This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED him next game and THIS happened...

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This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED him next game and THIS happened...
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This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED him next game and THIS happened. The CODENAME ELF is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. It is an OG skin in Fortnite and he stream sniped me in duos fill...
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Aug 15, 2019




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Formula 6 months ago
SUBSCRIBE & LIKE....ignore for bad luck for 2 years! (serious)
Ava and Max Rudolph
Gaz Wells
Gaz Wells Month ago
Formula is the worst🤬😈
Amazing A
Amazing A Month ago
Formula add player “twelvelou”
Jody Matthews
Jody Matthews 2 months ago
But I did
Rowdy Price
Rowdy Price 17 days ago
I followed you on instagram
ربيعه بن محمد الكواري
Like bruh I didn’t like and nothing happend I didn’t have bad luck but I subscribed ever since u started RUvid
ربيعه بن محمد الكواري
I hat the intro and mechs
Rolie Wells Vlogs
Rolie Wells Vlogs 20 days ago
Kim Radcliffe
Kim Radcliffe 24 days ago
I love yo videos can you friend me in fortnite plz
ellie miles
ellie miles 26 days ago
Me:yes formula Formula:let's go baby
Collin Playz
Collin Playz 29 days ago
Hi Foumula I’m your biggest fan i love you
game player
game player Month ago
Yea and I fell down the stairs
ttv_ilikepizza Get bopped
Who else is here from 2K subs
Dannys Cloud Of Fun
6:59 the banana so low hm I thought it was squads
Jaxon Fisher
Jaxon Fisher Month ago
If u dislike u suck
King Versay
King Versay Month ago
Bitch I got bad grades u said I would
FoxyCanGame Month ago
I have stayed subscribed for 2 months and I love the vids
Ean Persaud
Ean Persaud Month ago
Formula:best squad Formula:no we died
Matthew Cajas
Matthew Cajas Month ago
Look how long I got this asshole to say bear
Eli Obrien
Eli Obrien 2 months ago
I was the 3m sub
Domagoj Perkusic
Domagoj Perkusic 2 months ago
Use drum shotgun crazy man
TTV Fitch
TTV Fitch 2 months ago
This is how many people like formula 👇🏻
Dallis Gomez
Dallis Gomez 2 months ago
Can you give me vbucks please my name is 123acaleb
Cameron Livingston
Cameron Livingston 2 months ago
Can I add you please formula
dominick Ibarra
dominick Ibarra 2 months ago
Sub to me pls if you don't subscribe then you will have bad luck for 10 years
MLB FAN TALK SHOW 2 months ago
Yo I know Benny I played with home today
Lucy the goat gbk
Lucy the goat gbk 2 months ago
You're a liar I've been watching you since your
Maninder Kaler
Maninder Kaler 2 months ago
7 more subscribers 3 million subscribers
Carter White
Carter White 2 months ago
I really hope I go in duos with u I will dieeee i
FST Hydro
FST Hydro 2 months ago
How haven’t you got banned
Slime Wilson
Slime Wilson 2 months ago
Shut up
snipper godd
snipper godd 2 months ago
You dude
Nathaniel Dacus
Nathaniel Dacus 2 months ago
Ok 👌
Thiago Ruiz
Thiago Ruiz 2 months ago
I use your code
Thiago Ruiz
Thiago Ruiz 2 months ago
Only controller people can like this
Collin's vlogs
Collin's vlogs 2 months ago
Yo guys I just found out that the intro is real. Short story but anyway I was formulas 7th subscriber and I actually had bad luck it's legit I went back to this same video and liked it the very next day I find $21.00 on the ground it is legit
Tiarikka Wilburn
Tiarikka Wilburn 3 months ago
You gave me bad luck now my mom is dead 😭💪
reni reni
reni reni 3 months ago
Plz send me a gift my name is lasso142mingy plz
salor the cat
salor the cat 3 months ago
I am a big fann i hope to see u in a duo
Plea 3 months ago
You should’ve changed the tittle to *Found a Codename elf and gave him love and dis happened...* since you tracked him down and did the heart icon but said he “Stream Snipied you” 😂
Colt's Life Vlogs
Colt's Life Vlogs 4 months ago
Can you give me your discord
Aiden Uribe
Aiden Uribe 4 months ago
Bro I’m gonna beat you guys
Elizabeth Arellano
Elizabeth Arellano 4 months ago
I love you Form
Israel Gonzalez
Israel Gonzalez 4 months ago
You killed my cousin
scoped Beyers
scoped Beyers 4 months ago
I am getting an iPhone xr in 3 days and I will ad you please ad me back
Chevy Maracle
Chevy Maracle 4 months ago
Formula why do you have a broken heart near level 50? I'm not judging
kristelle Seagrott
kristelle Seagrott 4 months ago
PLZ stop the introw
Random123 Everyday
Random123 Everyday 4 months ago
I don’t have Twitter Instagram I’m sorry
veronique parra
veronique parra 4 months ago
Add my RSXking0 and i play on xbox
Alberto Vicente
Alberto Vicente 4 months ago
Formula I don’t use your code i use randumbs code but can you add me my epic is tito122 I want u to hook me up to met randumb
William Nere
William Nere 4 months ago
gorge piiiiiggggg
Kenny Crouse
Kenny Crouse 4 months ago
8:37 okAy FaZe swAy jr We geT iT😂
Mohammad Ahmad 200200
Mohammad Ahmad 200200
I subscribed and I am so luky
The banana Squad
The banana Squad 4 months ago
Sub to Masonyoutube225
Tamiko Peoples
Tamiko Peoples 5 months ago
can you give me battle pass tasiatrenton underscore in middle
Jake Barnes
Jake Barnes 5 months ago
Only mobile can like
hey formula headshoted isnt a word
jack Mc Cadden
jack Mc Cadden 5 months ago
Ye he was so nice likeyou
Brittanae Wint
Brittanae Wint 5 months ago
What’s stream snipe?
Team ZyKo
Team ZyKo 5 months ago
*i WaTcH YoUr ViDeOs*
Jackhammer YT
Jackhammer YT 5 months ago
Your intro are so gay I stop wachting you
ErnestEpic 5 months ago
Y do u look so tiered pls say why u do in next vid pls
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