These Democrats Beat Trump According To Polls

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Joe Biden isn't the only Democrat polling ahead of Donald Trump in 2020 general election polls. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Jun 13, 2019




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Comments 6 250
Mr. M
Mr. M Day ago
Colbert stinks! The news media is fake!
Debra VanAusdale
Debra VanAusdale 2 days ago
The polls look good for a Democratic landslide, but remember, it's early and polls can change quickly. Plus if you read polling and they do NOT include the margins of error, they are unreliable.
Creepy Joe
Creepy Joe 4 days ago
Polls? HAHA!!!..might be the funniest thing I seen on this trash show.
Rusty Shackleford
Can't wait to see Colbert crying in his milk again when Trump wins in 2020.
LaughingForNoReason XD
Did Trump invent the fake news, by any chance?
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
Hmmm, I remember when they say Hillary would win by a landslide.
Allen Kuykendall
Allen Kuykendall 11 days ago
Defeat the Dems. GoFundMe 100% proceeds go toward Trump campaign.
Dan Stephensen
Dan Stephensen 12 days ago
Colbert, words alone cannot express how hopeless you are. There is no humor here at all. Trump 2020 guaranteed. So get your script ready for that one.
Dan Stephensen
Dan Stephensen 12 days ago
Is Biden drunk?
Dan Stephensen
Dan Stephensen 12 days ago
the p o l l s were WRONG in 2016 and they are WRONG now. Most adults wouldn't fondle or try to touch children like a certain Biden does. Did he touch his GD too?
Harry Mayer
Harry Mayer 12 days ago
Brian Williams of MSNBC said 44% of Democrats think Biden can win, 56% think he will lose ? So what is Colbert thinking of I know FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN
Harry Mayer
Harry Mayer 12 days ago
This is sad ! Fake TV, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get real Trump 2020
XxSeward2017xX 13 days ago
Who won though?!?😂😂
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez 14 days ago
2. Old white man. Send them to the nursing home.. Stop spending your money with the rich. . this is what your hard earn money. Pay for. No mention of homlesness gun drugs health care or the future of young people.. No more old white men!
Martian74 14 days ago
Biden (old) has been shown as corrupt, Bernie Sanders is old and just had a heart attack, Liz Warren (also old) can’t get votes from Wall Street or blacks, all the other Democrats are in single digits. Who have you got Democrats? Get used to President Trump, he isn’t going anywhere.
joshua raglin
joshua raglin 15 days ago
If we learned anything from 2016, it's that polls are bullshit, I've never take a poll and anyone that matters probably has never taken one either.
Beyond Dreams
Beyond Dreams 15 days ago
It’s not gonna happen, no ones gonna beat him
F We
F We 16 days ago
I'd be surprised if a Democrat won this election.
Chuck Pringle
Chuck Pringle 16 days ago
This guy is nothing but a big chunk of shit!!!
Pissed Off
Pissed Off 16 days ago
funny ? yes trump is insane...literally just listen to the shit hes spouting.
Amethyst Dawn
Amethyst Dawn 19 days ago
I want to find these “these/some people” who keep saying shit that strokes this moronic megalomaniac’s ego!!!!😉😂
Eugene Porter
Eugene Porter 20 days ago
Low hanging fruit.
rozynmike 23 days ago
Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that have been consistent for over 30 years. Let's vote for Bernie Sanders so we can have a respectable president in office.
Matteo DeGennaro
Matteo DeGennaro 23 days ago
Just saying everyone thought trump wasn’t gonna win in the 2016 election anything can happen. Also it seems like every late night show are Democrat supporters and bash trump the only show that doesn’t cover any politics is jimmy falon.
Black Magik
Black Magik 26 days ago
I love how much attention they give trump tho, hes gonna win again because of these clowns so... Thank you
Jesse Mulliniks
Jesse Mulliniks 26 days ago
Isn’t that what they said about Hillary
Russel Mack
Russel Mack 27 days ago
Doesn't Commie Colbert know the "polls" indicated Hillary could coast to an epic WIN against Donald Trump ? haaa ha ha FOOLS !
John Paul Herrera
John Paul Herrera 27 days ago
Please Americans go vote and out! Trump supporters will definitely cast their ballot, why not yours?
Ellie MM
Ellie MM 29 days ago
I think Batman says it all: ruvid.net/video/video-bKjhaSlr0Jg.html
Sheila T
Sheila T 29 days ago
I don’t understand why people have a problem with Biden mentioning Obama. He did work closely with him for 8 years.
keith hakanson
keith hakanson Month ago
I really really really wish stephen cuntbear would play those old clips back in 2016 of him saying Trump would never be President. It was so GREAT when Trump made him look like a fool. It's going to be even GREATER when TRUMP not only wins the electorial collage, but also the popular vote in 2020!!!!
Elfin Dreamer
Elfin Dreamer Month ago
I'm honestly already so sick of Biden talking about Obama every chance he gets. He's a one trick pony, and that trick is riding on Obama's coattails.
Ivy Month ago
Recipe city 😂😂😂
Ron Wright
Ron Wright Month ago
Trumps IQ test 1/2 MM vacuuming !
Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor Month ago
This duckheads a dem, democraps are wel know to lie about everything!! This is a mind game, set to make you think voting for trump is a waste of time.... Lol like his 1st term, he was losing n then BAM BITCHES, RIGHT UP THE ASS WITH IT!!! HA HAAA
Claptrap Claptrap
Trump also promised to cure cancer when he ran for office.
Stunnaman Ramos
Stunnaman Ramos Month ago
😂 angry colbert. Libtard demorat.
Elena Belacastre
Elena Belacastre
U MAKE A PRETTY GOOD IMPRESSION OF TRUMP!🤸🧘🙅🙆🚴🤼🤹🚣🏻‍♀️🖖👋✋🙌👈🏌️🧜⛷️✍️🖕🤟🖐️✋👐. 👍 Aha
vual grimoire
vual grimoire Month ago
You said you'd quit your show if Trump won. What are you still doing here, you smarmy little bullshitter?
tiffsaver Month ago
Stick with comedy, Stephen...
freddyT1994 Month ago
No one is going to elect a Marxist communist democrat over Trump. Their polls are the same joke they were in 2016.
Nick Elle
Nick Elle Month ago
Colbert let's talk about Biden's cure for cancer sometime.
long drink of silence dude
And the polls said trump could not win.
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch Month ago
The only poll Cornholebert knows about is the one up his ass.
Follower of Yahshua
One thing we have to admit: If Pres. Trump is no longer President then we won't have all that Presidential humor anymore and humor is a positive thing :-).
k tom
k tom Month ago
Biden got old. Too old.
ChrisRidge Month ago
Youre right.its 10:00 on a staurday night and im watching The Late show with Steven Colbert.Im not sure what that means exactly
funkydanieluk Month ago
Are these the same polls as 2016 or new ones?
cc cav
cc cav Month ago
Trump still won !
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Month ago
The people that run the pole should not basted on popular vote but on Who will win each state then add up the electorial votes. For example 99% of Calafornia 35 million will vote for the Dem candidate but the Dem's will get just Calafornia's electorial votes. so if the dem's win a state by 50.0001% or 99.999% the electorial votes are the same.
TELL ME NOW Month ago
There is a reason for Trump to claim the pools are fake numbers,. He is counting again with the Russians destroying his opponent with dirty.
Marguerite Galimitakis
Good. Enough of lying treasonous Trump!
rich tracy
rich tracy Month ago
Hey Colbert I’ll bet my left but trump wins in a landslide
Wild Hurricane
Wild Hurricane Month ago
Are you sure about that because last time I check Creepy Uncle Joe’s rallies weren’t as big.
Ricky Rincon
Ricky Rincon Month ago
What an embarrassment having this crazy moron in the WH!!!
Wild Hurricane
Wild Hurricane Month ago
More Liberal news to laugh at. If Joe Biden is the best the Democrats can do, then you might as well just give up the election, because President Trump and the Republicans will eat him alive. Creepy Uncle Joe can’t even finish a sentence coherently and you want him to be president.
Jason Faulkner
Jason Faulkner Month ago
0:32 Wait ... did Colbert say "reaning the lurd" ... instead of "learning to read"?
David Sugg
David Sugg Month ago
This dude sucks off mayor pete
Saul Moore
Saul Moore Month ago
Your news agencies tell you how Trump loses to every Dem running. No need to worry they always tell the truth and never make up most of what they report. You got it in the bag, just like 2016. LMAO
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