Thierry Henry ● Best Skills & Goals ● Arsenal ||HD||

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Hello, Guys! This is my new work about T. HENRY, hope you enjoy it.
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Comments 80
Pitra Sepimando
Pitra Sepimando 27 days ago
Allan Beaton
Allan Beaton 4 months ago
Fucking Peerless in the Premiership of strikers ❤️ Total Entertainment ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Gabriel gp
Gabriel gp 5 months ago
Uma pena não ter ganhado bola de ouro....
HighburyAFCSoul 5 months ago
Best player in Premier League history, and amongst the all-time football greats.
MonkeySmoke 5 months ago
bi şimdiki forvet dediklerimize bak birde şu videoya bak mevkiisinde gelmiş geçmiş en iyi oyuncu kesinlikle
Alcides Monteiro
Alcides Monteiro 6 months ago
3:01 ♡
Max Hill Greus
Max Hill Greus 7 months ago
i love him!
nattapat srihirun
nattapat srihirun 7 months ago
Henry is prime.
ihateusernames74 8 months ago
The greatest privilege of my life was watching this man play. To this day, his name and number is the only one I (will ever) wear. Merci Monsieur Henry.....
Allan Beaton
Allan Beaton 4 months ago
ihateusernames74 ❤️❤️❤️ Class
Norhasliza Ibrahim
Norhasliza Ibrahim 8 months ago
My favourite number and always be my numbers for my jersey or anything that need number in my life .. Thank you henry because u made my kid life great along your journey .. 14 my style ..
Gameja play
Gameja play 8 months ago
Toggero Productions
Toggero Productions 9 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Pqi0luCNcmQ.html my tribute to Henry
Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah
Alhamdulillah :)
Chiranjeeb Thakuria
Chiranjeeb Thakuria 10 months ago
Legend. I miss seeing him play.
Milos Trninic
Milos Trninic 10 months ago
Moj omiljeni fudbaler.koliko sam ga kao klinac volio.
Solomon Ian
Solomon Ian 10 months ago
This guy was class, coming from a Man Utd fan. If only he could have played with peak CR7 at Man Utd..
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 10 months ago
0.40 what the fuck is that
Allan Beaton
Allan Beaton 11 months ago
#14 ❤️ He lit up the premiership and is one,If not thee,greatest scorer of goals we,who love football.Have seen 👀🔥⭐️ Uo there to say,the least
Trader Li
Trader Li 11 months ago
Marcelo Pavan
Marcelo Pavan 11 months ago
Messi, Cr7, Romario, Ronaldo, Zlatan, Henry... not in order... best strikers that I`ve seen in my life.
Ohhhh man I fucking love futbol.
Louis Monnier
Louis Monnier Year ago
British food
Louis Monnier
Louis Monnier Year ago
Un grand nom du football
Louis Monnier
Louis Monnier Year ago
c'est vraiment le meilleur joueur de l'histoire
Rod Aldridge
Rod Aldridge Year ago
If only arsenal still had a player like this legend
azazel junior
azazel junior Year ago
The best player of PES6
mo jama
mo jama Year ago
My favourite of all the times❤❤
Allan Beaton
Allan Beaton 4 months ago
mo jama Among giants too,Bergkamp,Adams,Vieira,Keown, et al....⭐️👌🏼
K1pStA Year ago
For me the best player
Aza Penberfier
I would turn gay for him
Tee tanapat
Tee tanapat Year ago
Michael Year ago
Best player in the premier league
Gian Richi
Gian Richi Year ago
Spass bester Spieler ever
Løňé Wõłf
Never underestimate the KING
Charlie Alizadeh
Thierry Henry ● Best Skills & Goals ● Arsenal ||HD|| please check that out
Daniel R
Daniel R Year ago
I remember seeing that 0:39 as a kid. My jaw dropped, i had never seen anything like it. Greatest Premier League striker of all time.
Hi Year ago
Messi? C.ronaldo? Only Henry maradona and Pele are at this level
Hi Year ago
He should be rated 10000000000000000
นวรัตน์ วรหาร
nistelrooy than henry
Eric Radle
Eric Radle Year ago
This man's style was something wonderful. So pure, so natural, so beautiful - everything I love about football.
Jesús Fernández Navarro
Buff 1 bomba de relojeria y nole conocía ee, pero x lo khe visto era muy bueno ala altura de ronaldinho y zidane de ese stilo k dices como pueden hacer eso??
2rBigode Year ago
Se aposentou ele ?
L Whitey
L Whitey Year ago
Salem Yaslem
Salem Yaslem Year ago
هنري هذا من افضل المهاجمين وإلله
Felicia Audreyna Shanum
Tak akan ada penerus henry. Dia terhebat di jaman nya
Genec Nec
Genec Nec Year ago
Hará Campeón a los Belgas 🇧🇪😎
FIJN MAN Year ago
Watched Belgium kickass with tricks I knew only one man could teach. Mr. Henry, Technical Staff of the Belgium team. No doubt they'll play with style with this man on their side!
Rien100Rafah Year ago
The best player of history of pl better owen better rooney, cr7 , lineker ......
Natalia Yang
Natalia Yang Year ago
Miss him so much
Thecoolest Master
zz 45
zz 45 Year ago
This guy was a beast, there isnt any black players as good as him now
Ymous Anon
Ymous Anon Year ago
In French is Henry pronounced something like Awn-ree ? awn as in lawn and ree as in street ? (english phonetics)
Ymous Anon
Ymous Anon Year ago
I think of Thierry Henry as being the Fred Astaire of futbol . Fred Astaire was hollywood dancer in the mid 20th century who seemed to dance so smoothly and effortlessly . Henry seemed to play so smoothly and looked effortless . Of course both Henry and Astaire were playing and dancing with all their hearts and minds . They just looked so smooth and effortless looking . It is a shame that so many people will only remember him for that handball against Ireland
Filho Alves
Filho Alves Year ago
Siddhu Parur
Siddhu Parur Year ago
Oto Clear
Oto Clear 2 years ago
Best then messi or ronaldo
Andri nEoN
Andri nEoN 2 years ago
lagunya sedih
mo jama
mo jama 2 years ago
I started to Support Arsenal cz Henry , its so sad they never made him not win the dBallon
xiu tio
xiu tio 2 years ago
Q bosta
Jackson Gabriel
xiu tio bosta é o seu time
Taz Lux777
Taz Lux777 2 years ago
Best 👏👏👏👏😍👍🙌
Alla Poli
Alla Poli 2 years ago
That's my favorite footballer
Omg It's ayaan
Omg It's ayaan 2 years ago
Premier league still recovering from losing Henry. Martial + Mbappe = 50% Henry.
Ahmet.H Gündüz
Ahmet.H Gündüz 2 years ago
I remember winning eleven 7 😕😕
bobfal 2 years ago
I think it's easy to forget how good some players are, watch a 5min clip, stand back an appreciate genius at work.
Therrysantosdasilva Santos
Meu nome e Thierry eu me espiro nesse cara
Ellyzeu Alfred
Ellyzeu Alfred 2 years ago
lil ireavzz
lil ireavzz 2 years ago
Vesha 2 years ago
hahaha no
parul mathur
parul mathur 2 years ago
Henry is magic!
Luis Valenzuela
Luis Valenzuela 2 years ago
Pero que video perro, titi un crack un grande lo mejor que a pasado por la premier
Henry, One of the Best EVER!
Ellis Fowler
Ellis Fowler 2 years ago
The best ever. Not a doubt in my mind. Pelé I hear you say? Ronaldo Fenomeno? Thierry Henry.
BLACK BATMAN 2 years ago
Obrigado henry
sefer ceylan
sefer ceylan 2 years ago
süper adam
Zaven Karafelyan
Zaven Karafelyan 2 years ago
Fifq street.arsenal.
Yasen Stoev
Yasen Stoev 2 years ago
The most complete striker in the modern football era in my opinion.
MB World
MB World 2 years ago
Yasen Stoev facts he was unstoppable in his prime he use to score whenever he wanted to
Abhishek Raj
Abhishek Raj 2 years ago
Henry is way underrated:O
Coca cola
Coca cola 2 years ago
3:00 - 3:05 шик!
bokhnouz bokhnouz
bokhnouz bokhnouz 2 years ago
oui ces toi homme de arsenal
ahmed elkahlawy
ahmed elkahlawy 2 years ago
moon bulan
moon bulan 2 years ago
superb goal in 3.32. because henry im fan of arsenal
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