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It wasn’t easy to come to this decision but I know in my heart it’s what is best for me, my creativity and the final product. And to be very honest, I’m really excited about it. I have so many ideas in my mind that I haven’t been able to execute on such a rigid schedule and I’m excited to be able to live through the creative process a bit more and bring them to life. I appreciate all your support over the years and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. #TEAMSUPER FOR LIFE.
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9 янв 2019

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kitty gamerxxx
kitty gamerxxx Час назад
agreetodisagree Час назад
Cyder 2 часа назад
I kind of like it! :)
Keekee 5 часов назад
I feel like Lilly and Letitia Wright would get along so well
Asian Note
Asian Note 6 часов назад
Why you changing your channel 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
AG Love
AG Love 7 часов назад
Funny how people bash lily of being energetic and happy when 1. It's her personality and if you don't like it then don't watch her videos 2. Do u expect her to sit and talk in the camera acting all depressed? yet when people are sad you bash them to be happy! y'all haters are impossible
Follow Mika_Moo On TikTok
Follow Mika_Moo On TikTok 7 часов назад
Lily I’ve seen a lot of hate in the comments, but I wanna say your awesome and I appreciate your videos so muchhhhhhh.
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 7 часов назад
Usma Tariq
Usma Tariq 9 часов назад
We got your back girl.
Unicorns 4 Eternity
Unicorns 4 Eternity 10 часов назад
Lilly I have this song that you were in can you guess... Maroon 5.... GIRLS LIKE YOU
Candy Thoms
Candy Thoms 10 часов назад
Okay so this is just my opinion. I have the right to comment on this video cause this is youtube. As a young Indian girl, I used to LOVE her back in the days where she filmed her videos in Canada. She was one among the very few Indian youtubers back then and her content was just so funny and creative. (Eg: Girls on period, Girls Group chat, etc.,) Before the entire "UNICORN" stuff happened, that was when her content was excellent. Just like many celebrities fame got to her and turned her (or her content) into a fake cringey and unfunny. Maybe this change could bring her old self back. But she should remember that she has her fame now, because she was real back then. Oof I have been wanting to say all of this for years now haha No offence to her Unicorns (fans) or whatever lol
Verity Jane
Verity Jane 10 часов назад
Fighting for health too is important too
Anshul Gautam
Anshul Gautam 11 часов назад
Lilly I love you and I get what you're talking about... You're killing it, queen ❤
Cynacist 11 часов назад
Lilly, just be yourself. We like YOU.
Stephanie M
Stephanie M 12 часов назад
Never sell 23andme ever again there trying to sell my spit sample for 10000 $
Yummy Jeffrey
Yummy Jeffrey 16 часов назад
Oh yeah yeah
Me Me
Me Me 20 часов назад
Oh you don't love me so you are a liar
Me Me
Me Me 20 часов назад
Lily if you love me send me the money
Likely_ Lijah
Likely_ Lijah 22 часа назад
Everyone needs to stop trying to be doctors, you guys don't have to diagnose her with something, she is genuinely happy and excited about her work! Instead of leaving hate just don't watch.
Jesse Barretto
Jesse Barretto 22 часа назад
If you just make more contents about your parents thingie it would be more awesome. That’s what you’re good at, you’d get more views on that. Phew...
Flexy Things
Flexy Things 22 часа назад
I LOVED YOUR STORYBOOTH VIDEO! I honestly watched it 50 times!
Missy Muse
Missy Muse 23 часа назад
I love you Lilly
Kristina Garcia
Kristina Garcia День назад
I love that Lilly is taking the time to feed her soul. It's hard as a creator to be on a fixed schedule when things feel uninspired. I love that she's taking it a little easier! 👍
hajeraa День назад
i don't know... that would be great if for one video ... she can maybe leave the "superduperhappy" persona in the closet. Just for one video. Have a talk, a serious talk, a deep one, that make you feel things. I think they way she acted looked way to forced and fake.
Erin Oberdorf
Erin Oberdorf День назад
Lilly literally said to spread positivity and good energy and so many of these comments do the exact opposite. You cannot tell if someone is being fake in a video, especially if you don't know them personally. If Lilly says she's happy, then she is! I'm happy that she took a break and found out what she needed to in order to be a happier, healthier person. I'm so excited to see the content that she creates this year!
Jennifer Maurangi
Jennifer Maurangi День назад
Destiny Nicol
Destiny Nicol День назад
Lilly, just remember that you are always going to be amazing. It doesn't matter how anyone feels about you. What matters is how you feel about yourself. I hope that you will keep smiling no matter what happens. We all love you very much. 💙
Shiddhi Patel
Shiddhi Patel День назад
*Whaadup everyone it’s your girl LilLy* Me : who are you and what did you do to superwoman? 😧
Kanika Dogar
Kanika Dogar День назад
Why must everything be announced? Don't care for any hate coming my way
Ria Sethi
Ria Sethi День назад
Honestly sometimes I just to this channel, scroll back a few years and watch the videos that truly inspired me.
Lion Wolf
Lion Wolf День назад
I love her but something feels different about her... Prolly because she's avoiding to say Superwoman?
Britney Maddox
Britney Maddox День назад
I miss the old Lilly she hasn't been Posteing as usual and she seems fake like she's acting weird I'm debating on to unsubscribe
Jenny Ali
Jenny Ali День назад
I just wanted to say that I love ure book How to be a bawse!!! Its so awesome. Ure my inspiration Lilly Singh
Riya Mishra
Riya Mishra День назад
Every one has ups and downs . You will get through it . Your channel will do good again . All the best
Sanju H
Sanju H День назад
Hun, u already know this but just incase you need to hear it again do what makes you happy! That's all that matters! Its your life! Don't live for others! We love you and want you to be happy even if that means seeing u less! Just be yourself to the max with all happiness!
Justin Vancuran
Justin Vancuran День назад
Vanessa Papapostolou
Vanessa Papapostolou День назад
It’s just that Lilly used to be so relatable and suddenly everything is a schedule and a hustle. To me when I watch RUvid I don’t expect people to show me their projects and hard work I want to laugh feel inspire and forget about my problems for a little bit...I don’t care as much about quality or SOMETIMES not even about the content of a video ( I watch Jeffree star reviewing stuff that I will never buy all day 😂) it’s that when someone is genuine you feel connected and it flows without trying so hard.
Gabriella Kountourides
Gabriella Kountourides День назад
Awesome! Thanksfor spreading positivity and reminding people to focus on themselves
Aderinsola Adesida
Aderinsola Adesida День назад
I just think we don't need to repeatedly voice all the negative things she probably already has jumbling around in her head. Yes she does seem a little forced hyper and all that, still, all the comments about her channel dying and her being irrelevant are unnecessarily harsh and I hope she doesnt magnify those thoughts in her head and chooses instead to be grateful for how far she's come and the views she's pulling now. She is transitioning, she is getting older, and we are growing with her. She could get in touch with older youtubers like Ryan Higa and talk with them about how they have managed that. And I'd like her to talk as she wants too and not necessarily hyper all the time if she doesnt feel like. You can be Lilly now, we will still always appreciate "Superwoman". I just want you to be okay, Lilly❤
Fatma Rekik
Fatma Rekik День назад
Dima Nouri
Dima Nouri День назад
Your courage inspires me!!!
Sofia Zhelnovakov
Sofia Zhelnovakov День назад
Wait did she cut her hair
Ahmad family
Ahmad family День назад
Hey it's me I sub to u then u sub to superaroush 99
Camille VU
Camille VU День назад
We all grew out of her videos. Being her parents, recycling old skits, we all thought she’d do it to. Then she came for Forbes because they didn’t choose a rich girl? Because she’s rich? She’s clinging to relevancy and it’s looking desperate.
Nemo Woods
Nemo Woods День назад
Is there a reason why she isn’t going by the name Superwoman anymore ..?
Octo Lovers
Octo Lovers День назад
Anyone else came here because of story booth
Violet 21
Violet 21 2 дня назад
Before I say anything I am a huge fan I am team super here like #TeamSuper but anyway I love Lilly but I kinda miss the old hat wearing, unicorn loving, simple Lilly who was relatable and a little but vulnerable
honestlywhycaninot 2 дня назад
Lilly, your channel is dying. I feel like this was all forced happiness and excitement. Trust me, I know what that looks like from personal experience. If you need to continue your break from your channel, none of us would be mad or upset in the slightest. We all know that when someone needs a break, they truly need the break to stay mentally stable. Take more time for yourself, be safe, and always know that we as your team will respect your decisions no matter what they are.
Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz 2 дня назад
Okay I don't have a problem with this RUvidr but she made a 5 minute skit bullying this 8 year old because he said get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.
Katarina 2 дня назад
I'm so excited for the new changes!!! Because you're doing what best for you, you inspire me to do what is best for me and take charge of my life. Thank you for always being such an amazing, positive example Lilly, love you!!!
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