There's Something Strange Happening With Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Marriage

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Strange Things About Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Marriage
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The couple we can’t get enough of has some strange things going on in their marriage. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas tied the knot in not one but two wedding ceremonies in December 2018...only months after they announced they were officially dating. However, since the dawn of the Hollywood/Bollywood couple’s era, odd things have followed them around. From Nick’s bestie, Demi Lovato’s unfortunate issues and not attending his wedding, to Priyanka’s relationship with royalty, Duchess Meghan Markle, things are adding up. They even have some confusing body language going on that seems to have one expert unsure about their love. Not to mention the age gap, Priyanka’s past controversial relationship, and Nick’s chosen date of proposal. It is just all a little strange, don’t you think? TheTalko takes a closer look at exactly what’s going on with our star couple! Oh and the “Isn’t It Romantic” premiere revealed some new secrets about their new romance and why Miley, Jonas' ex, didn't interact with him.

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Feb 19, 2019

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Comments 1 711
Poop Brain
Poop Brain 5 hours ago
priyanka is so beautiful
Bindu Benival
Congratulations to both of them
Rinita M
Rinita M 2 days ago
I don't understand why people are so fucking interested in others' lives .. they are in love spare em for $&#-'s sake get a job
Still dont have name
one punch men fighting sence on my youtube. Pls support me. Tq
bunny cut
bunny cut 5 days ago
She have beautiful boobs anybody accept me 😄
Maggie g
Maggie g 5 days ago
They both look good together. 💕💖💞❤💓
Loulou Kawakib
Loulou Kawakib 6 days ago
Why there perfect in LOVE leave them omgg
Pinoy Talent Worldwide
Everything is strange when you are in love.
XxangelxX Nine
XxangelxX Nine 6 days ago
I like him with Selena but I’m not to judge
Swagata Chakraborty
Everything is strange,odd according to The Talko 😂
Afzal Afzal
Afzal Afzal 7 days ago
Paryanka chopra sexi giral
FoodShowFan 7 days ago
I guess someone was jealous when they made this video... They look more in love then most couples. Seems pretty straight forward
Soobin Hyun
Soobin Hyun 8 days ago
no piryankaya never married to soobin's boyfriend she need to back off stay away nick jonas far far as possible
Adya Srivastava
Adya Srivastava 9 days ago
really? you find people being happy strange? really?
Siphephelo Mtombeni
it is not at all strange
AddyBlue Starstruck
They are a beautiful couple nothing is strange the only that’s strange is this channel and plus that’s their life they do what they want to do
J Camille Stotts Smith
Um I’ve seen so many photos where Nick is giving Pri a ton of affection...this is stupid-trying to get viewers!
Salomi Khan
Salomi Khan 11 days ago
Priyanka aur shahrukh ka bhi lafda raha hai bht din
Kim T
Kim T 11 days ago
Demi Levato must be so NOT into that these two guys anymore knowing they meet these other girls out of nowhere and rings are popping out. When she had known them for years and not really having a relationship with any Jonas.
unique styles
unique styles 13 days ago
This dumb
Melrihne Paul
Melrihne Paul 14 days ago
Shut this f****kin strange channel down
Snow Sawhney
Snow Sawhney 14 days ago
They are adorable......stop spreading rumours...we all have past....what matter is that they love each other...wishing u both a happy life together.💖
Slytherin Girl
Slytherin Girl 15 days ago
I have a huge intuition and I feel that their marriage is full publicity 😕😕😕 Just put together one of the most influential and richest woman of the world with one of the most succeful singers ... Boom! You got a very powerful couple that helps to their careers ....😕😕😕 I wouldn't be surprised It just too much , they put too much pictures of themselves , in instagram It's like they try TOO HARD to convince the world they're happy.. I don't know It's too strange ...
biyya khan
biyya khan 17 days ago
There's nothing strange about Nick's body language. I'm in a relationship with a virgo man. He's almost like nick. Too much reserved in public but extra loving and caring 😍😍😍 in private. Virgo men have pretty unique style of interaction with their partners in public.
Ruhaan Sharma
Ruhaan Sharma 20 days ago
Priyanka never dated akshay or ranveer
Ruhaan Sharma
Ruhaan Sharma 20 days ago
This is soo.big lie....u r telling in video😎😎
Marley Barnard
Marley Barnard 22 days ago
They relationship isn’t strange, it’s just super sweet
Sarai Perez
Sarai Perez 22 days ago
delete ur account fat
Sarai Perez
Sarai Perez 22 days ago
this video is so stupid
Sarai Perez
Sarai Perez 22 days ago
do u knowhow stupid u r
Sherrie S
Sherrie S 22 days ago
You're Alex from Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle
Shameka Grant
Shameka Grant 24 days ago
Why are you looking at there body language,it's a picture, wtf
Soyaimi Mahongnao
Soyaimi Mahongnao 26 days ago
This is bullshit... Ter is nothing strange or wierd bout Nick n Priyanka's relationship...
Jewelmukta 26 days ago
I don’t think priyanka was meant to be with nick 👏😑
Faiiry liights
Faiiry liights 27 days ago
Faiiry liights
Faiiry liights 27 days ago
NOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭 i loved him ;-; that little! 🤦‍♀️
Harjet Kaur
Harjet Kaur 28 days ago
Not much strange than you
Ender Sylphynette
Ender Sylphynette 28 days ago
Nick: Age is only a number. Me: You know what else is a number? Nick: What is? Me: 911
Shahin Ansari
Shahin Ansari 28 days ago
U r a very dumb channel bro u need to really b more precise n accurate 👊🏿
Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza 29 days ago
t4neem 29 days ago
Long distance relationship has never worked in the history of mankind or even animal-kind. These two must start staying together or at least in the same city, if they wish to save their marriage in the long run.
9 year age gap*
Ranee Singh
Ranee Singh Month ago
She is my fav
Anna Thoomkuzhy
Anna Thoomkuzhy Month ago
This channel is pathetic trying to stir something up that doesn’t even exist with that title.Whats so strange? Is it that they are a happy normal couple and this dramatic channel can’t comprehend that?
shazia bhatti
shazia bhatti Month ago
Your full of crap just jealous because you with someone ugly and poor get your facts right mate
Andrea Clarke
Andrea Clarke Month ago
Larry Makie
Larry Makie Month ago
Stupid video
Swati Verma
Swati Verma Month ago
U made my fav demi a villain😭
Swati Verma
Swati Verma Month ago
Older lady haha dont call her old she looks freakin young n sexy😘
varitha santhirakumar
Sale 💩
varitha santhirakumar
Elle fait trop sa bichisse
patrice942 Month ago
The only strange thing about them is that I thought Nick was the 2nd more careful brother of the Jonas when it comes to Hollywood. Kevin is 1st. Knowing someone less than 1 year and getting married Nick? HMMM.
Sujo Hi
Sujo Hi Month ago
I think he is just more calm int he relationship.
Sujo Hi
Sujo Hi Month ago
I'm Happy for them
Aayat Shaikh
Aayat Shaikh Month ago
Liars!!! I'm from India and i know priyanka Chopra of course as celebrity, whoever made this video to make money, go somewhere else !
Gabriella Avelar
Ezra H.S
Ezra H.S Month ago
Yeah cause she is out of his league , the woman is perfect are you kidding i mean he still can't believe he got her that is the only strange thing😂
LaCresha Lynn
LaCresha Lynn Month ago
My husband and I got engaged after 2 weeks of dating. 7 months later we got married. We celebrate our 25th this year! Marriage is sacred. I wish them both all the best! Take everything you see or hear with a grain of salt. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors and when it comes down to it, it’s none of my business. Lol
Iva Month ago
Soooo Nick was 18 and Delta 27 when they were dating, but how does that make an 8 year difference
Grace Ochieng
Grace Ochieng Month ago
The body language part is bs lol
Sharmin Jahan
Sharmin Jahan Month ago
They shouldn't be together
Anaja Dorcas
Anaja Dorcas Month ago
You sound stupid ma'am 🙄
Nargys Majid
Nargys Majid Month ago
Instead of talking about peoples marriage why dont you talk about yours
Kim M
Kim M Month ago
Tbh I find Nick’s body language more as in ‘breast forward, I need to look strong and protect her’-kinda look. (And sometimes a bit too tight) 🙂 Cause my man those that too.. but when we’re alone he’s more relaxed.
Sparklegirl MSP
Sparklegirl MSP Month ago
Oof. I'm SOO jealous Priyanka got all those gifts and promises right before the wedding. I needz a man like Nick Jonas
You tube
You tube Month ago
Nick is not a show off. It was a marriage of benefits. Not a real love
You tube
You tube Month ago
Indians are very romantic and expressive
You tube
You tube Month ago
She wants to be famous in all over the world
You tube
You tube Month ago
Meghan is not successful actress. Priyanka is an opportunist. They will always be friends with rich and famous
You tube
You tube Month ago
Priyanka is trying hard to be recognized in USA TRYING HARD NEVER WORKS Easy does it
Yen Velete
Yen Velete Month ago
Woow.. just for content..
shahana malik
shahana malik Month ago
we are waiting for the divorce now.. (munching on popcorn in the meanwhile)
Anuradha Pandit
Anuradha Pandit Month ago
What an ignorant video
Betty Hemmings
Betty Hemmings Month ago
The only body language translation I can give about this is that: Priyanka is a physically grown up woman with a young teen girl’s soul. Nick is a physically young man with a grown up guy’s soul. Nick is showing off strong masculine energy while Priyanka is showing off strong feminine energy. I think it’s beautiful! Plus who am I to talk I don’t live with them. We actually need to stop filling in the gaps!
Lucky King
Lucky King Month ago
if ur gonna ,make a vid about someone plz at least learn how to pronounce their name
Loula Lucille
Loula Lucille Month ago
This narrator is awful! It's 2018, NOT two thousand and eighteen. Plus, the poster says the correct movie name, Isn't It Romantic. According to the narrator, Isn't It Romance. Sigh.
Raavya K
Raavya K Month ago
Where's the chemistry????
Gayatri Garud
Gayatri Garud Month ago
what the F is wrong with Talko......all the things told about Priyanka's relationship are fake....nothing's wrong with their marriage.....you guys are worst than Indian paparazzi
Push Mak B
Push Mak B Month ago
11 minutes later and I’m still waiting for the strange part....ma’am, why is everyone strange to you???😂😂😂
Adarshika Patial
Dude let them be happy. There is so much wrong and strange in this video.
Ve Vladi
Ve Vladi Month ago
He is obviously THE village IDIOT, shame on this old giant indian woman. Lust doesn't last.
Spread love And happiness
Like bruh seriously? Like fucking seriously? Okay we get it u’ll don’t have a damn life to live and like to interrupt in others..but there is a limit at least dude. Chill up, like them be happy couples at least let them live the way they want to. Even if the marriage is fake or whatever shit u’ll speak, it’s none of u’lls business.
Alpha Ponnachan
Alpha Ponnachan Month ago
Yo Better be careful when you play with Indians We use internet more than any country in the world and probably most of your subscribers will be Indians So better don’t lie about our goddess
ʜɴʀ十 DEMØÑ多A
She is no goddess slut
Men Bu Nigo
Men Bu Nigo Month ago
All those strange things led them to divorce
Shesh Month ago
HE PROPOSED AFTERRR MIDNIGHT AFTERRR HER BIRTHDAY!! UGHH. Like if this strange, NON-FACTUAL, INCORRECT, DRAMATIC & CONTROVERSIAL CHANNEL should be removed from youtube! 🙄🙄 And if you can see all TALKOS weird assumptions as well, dislike this video! 😐
The rising star Of the world
So weird! Lol
Flo Perez
Flo Perez Month ago
This video sucks. Let them do their things!
Vaibhavi Sawant
Vaibhavi Sawant Month ago
There's nothing odd or strange about it!
ULUSUB LLC Month ago
Nick deserves someone else as alex from jumanji
Brenda Pite
Brenda Pite Month ago
Tarshari Mehta
Tarshari Mehta Month ago
Demi might not be invited because it would be awkward for Joe and Sophie
Yo wait, it says that Priyanka's a bollywood singer, doe sthat mean that... UHJSKIHBHJIUHGVGHUHJ T-SERIES WTF
Ponsonby Central
this seems like a showbiz relationship - shes so much bigger then him lol
Melanie Erasmus
Melanie Erasmus Month ago
Their marriage is beautiful and is just how its supposed to be u can't hold grudges against them
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop Month ago
kiyingi sarah
kiyingi sarah Month ago
It's the best couple Ever,,, marriage is a lifetime commitment and it's easy and hard to get along...God bless this couple
nmontesinos67 Month ago
I saw her give an interview a few years ago where she was so stuck up I haven't liked her since. She bragged about being so good looking and always knew she be a big star witch in this country she really isn't. I give them 2 years.
Suzanne Davies
Suzanne Davies Month ago
They have been dating since 2016! They just kept it quiet!
73sandra1 Month ago
Priyanka Chopra’s father was accused of molesting a 12 yr old. She used her crown power and money to not make the story come out as it should be and the victim had struggled a lot. Post the incident she had a tattoo “ dada lil girl”. She as a woman and miss world never took up on the issue and instead defended a criminal. Sadly it’s her father. Very disgusting person and fake person and shame to the family.
Anjanny Singh
Anjanny Singh Month ago
Oh please shut down this Chanel, Jealous
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