This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED him next game and THIS happened...

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This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED him next game and THIS happened...
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This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED him next game and THIS happened. The CODENAME ELF is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. It is an OG skin in Fortnite and he stream sniped me in duos fill...
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 2 758
Formula Month ago
SUBSCRIBE & LIKE....ignore for bad luck for 2 years! (serious)
Kd Simmons
Kd Simmons 13 days ago
Formula can you please add me on fortnite 😢😢😢
mani omed
mani omed 14 days ago
Formula I’m disappointed in you for using a mechs
Shea Rich
Shea Rich 16 days ago
Aura tf up, thats my boy logan
ray taylor
ray taylor 19 days ago
@Me Nuub your the noob
ray taylor
ray taylor 19 days ago
@Sushma Arora6 weird
Jake Barnes
Jake Barnes 8 hours ago
Only mobile can like
hey formula headshoted isnt a word
jack Mc Cadden
Ye he was so nice likeyou
Brittanae Wint
Brittanae Wint 2 days ago
What’s stream snipe?
Sxber 4 days ago
*i WaTcH YoUr ViDeOs*
Jack Hammer 5000Yt
Your intro are so gay I stop wachting you
ErnestGamer TV
ErnestGamer TV 6 days ago
Y do u look so tiered pls say why u do in next vid pls
Maan Ahmadi
Maan Ahmadi 6 days ago
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway 7 days ago
Can you give me your accunt please I don't have any skins please
Tripzy YT
Tripzy YT 8 days ago
No more combats for you formula
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 9 days ago
Benny good job
Roblox king
Roblox king 11 days ago
I was the dude that killed your team
Neive Sinclair
Neive Sinclair 13 days ago
He’s just asking for clout don’t like
Lisseth Mejia
Lisseth Mejia 14 days ago
6:24 lol stupid I am I am gonna let you take the chance and this is not a lady this is a lay daughter
Victor McCloud
Victor McCloud 14 days ago
nobody stream sniped u tho
Benjamin Johansen
Benjamin Johansen 14 days ago
You are my favorit youtuber
Vlogs And games
Vlogs And games 14 days ago
I was your 100k like
Shea Rich
Shea Rich 16 days ago
My boi logan killed formula
Eli Braintwain
Eli Braintwain 16 days ago
Please give me skin. I get bullied for no skin my username is Etwainhaha
Rainy Xd
Rainy Xd 16 days ago
Leave a like if these kid is gay
Runzoff 17 days ago
1:28 That’s what she said
I'm Sail
I'm Sail 17 days ago
How is this stream sniping
Kathy's Snapchats and More!
Buy skin for me
Shay Kerrigan
Shay Kerrigan 18 days ago
Your a god
Juanita Williamson
Juanita Williamson 19 days ago
Im soooooooooooo late!!!!!!
Carson Gould
Carson Gould 20 days ago
6:24 tho
Amy Gallman
Amy Gallman 20 days ago
YGG_ YoungKappa
YGG_ YoungKappa 20 days ago
I love the click bait but I love formula more
Keegan Urbina
Keegan Urbina 20 days ago
I use code form
Adeoye Sonoiki
Adeoye Sonoiki 21 day ago
yo no one mind my name that says Adekunle sonoiki but i have used a grey pump and my fortnite Username is SloshyAnt887122
Yolo Dude
Yolo Dude 21 day ago
Renegade lambo
Slay Smith
Slay Smith 21 day ago
You cool 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎
Bryzhone Tyus
Bryzhone Tyus 22 days ago
Team formula vs everybody
M D gaming and video
Jason Richmond
Jason Richmond 23 days ago
Ok That video was weird
Naddilee French
Naddilee French 23 days ago
People who use blue assault rifles like this
kaylie smith
kaylie smith 23 days ago
formula can talk I play ps4 you epic firend me little_trollz566
Rickson Ėvora
Rickson Ėvora 23 days ago
I want to play
Rickson Ėvora
Rickson Ėvora 23 days ago
I want to know I want to0
Gavin all the way for dubs Days
Hit sub for formula
Ang Copeland
Ang Copeland 23 days ago
Joselyn Settnek
Joselyn Settnek 24 days ago
1v1 me formula
Touko Koivusaari
Touko Koivusaari 24 days ago
how did he stream snipe u?
ツBlurr 24 days ago
wtf is wrong with your thumbnails
Naser ALKAK 25 days ago
you are the bast
Amber MSP
Amber MSP 25 days ago
What the fuck start doing ur old intros
Ellie grace Payne
Ellie grace Payne 25 days ago
Mello.Gaming 26 days ago
Why did you kill Peely Formula, do you care about poor, innocent bananas, Banana Skins are underrated, but they are good players
Mello.Gaming 26 days ago
Use code FORM in item shop
Chris autoparts
Chris autoparts 26 days ago
How can he steam snipe of he is not a streamer
David Goffin
David Goffin 26 days ago
Shadow Cloud
Shadow Cloud 27 days ago
Don’t have Fortnite sorry can’t support. 😭 but if I some how get Fortnite I’ll definetly support! ☺️
Shadow Cloud
Shadow Cloud 27 days ago
Hehehe lol!
TheRealNumbb 27 days ago
Can yall get me to 100 subs? 👀
ZxRush 27 days ago
Only people who you used a grey pump can like this☝️ Please help me get to 200 subs. :)
MkMuzzyKhan 28 days ago
Hey guys, please do support to my channel ! It really means alot to me. Thank you :)
halani.d Gamez
halani.d Gamez 28 days ago
Fake video
X xBIG_GuardxX
X xBIG_GuardxX 28 days ago
You are not close
XxBuDdYpAnDaxX Yoink
stfu you're trash formula
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