These Guys Again ("Up" But Everything Is Even Worse)

Danny Gonzalez
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The gang from "What's Up" is back and worse than ever
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Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Humphreys Home
Humphreys Home 3 hours ago
12:36 killed me
grace bill
grace bill 9 hours ago
I'm starting to realize my best, and only friend I see irl, is a dick. And I can't say this to anyone else I know. using this comment for cathartic secret vent
Fred Robertson
Fred Robertson 9 hours ago
Pleeeaaase don't talk to me until I have my shotglass of cofee
Blu Colour
Blu Colour 9 hours ago
They... They literally have a salt. g u n. Gunto (sp???) was even playing with it earlier and could have had it at the movie theatre. It would... It would have made so much sense. Imagine he's just applying salt to his popcorn. Imagine... if this movie made sense.
Flubber Bands
Flubber Bands 10 hours ago
who else still doesnt understand mschf
Aphrodite! 10 hours ago
I'm so offended and I'm not even asian-
Saurino the Spinowing
22:50 well that was 35 seconds of my life I can't take back.
Cwafflezz 11 hours ago
justice for gunto plz
UWUMaster 2020
UWUMaster 2020 13 hours ago
When cocomelon and MMD have better animation than this
Some Stupid Animator Person
so im watching this before the up ripoff video, so im watching a prequal reaction of a prequal made after the first video of the second movie
Randomness Central
Randomness Central 15 hours ago
Us goonto stans need to fight the power, baby!
Li Pening
Li Pening 18 hours ago
I'm from china and what the robot said was just NONSENSE
Fun fact: some turtles breathe through their ass ;-;
It's Eve
It's Eve Day ago
Why did the nutcrackers shadow vibrate tf
J29117 Day ago
Gunto be dead. That meteorite thing would indeed have thrown him into last week.
The Negative Demon Under Your Bed • 3 years ago
I can fluently speak Chinese because of most of my family, and what that robot was saying was NOT Chinese. They were literally just saying sounds that sound chines which makes it even more offensive.
AriTheWolf Does Gacha
“I happen to be a pretty big Gunto stan.” Me: Same. *Same.*
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed Day ago
"He got that ice creaaaaaaaam" you mean he got that yummy 😋 😂
Black Day ago
16:00 I can imagine that happening in real life XD
Siow Paung Yin
When robot make fun of chinese i am pissed cause i am chinese
Icky Day ago
This “movie” got the nerve to be racist when one of the characters names is literally “Guto”
tabbie cat
tabbie cat Day ago
Dude, my favourite piece of voice acting is that popcorn vendor yelling after they speed off: "Good for nothin' kids! These days they walk all over ya, even an old popcorn vendor! There's no respect for the corn! When's it all gonna stop?!" it kills me every time, and the actor is spectacular. i love it so much
Xan imations
Xan imations Day ago
13:32 i see a cars knock off poster in the background
jorm 2 days ago
wow Dr.Crum is a Luddist look it up
Joel 2 days ago
I take a freshman science class so I can conferm his shit would be rocked
TEAN MACE 2 days ago
fox child
fox child 2 days ago
13:42 Anyone else notice the plug for their cars ripoff on that poster? Shame on whoever runs this animating company!
Ronnie-tamara Williams
who da freak is greg???????
Queen random
Queen random 2 days ago
istg I thought danny was like 18😭
A Timothy G
A Timothy G 3 days ago
Baseball? .... FOCK THIS MOVIE 😐
Karnagie 3 days ago
Who do I feel like ALL of these voice actors are voices from shows I watched growing up. I swear it sounds like some of these are from yu-gi-oh and shows like that.
MASTER VOLUME 3 days ago
That was a sexy ass ball
Applebee's 3 days ago
3:00 made me spit out my food
Adit 3 days ago
Indian here, we do have shot glass sized tea at times.
Confirmed Mary
Confirmed Mary 3 days ago
100 gregs is my fav band :)
Karl Dreher
Karl Dreher 4 days ago
I got curious and apparently the show in the poster in the background of 13:42 is a weird TV show(?) from brazil by presumably the same animators. I'd go into more details but the only info I could find on it is in portugese and I don't understand the language. If anybody out there can read portugese and is interested I'd appreciate the help in getting more information on this monstrocity.
dakota will murder u
the green ball is sooo hot danny wishes-
Rainbow Butterfly
Greeen baaaaallllll .... yeeeaaahhh.. green baaaaallll..
N 4 days ago
Are we gonna ignore the nub hand at 1:41when he had a full fledged hand in the last scene?
Rainbow Butterfly
I think thats his finger cuz who the fuck points with thier entire damn hand
welp i WAS going to watch this video but now i'm just gonna listen to dive in by trey songz for the next 27 hours straight
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 4 days ago
wait... who is our mom.....
Cross Rhodes
Cross Rhodes 4 days ago
Goonto hitting a whip in the thumbnail
Cross Rhodes
Cross Rhodes 4 days ago
Their hair broke the physics engine
Charlotte Magne
Charlotte Magne 5 days ago
Gunto: Can I go with you please?! Amanda: ...............ᴺᵒ.
BabyxCakes Day ago
amanda:ur 2 immature to flip a switch sorry
Gacha Frenchfry
Gacha Frenchfry 5 days ago
I’ve had Pancriotitis (one of the worse pains humanly possible), yet this movie caused me more pain
Gacha Frenchfry
Gacha Frenchfry 5 days ago
A virus that came from China and is messing everything up Huh
Elle 5 days ago
why are you so red
The Omniscient Ed
That's what I need for breakfast, a latte that fits into a sacrament cup. Another thing, at least they weren't raciest towards to popcorn guy.
Chelise Figueroa
Chelise Figueroa 5 days ago
Mom: And that's why you dont eat sugar Kid: huh?
kumaruka 5 days ago
can we talk abt how the directors of what's up also directed the official Alice in Wonderland film from disney
me 6 days ago
Chase Sullivan
Chase Sullivan 6 days ago
Danny is the best RUvidr ever I’m a veteran
Mariahlys Wilmarie
So nobody noticed the rip off cars poster at 13:45 ?😭
Katherine Alexis
Katherine Alexis 6 days ago
I was like where is the background 🥺 in the beginning 😂
Makenna Brice
Makenna Brice 6 days ago
I like how Dr. Crumb still smiles when he gets slapped and how the audio doesn’t match the way the characters mouths move 💀
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 6 days ago
did no one notice Amanda and that girl rat from ratatouing have the same VA
Serenity Loudin
Serenity Loudin 6 days ago
Is it just me or does Gunto sound like ash from pokemon
Aj Aj
Aj Aj 6 days ago
Hmmmmmm China Virus THIS MOVIE PREDICTED THE C-Virus
Ditzy Gaakey
Ditzy Gaakey 7 days ago
Cathwolf 7 days ago
As a Southerner, I can confirm that a country breakfast is just one hard-boiled egg and a shot of coffee served by a racist flying bot.
Cathwolf 7 days ago
I’ve seen five different reviews on What’s Up but I’m gonna watch this video for Danny.
no stress no fear
Taylor Schrag
Taylor Schrag 7 days ago
# JusticeForGunto
Justin d
Justin d 7 days ago
Hey guys, if anybody is having a hard time in quarantine, and if you are truly Greg, visit ChurchOfJesusChrist.org it really helped me.
William Afton
William Afton 7 days ago
henry stickman
henry stickman 7 days ago
15:52 ive actually done that
Dean Luciano Drello
I feel like the rip off names are slowly turning into Drew Gooden
Have a nice day!
Have a nice day! 8 days ago
Serenity LaChey Buchanan
Please watch and review pets united it’s like a knock off of the secret life of pets literally everything about it is so bad it’s on Netflix
Confused Borb
Confused Borb 8 days ago
I don’t know how to show my appreciation for you. Please keep existing.
Hanna Nagy-Leranth
My dad looked at my phone and said, "what kind of nonsense are you watching, animated little old men?" But he wasn't talking about the movie..
Cecelia Larson
Cecelia Larson 9 days ago
I like it that gunto is the greatest animated in the movie :P
Jimins so Called Accident
Omg I wanna puke with these animations
Ally 10 days ago
Are we gonna ignore that the Gunto said swallow these salty peanuts???
Amanda Lawton
Amanda Lawton 10 days ago
The mschf app apparently doesn't work with modern Android phones.
Puppet Paul YT
Puppet Paul YT 10 days ago
13:13 they are advertising they’re cars ripoff now...WTF
Puppet Paul YT
Puppet Paul YT 10 days ago
Jezzy 10 days ago
Im offended with that country breakfast
Tyrannosaurus Sex
Tyrannosaurus Sex 11 days ago
As a country boy, every morning we would go out to the chicken coops, grab an egg and swallow it whole
Anounomus Anounomus
I confirm
검은 -- 서 지 아
Last video I wanted it was geg and now it’s just r
Holly Kate
Holly Kate 11 days ago
damn there really is no respect for the corn
Itay Jacob
Itay Jacob 11 days ago
Plot twist: Drew Gooden marries the girl from the movie
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson 11 days ago
anyone else notice the studio low-key trying to advertise one of their movies @ 13:43 😂😂😂
the running man
the running man 11 days ago
I forgot this movie even existed
Dee Dee Podshadley
Dee Dee Podshadley 11 days ago
i was so physically repulsed by this movie that i had to take a break for a few weeks LMAO
Raziel Lentz
Raziel Lentz 11 days ago
That was HI-ghly laughable, enjoyed it as fuck
|Work_In_Progress| 12 days ago
No one:... Danny's Background: *E G G*
Haru Kazami
Haru Kazami 12 days ago
i am a scientist and i confirm that
Lizzieee :3
Lizzieee :3 12 days ago
Sixty Six
Sixty Six 12 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, make your shirt on sale
gaming patato
gaming patato 12 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about that knock off cars poster in 13:02 👁👄👁
SoulJynx 11 days ago
that's actually some shitty cars ripoff from around the same time by the same studio called little cars they advertised their movie in their movie they tried to go for an easter egg but they kinda forgot that easter eggs are hidden
TehEpix_Doge 13 days ago
Is it just me, or can anyone else see mask marks on his face. He looks like he just went to Walmart.
Xena's Warpaint
Xena's Warpaint 8 days ago
I think he has rosacea.
Nerd work
Nerd work 13 days ago
is amanda amy from the old sonic X anime
2spooky milk
2spooky milk 13 days ago
the best part in this movie is that sexy green ball
Katie F
Katie F 13 days ago
A shot glass of coffee? It’s an espresso and it’s ~classy~
Java Y
Java Y 13 days ago
I'm Chinese... that IS really racist. Um... haha? I can't even tell what the robot is saying.. doesn't sound like anything.. TT_TT
Roodle Noodle
Roodle Noodle 13 days ago
Jons E
Jons E 13 days ago
Why did he pick it up it should be freezing it has been in space for years.
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