paul
Ayndrila Paul 8 days ago
this game predicted the FUTURE!
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