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Pickup trucks are a ubiquitous sight on America’s roads. Everyone has their own interpretation of what the truck should be: from mini trucks, to jacked up show trucks, to mud boggers, monster trucks and beyond. Join Nolan as he explores the wide world of pickups and tries to understand why people do crazy things with them!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Jun 17, 2019

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Comments 2 942
Donut Media
Donut Media Month ago
What's a ridiculous truck trend you actually like? (Don't say truck nuts lol)
Saifo Wahsh
Saifo Wahsh Day ago
My favorite truck trend is when they haul coaches with two African Americans with subwoofers and it always makes my day
randall jr Benoit
Donut Media stance!
Tony x
Tony x 9 days ago
@Lung Dong get out of the left lane dumbass
Capt Patrick
Capt Patrick 10 days ago
Pre runner
justin krichbaum
justin krichbaum 12 days ago
Turning your truck into nearly a trophy truck and dailying it while chewing through ball joints and other parts
M JD 29 seconds ago
You just can’t beat a good old work truck
Magucci13 58 minutes ago
What about the old Japanese off-roaders or the diesel performance trucks?
Tadeo Gonzalez
I personally like the SEMA truck builds
Roy Vowels
Roy Vowels 5 hours ago
Actually all the new f-150s have aluminum body panels.
Roy Vowels
Roy Vowels 5 hours ago
Waste of $$$$
OfficialSouthSoul 7 hours ago
Nissan hardbody GANG
Jimbo 11 hours ago
You missing Holden Commodore utes, look it up
11awsomness 11 hours ago
Amazing video, very entertaining
beatstork 12 hours ago
You know what makes me feel good? Re adjusting my package because it gets squished at times. Or my girl pushing my hips back a little while telling me to slow down . Not getting into a lifted useless truck.
Elizabeth Ortega
Elizabeth Ortega 12 hours ago
Live "free" die young and let the government know every single thing about you and everybody else
Doc's Stim Pistol
Doc's Stim Pistol 14 hours ago
I’m waiting for the TRX to come out and beat the ass of the raptor
karoljo80 16 hours ago
My favourite truck is a 79 series landcruiser
karoljo80 16 hours ago
Was the Toyota a Toyota hilux
bear morningsun
bear morningsun 17 hours ago
Was that the bargain model Raptor or something? Wheres the v8?
ethan schocke
ethan schocke 21 hour ago
my 5spd turbo diesel gmc lol. #rustbucket (its stock tho)
Hichard Rammond
Hichard Rammond 21 hour ago
2:33 "looked down on"
ODNU 22 hours ago
Cannot trust who ever likes that color drink sorry
FaZeGAMER 1080
FaZeGAMER 1080 23 hours ago
I find it funny how I have a 2002 F-150 lariat, and my dad's 2016 F-250 *WORK* truck is more luxurious
Rasmus Bach Lydiksen
The step of the ram is soooo cool 😎
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor Day ago
"Going thru mud wasn't what this truck was built for"...... actually it was until someone ruined it
3:50 nuuuu. You used a clip from monster jam's youtube channel. Feld will probably try to get it copyrighted..as always..
White guy Reviews
I like lifted trucks because the higher you are the closer to Jesus you are
Chase O'Farrell
Lowered 05 chevys and gmc’s 🤤🤤
General Lee Guy4747
I look forward to mud bogges every year
Fallout Brian
So anyone wanna talk about those glasses he was wearing🤨🤨🤣 at 6:31
GP-5 Day ago
Your pp small
Anonymous User
My fav truck has allwas been a Ford raptor
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo Day ago
Bigfoot rules!
Pavement Princesses
Vintage Feels
1:30 Thats a brodozer not a show truck.
yodaddy nuggems
This makes me miss my triple black lifted ZR2 S10
yodaddy nuggems
Ha the new ram trucks dont have solid axles. Looks like something else fiat cheaped out on 😂
Roy Vowels
Roy Vowels 3 hours ago
People care more about a nice ride than dependability. It really is troubling....
yodaddy nuggems
yodaddy nuggems 3 hours ago
@Roy Vowels yeah and it has more problems. I should know i put $2,500 into my ZR2 suspension just about everything was worn out. Including both torn halfshafts
Roy Vowels
Roy Vowels 5 hours ago
They went for independent suspension. That actually costs more $$$
michael noack
I absolutely love mud bog my dad and I built an old ratty 1974 chevy blazer and built it into a mud bog truck (beasts sitting in a driveway) It was so cool when we raced it and with mud bog you also have the super modifieds with paddle tires or the monster trucks with 2 ton military truck axles its get crazy cool
Hayden Harder
Hayden Harder 2 days ago
Neil Hale
Neil Hale 2 days ago
Raptor actually means "Bird of Prey."
themonsteraddict MMXVI
Bigfoot: lifted truck done right.
Arron Watkins
Arron Watkins 2 days ago
I'm not a truck guy
Arron Watkins
Arron Watkins 2 days ago
I like a SHO better than a Raptor.
kody king
kody king 2 days ago
4:18 r2d2?
eljoel89 2 days ago
Trucks should only be utility vehicles. That's it. No Raptors, no Gladiators, no Escalades, no pavement princesses, no brodozers. Don't modify a vehicle to not work properly. It's a fucking waste of money.
JLand Welding
JLand Welding 2 days ago
So glad I have my 91 dodge Cummins! It’s a mixture of work with the 5.9 diesel 3/4 ton and long bed but also fun with a 5 speed manual and 4 wheel drive.
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss 2 days ago
I don't these trucks. I hate the people who drive these trucks and park like shit
multikillGamer 3 days ago
I'd like to introduce you to the Ford Brachiosaurus
Strato_54 3 days ago
ok so that little toyota you like, what about an old OBS 7.3?
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 3 days ago
Yup, my first one was a 1993 Toyota 2wd single cab with a 22RE and a 5-speed!
jayden cook
jayden cook 3 days ago
Mini truck also known as a brat
random user
random user 3 days ago
My truck trend is air rice datsuns
sparrow 4 days ago
That truck reminds me of the people that are 2 inches away from the back of my boat like big ass heavy boat not no 4 inch long fishing boat it isnt that big but its heavy and u all know what happens when boat trailers run over 3/4s they fly ringt into the car behind the trailers windshield and u get it pieces of wood that got up to 80 miles an hour basicly because that's what trailers do into the drivers face yhea dont tailgate a truck with a trailer on it if u like being not dead by wood
sparrow 4 days ago
Y does a ford raptor or f150 or whatever have a dodge ram logo what the fuck that completely rouins the point of those trucks
sparrow 4 days ago
Oh never mind
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