They Said It Was Just A Flat Tire - Ford F-150

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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So I got a call for a flat tire on a Ford F-150. We'll it turned out to be a little more than just a flat.

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May 21, 2021




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Comments 2 987
Im Schittles
Im Schittles 2 hours ago
Love a nice kx125
Bill Chessell
Bill Chessell 6 hours ago
For someone more knowledgeable: If you do this to your 150 and you call the insurance company, I’m assuming this is a total, who calls Matt?
Craig Hearn
Craig Hearn 11 hours ago
Well, this was entertaining.
Craig Hearn
Craig Hearn 11 hours ago
Never a dull moment in your line of work. Or enough fuel.
Radius 12 hours ago
You guys are way way better than discovery channel’s reality TV!
Running Gag
Running Gag 13 hours ago
No jump box and no fork lift? Smh.
Snoogle Hound
Snoogle Hound 14 hours ago
I enjoy the videos but half the time I can't watch the recovery because I'm worried the dog is going to get hurt.
Matthew Underhill
Matthew Underhill 21 hour ago
Surprised you don’t have a winch on that trailer.
George Smith
George Smith 22 hours ago
David Babcock
Why not use the wench on the trailer?
ThesexyMrX Day ago
I was wondering if you were at all able to run your own winch directly under the morvair and over the bar of the trailer to help the truck up?
Eric Gwilym
Eric Gwilym Day ago
Couldn't you have backed the trailer directly up beside the Ford on its side? Then tipped it right into the trailer? It looks so practical to me! Hmmm
deere3321 Day ago
Flat what?
Bamboo Forest
Winch but no jump box or jumper cables, and no straps, and no trailer brakes!
Ron Kelty
Ron Kelty Day ago
How far do you all go to recover?
Antonio Beltran
Great job Matt nice team. Lizzy, dizzy,sleepy 😪
Donn Stambaugh
Smart dog.,.
Donn Stambaugh
When talking on the radio, use the term” full stop” when needing to stop fast. Works better then stop,stop,stop. I don’t know why,.,
TheStroupdog 2 days ago
So entertaining! And Lizzie!
Goodold Ct90
Goodold Ct90 2 days ago
Lady is the star of the show.. show more of Lady 👍 Thanks Matt
Ethan Boslem
Ethan Boslem 2 days ago
Y'all really do make do with what Y'all got
sheldon murphy
sheldon murphy 2 days ago
Your channel is truly A-Game ! You guys don't do drama for views, and keep it down to earth!
Nathan Tranbarger
I cannot imagine being passed by that rig on the highway. Holy hillbilly. Love it.
Erick Quiroga
Erick Quiroga 2 days ago
do you see this as work or a nice drive out with the crew? i know its work but it looks enjoyable
Michael Arsenault
Brillant crew as always. You should get some snatch block to make your life easier with different winch situation!
Devin and Scott’s off road winching
Wow! I’ve never seen a winch being used like that before
Leroy Ducharme
Leroy Ducharme 3 days ago
Good choice of vehicles to tow the trailer with?? Ha Ha
YouTube censorship sucks
Just how??? Maybe the road wasn’t flat and big enough
Eric Frazer
Eric Frazer 4 days ago
Grandpa always said flip over read directions
Cranky Buzzard
Cranky Buzzard 4 days ago
"Flat Tire"...... for sure.... :)
dillon crowell
dillon crowell 4 days ago
anyone else notice the flipped f150 had a matts off road recovery front plate?
dillon crowell
dillon crowell 22 hours ago
guess i just never noticed
dillon crowell
dillon crowell 22 hours ago
@operator0 but a front plate?
operator0 4 days ago
They use those plates to cover up the license plate so they don't have to blur them in post production. Saves a lot of time, I'm sure.
Tommy Bokelman
Tommy Bokelman 4 days ago
You should build a cage off of your bumper with a big pulley on top so you could pull from the center in front
Night 4 days ago
Those boys were having a good ole time when they rolled that thing
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 4 days ago
Lifting the back of the truck up with the winch was awesome, but why didn't you use the winch on the trailer to pull the truck forward?
Brody Heilig
Brody Heilig 4 days ago
Lizzie is a cutie for sure.
Shubham Jain
Shubham Jain 4 days ago
Wow that was amazing how you picked up that broken ford...You are such a genius matt 🤩🤩👌👌🔥🔥
Ron Hell
Ron Hell 4 days ago
I hate to say this but....you need to learn the wonders of a jack-all....
Justin Fliss
Justin Fliss 4 days ago
You need to add a 2' or 3' block of 8"x8" lumber to your standard kit.
Justin Fliss
Justin Fliss 4 days ago
Also a trailer winch
A2J Tim
A2J Tim 5 days ago
why didnt you use the winch on the trailer?
Javier Torres
Javier Torres 5 days ago
Matt, no more "Mountain Dew". Believe it or not, it contains chemicals used in ANTIFREEZE. Look it up, bro.
Leonidas Trebuchet
seems a couple of farmers jacks lifting the back of the 150, then the assist car pulling it forward, the jacks would collapse, but you'd be a foot forward and you'd clear the obstacles. a lot of people don't like farmers jacks but.. they're certainly useful in the boonies for all sorts of things. ;-)
Nab Ahmadi
Nab Ahmadi 6 days ago
i thought you guys had a little winch on the trailer?
Jared A Williams
Jared A Williams 6 days ago
What happened to your other dog? Love seeing your dogs on your adventures getting people un stuck or out of difficult situations.
Matt's Off Road Recovery
He was at the lake this day with my kids.
Curtis Whittekiend
Here’s an idea for y’all. Build brackets with eyelets to attach to the jeep so when your using the straps down the side it will keep the rope away from the body of the jeep and force it to where you want it to go. I know extra equipment but it could work
Clay Worl
Clay Worl 6 days ago
Nothing phases that dog lol
Aaron 6 days ago
Thats the worst flat tire in the history of flat tires! Great job team!
Greg Walker
Greg Walker 6 days ago
Every time you’re about to do something sketchy the dog walks in between
sunshinemodels1 6 days ago
every guy with a an f150 has to prove they're a badass.. never fails
Dudley Baggerman
Dudley Baggerman 6 days ago
Ur better at pulling rigs out of the Sand !! Lots of things uall did Wrong on this one ,Butt Saved by the Pretty Gal with the Big Belt Buckle🤗 !!
KC H 7 days ago
In Georgia....we call that the South Carolina squat..... at least where I live in South Georgia that is what it is called
RichNationProds 7 days ago
This channel (Matt's Off Road) is waaay better than any of those heavily produced, so called reality shows on network TV.
lewisgillingham 7 days ago
you need snatch blocks
AndCnd 8 days ago
why use gloves when you have haired dog!
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik 8 days ago
The ingenuity of this crew is absolutely amazing.
rootbeer666 8 days ago
oof, that's a rough flip. In mining when they flip large machines they pour large loose sand mounds for the wheels of the vehicle to land on, so it won't break stuff when the wheels hit the ground.
rootbeer666 8 days ago
On the second thought after seeing from a different angle it doesn't matter. That thing is totalled.
michael stuart
michael stuart 9 days ago
When you strapped truck on the trailer, why didn’t you hook the winch straight up to the truck?
egresk1 9 days ago
You eat all that gas station garbage food then head into the Wilderness with no bathrooms..... No thanks...
Matt's Off Road Recovery
We were made for this life. Lol
Grax o
Grax o 9 days ago
It's amazing how many people are going to total they vehicle just because they want to off road. At least have a capable vehicle that's not your daily driver. Don't take your new Ford up there. Get a cheep jeep
E S 9 days ago
I’ve seen you guys do this time and time again just line up your trailer up to the one you want to tow. Other than that like your videos.
Louis Dubois
Louis Dubois 9 days ago
Did you guys try to attach a snatchblock to the end of the trailer and pull the truck forward with a winch ?
Mountain Mike
Mountain Mike 9 days ago
Why not use the trailer winch?
Laurie Henson
Laurie Henson 9 days ago
Strap it to the Jeep like when you were pulling it, and back the banana/trailer up shoving the trailer under it. 😬
IJChan223 9 days ago
Nice recovery, looks like a good reason to add a stinger bumper to make picking up a something with the wench easier next time.
Large Larry
Large Larry 10 days ago
Half ton trucks just don't seem to do all that well around them parts.
William Keaton
William Keaton 10 days ago
YOU GUYS NEED to use the wheels that shed repo guys use . Just have figure out how to create a rail to mount on any car/ truck you tow .
Ickess 10 days ago
Carolina squat. Don’t put that craziness on us haha
mike priestley
mike priestley 10 days ago
Who watches for Lizzy?
Fred Campbell
Fred Campbell 10 days ago
Maybe a hi-lift jack might help ya..
Remington Goff
Remington Goff 10 days ago
I believe that would be the Carolina squat. lol
Marty Zuno
Marty Zuno 11 days ago
Tires on the morvair are so damn chunky what a cool rig
Cragified 11 days ago
100% totaled
Email Email
Email Email 11 days ago
Doggo said open the people door 🤣😂😂🤣😂
WatchMeStress 12 days ago
Im just guessing. The owner was buzzed after riding the dirt bike up there. Hauled ass on the way out, fish tailed on the curve, rear wheel smacked a rock and it rolled. Hide beer bottles, be real vague about what happened and hope nobody asks questions. Oh ya make sure not to be on video Thankful nobody was going the other way.
Tyler The Boss
Tyler The Boss 12 days ago
As a South Carolinian, I'm please to hear you call it the "Georgia Squat". lol
Lenin Garcia
Lenin Garcia 13 days ago
You cut the best part when the other crane was raising the car,🤣🤣🤣 for sure, they did not try as much as you and they had the same result.
Mike Sawyer
Mike Sawyer 13 days ago
Brilliant maneuver getting those ramps slid under the truck
Mike Torres
Mike Torres 14 days ago
It's a lot of work, but adding a battery next to the winch, and wiring it to be charged while driving might be a good idea? I'm sure you have considered it, maybe the vibration, or weight, or dust? Or of course, the hassle!
Mike Torres
Mike Torres 14 days ago
Very clever job to align the dead ford onto the MORRVAIR trailer ramp!
Rodney Johnston
Rodney Johnston 14 days ago
Breaker breaker This is the Bieber bandit save the trees eat the meber you copy that big buddy
Drew 14 days ago
The videotography is next level on this recovery.
Ed Perry
Ed Perry 15 days ago
I don't understand why they didn't use the 20,000 lb winch on the front of the trailer
Speed’s Brother
Speed’s Brother 15 days ago
I would have jackknife the trailer, that way you have a straight pull and if you need to adjust the ramps for the rear wheels you just move the truck hooked to the trailer back or forward. But than again I’m speaking from watching the finished product. Good job guys and girls
William Furlan
William Furlan 16 days ago
"Well burn that bridge when we get there" Classic
Timber Tramp
Timber Tramp 16 days ago
High lift jack and lift and pull….repeat as needed…ya think that would wrk?
Thomas Hendershot
Thomas Hendershot 16 days ago
I have seen a drone flying. Is that yours ?
James Foley
James Foley 17 days ago
"We might as well just ease on in there" *Immediately throttles up *
Ted Hockstad
Ted Hockstad 18 days ago
Why not put an extra wire harness in/on the jeeps and Movair to run the trailer winch. Also an aux air compressor in all vehicles too
Usay Uwannit
Usay Uwannit 19 days ago
I been there. Once u flip the truck back there's dirt inside the wheels. Sony have a flat or two.
Dan F
Dan F 19 days ago
With all due respect sir love your videos id be upset if I called a tow truck and I had to wait for them to get breakfast with my trucks on its side
sixfootbear 14 days ago
It is in a ditch on its side.I am pretty sure that it will wait..
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Call came in in the middle of the night. They told me it had a flat tire in a ditch. We got there 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and had to wait another 45 minutes for them to meet us at the rendezvous point. I’m pretty sure getting breakfast was ok.
John Pullum
John Pullum 19 days ago
14:45 genius
garion stone
garion stone 19 days ago
How come the f150 has a matts recovery number plate??
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Cameraman sticks those on there to help the editor.
Rob Pretzer
Rob Pretzer 20 days ago
Floor jack works good for 3 wheeled vehicles... It will get your hight and roll for a bit
Nacho Mec Nieto
Nacho Mec Nieto 20 days ago
Hey guys 👋be carefull with those winch lines
Patrick Biggins
Patrick Biggins 21 day ago
LOL...I love you guys but you constantly make an easy job more difficult than necessary unless that's what you intended for the video clicks...Lol
Patrick Biggins
Patrick Biggins 21 day ago
@Matt's Off Road Recovery LOL...I am a retired chief engineer...no insult intended.. Been binge watching your channel for a couple of weeks...I thought you were trying to be funny... I've been enjoying your videos... I've. Been working on big boats and heavy equipment for decades where even small repairs require moving objects that weigh more than your truck... And yes I've had to jury rig my share of stuff... I've always been one to carry more than I needed to a job... Maybe converting a mobile service truck into a recovery truck...any way sorry if I hit a nerve.. Btw I carry a Canon to a fist fight...Lol... Keep the videos coming...I really do appreciate them 😁😁😁😁
Matt's Off Road Recovery
We hear that from time to time, but we’ve had a couple of other RUvidrs come out and hang out with us from time to time, and any one of them would probably be willing to step into the ring and fight you right now. Lol I’m cheap, and I’m lazy. I only do the bare minimum. And if it wasn’t good enough, it wouldn’t be the minimum. Can I get an engineer in the house to back me up? Thanks for watching.
Viking 2121
Viking 2121 21 day ago
I hualed 13,000lb skidsteer for this Amish guy threw rush hour traffic in Cleveland with a failing trailer brake, at one point it just quit working, lets say the rotors and pads and calipers were pretty much gone when I got him home, thank god it wasn't my truck.
Mocking69 21 day ago
Darin Day
Darin Day 21 day ago
nice job!
Chuck Leinweber
Chuck Leinweber 22 days ago
Just curious: Why did the F150 that was rolled over have a "Matt's Off-Road Recovery" tag on the front license plate holder?
William Crowder
William Crowder 21 day ago
Watch at 5:00
William Crowder
William Crowder 21 day ago
YOu can see after he rolls it over it falls off. Its a cover to hide the numbers, I think. I wondered the same thing.
Ken Doe
Ken Doe 22 days ago
I'm thinking that'll probably buff out and be good as new! But then again......
eulises contreras
eulises contreras 22 days ago
Are you serious about that or no 🤣
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