They Feast Tonight (Little Nightmares original song)

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Song by @CG5
Lyrics by @Muircat and @CG5
Visuals by @KaylinYGO


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Little one
Steel yourself, and put your raincoat on
With a flame in tow,
Giant maws, they sing their hungry song

Look out
One thousand gazing eyes around
The depths of hunger
Tear your spirits down
The lady’s lies stringing you along

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fall asleep
The little nightmares
Will make you weep
Stay out of sight
They feast tonight

Little child
Televisions lead you through the wild
But can you reach out the door?
Can you ignore?

Deep down,
You feel the shadows raging on.
You can’t turn back,
There’s nowhere you belong.
And darkness lies in a soul so wrong.

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fall asleep
The little nightmares
Will make you weep
Stay out of sight
They feast tonight

Living hands,
In evil lands.
Never give into demands.
Diagnosed with
Lachrymose and,
Hiding out without a plan.
Full control,
With no remote,
Every mind away from home.
You’ll never see,
What he will be.
When his fate is set in stone.

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fall asleep
The little nightmares
Will make you weep
Stay out of sight
They’ll feast!

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t fall asleep
The little nightmares
Will make you weep
Stay out of sight
They feast tonight.

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May 13, 2021




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Comments 0
A. L. Fear
A. L. Fear 7 hours ago
This is Charlie at the top of his game!
Elizabeth Lane
Elizabeth Lane 9 hours ago
Little nightmares movie idea should have this song
evelyn :D
evelyn :D 11 hours ago
dude, the ending always gets me :(((
Drew Cassedy
Drew Cassedy 11 hours ago
Wait what about the other character's in very little nightmares
Song: “...Don’t fall asleep...” Me: *listening to song so I can fall asleep*
Bilal El Hajjar
I like your songs
Bilal El Hajjar
I like your song
Lau Mosqueda
Lau Mosqueda Day ago
The music is so good😁
Drag YT
Drag YT Day ago
i still cant believe that six betrayed mono...T^T
Adam Abayon
Adam Abayon Day ago
And toxic
Adam Abayon
Adam Abayon Day ago
💚green hearts for asid
Mr. Unknown
Mr. Unknown Day ago
Bruh,why dont this song get a million views and reaction
Nur Keisya Khadeeja
😭😰😰♥️♥️ what...
RavioK 2 days ago
Little nightmare is truly a horrifying game when you listen to the lyrics and the illustrations😖
XHetch 2 days ago
Wat the what is this game I gotta play this this is cool
Fånțåsy Drågøn
It's beautiful)))
Alex Cabarcas
Alex Cabarcas 2 days ago
2:02 AMONG US!!?!?!?!?
joy ikenasioshlamon
Humatul Cansalous
I could listen to this over And over again
Pogchamp69 4 days ago
I can generally use this song to get to sleep at night and it’s about nightmares
Mrflipflap2011 4 days ago
Dude, owo is everywhere on comments
Davian Janvierto
Davian Janvierto 4 days ago
The song stucks in my head.
Md Shahjahan Miah
Creepy ahahahhaahhahahahahaha
ste 584
ste 584 4 days ago
Make a Detroit Become Human song
Md Shahjahan Miah
Yo man your cool
Ng Kwan Lam吳君臨
F### this scared me
yoaussiedm 4 days ago
I'm just waiting for this video to reach 1M views
Rayce Raves
Rayce Raves 5 days ago
This is good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Morgan Marron
Morgan Marron 5 days ago
I love little nightmares so I love This song
Zaiden Cantu
Zaiden Cantu 5 days ago
Even if I wanted to get a nightmare theeeeee voice it dose not want me to have one
Malik Yassin
Malik Yassin 5 days ago
This should be the trailer of the game
Kayden Sorensen
Kayden Sorensen 5 days ago
Amazing song
Kalyani Jagtap
Kalyani Jagtap 5 days ago
Buciland 101
Buciland 101 5 days ago
This song is awesome the sound, the lyrics, and just everything is made perfectly with a perfect symmetric on image change that shows parts and other things as well that are I. Little nightmares
Gil1.2.o Cool
Gil1.2.o Cool 5 days ago
im goin to have nightmares tonight with your angel voice
DJ Neutron
DJ Neutron 5 days ago
this is supposed to give me nightmares but I got musical heaven opening up for me
troy playz gacha club and roblox
CG5's voice is so good!
D1xmcnd_Pr1sm 6 days ago
Gives me really nice vibes. Btw I have been listening to your music for a long time! FNAF songs to the Newest ones. Love this Channel!🌺✨
Unelt 6 days ago
this gives me goosebumps
Kai Lord
Kai Lord 6 days ago
Here hafe a cookie for finding this secret commend "gifs cookie"
tinyro🍝 7 days ago
this is honestly a mix of scary and realistically scary-
Eveline Ticen
Eveline Ticen 7 days ago
This is absolutely gorgeous.♥
No-Visor Aiden Pearce
I Play The Game In Ending Make Me Cry Play Little Nightmares 2 And See What Make Me Cry
Hello ok bye now
Hello ok bye now 7 days ago
Icey Pies
Icey Pies 7 days ago
I love this so much aaaahhhh!
Keziah Israel
Keziah Israel 7 days ago
No this is going to sound weird but make a human fall flat song look it up
Del Moorcroft
Del Moorcroft 7 days ago
Do you play little nightmares
Chickenlover19 7 days ago
Good job my man it’s amazing
Geraldine Prado
Geraldine Prado 7 days ago
Daaang!best song writer ever!
Void Opalll
Void Opalll 8 days ago
WOO! Minecraft AND little nightmares!? How many more of my interests are you gonna appeal to? XD
Cristal the cat
Cristal the cat 8 days ago
Nicolas Martel
Nicolas Martel 8 days ago
perfect no word for that nothing can say ow good is so much than we cant explaim
glaDOSE12 Fallon
glaDOSE12 Fallon 8 days ago
Ez win
Rey Ronroneo Botitas 1ro
TBOT 22 8 days ago
I’m scared it(I’am Thai and now I feel bad and want to destroy it it’s online class room!!!)
TheYeeter 786
TheYeeter 786 8 days ago
dam this video deserves more attention
Victor Turunen, Lilla Alby skola, 4A
bro i love this! i listen to it on class to atleast can vibe when i work, and your song is not so like BANG BANG! MUSIC! EARS GO DIE!! No its just calm and nice. btw you sound like an angel, i wish i could sing like that (like i can sing good but not as good as CG5 tbh) thank you again for the bangers
Real steel official
Please pin
Dylan Hoyle
Dylan Hoyle 9 days ago
what this
Alief Rizdhi Putra
good song fans from Indonesia
The Joker TV
The Joker TV 9 days ago
finally a song that's worth listening to. came from dream- you get the idea.
Marcin Zalewski
Marcin Zalewski 9 days ago
super Ethan
super Ethan 9 days ago
Good job
TheGoldenTurtle 9 days ago
nerdout: i made the best ln2 song jt music: no i did cg5: hld my editing software
Lyin 2 Me Is The Best Among Us Song Ever!
NerdOut And Jt Music: kill me
Eva Chaka
Eva Chaka 9 days ago
Dude , your voice is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Da plushy
Da plushy 9 days ago
2:41 was sad
arka rumi
arka rumi 9 days ago
ah no nope i will not watch this
Bryan 10 days ago
Does anyone notice how amazing his voice is 😇
Arianna Acosta
Arianna Acosta 10 days ago
Hinata°^° 10 days ago
I loved the music
Potatis Spelar
Potatis Spelar 10 days ago
koaz leozoor
koaz leozoor 10 days ago
the CG damn!!!!!
Fonzy TheFancyGamer
I love this song 💟💟💟
Gacha fan and roblox player
2:02 look at that lovely smile
Ronnie Artiles
Ronnie Artiles 10 days ago
Rate this song scale : 1 to 100
ColdCandle 11 days ago
I am 100% shure that I heared this song more than 30 times in a row now, it's AMAZING ♡
ANTÔNIO CÁSSIO 11 days ago
The title remember "shadows in the dark"
Redbrox3 H
Redbrox3 H 11 days ago
I love this song this is so good props to u man
Rayleigh plays
Rayleigh plays 11 days ago
Thank you for the person that makes this effective luluby :)
IntrovertedMalone 11 days ago
I love how the song sounds like its telling a story
Jheniña Marie Pearl C. Waskin
cg5 request remix the gone away,sleeping in the nether, and isee a dreamer
Dante jr Edwards
Dante jr Edwards 11 days ago
I watched this at night I won’t be able to sleep
Slushie 12 days ago
Holy shiz this gave me the chills and I love it
{{KipoTheFox}} 12 days ago
I love little nightmares!!!
EnriqueRjr2000 12 days ago
Angela Jordan
Angela Jordan 12 days ago
I hate six 😑 she betrayed mono
Hi I’m EmraldZombie!
Don’t think I ever seen a 3D animated little nightmares animation.
The Bashes
The Bashes 12 days ago
bro you make that most best songs no cap
CG5: 1000 Gazing eye Me: its 31 can you count did you learn math
Dominica Angelia Medved
I like this song
jamod jaco
jamod jaco 12 days ago
I love this music
Cat 13 days ago
This is a really good song, but it could use a nice beat-drop. B)
Segrey 13 days ago
dusty 13 days ago
Arda Uludağ
Arda Uludağ 13 days ago
I stil hate seven
Ann Battle
Ann Battle 13 days ago
Cg5 You did a great job
Hunter William
Hunter William 13 days ago
Did you know that little nightmares two Is a prequel to The first one
Lyin' 2 Me - Among Us Song