The Young Turks try to pile on Steven Crowder

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The Young Turks try to pile on Stephen Crowder. Regards, 🐻
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 5 251
Tracy Defore
Tracy Defore 20 hours ago
Anna’s vagina looks like a wizards sleeve
Michael Moore
How about You Tube correct incorrect information and propaganda by the leftist loons like VOX proven false by the likes of Crowder..........wonder why they would not take a stance against lies.....I wonder???
Steven Foxer
Steven Foxer 4 days ago
I used to respect the Young Turks but it immediately changed when they started babies when it came to Trump and Crowder.
Andy McCoy
Andy McCoy 5 days ago
Fuck young Turks Andy McCoy
Comrade von Herpenderpf
Man, they're still salty about being ditched by Rubin 🤣
John M
John M 6 days ago
Reality piles on the cunt-faced bitch Crowder, and it doesn't really need any help from TYT.
Desolate Hound
Desolate Hound 8 days ago
Were all those murders and lynchings made by other gay people? So straight people had nothing to do with it right? It's all gay people's fault for being so closeted?
rufus jones
rufus jones 8 days ago
Ana Kasparian is better than you !
Michael Ingram
Michael Ingram 9 days ago
nunya bisnass
nunya bisnass 11 days ago
Lol, isn't claiming that crowder wants to have gay sex a form of homophobia? Why aren't tyt receiving any strikes for that?
nunya bisnass
nunya bisnass 11 days ago
Yeah it was funny to hear them claim that yt is a afraid of being accused of anti conservative bias, when Carlos and tyt seem to get a free pass for the hateful shit they spew on a daily basis when even non conservative channels get shut down or demonetised for critical speech of the left. These people are so far up their own asses they have earned an honorary dentistry degree.
Buhlou Bear
Buhlou Bear 11 days ago
The irony and hypocricy that resides in TYT alternate reality universe is hillarious. The young turds regularly defame and assassinate individual's character, which I consider an 'attack'. However if anyone calls out said hypocricy or blatant inability to fact-check it is an 'attack' in lil Annie's feeble fecocerebral egomaniacal, yet fragile psyche.
ItsNikoHimSelf 11 days ago
"I've been called a mexican." - Carlos Maza, thinks mexicans ain't worth shit.
db Burns187
db Burns187 12 days ago
TYT are aids in a fake news form
ComocosonoEWL 12 days ago
What are they saying in the outro song. The entire time I have been listening to Bearing videos I hear them singing in a kind of rock tone "We sashay we sashay!!!" I am thinking that that isn't right. But I have no idea what they are saying. I can't make it out. Probably just a combination of the hearing damage/ tinnitus/ auditory hallucinations.
Its not COOL, To put your D#$K In POO.
Robert Mosher
Robert Mosher 13 days ago
I think Rugby is a weird sport because they don't advance the ball forward without continuing to throw it behind them. It's crazy that they can't block their appointments either. As an American football coach who has coached on the high school and college level after spending six years of my young life playing it, rugby is counter intuitive. However, rugby is going to be the savior of American football. Because of the violence of the tackling in US football the industry has spent untold millions of dollars to innovate new and better equipment. The number of concussions was skyrocketing and there was talk of outlawing American football. Then, luckily, the coach of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll began developing a system of tackling and blocking which has begun to spread throughout the sport. It is based our brother's from down under sport of Rugby. (Note Carroll began developing this system while the head coach at USC and is not the only coach to have looked at Rugby to develop a safer way to violently bring opponents to the ground with some moniker of safety) Thanks for that. American football is the only thing that men have left to teach young men real life lessons under controlled conditions which hasn't been taken away by the leftists....yet....
Jo Mar
Jo Mar 15 days ago
The young turds should have bamboo slivers shoved under their fingernails
False Feathers
False Feathers 15 days ago
God the Young Turks are such pathetic losers.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 17 days ago
Notice the Turks remove the counter points during Crowder's show and just focused on the teasing....but Crowder hammered Wonk with fact after fact making Wonk look like a fool, so said fool as payback calls You Tube....way to dog pile Turks
Artorius The'Bear
Artorius The'Bear 18 days ago
So.... Once upon a time, barbed insults being thrown back and forth between competing professionals within a given field, was seen as an honorable and professional way for two professional people who don't like each other to slap each other. And the rest of the world enjoyed the fireworks.
Grant Pickens
Grant Pickens 18 days ago
You're bearly funny, just a bit
Morganism 18 days ago
I don’t like Crowder, making fun of someone for something they can’t help isn’t that funny and he does it so much. I hate leftists but I also hate people who pretty clearly hate gays for no reason too. Ad hominem attacks make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about
BubbleGumBabeFace 18 days ago
So does that mean they want to fuck Trump since they reee about him so damn much
Daniel Sayce
Daniel Sayce 18 days ago
With her blonde hair and light skin, Ana is looking very... Aryan...
Lyssa Kirby
Lyssa Kirby 19 days ago
I don't think Maza realizes how many years I didn't watch Crowder, versus how many years I've actually watched stuff on RUvid. The more I grew up, the more I was worried about America, so the more I looked up that stuff to understand more. Complete bullshit they almost always say that RUvid is promoting Crowder. P.S.For Anna from TYT, I have absolutely no respect for her after what she said about women who voted for Trump.
mike rusk
mike rusk 20 days ago
everything Crowder said to make fun of this guy were all things he has called himself.. So yeah......
Kevin Daskal
Kevin Daskal 20 days ago
VVFS's Brett Erlich, No... How does a funny and edgy viral video guru with lots of "wall stuff" like Erlich end up a far left fascistic piece of tyrannical shit on a far left joke of a propaganda outlet?! This is so disappointing and depressing...
Dave Ward
Dave Ward 20 days ago
Have to agree that Crowder is not funny. He also hardly ever gets his facts right either.
plumlogan 20 days ago
” you have to ignore him ..." Delicates segment
Emboar57 20 days ago
10:10 , never knew TYT could ever make a joke, guess I was wrong.
ddowns24 20 days ago
Crowder owns Maza, TYT, and RUvid. It's not Crowder. I don't even like the guy's humor that much, but he has the Constitution on his side, and the efforts of TYT are only helping him and Trump in 2020.
A El
A El 20 days ago
Loved that fat baboon with the trendy Harry Potter glasses in the end. Where did you dig that fossil out, Bearing?
Montana Hinks
Montana Hinks 21 day ago
The young Turks = bullshit
Tal Park
Tal Park 21 day ago
No rational person takes anything from TYT seriously
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley 21 day ago
Tyt is still a thing? Nothing but a bunch of ugly morons spouting nonsense. So typical leftists
Darren Fred
Darren Fred 23 days ago
That anna has a bit of a tude... She needs a good old fashioned hammer to the teeth to set her straight, fucking cunt.
pp312 23 days ago
How do you 'expose' something that's available free to everyone on RUvid?
shadowsa2b 23 days ago
Pointing out that a person is gay and mexican as a means of identifying a person is not an attack on their ethnicity nor sexuality. Otherwise they would have to admit that complaining about "straight white males" was sexist and racist and sexually descriminatory/ inflammatory. But they will never admit that, so that they can keep using their preferred brand of sexism and racism. Though there was some mockery on steven's part, to be sure.
Max Powers
Max Powers 23 days ago
Shut up you Aussie idiot
Max Powers
Max Powers 23 days ago
So they should Crowder sucks dick.
Adorably Deplorable
The ‘card’ they lay all the time. I almost fell out of my chair.
Paul Barnacle
Paul Barnacle 24 days ago
You should come over to the south west of England, we Devonians use gert all the time.
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis 24 days ago
There is no such thing as a "homosexual". Every man and every woman is a homosapien. Nature has designed men and women anatomically to be compatible for intercourse or coitus. Sodomy is a sexually deviant act. Both men and women can commit the act of sodomy. But to say that a sodomite has the "identity" of "homosexual" is factually and biologically inaccurate. It would be like saying that a person who likes to commit armed robbery is a "armed-robberual", as in their personal identity is to be an "armed robber". Their identity is homosapien. They participate in and commit the act of "armed robbery", but it most certainly is not an identity. A man or woman who commits the act of sodomy could be identified with the descriptor "sodomite". But it is not a description of their identity. It simply identifies an activity they are continuously or regularly involved in. The sodomite from Vox, is just that. A homosapien that is regularly involved in the sexually deviant behavior of sodomy.
BigBadBampa 24 days ago
A gay wonk talking about a gay wonk and the gay wonk is making excuses for the other gay wonk. Neither gay wonks shows are worth watching.
Stanley Scalf
Stanley Scalf 24 days ago
She still tries to find ways to jab Dave Rubin, who used to to work with TYT years ago, who got disgusted with their show and it's bullshit, left and made a show for himself. Man she one salty bi- cry baby.
Tim Adams
Tim Adams 25 days ago
KJV of Bible mate- old aussies for sure
VCRAGE 25 days ago
I'm making an anti sjw, degeneracy, feminazi twitter account. Fuck all these lunatics with a voice. We need to defend logic and bring back some sense to the world.
Bygone Hope
Bygone Hope 25 days ago
I keep getting unsubbed
kevin burke
kevin burke 26 days ago
Be nice to Anna, the wall is calling her name, and the wall will own her name.
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