They should have kept these vaulted...

Nate Hill
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They should have kept these vaulted...


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Feb 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Jacoryian Johnson
Can you add me on fortnight on fortnight
Tjo_ 2009
Tjo_ 2009 2 days ago
13:13 that was the best trick shot I’ve ever seen
Nate MacDonald
Nate MacDonald 4 days ago
Nate: vault it Me: plz buff
zion lakes
zion lakes 7 days ago
why. in. the. world. is. he. not. talked. about. he is so much better than i thought. like i am so impressed. genuinely amazed.
FaZe Lenin
FaZe Lenin 7 days ago
This is so horrible.... that he only has 591k subs he deserves over 2 mill
narcoss 8 days ago
Those henchmen lookin lit before the ghost and shadow thing
brandool hehe
brandool hehe 14 days ago
Use code nate in the item shop.... He never says that on his intro
Sweet_N_Spicy 14 days ago
Nate hill looks like midas
rachelle kozah
rachelle kozah 16 days ago
he found all mithic gunss
Moist Assassin
Moist Assassin 19 days ago
Nate:look at my frames Me a console player:nice
KEZ 21 day ago
r u a man city supporter ...?
Manny Powless
Manny Powless 26 days ago
Why does he have a different type of henchman? 0:49
Igor Angarkhaev
Igor Angarkhaev 28 days ago
SuperL1976 Month ago
Ok what a hell was that
Octavius Hood
Octavius Hood Month ago
is that Danny Gonzales
Duc Anh Nguyễn
labib garfha
labib garfha Month ago
Andrei Kurt Sardona
i wish i have unlimitted frames cause im only in 30 frames
Andrei Kurt Sardona
thats the problem in this game like if you move so quick like its so laggy thats why fortnite is dying
Tre Krez
Tre Krez Month ago
You are the best streamer ever and you really inspire me
marytrez tadros
marytrez tadros Month ago
C'ant yous add my plise
Sim baby
Sim baby Month ago
Beast loadout is mythic scar mythic drum gun mythic bow and mythic mini gun
Zakria Gendy
Zakria Gendy Month ago
the end made me freak out damn
Gabriel Delin
Gabriel Delin Month ago
Soher Mohamed
Soher Mohamed Month ago
You so pro
NSG Y3T1 Month ago
Nate Nate he’s our man lets give Nate a great big hand👏
DxddyerikFc Month ago
Honestly my dream is to at least play two or one game with nate :(
mesh gamer
mesh gamer Month ago
fortnightslayertwins fortnite
I feel you need more subscribers
Redux Month ago
You guys make it look so easy to win I did everything right my settings my edits building tactics and all that I know them all but I only have 6 wins and it's so hard to get a win when your a mediocre player and sweats play like its scrims and tournaments
Michael Evans
Michael Evans Month ago
I agree so much
Eric Rademo
Eric Rademo Month ago
Var är yu i from
FDG _92
FDG _92 Month ago
1:29 pm blue
Ezgylan Rustemi
Ezgylan Rustemi 2 months ago
Hey nate i subscribe your all video and like !! !
Ezgylan Rustemi
Ezgylan Rustemi 2 months ago
Noo way ay se right now the video hi is the perfecktely gay in Fortnite hes building hes non-scop he is the greatest he het 2or-3 times whith Heave snipe non-scope Congrations! GOOD LUCK NATE HILL ORE FAZE NATE HILL BEY !!
xd bossboy
xd bossboy 2 months ago
Omg hes goated
xd bossboy
xd bossboy 2 months ago
I wish there was a mythic shotgun
Vanzy 43
Vanzy 43 2 months ago
why not the drumgun bru 🙀
Noah Winters
Noah Winters 2 months ago
Hearing the constant snippet of Billie Eilish throughout the whole video was very satisfying
damn nate is so good and so try hard
Echo_ Husky
Echo_ Husky 2 months ago
You killed a bot mean
GD N1tr4X
GD N1tr4X 2 months ago
whys it sped up
Brandon Payne
Brandon Payne 2 months ago
He had the chance to get all mythic weapons
Tyler_Walsh_ 2 months ago
Tyler_Walsh_ 2 months ago
You are sooooo good
Tyler_Walsh_ 2 months ago
I never known you were a sprayer
What new ifer Buuu
What new ifer Buuu 2 months ago
You look like moose the RUvidr
Sambhavya 2 months ago
Better than Ninja and Tfue
LT. Outside your door
Smh take big pot for 13 shield
George Carter
George Carter 2 months ago
Me:When i have 5 kills when there is only 28 people left i look over at Nate he has 21
Luky plays
Luky plays 2 months ago
Nate Hill looks like midas
SHAWN MARTI 2 months ago
Yeah he is cause he gets more kill than everybody in fortnite I got 24 kills cause I’m was the mater of fortnite
Srihith Madireddy
Srihith Madireddy 2 months ago
sorry for swearing but, he so fucking cracked
jeremy hincman
jeremy hincman 2 months ago
that snipe at end tho just like o:
Umar Victoria
Umar Victoria 2 months ago
Your intro is too good tho..
Logan March
Logan March 2 months ago
why not the tommy gun over mythic scar
Jonas Grundei
Jonas Grundei 2 months ago
Is He still in faze?
Liana S
Liana S 2 months ago
Lukas Reindl
Lukas Reindl 2 months ago
9:55 Insubordinate, churlish: key and Peele, perhaps?
Hewr Gaemer
Hewr Gaemer 2 months ago
Waasggg Sasd
Waasggg Sasd 2 months ago
Andy Simmons
Andy Simmons 2 months ago
i feel like people are just too good now. It's not as fun to watch at all (Except for Daequan and Nate Hill for me)
Vinay Punjabi
Vinay Punjabi 2 months ago
Habibeh Hassani
Habibeh Hassani 2 months ago
Nate is better than ninja %100 right
Sniper_PK 2 months ago
U should see my lag bruh I’d kill for urs
Bracen Baller
Bracen Baller 2 months ago
R u still in faze
JG Thomas
JG Thomas 2 months ago
Found all the mythic weapons
Bada Bing Love Productions
The best with heavy sniper
Israel Holland
Israel Holland 2 months ago
He definitely needs a better graphics card.
Unicorn Dino Biz
Unicorn Dino Biz 2 months ago
Dude.... how did you get that last kill lol. Ridiculous aim man
Cyler Hoosier
Cyler Hoosier 2 months ago
Brady Maggio
Brady Maggio 2 months ago
yo Nate I don't think you missed a shot the entire game nice job
Daniel Behkit
Daniel Behkit 2 months ago
Ready for the best time to
_UNDERBLUR Clan 2 months ago
TK 36
TK 36 2 months ago
lazarbeam is a good youtuber to watch when eating.
Francesca Ronolo
Francesca Ronolo 2 months ago
The Snipes is so amazing 🙂🙂🙂 Use Nate in the item shop✌️
Dimitris Tsirkas
Dimitris Tsirkas 2 months ago
Yoy are the best player of Fortnight
Toby LampleY
Toby LampleY 2 months ago
What is that glider though????👌
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