The Youtube Rewind 2018 made HISTORY! LWIAY - #0059

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The RUvid rewind 2018 makes history as most disliked video of all time and the memes are great for it.
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Dec 13, 2018




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Comments 80
LuKron55 3 hours ago
This is his least viewed video
NIcholas Ochoa
NIcholas Ochoa 9 hours ago
Captain GAMER
Captain GAMER 10 hours ago
3:35 caption
Chloe McCabe
Chloe McCabe Day ago
i cant believe all this happened over a year ago. time flies when the world is ending
Adrian Alfaro
Adrian Alfaro 2 days ago
Least viewed video..
ferret avi
ferret avi 2 days ago
Who said 2020 was the worst year? We still have PewDiePie
beqa abuladze
beqa abuladze 2 days ago
the rewind is evolving, just backwards
Erwin Huyoa
Erwin Huyoa 5 days ago
Jaiden Animation is the best she sneak the chair of pewdiepie
Officer Xavier
Officer Xavier 4 days ago
Respect 😎
Theanonymouswayz 5 days ago
Will smith screaming broke me 12:05
adil umair
adil umair 8 days ago
Finally the video quality we needed..
HyPeR 8 days ago
Copying sdaiay is not helpful
Pro Hazard
Pro Hazard 9 days ago
I still cant get over the fact pewds thinks lasagna in italy is called pastitsio, pastitsio is actually baked pasta while lasagna is baked pasta but the pasta is a flat and paper like
Murat Özal
Murat Özal 10 days ago
17million disslike
João evilasio game
Voçe copia o filipe neto ou não.?
Avicenna Arshad Harahap
what is the name used in the LWIAY intro
carealoo744 13 days ago
1 year ago 15 million views 1 million likes 20k dislikes
Irljarv BLANK
Irljarv BLANK 14 days ago
Still watching this ? If yes then don't like
Interman YT
Interman YT 23 days ago
Izzefidget 24 days ago
“This is the most accurate game!” RUvidr simulator: dad?
Mariana Pozos Valdés
Jaiden actually said that the spaghetti was originally for the someone touched my spaghetti meme, not bithc lassagna but she didnt care
Fabio Ordoñez
Fabio Ordoñez 25 days ago
Dead channels 😂😂😂 xd
Reggie TWD
Reggie TWD 26 days ago
Congrats on 1 mill likes
S Y 27 days ago
10:57 SIMP!!
Sohail Shaikh
Sohail Shaikh Month ago
Me realizing he has uploaded for ten years
Necrophite78 Month ago
Back in 2018 when no pp's were yet being measured.
Lambros Rigas
Lambros Rigas Month ago
In greece we call lasagna pastichio too
CaptainMoulin Month ago
Instead of playing Minecraft as I originally planned today, I watched PewDiePie all day
The Mimeee
The Mimeee Month ago
It’s ricardo who took marzia
Il Ale 07 Dj lI
Il Ale 07 Dj lI Month ago
2:38 italian with Pewds (Im italian)
Quint Van Giessen
5:45 he never saved marzia
Danish's Family
Danish's Family Month ago
Rohit sharma.make hindi subtitals
Ralph GameDev
Ralph GameDev Month ago
9:33 Bad things happen on the bridge
Nor Hadi
Nor Hadi Month ago
Sooo, what the hell happened to Marzia?
Sabina Easmin
Sabina Easmin Month ago
Pro de los juegos 313
Like 2020
Pro de los juegos 313
My suscribed antes Is 10 m omg
3rb teams
3rb teams Month ago
14:32 I don't think that that was "that's hot" I guess It was "that thot" lol
Canada Shotgun
Canada Shotgun Month ago
Nomology 2 months ago
felix was so invested in game he forgot marzia kidnap story
LOODSS 2 months ago
Venom Chan
Venom Chan 2 months ago
he's intro is getting better and better
Lol that's literally my name. Dane
marcos josue sanchez caceres
2:38 I came from a South America country, and we call lasagna "Pasticho"
Fawwaz Najendra
Fawwaz Najendra 2 months ago
hello people i am from the future 2020 No. we dont have Flying cars now but theere is a visrus called corona virus so DIE PEOPLE (exept the god pewdiepie)
Josiah Mcquery
Josiah Mcquery 2 months ago
big pp
Enforce Treason Laws Now
RUvid has pushed companies channels. While destroying independent channels. And they still make a rewind? Insulted much?
maurice tejada
maurice tejada 2 months ago
11:58 is fucking hilarious
Miss Sophie Cerise
Miss Sophie Cerise 2 months ago
Felix better get in yt rewind 2020
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall 2 months ago
Is it just me or anyone else feel sad when twitch streamers watch pewds videos everyday . Skylol , Pokimane . I feel bad for how desperate they are .
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall 2 months ago
@classic pop didn't you notice a pattern here ? Some twitch streamers watch pewds videos and reupload it to their youtube. IDK , im just weird for thinking that i guess
classic pop
classic pop 2 months ago
Debopriyo Dey
Debopriyo Dey 3 months ago
Subscribe to PewDiePie
Cabbage Fart
Cabbage Fart 3 months ago
The subtitles spelled Markass!
coconut 3 months ago
fun fact in greece they call lasagna, pastichio too
luz1994 3 months ago
"episode of LWAIY" ~~~~ 🎵🎶
Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 3 months ago
10:20 im one of this guys and im 14 rn
Mete Gürün
Mete Gürün 3 months ago
This guy is the most powerful guy in the world
Enzore 3 months ago
mennää hullue huaneelle 😉😎😴🥱🤫🤭🥺🤡🤠🤪😠🤯😭👹👺🤓🐱‍👤🐮🦓🐔🐍🦅🦜👀👄🧠🦾💯
14% 3 months ago
You need to send jaiden a chair.
nizam ahmed
nizam ahmed 4 months ago
It’s 103 million idiot
jileh 4 months ago
The game was so dope
Patrick Stuart
Patrick Stuart 4 months ago
20K dislikes??? “Sub-bots!” PS. Yes. I’m 9 years old. I’ve been watching Pewds since before I was born, and I have no legs. Or arms. Or a face. I’m a turd, a turd in the wind.
Denis Makris
Denis Makris 4 months ago
NO NO NO NO lasagna and pastitsio 2 deferent things
Егор Белых
Егор Белых 4 months ago
That Dane has 400k subs after Pewds mentioned him
Tunar Velizade
Tunar Velizade 5 months ago
12:58 Gunter
x4gaming98 5 months ago
Mark Ass Brownie
FRAIT CHANNEL 5 months ago
Gold Bolt - Music & Gaming
It's Gunther Felix...It's Gunther
Depression101 5 months ago
you know why pewdiepie has so much subs ITS BEACUASE OF MRBEAST
classic pop
classic pop 2 months ago
Cooper Bos
Cooper Bos 5 months ago
9:36 He already did
Rimsha Shafi
Rimsha Shafi 5 months ago
You got the chair and forgot marzia🤣
Johnsongamer 85
Johnsongamer 85 5 months ago
Lwiay: Lecturing with idiots and you
Parham Ahmadi
Parham Ahmadi 5 months ago
2020 anyone?
Julien Cueff
Julien Cueff 5 months ago
Imagine if, like HentaiHaven, the CEO of Pornhub made this shoutout ? "Sub to Pewds or we delete Pornhub." He would have got to 150 Millions in 3 hours.
Kabrina Henderson
Kabrina Henderson 5 months ago
Dislike laser beam won noob
Nameless Bro
Nameless Bro 5 months ago
Took me a while to understand what he meant when he said “animal abuse”
Bahadur Singh
Bahadur Singh 5 months ago
So I spammed reccommend words YOU are pretty much the same thing 6can't right to be salty and now your going at the same time so we get a chance to do with her her even if I did then nvm if not then can you have to say what it means you type slower and more evil this shit mobile data works in the back of a zombie
zhaofeng Ren
zhaofeng Ren 5 months ago
Riot for 1080p
Alfredo Reyes Serra
Alfredo Reyes Serra 5 months ago
Nimue 6 months ago
I heard about how you were such a bad person. It bothered me because I could clearly see things were either taken out of context or just straight garbage. Its part of this ridiculous cancel culture that we need to stop. Anyway, thats when I came to your channel and subscribe. Great vids
Vivek V
Vivek V 6 months ago
He protec He attak He totally forget to get Marzia back..
MagicSoph 2407
MagicSoph 2407 6 months ago
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