They WONT Let Me Drive After This! - Call of Duty WARZONE!

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Mar 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Onix 4 days ago
The day Corona hit my city 😔
I like Tacos
I like Tacos 21 day ago
Bro I killed marcel when he was on The whip wow and it is true not clickbait it’s just that I didn’t see the name
DaimyoD0 24 days ago
9:02 >has a possible chance to get up the ladder and parachute off the roof "I'm dead" "Marcel watch out, I'm gonna shoot down the helicopter!" >stands around looking for the helicopter then climbs TOWARDS the edge of zone >fucking dies I mean he might have died anyway but
x CrusaderOfHope
9:43 “This game’s racist” that’s three words tho... 😂😂
x CrusaderOfHope
4:35 All that person was doing was just laying there. He didn’t have a Self-Revive 😂😕
x CrusaderOfHope
4:24 I love how Brock deadass just kept quiet 😂🤣
x CrusaderOfHope
2:15 Ladders* 😐👍
Rainy Day
Rainy Day Month ago
Let me drive the copter
Powell Gaming
Powell Gaming Month ago
Ik this 2 months ago but all I want to say is they should do a knife only challenge
Brendon Lopez
Brendon Lopez Month ago
I know I'm late to the vid,but does anyone notice that the pic for the vid says subscribe?😂
Jovanne newell
Jovanne newell Month ago
Lol anyone else saw subscribe on the thumbnail?
just some random knight
I like how the numbers in the thumbnail make the word "subscribe"
Adlidinata Ramdhani
Adlidinata Ramdhani 3 months ago
The number on the thumbnail is actually says "subscribe" XDD
Liam Crochet
Liam Crochet 3 months ago
Anyone else notice that it says subscribe on the sign marcels holding on the thumbnail
Evil Patrick Star
Evil Patrick Star 3 months ago
So no one gonna mention it says “subscribe” in the thumbnail?
Younus Sheikh
Younus Sheikh 3 months ago
If u look real close in the thumbnail you’ll see the word subscribe
El Cuhh Pollo
El Cuhh Pollo 3 months ago
I like how the thumbnail says to subscribe
Yoham 0318
Yoham 0318 3 months ago
When he said “n***a what?” I felt that 😔
Mindexas 3 months ago
So no one talking about him saying the n word
Wolfslayer Gaming
Wolfslayer Gaming 4 months ago
0:58 Say hello to my little friend!!!
Blue Lion123
Blue Lion123 4 months ago
He said stairs when he fell down the ladder
- _- evade -_-
- _- evade -_- 4 months ago
You got a FWI I’m sorry if you get the joke
CY*7D 4 months ago
Haha, your title card :p subscribe!
alfonso Espinoza
alfonso Espinoza 4 months ago
Bax xtab
Bax xtab 4 months ago
2:16 I did that yesterday. And then my buddy did it trying to get down to me. And then my other buddy did the exact same thing. And then we won our 1v1s and won the game
Resha88 4 months ago
Does anyone else realize that the numbers on the thumbnail says subscribe
Axios Gaming
Axios Gaming 4 months ago
00:56 and they say myth is good at rocket sniping
MeteoricSlash 4 months ago
He became a broken record at 5:20
aeham 88
aeham 88 4 months ago
Why Noahj456 is not in the description?
Cook Connell
Cook Connell 4 months ago
Y'all really need to learn to heal up
Ferrari Lover
Ferrari Lover 4 months ago
Hey Marcel, Do you know that a RUvidr called '"shroud" makes cartoon faces of himself that look really simuler to yours?
Viktor Valdez
Viktor Valdez 4 months ago
0:56 *STRIKE!*
TOMMYGUNN_TK fan 4 months ago
He dropped the soap in the shower
Coco 4 months ago
The guy in the watch tower got thrown at side😂
Streak Killer85
Streak Killer85 4 months ago
2:14 that’s a ladder not stairs marcel
Night Plays
Night Plays 4 months ago
“I fell down the stairs” .....yet it was down the hole where the ladder was😂
THE JJ's OP 4 months ago
Your a dam legend
BigBoiG 4 months ago
I see what you did there with the thumbnail hehehe
isaiah gaming show
isaiah gaming show 4 months ago
I like how the thumbnail say subscribe
Matthew T.
Matthew T. 4 months ago
Stefon Chatman
Stefon Chatman 4 months ago
Can you do another mtv cribs
Persuasion 4 months ago
there’s a lot of blacks but there’s also a ghost....
e'Yonna bRooks
e'Yonna bRooks 4 months ago
Moo: GET IN BROTHER *helicopter explodes* Marcel: ya, you want me to get in that? 😂😂😂😂 Sh*t had me WEAK asf💀💀
Dragon Wolves Animation
I like the subscribe sign in the thumbnail
Northern Cheyenne Rezzerchanz
Crank them 90s Marcel
PertainedComb2 4 months ago
Yo I was in that game that they were on the Stadium
PertainedComb2 4 months ago
Yo I was in that game that they were on the Stadium
torremth 4 months ago
They need to change the rocks in Gulag to TP Rolls. 😂
Loba 4 months ago
Now this is some Warzone content for your quarantined entertainment!
Harbinger of science
Moo came here after Brian yelled at him.
William Glidden
William Glidden 4 months ago
Blue 4 months ago
Ay I just did the same thing today 😂😂
Braiden Yang
Braiden Yang 4 months ago
me and my cousins all played a match where we took all the helis and landed them on the stadium, we almost won by flying at the enemies
Royal Snowman
Royal Snowman 4 months ago
Hey Marcel. You probably won't read this but I wanted to thank you and the crew for the many years of enjoyment you guys gave me. I've been watching you guys for more than 6 years now. I teared up today from thinking of the amazing memories I have of you guys. Thank you so much and keep up the good work
Jarone 247
Jarone 247 4 months ago
At 2:20 when u crashed my team was 50m meters away and were like tf happened there
Captain Carroll
Captain Carroll 4 months ago
0:56 that was legit
Michael Lenihan
Michael Lenihan 4 months ago
Marcel with hella uploads
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 4 months ago
No worries Marcel, we know this game's racist.
Josue Luna
Josue Luna 4 months ago
0:55 Probably one of the best plays by Marcel ever
Kevin Olguin
Kevin Olguin 4 months ago
0:55 The moment you SHOULD be here for
Harish kumar
Harish kumar 4 months ago
Rpg! Rpg! Go go go😂
Kn F
Kn F 4 months ago
Marcel I love you but your trash my guy 😂😂😂 I need cracked marcel back bro
Alex Venkatesan
Alex Venkatesan 4 months ago
Guys😂 5:19 he repeated literally every last word of his sentence.
Foxboi999 [GlitchFox]
oSynico 4 months ago
Y’all seen the numbers and letters on the mugshot it says subscribe basically smart with it
Ignacio Alvarez
Ignacio Alvarez 4 months ago
What are these Shroud looking-ass thumbnails?
Halloween KILLS
Halloween KILLS 4 months ago
Same editor obviously dumb ass
Damon Chavez
Damon Chavez 4 months ago
Marcel its no armor
Dylan Cussen
Dylan Cussen 4 months ago
I wonder how many people notice in the thumbnail the numbers on the police board spell subscribe xD.
GlamourJinx 4 months ago
0:00 I heard "we're gonna get a helicopter..." And immediately thought "OH NO."
Fatal squire
Fatal squire 4 months ago
Any one else notice the thumbnail says subscribe but in numbers
Cayla Lindsey
Cayla Lindsey 4 months ago
Fatal squire obviously
Logan Kadell
Logan Kadell 4 months ago
That rocket was insane
terronthexgamer 23
terronthexgamer 23 4 months ago
who else seen it said subscribe in the numbers on the thumbnail XD
Bizarre Truth
Bizarre Truth 4 months ago
0:26 a display of great accuracy
Raj Sup
Raj Sup 4 months ago
8:31 😂
Optic Hamster 69
Optic Hamster 69 4 months ago
C4 in this mode are stupidly overpowered, use them when you come in contact with the trucks
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 4 months ago
I've been digging the thumbnail art recently 😂
i!i!i!i!i!i!i! 4 months ago
Just for the thumbnail, I’ll subscribe to you 😂
Dominick Scholefield
One of the most clever thumbnails I've ever seen, that s awesome, free like for that one
lord altis
lord altis 4 months ago
The background music just makes the video so much more hilarious 😂😂
Jeremy Morales
Jeremy Morales 4 months ago
3 new videos in the last 24 hours? This must be heaven!
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