they just won't stop making deepfakes

Jarvis Johnson
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deepfakes, ai, deepdish. what's real anymore? it's me, i'm real. i'm the only one.

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Mar 24, 2021




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Comments 3 429
ArmedArsonist 19 hours ago
The charlie one i’ve seen everywhere and i didn’t even know it was a deepfake account, thought they were just reposting content
Mint Day ago
0:05 Mumumumuh.... _Murder House?_
artxii 4 days ago
Kfroguar 5 days ago
I can't believe he deepfaked Jake from state farm through this whole video, incredible
Marijuana know something?
You ever play Soma? We're definitely going to be a simulation someday. And if we're in the matrix right now then, we'll be a simulation inside a simulation. Awesome.
allison 10 days ago
we do love bill hater here
Jordan Weber
Jordan Weber 13 days ago
The people that create deepfake sexual and pornographic content are high on my list of the world's scummiest types of human.
Tony SmoothWalker
Tony SmoothWalker 14 days ago
6:25 No one: Literally no one: Me: *"Randy Jackson"* "THE CUTEST JACKSON" Only Moonwalkers will Understand.
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M 15 days ago
I liked this video, then saw the deep fake at the end and almost changed it to a dislike
Zoë Noel Robertson
I really feel like this actually is Tom Cruise 😂
Logan Scott Colton
Logan Scott Colton 16 days ago
The scariest part for me is that I cant see the change in face at all.. (I am also really bad at recognizing faces which may be part of that) its fucking creepy XD
Elijah Turner
Elijah Turner 17 days ago
I think I know who's doing this okay the person who is doing this crap is joker he going to get a lot of Tom Cruise fans to show up in some kind of event and he going to release his gas
Elijah Turner
Elijah Turner 17 days ago
when Did Tom Cruise turn into the joker I mean that laugh is straight out of the killing joke
Apparent Distance
Apparent Distance 17 days ago
i am 1) unsure of what most celebrities *actually* look like 2) at least somewhat faceblind 3) perpetually VERY confused about everything so the combination of knowing there's something uncanny im suppossd to be unnerved by but not understanding WHERE its coming from is, to say the least, doin a number on me jarvis
Potatotato 20 days ago
Drake Johnson
Maximus Landon
Maximus Landon 21 day ago
Oh I regret watching this, my dissociation already makes it hard to trust what I perceive sometimes, deepfakes make it so much worse 😣😰
Lu Zwanziger
Lu Zwanziger 25 days ago
probably the largest danger with this technology is the discrediting of video evidence. anyone caught doing something distasteful on camera will be able to claim it was just a deep-fake
Wikked Cherry
Wikked Cherry 26 days ago
Pennsyvania nasty tbh
abs0lute_l0s3r Month ago
normal people: omg deepfakes can be used for crimes and are detrimental to society me: *uses audio deepfake to make spongebob say “my 🅱️ussy stank”*
lucas mcweeney
lucas mcweeney Month ago
Yes yes we love to see bill hader fans
Keira Cross
Keira Cross Month ago
I'm so so glad you talked through this video and didn't leave long gaps of silence and point out when the effect happens in the interview part because the uncanny valley effect hurts my brain and genuinely kind of scares me. I'm a person that struggles with sleep paralysis demons sometimes on a rare full moon type deal /aka once in a while And things like that, so this effect reminds me of things that haunt my nightmares.
Matthew Minou
Matthew Minou Month ago
I am bad at recognising faces and cannot recognise the deepfakes, like the clips where you can see their faces change midway I still have to be *really looking* to tell or it just seems like they're making a weird expression
épinards & caramel
12:08 Oh, I thought it was a comment on the article about the cheerleading mom 😅
épinards & caramel
I love Ctrl Shift Face!
laila_Ψ Month ago
"hey it's me Jarvis... or is it??" okay vsause
Abi B
Abi B Month ago
was that Drake😭😭
Louisa A
Louisa A Month ago
so no one is gonna bring up "change photo"?
Green Taigo
Green Taigo Month ago
Jfc do these people that aren't concerned just not understand that technology advances, and most of our video evidence is phone camera's and security camera's where its far less easy to see the offputting stuff
Martin S
Martin S Month ago
LOL, the Harry Potter deepfake was with a guy called Paul from Doktorfroid... the entire Video was made out of movie and other clips with the faces of the creator Group deepfaked onto them... (German guys)
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose Month ago
This video taught me that I’ve never knowingly seen Tom Cruise before. I always thought Tom Cruise was Nick Cage. And also that Nick Cage was Nick Cage.
Lemonworm Month ago
jarvis: who just chomps on the lollipop like a monster? me after two licks: 👁👄👁🦷🍭💥
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey Month ago
That... deepfake is... very realistic... Tom cruise is 100% like that and he pretty much is indistinguishable
Cheryl Land
Cheryl Land Month ago
Tom Cruise seriously scares the shit outta me. His laugh alone is probably the most horrifying sound I've ever heard. Couldn't get through the first 30 seconds of the video (but I'll power through). That was a really good impression.
Soup in a can
Soup in a can Month ago
i hate how you were able to crunch into a peanut butter and nothing is real sandwich
GomerJ Month ago
I feel like whoever made Deep Tom here has only ever seen that Oprah interview where he jumps on the couch and based the entire personality of Deep Tommy on only that
Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks Month ago
I’m not as worried about these as most people are. The tech isn’t there like everyone thinks. AI is still very flawed at doing this. And the rigs that some fakers are using are getting more and more complex and require more and more setup to the point it’s almost animation with a photoreal model. So skill curves are going up. And besides, the biggest point against deepfakes is that they can’t be used very effectively because they can be tracked back to a specific faker because each AI is basically a fingerprint and because AI can be trained to spot deepfakes. AI will root out other AI.
MercyGrim96 Month ago
Is Tom Cruise even real? What if it's just a bunch of guys that take turns being "Tom Cruise".
Elliot Jordan
Elliot Jordan Month ago
Imagine how long it took to make this video, this actor really looks like Jarvis.
Amy Mist
Amy Mist Month ago
Okay watching that ctrl shift face clip was fucked up for me. I'm faceblind, and like. I couldn't see it. If I watched super carefully, I could tell that *something* happened to his face, but out of context, I don't think I'd have been able to tell anything happened at all. Very weird to hear Jarvis describing this transformation that I literally cannot see. O.O Edit: And then during the outro! Straight-up, I literally did not realize you were doing the deepfake until you said "I've always looked like this." What the hell!
arthur ganjei
arthur ganjei Month ago
Mr X
Mr X Month ago
Hey i chomp on blow pops because i dont like blowing pops
ZachTheMan God
ZachTheMan God Month ago
I never saw it before this. This is the reason I unsubbed from Jarvis he is such an annoying dumb brat sometimes
Why ?
Why ? Month ago
I'm a robot. Jarvis is right. We aren't real.
Micheal On A Swing
today i learned it was DeepFake, and Bill Hader's impressions don't extent to his face.
Micheal On A Swing
9:20 also i'm so happy rn. Barry is my life.
Analise Walker
Analise Walker Month ago
Also who is tom Cruise
Analise Walker
Analise Walker Month ago
I bite it off sometimes and it's still very tasty
Karina Hunter
Karina Hunter Month ago
ahhhhh! :D 21:20 is toooo cool! Are those Drake's sexy eyes? (no shade, yours are great too Jarvis)
pasketiii Month ago
why is this even a thing man what GOOD comes out of this
El Anon
El Anon Month ago
"in motion it looks fake" "it looks like tom cruise" "uncanny valley" do i have some kind of face blindness because no matter how much i looko it just looks real to me.
Kenneth Broce
Kenneth Broce Month ago
"so I'm sleeping great"
Ben Month ago
I didn't know what deepfake meant or that they had them for videos, but i remember a deepfake audio of Ayn Rand reading the navy seal copypasta so.
FlowUrbanFlow Month ago
11:43 Wait a minute, I'm from there! 😂😂😂
angy Month ago
why do his arms look so big
Ava Month ago
The Harry Potter and Dr. Phil ones scarred me permanently.
Kenna Fry
Kenna Fry 2 months ago
Please go watch Paul McCartney's new music video and maybe make a follow-up?
Cassandra Paul
Cassandra Paul 2 months ago
i love how there's just a random Fish in the backround
Chelsey Sexson
Chelsey Sexson 2 months ago
Omg the dr phil/bhad bhabie deep fake is everything I needed to see. When she throws her hair back behind her shoulders🤣🤣
Ceili Bews
Ceili Bews 2 months ago
Next up: story time channels using deep fakes
Anya Cummings
Anya Cummings 2 months ago
i was about to go to bed and clicked another video by accident but he greeted me so nicely and cheerfully i couldnt just leave
Potatah Launchah
Potatah Launchah 2 months ago
The deepfake is BARELY weirder than Tom Cruise. Like by a hair. And I’m not even sure that’s true.
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 2 months ago
Hard rock Jarvis sets off a fight or flight response for myself
Mallory Brown
Mallory Brown 2 months ago
this is entirely new to me and it’s definitely freaky but I appreciate that you made it chill enough that I won’t be up all night freaking out about this
Anna B.C.
Anna B.C. 2 months ago
As someone who hasn't seen any Tom Cruise movies recently I wouldn't clock that that's not Tom Cruise. Sure, the super close-up shots look a little uncanny but in a more poorly lit environment and from further away that's Tom Cruise.
Mhmm._ 2 months ago
Covid-19 addressing the allegations
Alyssa Gomez
Alyssa Gomez 2 months ago
Jarvis saying “nefarious” makes me so happy and idk why
m .nathaniel
m .nathaniel 2 months ago
I like Stefon
shaggyscock scoobysballs
I love bill hader so much ahhhhhhh
jessie s.
jessie s. 2 months ago
i first learned about deepfakes in a journalism class a few years ago, and we were shown the fake video of obama. deepfakes now are way more convincing, and it’s scary to see how much better they have gotten in only a few years.
Sean Simpson
Sean Simpson 2 months ago
Fun fact, that wasn't a deepfake, Bill can just do that to his face.
Cody Time
Cody Time 2 months ago
Froot Luips
Froot Luips 2 months ago
“If the rapidly approaching end of video evidence as a concept scares you, be sure to subscribe for more funny content.”
LVBBoi 2 months ago
Imagine Why pay a lot to have an actor in your film, when you could just get an impersonator and synthesize their voice and deepfake their face. This might be harder now, but just like all technology, in a few years it will be easy and fast. 👁👄👁
im under your bed
im under your bed 2 months ago
genuinely thought u were tom cruise at first
Tabby Omwenga
Tabby Omwenga 2 months ago
"As ur scrolling and watching with the audio off" Me:👀👐
Tiger Salamander the dragon
it would be amusing if someone made this video but tom Cruise’s face was on jarvis’s face onto the whole video but the part where he photoshopped tom cruise’s face onto his own (or not that last bit lmao)
Cin Chat
Cin Chat 2 months ago
the first deepfake was in Man of Steel when they put Reeve's face on Cavill
chilly chill
chilly chill 3 months ago
You might be the worst Tom Cruise impersonator in the world but you are the best jabuki m white impersonator in the world
Meeyuh 3 months ago
Who else spent the entire video trying to figure out if the person who was talking was a deep faked Jarvis the entire time?
Briana Taylor
Briana Taylor 3 months ago
So cool you got drake to end your video!
Gamaliel Harris
Gamaliel Harris 3 months ago
I was getting deep fakes mixed up with fake deep😂😂
Jones 3 months ago
Wait you're telling me the face in the bill Hader clip was changing??? I'm face blind so I just assumed he'd been given Tom cruise's face for the whole clip and I couldn't tell but it was changing and I still didn't notice??
Rebecca Maybelline Queen
This just makes my paranoia okay
Skully1488 3 months ago
I thought Tom Cruise was the main protagonists in Far Cry 3. Is he not?
BBX 3 months ago
BBX 3 months ago
i love this content i think its making up for the tik toks the real tom cruise SHOULD be making
foxibot 3 months ago
The weirdest thing I saw Tom cruise do is tell this story of him flying a plane and purposely cutting the oxygen on a friend, causing him to pass out, cause of some problem they had while laughing hysterically about it. Watch it, it’s unnerving and was on Letterman when he had his show and he nailed how psycho it was for Tom to think that was funny. When I saw they had his face deep faked on Christian Bales for American Psycho I thought man he would have been good in that role. No acting required. Lol.
Heidi Munson
Heidi Munson 3 months ago
We are all bill hader stans here
Rottenblue 3 months ago
rich ppl are that weird lol
StonedWolf62 3 months ago
I don't believe you should be critical of everything put onto the internet. There really is no reason to. What's truly wrong with stuff like this is that people don't know when it's time to look at something critically, or just don't care to.
daisiesfordana 3 months ago
r/UnexpectedJohnMulaney lol
daisiesfordana 3 months ago
doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo... News break!
daisiesfordana 3 months ago
mmm, a peanut butter and nothing is real sandwich? nothing like a perfect breakfast to start off my day!
daisiesfordana 3 months ago
daisiesfordana 3 months ago
Helle Dising
Helle Dising 3 months ago
As someone who is TERRIBLE with faces I'm scared I didn't even notice the face changing until Jarvis said it 😬
Zara A
Zara A 3 months ago
Ok- but did you pick up that peanut and nothing is real sandwich...or is it just on the floor
Sophie Carlton
Sophie Carlton 3 months ago
bill hader’s face deepfaking arnold schwartznagger just looks like fred armison.
marxmeesterlijk 3 months ago
the worst of all dystopian media is fast coming true.
Ari Vukosa
Ari Vukosa 3 months ago
that was the biggest fake pb&j i ever seen
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