These Rings Turn Anything Into a Keyboard

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Thank you to Sphero for sponsoring this video! Specdrums are silicone rings that translate color into any sound, loop, or beat.
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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 1 338
100.000 Subs With Bad Videos Challenge
I can hear colors
Ngronos 13 hours ago
At 9:50 isn’t that the wheely theme music?
Яiddle Review
Яiddle Review 14 hours ago
What note does it make on a mirror?
Eavennay Brinson
Eavennay Brinson 14 hours ago
What about the color blind 👀😂👀
Alexis DoBuilds
Alexis DoBuilds 15 hours ago
3:02 IS THAT A MAN- IN A DRESS- *me trying not to be sexist or offensive*
Alexis DoBuilds
Alexis DoBuilds 15 hours ago
Do they need batteries? ;^;
Marshall Mallow
Marshall Mallow 18 hours ago
What if you put the chameleon on a photo coppier
Ahmier George
Ahmier George 2 days ago
Cross promo
Ahmier George
Ahmier George 2 days ago
Who else thought of spinel when they heard menagerie
Vasu Kari
Vasu Kari 2 days ago
Anyone notice he said Christmas in July
Millie Sabogal
Millie Sabogal 2 days ago
Purple 2:10
Baaji slime
Baaji slime 3 days ago
Me watching vat19 ads super happyly then when a ad pops I get mad wht
Plankton is pissed about the choice you made
Imma buy 10 of those finger drum things
Bunny Roll
Bunny Roll 4 days ago
What if u put the chameleon light on a black surface?
s p i n e l ツ / Felipe
Bruh chalk bombs might make people sick
s p i n e l ツ / Felipe
Vat19: the website and youtube channel that makes you want the christmas and birthdays are everyday events
peyton the undertale lover
Why does Jamie say cran instead of crayon
The Dragon
The Dragon 5 days ago
I never thought I’d see Blendy Pens after all these years. I remember when they had their own commercials on cartoon network
Eric Stuart
Eric Stuart 7 days ago
Who else thinks the color guy is gay
Penguin's Ever
Penguin's Ever 7 days ago
My friend: what do you watch on youtube? Me:Commercials
Roblox XTREMES 7 days ago
Can it turn my butthole into a keyboard?
Shudeepta Rahman
Shudeepta Rahman 7 days ago
Make a Griffin version of the uni
Shudeepta Rahman
Shudeepta Rahman 7 days ago
Me: look at the red and blue on the giant unicorn Also me: I might get that Price: are you sure about that
johnps41 7 days ago
cool dud.
M King
M King 7 days ago
These are the best ads. Why can’t normal ads be replaced with these ads?
Jon The Backpack Kid
3:33 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😠😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😡😡😠😡😠 THIS IS FAKE. THERE IS NO BROWN. ALMOST ALL COLOR RELATED PRODUCTS. HAVE TO HAVE A BROWN(by the court of color-ed law).
GreatWhite Shark
GreatWhite Shark 9 days ago
There are a lot of light products
Sky Yee
Sky Yee 9 days ago
Vat19:**Shows an colorful video** Eric:Ah sh*t here we go again...
tpa nash
tpa nash 9 days ago
Dark White and Light Black: how dare you.
Luvly :3
Luvly :3 9 days ago
I have those in school 😂
Z Simpson
Z Simpson 10 days ago
So I wanted to buy the specdrums but they are so expensive!!! they are literally 💯 dollars!!!!! that is such bullcrap!!!!!!
Dr.Mexico 10 days ago
1:34 ooooh! Coloring!
Audrey Lavoie
Audrey Lavoie 11 days ago
ziggz 12 days ago
This reminds me of rick and morty infinite time line episode.
Kitty Panda
Kitty Panda 12 days ago
Use this button as "I'm to poor to buy any of these so imma wish I can have them"
Leigha Alexander
Leigha Alexander 13 days ago
I love how we come here and act so mesmerized while watching ads we otherwise would hate. We watch them like our favorite show.
It's Just Totally Taylor
Am I the only one who watches these to get Christmas gift ideas?
Unicorn Sqaud
Unicorn Sqaud 13 days ago
I bet my mom won't let me have the crayon that never needs Sharped
Leslie Carbajal
Leslie Carbajal 14 days ago
Did u mean 15 diffrent colors? Because the remote shows 15 8:10 and so does the pics 8:12
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