There's a new camo coming and I'm terrified

FaZe Jev
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Feb 16, 2020




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Comments 80
TheShadowGamer TSG
TheShadowGamer TSG 17 days ago
Rip Jordan Allen ❤️
BigOleBaller 54
BigOleBaller 54 Month ago
cries in obsidian
Roland Chan
Roland Chan 2 months ago
Obsidian 🤙
Brent Kebbe
Brent Kebbe 3 months ago
What if it’s a combo you get for completing all primary’s it’s like sets of primary’s so it could be like snipers and marksman rifles and then AR’s SMG’s and LMG’s and that’s how you get the new camo
ryan D
ryan D 3 months ago
the challenge is noob tube for custom camo's
Horary Zappy
Horary Zappy 3 months ago
probably an improved diamond camo
Urban Prophet
Urban Prophet 3 months ago
mad respect for the revenge tee
Eddie Vasquez
Eddie Vasquez 4 months ago
Sprite x G fuel collab Faze sprite
Theo Fowler
Theo Fowler 4 months ago
600 kills with Damascus
Testify Thot_Knight
Testify Thot_Knight 4 months ago
I personally am not impressed with platinum. It's not as flashy as gold so it doesn't feel like it's worth the grind. I wish the platinum had a little more distinguishing characteristics. Especially when using the Desert Eagle people always ask if it's platinum. When you put it on the Desert Eagle it looks flat. I also wish you could hybrid Platinum and Gold on guns without buying the "gold" Blueprints. I haven't bought any gold blueprints so i'm not sure if it'll give you the gold/ platinum two tone look.
Anthony Vasylenko Used to draw
I am praying that you have to get every guns every scope challenges for every one just to give Jev hell
Simon Hocker
Simon Hocker 4 months ago
Watch it be like "get a nuke with this gun to unlock _____"
Bastian Hansen
Bastian Hansen 4 months ago
Get 2000 kills with every weapon to unlock the camo xD
inc 4 months ago
LOL ITS DIAMOND U GUYS!!! Hopfully, or maby the old mwr max camo, who knows 🤷🏾‍♂️
Gangstalifers -
Gangstalifers - 4 months ago
1 shot for everytime he says Damascus
Christopher Adikes
Christopher Adikes 4 months ago
Could be for getting every weapon max level
PyroFree 4 months ago
maybe 250 headshots for Fall?
kotaguy 4 months ago
Challenge Accepted: The Last Of Us Part 2 Series when it comes out. Please people, make this a thing we all want! LIKE THIS COMMENT!
kotaguy 4 months ago
Some fuckin zipper knee jeans looking fresh a lil bit
WoodyBuilds 4 months ago
It'd be pretty hard if the challenge was get a nuke with every gun
Parker Larson
Parker Larson 4 months ago
Only thing I can think of is a complete all of Primary weapons and complete all secondary weapons
StyxTHEGod 4 months ago
I reckon it will be for all gold primaries and secondarys
Jacob Leach
Jacob Leach 4 months ago
Jev: I don’t buy hypebeast clothing ever *wears a revenge shirt*
Robert Goldinger
Robert Goldinger 4 months ago
Love you Jev
BigDawg Mike17
BigDawg Mike17 4 months ago
Bruh putting sprite in your GFUEL is really fucking good I tried it. JEV IS ON SOMETHING GOOD!
KrazeeChicken200 4 months ago
They shouldnt be making "realistic" looking camos if they are going to be adding anime themed blueprints. im guilty of owning some.
Albania23 2 months ago
KrazeeChicken200 by realistic they mean Camos that don’t change colour or glow or move shit like that
KrazeeChicken200 4 months ago
They shouldnt be making "realistic" looking camos if they are going to be adding anime themed blueprints. im guilty of owning some.
Anthony Blevins
Anthony Blevins 4 months ago
Maybe the camp is for dropping a nuke for that specific weapon or after you drop a nuke
x7asd-FireKing 4 months ago
Why did i get this shit 4 days after the video dropped..... AND I'VE ALREADY SEEN THE FUCKING VIDEO
kaya ardic
kaya ardic 4 months ago
challenge: get a nuke with certain weapon to unlock
FrostlessFire 4 months ago
What if it's a Damascus version of each category of camos, imagine Dragon Damascus
URBN Survivalist
URBN Survivalist 4 months ago
The new camo (IMO) will be earned through weapon prestige’s like in WWII
URBN Survivalist
URBN Survivalist 4 months ago
The new camo (IMO) will be earned through weapon prestige’s like in WWII
URBN Survivalist
URBN Survivalist 4 months ago
The new camo (IMO) will be earned through weapon prestige’s like in WWII
K1LLA_G0RRILLAA 4 months ago
Jev, can you do reload cancels on the AX50? So the time between shots is about half a second quicker? And if you can, could you make a quick how to vid for us QS nerds?
Jonas Salazar
Jonas Salazar 4 months ago
Challenge Accepted: Play Dead by Daylight since you liked Friday so much!!!
Toxicc Lion
Toxicc Lion 4 months ago
I like how platinum is brighter
Jacob Edwards
Jacob Edwards 4 months ago
Get a nuke with the gun camo challenge
ImCool YouArent
ImCool YouArent 4 months ago
It’s probably get a nuke with ever assault rifle, sniper, pistol, launcher etc but for that class set like drop nukes with ar will give you new camp for ar you know?
LilDicc 4 months ago
I didn’t even watch the episode but it doesn’t say “weapon skin” in the thumbnail, it could be an operator skin (ghost without the stupid skull mask, and some sunglasses)
HeyyItsBlake 4 months ago
I just got damascus and i’m kinda depressed now having grinded for 2 months
lnsult 2 lnjury
lnsult 2 lnjury 4 months ago
Activision: "Get 1000 kills with every gun" Us: Riot shield and launchers?...
SinfulKnight 4 months ago
also maybe slide kills for a new challenge
SinfulKnight 4 months ago
"im better than anything you can try" his life is over
Stain 4 months ago
What is that sniper camo
B r u h
B r u h 4 months ago
I doubt it but if the camo is for the completionist category it may be for getting all primary weapons platinum and act almost as a halfway point between platinum and damascus
Hunter Ward
Hunter Ward 4 months ago
Anybody know the brand of jevs pants?
Logan Lister
Logan Lister 4 months ago
I’m thinking officer rank challenge Camo’s like how this season is the emerald looking emblem but imagine a camo to match the emblems
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark 4 months ago
chris ash
chris ash 4 months ago
I think get rid of platinum that shits ugly, give me diamond then it will be worth getting all weapons in a category gold.
OriginalDarkMew 4 months ago
Maybe the new camo is for the BR mode?
Cameron Humphreys
Cameron Humphreys 4 months ago
What if you could customize your own camos
TBIA _ToXiC 4 months ago
Should make it based off of play time
Sinner 4 months ago
So we not gonna talk about how fresh the fit is
GingerIceNinja 4 months ago
I feel like you every time I play. People head glitching and sweating their butts off.
JERDASH 4 months ago
We all know youre gonna grind for it
S550_darren 4 months ago
I’d like diamond instead of platinum but o well
Mayhem 2.0
Mayhem 2.0 4 months ago
Whole game is a major disappointment but the new camo should be animated neon
Payson Chandler Harris
What if the new camo is nuke with every weapon?!?!
Infinite Insanity
Infinite Insanity 4 months ago
Challenge accepted: Start a match with a knife and when you die copy the class of the person who killed you and keep doing this every time you die
JonTheBasedGod 4 months ago
Maybe it’s a BR specific camo, like challenges that have to be done in only that game mode and then you can bring it to core n shit like that
brando 26
brando 26 4 months ago
I’m gonna be very very disappointed if I immediately unlock the new camo just cause I have Damascus
Lucas Sturgin
Lucas Sturgin 4 months ago
You could add challenges for grenades and things
William Prine
William Prine 4 months ago
I think he is talking about making the Demascus camo better. He said new because technically it will be new but I think they are going to add effects to it ex. 5 kills it starts moving 10 kills something else happens etc.
Evan Allison
Evan Allison 4 months ago
Get 3 nukes....
Chris Young
Chris Young 4 months ago
what if this "special" camo is completing damascus twice
Puggsarepainless 4 months ago
Hopefully its like asiimov but Different colors they should add weapon Cases So they can get more money
Re:battlefield camo-- cant reflect or you're giving away your position. We do everything we can within the rules to hide shine on equipment. Yeah couldn't resist. OIF veteran
AntwonPlays 4 months ago
Get 40 executions with said weapon in hand
AntwonPlays 4 months ago
make me top comment 🙈
Spray 9
Spray 9 4 months ago
Exclusion Zone 2.0?
Seth DarkDust
Seth DarkDust 4 months ago
What flavor gfuel did you mix with the sprite?
Peef Rimgar
Peef Rimgar 4 months ago
Variants of camos for prestiging guns like ww2 gold tiger or some shit
Colin Healy
Colin Healy 4 months ago
alright so a maybe like gold variants and diff ways to unlock like rose gold and white gold and then like some different colored Damascus cameo for other challenges
Chonch 4 months ago
Get a nuke with every weapon to unlock the new camo...
Ilyaas Arsala
Ilyaas Arsala 4 months ago
Positive Góòn
Positive Góòn 4 months ago
Be cool if it was a new set of camos like another camo typ to go through like metal or some shit idk lol
Sparky III
Sparky III 4 months ago
Hey Jev think about the way BO4 did Black Out and how there were separate camo challenges for the weapons for Black Out maybe it could be a completion camo for a set of BR camo challenges?
Brian Greenfield
Brian Greenfield 4 months ago
It's prety true sniping is hard against these guys going in with their m4s and shotties at this point I've just exsepted that ill play how the lobbie plays. If i needa camp for streaks ill do so
JMC FGC 4 months ago
Probably a gun specific challenge and not something you have to do for all of the weapons to achieve
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