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Pickup trucks are a ubiquitous sight on America’s roads. Everyone has their own interpretation of what the truck should be: from mini trucks, to jacked up show trucks, to mud boggers, monster trucks and beyond. Join Nolan as he explores the wide world of pickups and tries to understand why people do crazy things with them!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 3 359
Donut Media
Donut Media 4 months ago
What's a ridiculous truck trend you actually like? (Don't say truck nuts lol)
GhostOfAMachine 3 days ago
Minitruckin and lowriders
doge gamming
doge gamming 5 days ago
My uncle lifted a 4 wheel drive Toyota and modified it and it looks dope
Chase Klenda
Chase Klenda 7 days ago
Truck nuts
727liven 13 days ago
Squat truck
Hanan Aljaber
Hanan Aljaber 15 days ago
AaronD 19 hours ago
Every single human being I've ever met or seen with a lifted truck is a douche bag.
John White
John White 2 days ago
Armaan Mangat
Armaan Mangat 2 days ago
I just noticed that my dad has the same Toyota
BIRTHDAYFACE046 2 days ago
6:30 Samurai Goro!
BIRTHDAYFACE046 2 days ago
I want my truck to either transform to look like a carnival ride or be tall enough that I have to start worrying about bird strikes 😂
Daniel Yenderrozos
this...is the Ford BRACHIOSAURUS!
GhostOfAMachine 3 days ago
I secretly like the stanced trucks a lot even though I would never put cambers on mine
GhostOfAMachine 3 days ago
1:24 🤮🤮pavement princess
GhostOfAMachine 3 days ago
I feel like only one in south Texas with a 5" drop kit and bags on my truck. Lower drag and sport car like cornering in a truck with summer tires, brace, sport shocks and brakes that is fun going down on winding roads and I still use it as a light duty truck to carry whatever won't fit in my Mustang. And yes I'm in South Tex where winter doesnt exist so I keep my summer tires on 24/7
John Best
John Best 4 days ago
Yeah... brodozer trucks are a pain in the ass. Lets blow exhaust fumes at a prius and park in front of EV chargers. Nah, not for me.
G8TED TX 5 days ago
this sounds like some liberal acceptance culture BS. Yeah the trucks are cool but the people who drive them ain't.
City Worker
City Worker 5 days ago
Pay me to kill
Private SNAFU
Private SNAFU 5 days ago
i still hate that you cant get a v8 raptor now, i mean the v6 is fast but if im going to have a big badass truck it has to scare small children aswell.
Muhammed Q
Muhammed Q 5 days ago
I used to hate on mini trucks till I got I have a D21 hardbody drift truck and guess what ..now I hate lifted trucks
Iss993 ITA
Iss993 ITA 5 days ago
7:45 those shock absorbers are gone..... ahahahahah
Ethan King
Ethan King 7 days ago
This Hawaiian shirt guy is a dweeb pleaser
Rdrummer 2
Rdrummer 2 7 days ago
Friend: what's the best truck to buy? Me: yes
RetroX 7 days ago
My dad used to have an 82 short bed f150 with the in-line 6. Trucks don’t get simpler than that
Faze Ervin
Faze Ervin 10 days ago
They’re not trucks, they’re utes.
Cobreezyy06 10 days ago
9:45 it bothers me more then it should that the tape is off center to the right...
Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster 11 days ago
I really like his viewpoint, letting people do what they want and respecting their interests even if you don’t personally like what they’re doing
Caleb Schmucker
Caleb Schmucker 11 days ago
Shockingly, I think I prefer the showcar brodozer to the guys who think its a practical creation. I dont judge people building weird shit, I judge asshats who tie a bunch of toxic masculinity into a truck they cant afford.
Anthony Cabrera
Anthony Cabrera 12 days ago
Do a full episode on bigfoot pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
theZDOME 12 days ago
Dancing truck beds?😂 yea that’s just useless lol also my 7.3 2001 f250 looks like a show truck but is functional! So once again Nolan’s saying stupid crap that is an absolute lie even though it’s other opinions only idiots say that shit. You want to find a truck that’ll keep up with my trucks usability and versatility and looks as good go ahead. But good luck, you’ll need it
Austin Barrett
Austin Barrett 12 days ago
I think its more hate of the people that drive the type of car/truck than the vehicle itself. Like, pavement princesses are 80% driven by douchey dudes spitting tobacco everywhere. The trucks themselves actually look pretty cool.
steel storm195
steel storm195 12 days ago
Hey wheelhouse my favourite trucks are 1994 Ford Ranger in a manual transmission 1999 Dodge Ram 3500 small cab big box Cummins turbo diesel and 2005 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax big box small cab
Angry Vegan Cyclist
I'd have a smidgeon of respect for those vape-sucking lifters if they actually took their shit offroad at least once. Otherwise they're just taking 4+ parking spaces and wasting fuel from cars that actually have some fucking style or use
Patt 13 days ago
@2:50 wait... Is that a Cayenne in a mud puddle???
Forrest 13 days ago
I was driving in my 2000 Honda Accord w/ 300,000 miles when I noticed a Ford Raptor w/ a Hennessy engine. Papertag.
Mark S
Mark S 13 days ago
My EXT technically has an 8 foot bed 🤔
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez 14 days ago
6:35 *Warning* don't expose any plastic bottles or disposables directly to sunlight because that could be harmful. A certain chemical called dioxin can be released into your drinks
berettagt88 14 days ago
What ! where is the El Camino in this video?
P0tat07 14 days ago
The only wrong way to be a truck is to be a dodge! Or ram.
Senseiinfinity 14 days ago
The way he described the last truck, poetic as FUCK
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade 15 days ago
Wait ‘till RAM comes out with the TRX. Rip Raptor.
Jachin Ashterman
Jachin Ashterman 16 days ago
The 2016 Ford F-150 ecoboost with an extended bed cause it BA an the 2008 Ford F 250 V6 turbo diesel
Dave Helmboldt
Dave Helmboldt 17 days ago
I learned to drive using a 51 Chevy half ton with a hay rack on the back. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't powerfull (had the smaller of the 2 sixes avail. that year) but it got the job done and ya didn't have to worry about scratching the paint. That's the definition of a truck. Cadillac building trucks? Let's not forget about Lincoln. SMH....
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 19 days ago
The term mini truck is wrong. Its actually those tiny little Japanese mini trucks, usually 4x4 4 spd manual trans. My lil daily gmc sonoma gets and stay dirty so much more that the trucks in my area.
ian connell
ian connell 22 days ago
I can't wait to see a monster truck built on a Rivian. That'll get me excited REAL quick.
GhostOfAMachine 3 days ago
A dropped and bagged Rivian even better
ian connell
ian connell 22 days ago
5:15 Nolan. "Almost a hundred grand?" you scrolled past several in the $90k range plus 2 that were over $100k a couple of seconds before stopping on one that was under $90k! I think you buried the lede just a little bit.
Bry River
Bry River 24 days ago
Ford Raptor is the best
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis 25 days ago
I had a Toyota pickup just like that 😁
Avion Smith
Avion Smith 25 days ago
Im so happy you mentioned the mini old pick up truck. I own a 1990 Ford Ranger Lariat and im in love with her. I use her for my first dates haha but Im not ashamed. The truck means so much to me and I feel a vibe of respect from other mini pick up owners. My dad passed the truck down to me and I love the truck!!! My truck is a truck. Thats it. You do your research. So much respect to you.
SuperiorAutocraft 26 days ago
Here's an idea: we hate brodozers because they're driven by fucktards. Also, the velociraptor of history was more the size of a chicken.
Martin G
Martin G 27 days ago
Unless you use them for work you're most likely a über douche with a tiny penis
RK TR 27 days ago
-Chevy Reaper-
Commenter McCommentFace
My first car was a 2001 F-150. The AC went out a couple times but besides that, it hasn’t been in the shop once and it’s still kicking to this day. You just can’t beat a damn reliable pickup truck.
Soykin 021
Soykin 021 29 days ago
My dad loves his Chevy Silverado. According to him it's the most reliable car in the world
Edwin Holt
Edwin Holt 29 days ago
My 2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 is my favorite truck, it's comfortable, powerful, and most importantly, reliable
Matteo Lorenzo Girardelli
Dicks out for bosozoku
Ryan Roger
Ryan Roger 29 days ago
We need more min trucks, I'm tryna keep the scene alive here!
GhostOfAMachine 3 days ago
I agree. I'm driving a dropped Ranger on bags with 18" chrome alloys and summer/sport tires among the sea of clumsy "brodozers"
The Genetic Hunters
I think Dodge trucks really showcase what a truck should look like unfortunately I feel like Toyota has a more reliable truck lineup
Swipez Month ago
Sorry... Form over function is just a big wank.
Garret Liones
Garret Liones Month ago
I hate the ones that have super bright LEDs that shine through 5 cars in front of them.
Emmanuel Howard
Emmanuel Howard Month ago
A truck is not meant to be luxury or for show its supposed for off roading and towing
Denny Marquez
Denny Marquez Month ago
You forget the dropped trucks the "truckingaround" "trokaindo"
Lucci Month ago
7:03 anyone else hear the original song for DDE's intro?
Porkchop Month ago
2005 ram 1500 that’s my favorite because that’s what I have 😎😃🇺🇸
sports place football lacrosse
Raptors are like 70,000 , mad expensive
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