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I have always dreamed of interviewing Young Thug. I finally got my chance last week at Wireless fest in London. I just asked and he shrugged and said okay. We discussed some new artists he's excited about including Juice Wrld, Lil Keed and Lil Nas X, if Thug would really make a good president, what it's like having succeeded on such a level, thoughts on his early record deals and much more. Enjoy!
Recorded at Wireless Festival in London, UK.

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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 8 996
No Jumper
No Jumper 4 months ago
subscribe we getting close to 3 million!!! SHOUT OUT TO THUG THE GOAT
Julien Gaviria
Julien Gaviria 11 days ago
Wayne is the GOAT
pbg jay
pbg jay Month ago
y’all know who 1sayso is on IG?
So Much Fun
So Much Fun Month ago
@STP 09 Thug the real Goat tho
STP 09
STP 09 2 months ago
Lots of G.O.A.T.S. these days...
Jonathan King
Jonathan King 2 hours ago
Its eerie to hear him speak so highly of Juice Wrld... Damn, RIP kid!
Fiya Jae
Fiya Jae 16 hours ago
He is gay. When they asked about the fuck me daddy caption he danced around that shit. Lol ahahaha! He said that’s what was on his mind.. he wanted to sound like a bitch.. He did confirm it was not clout even though his fans swear he do it to put ppl in uproar, why it’s so hard to believe he’s bi? ..
Thug geeked out like he's gotta gram drip.
Dre Day ago
Bahja Mohamed
thugga must be so distraught after hearing about juice wrld's passing :(
Patrick Dam
Patrick Dam Day ago
RIP JuiceWrld
DuCzΞk Day ago
rip Juice wrld, best freestyler ever 🙏🏿
Claark Kent
Claark Kent Day ago
20:37 he lowkey dissed chief keef
Lil Al
Lil Al Day ago
nigga thug called tarzan handsome😑
Jj jj
Jj jj 2 days ago
That boy got a twitch.. he can't stop moving..just say no 🚫
9FPS Playboy
9FPS Playboy 3 days ago
0:13 ive known that face since i was a kid. its when you agree to do something you really dont wana do.
Thug whuss on sum fyeee
Gabriel Lentz
Gabriel Lentz 4 days ago
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice 6 days ago
Get this fake ass lil Wayne wanna be da fuck outtttaaaaa heeeeee
Sheku Massallay
Sheku Massallay 6 days ago
So much fun
Jersey 973EO
Jersey 973EO 7 days ago
No won’t stop moving wtf drugs
Brian Wang
Brian Wang 8 days ago
I'm feelin geeked just by watching Thug talk and touch random shit
Mike Powell
Mike Powell 8 days ago
🗣 Young Thug sneaking and geeking PeeWee Longway voice🤣🤣😁👌🏿
Rick67 9 days ago
he off the opiates
First Class
First Class 9 days ago
3:18 Why did Adam stand up 🤣🤣🥺
fade mekanikz barbershop
This dude cAnt sit still smh. Like he kicking a habit smh. Godbless the young 🙏💪💯🤦‍♂️
Honald Trinton
Honald Trinton 9 days ago
“We only know Tarzan as a handsome guy in the jungle” okey dokey then
Darius Amos
Darius Amos 9 days ago
Thugger : This is me The label right here This the sun Adam: You notice they got wooden forks out here 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂💀
Big Nel
Big Nel 7 days ago
Adam: Crazy Right !? Thug: That is crazy 😒... In that VERY moment, thug sobered up and asked himself..... is this nigga high 🤔
gxbrxxl' 10 days ago
21:55 That was hard af how they got up at the same time and then the beat went in
Walmart Larry
Walmart Larry 2 days ago
thats some crazy shit
Zawazuki 11 days ago
This dude just casually playing with his hair like a chick, he off da bean! i'm dead
ThaGoblin 12 days ago
It's like watching a dyslexic trying to read a paper on quantum physics.. Why do people give this man money?
slatt 20 hours ago
cuz u think he doesn't deserve it 😂🤪
Alio Malok
Alio Malok 15 days ago
Andy Donoghue
Andy Donoghue 16 days ago
Man's tweaking like fuck
Rhett Rominger
Rhett Rominger 16 days ago
I love how Adam try’s to justify Thugs presidential shit by saying Trump made it so anybody can do it😂😂as if that’s enough to like make a legitimate political argument.
YuSoQt 19 days ago
Them percs a muthafucka he just stood up outta nowhere he high as hell
YuSoQt 19 days ago
Adam bitch ass lying he didn’t listen to hatian slang when it first dropped he just looked that shit up
Yunq Haq
Yunq Haq 20 days ago
young thugga thugga
Iamnuck83 20 days ago
Thugger definitely on the slopes ⛷ here !
daniel ohcoa
daniel ohcoa 22 days ago
Adam got no Love from Future lmao he was looking sad like BRUHH AINT GONNA SAY WASSUP AT ALL DAMMM COLD MF
Trey Saliento
Trey Saliento 23 days ago
21:45 honestly think young thug said “ Yeah I care about him” because he was talking about his father at the moment
Chinoo Mplvt
Chinoo Mplvt 25 days ago
Legend says he still twitching till this day
Chinoo Mplvt
Chinoo Mplvt 25 days ago
YT fidgeting like a mutha fuckka
Marc Daniels
Marc Daniels 25 days ago
I like how they both got up at one time at the end
Jae Swish
Jae Swish 26 days ago
13:07 When Thug Said “This The Sun” I Wanted To Hear What He Was Gone Say But Adam Low Vibrational Ass Worried About Wooden Forks ❗️🤦🏾‍♂️
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