These Rings Turn Anything Into a Keyboard

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Thank you to Sphero for sponsoring this video! Specdrums are silicone rings that translate color into any sound, loop, or beat.
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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Pureen Z
Pureen Z 14 hours ago
Gow many colors pf the alphabet do i have to calculate for nature to be ruined? Like - Right Comment - Left
l ι т т l ε s υ z υ м ι α c н α n
Weird flex but ok.
•Nørskī• 2 days ago
When he said "animal crayons" I thought he was gonna say animal crossing but I might be getting a switch lite on my bday or Christmas😂
Ackitam 4 days ago
so floof can flex money?
Emilia Destiny
Emilia Destiny 5 days ago
6:21 at that munute i tought its jamie on the screen but its joey Lol bad grammar
FISH kid
FISH kid 6 days ago
who else gets SOOO annoyed when ur yellow marker gets mixed with ur black marker
Daniel Li
Daniel Li 6 days ago
5:13 it includes red orange yellow green blue and ...... PINK
Marla Adams
Marla Adams 6 days ago
I almost thought I was gonna break my neck while watching this oof- my neck hurts ;-;
Alexandria Yang
Alexandria Yang 7 days ago
Colors dude: OOHHH COLOORS!!! Colors dude Jr.: OOHHH COOLOORRIINNGG!!! Bonus colors dude: OOHHH ME~!
Chow cowgamer
Chow cowgamer 7 days ago
what i want: huey what i need: money what i dont have: money
RosalynThorn _
RosalynThorn _ 9 days ago
We all hate youtube adds...but why dont we hate these adds? XD
Damn Cat
Damn Cat 9 days ago
But why do these 2 rings cost 99$?
George Kast
George Kast 10 days ago
If I was in my bath and I saw a random guy out of nowhere saying Oh CoLOrS! I would slap him call the police and run
Isaac 2008
Isaac 2008 10 days ago
5:56 who else thought that its an apple
Akuma Okami
Akuma Okami 11 days ago
2:30 now there is CATS
d e r p y k i n g r a b b i t
WTH I use to have the unicorn nightlight bruh
Nahiarah Lopez
Nahiarah Lopez 11 days ago
I just need all ov thees
EnderEO yt
EnderEO yt 12 days ago
Danny got them moves
subaru boi
subaru boi 13 days ago
the song in the background seems familiar.
ElectriX 13 days ago
I want to listen to the last song that they played with Specdrums.
Gamer God PG
Gamer God PG 14 days ago
5:55 when ur kid has manly arm hair
Brok Weston
Brok Weston 15 days ago
Christmas...in July
Cronos Tesla
Cronos Tesla 16 days ago
I love the director character “the only film....”
Sue Crawford
Sue Crawford 16 days ago
Why do I have to watch ads when I'm already watching ads?
Jonathan Meyer
Jonathan Meyer 16 days ago
So people can hear color! What’s next? Seeing sound?!
Samuel Beale
Samuel Beale 16 days ago
3:21 That's racist This is a joke
kerbo Storebo
kerbo Storebo 17 days ago
I want all of these Lol but not animal pens. Vat19 is smart
DareYaPlayz 17 days ago
spectrums are sold out :(
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 18 days ago
Oh coloring😫
Alexander Laningham
Alexander Laningham
Amber Diprose
Amber Diprose 18 days ago
My dad would get mad when you said crAons instead of craOns because we are born in new Zealand
A&Family R&J
A&Family R&J 18 days ago
Hi vat19 I'm a big fan of your gadgets and toys. I hope you will sell it in all online shopping apps so your products can go around the world and let other countries try your cool products.
Jayvier1Qa Roblox
Jayvier1Qa Roblox 20 days ago
Plot twist *spectrums was sponsored by ollie*
k00ok dollz
k00ok dollz 22 days ago
how are people this smart to make these things like, w h at
GAMING WITH ASH 22 days ago
5:25 is the kid colouring the spider mans leg blue????????
Monki Man
Monki Man 23 days ago
Huey? lol Huey from the boondocks turned into a lizard
Leticia Alvares
Leticia Alvares 23 days ago
Its purple
Leticia Alvares
Leticia Alvares 23 days ago
RU5TY_R3TR09 GAMES 23 days ago
Make a computer keyboard a 🎹
Bearded Octopug
Bearded Octopug 26 days ago
5:55 I thought the putty was an apple and got confused
Matias Paripović
Matias Paripović 28 days ago
Teresa Medina
Teresa Medina 29 days ago
Trolls & Sugar Rush 209
Iqra Fazal
Iqra Fazal 29 days ago
Some people thing your not good but you are
jesus christ danny must look back at the cute light and regret dancing like that
Irish Month ago
Everything is doing well untill.. 5:40
Bety Vasy
Bety Vasy Month ago
i love music so i would like that
Hasshim Abdul Karim
Macam mana nak beli barangnya
Senior Plant
Senior Plant Month ago
I wanna chew off the animal heads from the crayons
Czarina Bright
Czarina Bright Month ago
We had that lizard before
###BenTheAnimatorDemon ###
Color man gives me life
Ramarous Month ago
Bruh I seen those markers on tv you not slick 😂
Fishy Shoota
Fishy Shoota Month ago
Evie Potato
Evie Potato Month ago
Barry Barryson
Barry Barryson Month ago
I need these
James Allen
James Allen Month ago
full song please?
TWEAKS and SAGE Month ago
How is this entertaining
Galaxy Mars
Galaxy Mars Month ago
Vat19: 11 things that makes color more cool Me an artist: I WILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK
Deee Gorge
Deee Gorge Month ago
I need to play giornos theme
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Month ago
Ummm, yeah the specdrums are $80
Mariely Otero
Mariely Otero Month ago
I have it
Mariely Otero
Mariely Otero Month ago
I have or
Matt rainbow six seige
i got my specdrums today
Boog Jason
Boog Jason Month ago
The 3 d cube yes now strip clubs are ded
pyro ll
pyro ll Month ago
I've played with chalk bombs before
ツembersk1es Month ago
*oOhHhHHh, cOLoRs!!!* Miss you Eric... you were the source of many memes
Wut No
Wut No Month ago
I might buy some of these actually
Nathan Crandall
Nathan Crandall Month ago
16 different colors how about the brightness?
Jed or Lite
Jed or Lite Month ago
I can make a song -for- from black people
Chxnce Month ago
it is S-PH-E-RO
Vadim Kesha
Vadim Kesha Month ago
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle Month ago
Anything is color changing as long as it gets hot enough
Goose Month ago
But does the illusion putty smell like trash or like nothing unlike others
Phoenix Westvalley
Burning question: How do you erase a flexil?
Les Goldsicher
Les Goldsicher Month ago
I have super ulunshons putty
xGisela Month ago
I remember blends pens. That’s was ... what? 7 years ago?
Ezriha Month ago
Your promoting your self!! Play fairly!
itzyaboy jojo
itzyaboy jojo Month ago
Laura O'Sullivan
I have a very small unicorn lanp
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