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I take my little sister, Hidaya job hunting! What a mess
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if you see this comment team10 who???

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Aug 29, 2018

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Comments 3 606
Zane Hijazi
Zane Hijazi 10 months ago
bed bath and bodyworks beyond
mitochondrion97 Month ago
Bed bath and beyond... what buzzlightyear would say
Sarahgray yas99
Sarahgray yas99 2 months ago
You should do a podcast together ❤
Madalina Olaru
Madalina Olaru 3 months ago
Just so you know, I only subscribed because of Hidaya😂😂 She's perfect
Bushra Aydah
Bushra Aydah 15 hours ago
Bro I love zane so much
Lindsey Morales
She is hilarious
Casey Lawrence
Casey Lawrence 4 days ago
Mc Donalds could be here new job
Gorgina Lopez
Gorgina Lopez 4 days ago
now we know were Zane got his girl like attitude. HIS SISTER
Yesssss let hidaya edit
randa abd el karim
oh hunny no i live in lebanon and after civil war IT IS MESS soooo i hope u come visit us plzzzzz
Sherly’s Here
Sherly’s Here 6 days ago
I was low key getting kinda mad when she said they said no bc of my scarf🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Gabby Perry
Gabby Perry 7 days ago
Tehani Bray
Tehani Bray 7 days ago
These videos are the best!!! More of you and your sister!
Maia Gabilondo
Maia Gabilondo 11 days ago
I looove your sister, so funny
Trinity 13 days ago
She is such a *mood*
Trinity 13 days ago
When i saw this title i was ready to rant on where ever she was getting hired from.
Jolie Wyatt
Jolie Wyatt 13 days ago
Fedex is a good Job hidya
Natalie Garcia
Natalie Garcia 23 days ago
Omg they’re relationship reminds me of me and my sister !! This makes me laugh so hard !! Keep the videos coming Zaneeeeeeee !!! 🤣
M4rkTh3B34st 24 days ago
Hidaya, MAKE ME A GOOD SUB BABY.... I’m Zane now
M4rkTh3B34st 24 days ago
I love Publix
Sally P.
Sally P. 24 days ago
I love you two 💓
Jazzy Irizarry
Jazzy Irizarry 24 days ago
Did hidaya edit this video
mel k
mel k 25 days ago
*honestly hidaya (i probably spelled her name wrong my bad) should just create her own channel, she would get so many subs from the start because people are gonna recognize her from here and she seems like she would make good content whether it’s like vlogs or sit down videos or whatever like she’s funny and she’s pretty and she’s smart*
Gabija Kaminskaite
Gabija Kaminskaite 26 days ago
Time: 11.15. omg is Hidaya high?
Annie Limon
Annie Limon 27 days ago
Did she just say peroxide??!! 😂😂 Hidaya it’s chloroform 😂😂😂
Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis 28 days ago
I love when he calls her baby
Ivy Gregory
Ivy Gregory 28 days ago
Your senior quote should be ,(blank days ) of school not one bad hair day
Star Lord
Star Lord Month ago
So funny, two Pakistan's acting old black women. hilarious.Big fan.
Danielle Elliott
Omg y’alls sibling chemistry is fucking amazingly adorable and so funny! Also Zane is yummy!
Andrea Jiménez
Andrea Jiménez Month ago
Emily Month ago
Team 10 who?
Just Another Person
*“What do you meeean no?!”*
DiDi Nwabude
DiDi Nwabude Month ago
I'm back from the future. Hidaya didnt use that as her senior quote😂😂😂
MimikyuGirl 470
MimikyuGirl 470 Month ago
I feel like known ur sister for like 4 years but so far I’ve only watched 5 videos of her XD
LA_love _12
LA_love _12 Month ago
I love how gabbie is in the intro but never the actual vlogs
Shabaz Malik
Shabaz Malik Month ago
Baby girl I live for your videos lol I love it when you do that voice
Fandom Fanatic
Fandom Fanatic Month ago
Her senior quote should be ‘I didn’t have a single bad hair day all year.’
Aze Month ago
1:15 Notice how he says alarm That's typical Arabic "alarm"
Allison Peters
Allison Peters Month ago
She can do and app called grub hub you pick up food at the restaurant and bring it to the ppl
Whah Nsnsnsshshs
They have the best relationship
Jess Golds
Jess Golds Month ago
Zane is so different in these videos when compared to how he is in David’s vlogs.
dude bro
dude bro Month ago
What the- Publix gave a job to a *14 year old, unqualified* friend of mine and they ain’t even giving her an application?
Samantha Cooney
Samantha Cooney Month ago
I only watch zanes vlogs when Hidaya is in them
LGB30 Month ago
OH my just watched some vids of you and your sis she is hilarious
Leah Pinner
Leah Pinner Month ago
I absolutely LOVE Hidaya 😍
Chloe Grodin
Chloe Grodin Month ago
Hidaya is officially my favorite human
Liza Zackry
Liza Zackry Month ago
Dude I think I just watched every vid of Urs with Hidaya in it. I love her!!!
Rand Saad
Rand Saad Month ago
“School gave me a harder time than airplane security” 😭😭😭😭
Levi Matthews
Levi Matthews Month ago
Well it is wrong to not hire somebody for wearing a head job that doesn't negate the fact that if you where it's your brainwashed by the Islamic cult. Brainwashed into thinking that you have to keep your head covered up at all times because Allah said so. For God's sakes take that stupid thing off and look like a normal human who doesn't think that the female head is so sacred they have to cover it up by any means necessary.
Shay x
Shay x Month ago
Rylie Maedler
Rylie Maedler Month ago
Hidaya needs to make a RUvid channel 😂
Trelise Month ago
3:35 he said “be able” so smooth and fast
Taylor Simpkins
Taylor Simpkins Month ago
Hidaya should have her own channel because she is so funny and awesome🤣😂❤️😘
Emily Brooks
Emily Brooks Month ago
Lmao she did not even use that senior quote she used “I only wear a hijab to jive you girls a chance” 😂😂
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