This 12-year-old IM will floor you with his clarity of thinking and erudition

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Bharath Subramaniyam is currently India's youngest IM. He is just 12 years and 3 months old. One would imagine such a young talent to be good at chess, but not in explaining positions or posing the viewers with questions. Well, you are in for a surprise. Check out this video and be amazed by this youngster's clarity of thinking. Bharath is also very resourceful when it comes to calculation and we ask him the secret of how he improved at calculation and finding resources.
Video: Sagar Shah

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Jan 14, 2020




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Comments 16
Ринат Сюбуков
He will be very strong player)
Kmillz TFT
Kmillz TFT 4 months ago
What a bright young man!! Better at chess at 12 than most could ever dream.
Talos q
Talos q 4 months ago
Bet he makes his country proud
Jakob Egger
Jakob Egger 4 months ago
How come all Indians pronounce five as fai?
mani chand
mani chand 4 months ago
Not all Indians as such, there are many accents to this. So say fayav and some say pive
Azelide 4 months ago
Yeaaaah I guessed the right move! :D
Kavyansh Agrawal
Kavyansh Agrawal 4 months ago
Jel-fand sir..lol
Quality _959
Quality _959 4 months ago
what if 1...Be5 and 2.B*e5 what happens
Philli park-tamati
Philli park-tamati 4 months ago
Its qh4 and g3
Rajeev Jain
Rajeev Jain 4 months ago
O cam give I line but that is very long. So just think on ur owm by taking hints If bxe5 then nxe5 and even now threat is Qxh4 and force mate in some moves. So black have 2 method. fxg4 or g3, both does not work. Think on ur own, if u not get, let me know, I will give u line, it is not hard to find line, just think for some min. honestly
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel
His name didn't appear on the initial list given by chessbase india on their site and I thought it was a bit weird he wasn't there. I'm glad he's actually at the camp.
Niccolo G. Harrow
Niccolo G. Harrow 4 months ago
Future Anand! Keep it up
Sricarlsen9 lesner
Sricarlsen9 lesner 4 months ago
Indians are not good enough to guide ..more quality players. Who lacks even food !
Dekadenz 4 months ago
Rajeev Jain hahah for sure people shit in the streets in india but good chess players
VK's Planet
VK's Planet 4 months ago
@Rajeev Jain I was not talking about India bro. It was comment for main commenter.
Jakob Egger
Jakob Egger 4 months ago
@Rajeev Jain Safest definitely not.
Rajeev Jain
Rajeev Jain 4 months ago
@VK's Planet , hey just in ur space, do not cross limit. U do not know anything about India. India is the one of the most beautiful and safest place in world. So just shut ur mouth
VK's Planet
VK's Planet 4 months ago
It seems you and people of your country lack brain.
Sricarlsen9 lesner
Sricarlsen9 lesner 4 months ago
Not use for poor Indian stronger players than this guy.. ?!
Jude Ero
Jude Ero 4 months ago
India is in a race with China to dominate world chess over the next two decades.
Dekadenz 4 months ago
Jude Ero china? not really
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel
China's talent is severly overrated though. They literally have no one outside of Ding , Yu Yangyi or Wei yi and of those 3 only Ding is a serious title challenger for the title.
Sarah 4 months ago
Please focus on Indias poverty
VK's Planet
VK's Planet 4 months ago
I think you are poor in Chess. And your country must be poorest in Chess.
Nbry WR
Nbry WR 4 months ago
3rd comment
pistachios2012 4 months ago
Sagar I am eager to meet you and everyone in the champ will I be able to meet you 🤔🤔🤔🤔😭😭😭
lucas vinicius
lucas vinicius 4 months ago
Next videos