Things No One Should Ever Be Doing To Their Cat

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Because we love our cats we want what's best for them, but you might not actually know what's best for your cat, because there are some pretty weird and benign-seeming things in our homes that can be dangerous for our feline friends. Here are some things that no one should ever be doing to their cat.
If cats were still living in the wild, they'd use their claws to climb trees, dispatch prey, and attack the ankles of bears or something. They wouldn't last long as a species, but that's probably what they would do. The common domesticated cat has not evolved much since that time. They love to bat things around on the floor, and they have to scratch things.
If so, declawing your cat is not the solution. In the past, humans responded to the destruction of chairs and couches by declawing the offenders, but most experts today agree that declawing is unnecessarily cruel. The declawing procedure doesn't just remove the claw, it also removes the last bone on each toe. A declawed cat may develop permanent pain and/or complications such as nerve damage and bone spurs. Cats can also develop behavioral problems, and without claws, cats may turn to biting as a form of self-defense.
Watch the video for more about things no one should ever be doing to their cat!
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Declawing your cat | 0:17
Keeping your cat outdoors | 1:17
Sharing your leftovers | 2:10
Pushing your cat off ledges | 3:02
Not using a cat carrier | 3:44
Not using wet food | 4:52
Hoarding a plant collection | 5:29
Keeping cats from windows | 6:24
Leaving yarn and rubber bands out | 7:11
Use the wrong collar | 8:12
Put out essential oil diffusers | 9:09




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Comments 80
Grunge 3 months ago
What's the funniest thing your cat has ever done?
ILSRWY4 2 months ago
what this video than pissed on the computer in disgust....
StampNStitch 2 months ago
@Greninja Storm my Muggsy does the same. When he has gotten enough pets and kisses, he puts a paw between my legs and waits for me to open my legs. He lays down and sleeps there all night and snores.
StampNStitch 2 months ago
Jumping at blinds trying to catch birds. His paws went through and he hung there like a cartoon character. I was laughing so hard it took awhile to get him down.
Night Shades
Night Shades 2 months ago
My cat climbs into boxes far too small for himself. He gets all squished in there. Very funny looking :P
Kelsey Cummins
Kelsey Cummins 2 months ago
Roll around on the ground and meow.
Jerry Mata
Jerry Mata 2 months ago
Anyone here know any tips on how to get a scared cat get used to the outside? I would appreciate any help. Thanks
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 2 months ago
Speeking of having a collar on your and a micro chip as backup ,well i took a 3rd precaution, i had tattoo put on the iside of 1 of his ears the my vet had on record.
Lynda Hammond
Lynda Hammond 2 months ago
Please STOP repeating the myth that cats only are affectionate to their humans for food or warmth. Enough! Stop being lazy or pushing your pregn opinions that cats are indifferent. Some definitely are but most are not. Some humans are indifferent and some are not. Don't be lazy by citing antiquated myths and lies. Much of your information in this video was thoughtful, correct, and useful, though. Thank you for your helpful attempt.
mike levitz
mike levitz 2 months ago
Cats will lessen the intensity of clawing at you if you say "no!" sharply after they hurt you. I reward their improved behavior with positive tone and massaging them. They seem to get it. Takes repeated attempts. All my scars have healed up!! Works on 9 out of 10 cats. The 10th cat looks great stuffed with candy and used at birthday party!!
Chris H
Chris H 2 months ago
Above average video, with a couple of exceptions on cat affection and being outdoors. The outdoor life depends on the circumstances. A cat born outside and unsocialized to humans can still have a great life, especially if they're spayed or neutered and vaccinated. The info quoted by that "... Ruins Everything" show isn't based on evidence provided by decades of research on community cat programs. We've taken over care of such a cat who's lived outdoors for over nine years. Her previous caregiver came across her and had her spayed. He tried getting her to live indoors but she wouldn't have it. We also have two other unsocialized cats vetted and microchipped. All are provided with food and shelter. Despite what some claim, they actually DON'T get many birds but do take out mice and rodents that burrow in the lawns. Our city encourages people to participate in the community cat program as it helps keep cats from reproducing and reduces noise and fighting that happens with intact cats. A growing number of cities are having great success and providing data on it. 100 percent agree with ending declawing and feeding LOW CARB canned food. Most cat rescue groups agree too.
joseph humphrey
joseph humphrey 2 months ago
I starting using tiny bits of velveta to wrap my senior cat's tapazole tablet, so he would be a bit more receptive to the med. (for hyperthyroidism) I made a huge mistake of first doing this when he was standing on my laptop keyboard. We are now trying to learn, that if he wants cheese he has to sit on the chair next to me. (yes I know adult cats are lactose intolerant, he gets only a couple of small pea sized balls, a 'primer' and then the loaded one) Always a smart cat, he's catching on. He is declawed but this was done by his previous human. He doesn't seem to show any ill effect luckily. Pretty healthy overall for 15 years. It will kill me to lose him, as has been my little buddy for 10 years.
Gregory Rader
Gregory Rader 2 months ago
I refer to the window as cat T.V. .I agree about the declawing the cat. I used a squirt bottle with water, and had scratch boxes throughout the house with a little catnip. Anyways, great video.
Jenny Eagan
Jenny Eagan 2 months ago
Live in California. No one to my knowledge is stupid enough to let a cat run loose, so no need to make laws for situations that don't exist...we do have a bunch of other stupid laws though because of stupid people just can't use common sense or respect others and they represent the rest of us quieter, law behaving people.
Diane Lynn
Diane Lynn 2 months ago
Sorry but what an idiotic comment that they don’t give affection other than related to food. Absolutely untrue!
gwg5640 2 months ago
@briannalong is absolutely correct. I would never de-claw my PJ. Getting his claws trimmed, yes, but not removed. I was told this long before I got PJ. Yes, he claws my mattress, but I have a water bottle he hates which does deter him (when I'm here). But I would never, ever do anything inhumane to a cat. I want my pet to be happy every day I wake up. And he is a happy kitty. I love him, he loves me : ) He even puts his cute little head on my hand when I go to bed as his pillow. Nuff said.
Perry 2 months ago
Good subject video but could not watch all the video due to the obnoxious background music.
Jen B
Jen B 2 months ago
I was incredibly impressed by this video! Really good info.
Ts s
Ts s 2 months ago
My cat figured out how to get her breakaway collar off. Last time I put it on her it took her 30 seconds, she hooked it on a plant branch and yanked. 😂
Ts s
Ts s 2 months ago
Uhh cats actually bond with their humans at a rate either higher or equil to that of dogs....you lost me when you spread the unfriendly cat myth. There is also a reason cats eat grass, it is usually so it can bring up hair that is in their stomach. Cats are no omnivores.
M Prince
M Prince 2 months ago
You tell us to give our cat a ball of yarn and then you tell us how bad yarn is for your cat. I don't get it. Did I misunderstand something?
Delores M
Delores M 2 months ago
As soon as the guy came on in black and white with the screeching voice, I stopped watching.
Nat Molina
Nat Molina 2 months ago
Haha. One of my cats hates cars. But our older cat has always loved riding in cars. He looks forward to them. And he always stays either in my lap (passenger side) or in the back seats. He never goes under the steering wheels. So meh.
Jessie Talks
Jessie Talks 2 months ago
So you mean use common fucking sense
Doreen Dotan
Doreen Dotan 2 months ago
Let's just tell it like it is. Cats are not domesticated animals. They are not toys. They are predators. A shorter life as a natural cat is preferable to a longer life as a prisoner.
Tendo64 2 months ago
The millions of indoor cats who are very happy with their owners would like to have a word with you.
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke 2 months ago
Should be called tips for morons who should never own a cat.
Nina Arend
Nina Arend 2 months ago
We had a resque cat that, to our surprise jumped into the car and sat in between our two children, obviously wanting to go with us. After a view times not taking him with us we decided to take him with us to our cabin. He was so happy! The second time he went with us on our weekend trip he jumped out of the car and walked to the cabin all by himself. Not all cats are the same. and oh, this one was a character...
flyushkifly 2 months ago
You had me until “since food affection is the only sort you are likely to get from your indifferent roommate.” Because that is just ignorance. Who wrote this, a dog person?
gcat mlp
gcat mlp 2 months ago
I am a cat I have suffered the consequences of always thinking I can land on my Paws / feet but sadly it does not always work I have landed flat on my stomach and knocked the wind out of myself before.
Whywyemee 2 months ago
Oh Toonces, the Cat 4:40 We miss you.Come back kitty!
Blatherskite 2 months ago
A water pistol is very effective at stopping clawing, jumping up... Our cats are in&out. They crave the exercise when they can't go out.
syntax error
syntax error 2 months ago
We declawed our cat back in the 90s and he was fine. He was indoor and if he went out we went out watching him. He was neutered too so if you think declawing was mutilation then so is neutering them too!
Meghan Schuler
Meghan Schuler 2 months ago
Making them vegan and vegetarian
ILSRWY4 2 months ago
I love this millennial generation we have to live in... as if past generations didn't know how to take care of cats... humans have had cats as pets for over 2000 years (starting with the Egyptians) and cats and humans have gotten along just fine. GOD I hate Millennials and YT know it alls!!
Aiden Commandeur
Aiden Commandeur 2 months ago
you should never shane dawson em
MiniGunTurtle36 2 months ago
Shane Dawson.
yorkaturr 2 months ago
My cat punctured her eye on an aloe vera plant when she was a kitten. So plants with sharp barbs are probably not a good idea either.
demonpride1975 2 months ago
your cat doesn't stand a chance, how is that any different then a dog being free to roam in the car, some dogs are even smaller then cats, so they would pose just as much a danger one would think.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 2 months ago
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins 2 months ago
Who the fuck pushes their cats off high places?? That’s so fucked up
Debra Hubbard
Debra Hubbard 2 months ago
Why does McDonald's advertise free Wi-Fi and then it NEVER loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😠💩
darrick steele
darrick steele 2 months ago
I'm surprised YT didn't ban the cat chasing the mouse clip for "animal cruelty" or something
Jaroo E
Jaroo E 2 months ago
2:10 I'm sorry Jon
Robert Kess
Robert Kess 2 months ago
Here's something that shouldn't have happened. When I was a kid we had a family cat with six claws per foot named Dingbat. Dingbat the cat, died in the dishwasher, yeah it's true, she got inside and without knowing someone closed the dishwasher door and turned on the machine. To this day I shudder when I think of it, it must have been a horrible death, I still feel it when I think about what it must have been like. She was a great cat though, dumb as shit, but very loving. Old Dingbat the cat died in the dishwasher. This was like 1975, R.I.P. Dingbat.
sjwalker1973 2 months ago
Never declaw your cat. Just trim the nails and provide for appropriate scratching posts. Declawing isn't declawing. You're taking out their knuckles.
Linda Sensabaugh
Linda Sensabaugh 2 months ago
Cat do NOT eat grass for fun, this is misinformation. When a cat nibbles on grass they are treating a upset stomach and/ or need to bring up a hair ball. 20 yrs of breeding and showing cats
Baalan 2 months ago
But is it or is it mot true that I can give them 1 smoll piece of salami
Curt Christensen
Curt Christensen 2 months ago
"Your" cat? No, no, no. The cat owns YOU. 🐯
Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett Month ago
Your right Curt
Nik KiD
Nik KiD 2 months ago
The one about the cat carrier..is stupid. If you've conditioned your kitty since a kitten to travel in the car and not panic, it's more distressing to them to be in a carrier than out.
Blatherskite 2 months ago
Condition the cat to ride in the carrier.
Chel Sea
Chel Sea 2 months ago
We're not even allowed to have outdoor cats where I live because they're destroying several local bird populations and there are several species of birds endangered partially thanks to domestic cats.
Indomitus1973 2 months ago
It boggles my mind that we're still having to discuss declawing at all, as if it's not perfectly obvious how harmful it is. Seriously, who's the idiot that still doesn't get it? Why is this still a thing?
demonpride1975 2 months ago
because what you believe, does not necessarily mean someone else has to. that's the whole point of freedom. i don't declaw my cats, i don't believe in it myself. but i also don't get self righteous and bitch about others doing it.
sarah leisinger
sarah leisinger 2 months ago
Before you make any permanent change to your cat’s diet, talk to your vet first. A lot of the wet food out there isn’t the healthiest for your cat and doesn’t give them enough nutrients to keep their coat shiny amongst other things. Also you know your cat better than anyone, if you see them drinking a lot of water and eating their food regularly with no changes in bowel movements then the way you’re taking care of them is just fine :)
Linda Poorman
Linda Poorman 2 months ago
I only clip my cat's nails. I actually have one I am going to have to take to the vet because she fights me and then is so upset she pees. I just make sure the covers ar on when she lays with me at night. We did have a cat that came to my grandparents house who was declawed and still lived outside and killed lizards, snakes, mice and birds, grandpa kitty was very smart
CrazyGreenFluff 2 months ago
don't spray your cat with water as punishment, most of the time they wont even know what they did wrong. it creates trust issues in them, also, dont fucking get your cat high.
[FCClan]The Stranger
Another thing...if you want a cat, seriously consider getting two. In my experience with feral cats, I have noticed that they actually, contrary to popular belief, are actually quite social animals. I have one feral who has two kids, when I let them into my kitchen to eat, mom sits by the door and patiently watches and waits for them to come back out. I have five that live in my house with me. They often eat when I get them food in the morning. Always make sure that there is water available. One of my five, I have never seen eat wet food in over five years she has lived with me. Often, when I put out a can of wet food, usually Blacky, Tabby and Tiger will gather 'round and take turns eating from it.
EccentricSage 2 months ago
Scented candles. Discuss.
Meggsie 2 months ago
Comparing letting your cat outside to people living in a cave is a poor comparison. If you have the means to safely allow your cat outdoors then you should do so.
EccentricSage 2 months ago
Declawing should be outlawed
The Michael
The Michael 2 months ago
What do you mean, like putting scotch tape on their feet, a sock on their head, tying their tail to their side, or put a staticky balloon on them? Just kidding! This is all mean stuff to do that can be put on RUvid.
The Dancer
The Dancer 2 months ago
Ah fabreze is toxic to EVERYONE including pets. It’s pure chemicals and no one should use those. Bulk pine in your pets litter box will help to control odour and it’s inexpensive
Emily Aversa
Emily Aversa 2 months ago
Fortunately, When our cat had to get a cone he got a cloth one, so it was a bit easier. He was still clumsy, though.
Robert Drake
Robert Drake 2 months ago
We had a cat that scratched the eye out of our dog, so screw that first point.
Heatherlynn 2 months ago
Yeah, I tried keeping my cat indoors. That didn't work out. Every single time the door opened she bolted. She even got her tail shut in the door once. I rather not have someone accidentally slam her head in the door.
Twisted Poet
Twisted Poet 2 months ago
My cat is declawed which was done by her previous owners. She has no issues (yet) she’s very sweet and uses her litter box religiously. She jumps and plays like any other cat. I’m not saying that I would’ve made the decision to do it but I am grateful that my furniture isn’t being destroyed😊 I suppose the only good thing about declawing is that I’m sure you’d find a lot more homes for the strays which is kinda a small trade off compared to what happens to cats that are abandoned on the streets.
The Vegan Potterhead
Caring about one animal but eating another = speciesism.
Levi Little
Levi Little 2 months ago
I will say about the cat and cars thing... my moms cat absolutely hates carriers, but it’s not just a discomfort it’s more or less a thing of PTSD (she was abused by her previous owners that resulted in a fractured skull and a broken jaw). When they moved up to Michigan, the cat somehow damaged the carrier and the rest of the ride she sat in the passenger seat 🤷🏻‍♂️
Susse Kind
Susse Kind 2 months ago
Instead of a collar, I have always put harnesses on all of my cats (indoor outdoor). I have never really had any problems in 35 years, plus we live on a cul-de- sac in a quiet neighborhood. My one feline friend requires medication twice a day. I have a little capsule attached to her harness that contains a 3 day supply of medication, in case she gets lost and somebody finds her. There's instructions on how much and when to give medication attached as well. If you decide to do this, make sure the capsule is watertight and to exchange the medication every 30 days. Of course she also has a tag and microchip.
S6N 6F G6D
S6N 6F G6D 2 months ago
my cats are perfect. they just need to stop putting dead mice in front of the door. i step on them
Jammy joe
Jammy joe 2 months ago
i hate cats, clawing up my clothes, furniture, curtains, fur everywhere, annoying meows, and poop smell, stay out!
Sarah Vihovde
Sarah Vihovde 2 months ago
Cats eat grass and plants to get rid of their hairballs.
Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner 2 months ago
I disagree with cats eating leftovers dry food actually hurts their teeth but because it’s cheaper people buy it we feed our cats wet food we let them smell and try foods that are safe for them.
Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner 2 months ago
All my cats are inside, I will pick them up from time to time and take them outside to smell things but not for very long.
Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner 2 months ago
Declawing is evil, if you care more about your furniture don’t have one. It makes more problems.
StampNStitch 2 months ago
You have it Sooo wrong about the wet food. Cats, mostly male cats, have urinary problems because of crystals in their urine. The cat needs a diet low in magnesium. I lost 2 if my male cats became of this problem. The vet had informed me of this diet change. My 3 boys (17, 16 and 15yrs of age) are doing great.
伊紹菲 2 months ago
My cat surprisingly doesn’t really mind being in a car (though we only let her out when there are 2+ people so we can keep an eye on her)
Tanya Perrin
Tanya Perrin 2 months ago
You can't possibly think that the toxic chemicals in Febreeze are less harmful to your cat than essential oils!
Dark Star
Dark Star 2 months ago
Another tips is to not use bleach in litter boxes to clean it. Scooping 2 times a week is normal for one cat. Every month you should change litter, and clean bottom. I use dawn some times if it’s really bad. Dawn dish soap I believe don’t have harmful chemicals. The biggest reason you can’t use bleach to clean it, is because the cats need the sent of the litter box to be the same as them. That’s why if you have more then one cat you usually need a second litter box. If you have one cat, and the other just can’t get potty trained well maybe it’s the human that needs training.
Aura Khaos
Aura Khaos 2 months ago
God I hate cats. Do everything on this list.
Mr Orc Shaman
Mr Orc Shaman 2 months ago
Never declawed any of my cats. Freaks declaw their cats. And my cat loved me, saw me as theirs
DJ Baum
DJ Baum 2 months ago
Don't tell me how to live my life
Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner 2 months ago
DJ Baum you might learn something , just think about that.
Ingrid Åkerblom
Ingrid Åkerblom 2 months ago
Also, don't give ppl medication to cats.. yes people are stupid enough to do that.. normal common over the counter painkillers, like buprofen & paracetamol can kill fast in really small doses.. cats have complete different digestion to humans..
Ingrid Åkerblom
Ingrid Åkerblom 2 months ago
Im from northern europe, I have had cat's for 25+ yrs, I never heard of declawing untill a few yrs ago, from the my cat frol hell show.. thats illegal here & if you show up with one to a vet, they are by law obligated to report abuse to the athorities... no vet does them here, it's just so awful! If you are that lazy, you don't deserve a pet..
Chris Manzi
Chris Manzi 2 months ago
I'm putting my Cats in Bubbles now
etherraichu 2 months ago
I would bring my cat outside supervised on some occasions. Its funny, no matter how many times he tried desperately to get out, once there he wouldn't go more than four feet or so away from you. Woudl constnatly stop and look back at you until you followed.
Kelsey Cummins
Kelsey Cummins 2 months ago
I agree with all of these things except for outdoor cats. Gwen prefers to live outside and has a fully insulated room built on to the house.
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