The WORST Toddler & Parent Tantrums Ever! | Toddlers And Tiaras

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Watch some of the worst tantrums from the show, and we don't just mean the children!
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Comments 80
Ajreyez 5 seconds ago
The first kids mom is A Karen
Super SanicYT
Super SanicYT 28 minutes ago
I love the noise whenever someone says something bitchy
Jayden’s Vlog’s
Jayden’s Vlog’s 56 minutes ago
Girl: GET AWaY FROM ME *runs* Camera man: chases her at SPEED!!!*
Odette Lorenzo
the first little girl:give me some time because me:girl who you think you talking to snaps
Cookie The Demon
Cookie The Demon 2 hours ago
These toddlers: Wearing makeup, being brats, doing pageants, winning thousands or dollars, Me as a toddler: trying to process which way is up
roanh 4 hours ago
1:04 iam just die 😂😂😂
Leon vlogz
Leon vlogz 4 hours ago
There not preparing to be beautiful there preparing to be sassy b!tches! Here is a skit of what will happen in school! Her:hey I'm pretty! School children: shut the fxck up *beats her up* Her when she grows up:mum I hate you! Mum:why: Her:kills here mom*
Joky Bones
Joky Bones 4 hours ago
i hope those parents go to hell!
Elise Lacombe
Elise Lacombe 4 hours ago
three nager really because it looks like you just hate your child and really don't want to be with here any more like really your so dume that you don't even know your kid wants you and wants to love you and this is not even spoiled I'm just saying .
•Alęxâ Studîø•
What a spoiled BRAT >:"/
Xxxxlilly Patxxbro
Xxxxlilly Patxxbro 7 hours ago
Every toddler on this show are PURE pLaStIc
Amerie George
Amerie George 7 hours ago
These kids are fresh out of the womb and questioning their self worth and beauty to the point that they’re throwing huge tantrums. It’s problematic. It’s abuse
BlackWolfYT /Second Account
Let's say, the second mom put the toddler and the cameraman on timeout :(
Yumm!! 8 hours ago
Brat like ther mom!!
D-G's reviews
D-G's reviews 8 hours ago
These pepole need to get their stuff together and take control of their children
RyanXtreme 900
RyanXtreme 900 10 hours ago
Betting that the mom at 0:43 is a karen
Lily 10 hours ago
This 👏 is 👏 not👏 parenting👏
Tayler Rhymer
Tayler Rhymer 10 hours ago
My mom's old coworker went on this show. Her child's name was Taleaha. This show was crazy from what I heard. But that the Family wasn't supposed to talk about it at all. And they were not allowed to say that they were on the show before it aired.
Tayler Rhymer
Tayler Rhymer 10 hours ago
I probably spelled her name wrong.
Coca Cola
Coca Cola 11 hours ago
Lol Even Her Mom looks like a karen
Coca Cola
Coca Cola 11 hours ago
No Your Not Idot
ItzAngelWolf 12 hours ago
“It’s hard to keep a 4 year old entertained” Nah when I was 4 you could give me a piece of paper and I’d be set.
Christobel Gooi
Christobel Gooi 12 hours ago
Toddlers:wearing make up dressing in pretty dresses Me as toddler:eating sand
Scarlet Empress
Scarlet Empress 12 hours ago
Why are they even under their child? Discipline them btch.
Scarlet Empress
Scarlet Empress 13 hours ago
I better have not kids when that's the attitude. LIKEEE EWWW! NOT BEAUTIFUL!. THE FIRST KID IS NOT EVEN BEAUTIFUL.
joazar 13 hours ago
She looks like she 39
Bhing Guirit
Bhing Guirit 13 hours ago
GIMME SOME TOIME BECAUS- mom:snatches her saying:hun its ok there jut ere to say ur beautiful
Beate O Neill
Beate O Neill 13 hours ago
Stolen Childhood
Loretta Garner
Loretta Garner 15 hours ago
Child abuse
Nour Playz!
Nour Playz! 15 hours ago
Give me some *TOIME* because...
Danny Casino
Danny Casino 18 hours ago
It is so disgusting how these parents are acting in front of those children and let me tell you something if that little fat gay dude called my wife a b**** I would have punched him dead in his little outta shape cheese burger eating face ...and snacked that lil lamb in its face...
Kris McGuire
Kris McGuire 19 hours ago
She sounds like a 60 yr old smoker
Ladyfacer Maya
Ladyfacer Maya 20 hours ago
If these moms want to keep their kids in line and not act up they should spank their children til their butts are red
Lyssuhh 22 hours ago
When I saw the thumbnail I actually thought the first girl was a 50 year old woman I'm weezing I can't-
Destiny the Jirachi
Destiny the Jirachi 23 hours ago
These toddlers: dressing up to participate in a silly pagent Me as a toddler: plays with cute stuff animals, watches cartoons like spongebob SquarePants, the amazing world of gumball etc, fantasies of being an artist by drawing and jumps on the trampoline
Amelia Moran
Amelia Moran Day ago
Brenda is spoiled 😠
Jace Morgan -chan
Fake as kids grow so do there looks sad if they get ugly boo hoo😂
Night Star
Night Star Day ago
This is pure child abuse
forgames Only
I hate this children iif your toddler like that like say timeout
Toasty Shadows
And that vice on 4:40 too
The American Dream maker
Such a bitch
Toasty Shadows
Toasty Shadows
That voice tho 0:4
Toasty Shadows
I meant 0:04
ringmastajay Day ago
She’s sassy she’s noddy and she just looks ugly
ringmastajay Day ago
I don’t like your mom why would she go on a pageant when is the toddler’s and shit looks like shit only five I don’t like this she’s wearing make up lipstick everything her head to
Isabella Arbuckle
No one: Toddlers: high pitched demonic screeching.
Stephanie Belardo
Why they parents are not twitching this kid how to good maners
Marlon Mares-Mendoza
All those moms are bad
Victoria Hansen
fatima essaid
Nicklas Kung
Nicklas Kung Day ago
Mate i would strangel those children Sorry for bad spelling
Betty Hayes
Betty Hayes Day ago
Shame on the parents for allowing their kids to act like that.You can tell who runs their houses.Not the parents apparently.
MattyDelos Day ago
0:43 that mom was in Bad Grandpa. Her and her kid.
André Martins
This country is full of turds
Shell Shaw
Shell Shaw Day ago
4 child is NOT a princess she is a devil
Shell Shaw
Shell Shaw Day ago
Wow... this kid is the biggest brat I have ever seen but it’s her parents that are the worst
Kittypet Surprise
Sadly... 4:48 .. methed out and on the pole ...thanks Mom,you're awesome!
L.O.L surprise- Valerie and Liliana
Well she is pretty but a big brat tho
Queen of Random Things
Mackenzie is such a spoiled little bitch!!! One like = 5 spankings for all the little shits
Queenie Tanduyan
no your ugly when there a contest you will cry!!!!! =!😆😆😆 what a spoiled brat😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brielle Brown
am i the only person who thought the second girl sounded like a demegorgon when she cried 😅?
Ynday Kurdapia
She's spoiled brat!!! Don't tolerate her attitude! Discipline her while she's still young! You can't do it when she's old enough! One day she will be the one to kick you (parents) out!!
eveline Day ago
is no one gonna talk about how she spelled alessandra as “alycesaundra”
Necdet Onur
Necdet Onur Day ago
2:39 moment of silence for this goat please.
Devin Medina
Devin Medina Day ago
the first kid:GET OUT OF MY ROOM *covers camera*i said get out of my room *later* NO NO NO NO WHEN I COME OUT ILL SHOW THEM A PEACE OF MY MIND *later*GET THOSE STUPID CAMERAS AWAY
Danya Venne
Danya Venne Day ago
Can someone tell me why there is a goat at a pagent?
Mia Gamez
Mia Gamez Day ago
Hello everyone welcome to the spoiled brats room and we got here moms that CANNOT CONTROL THERE CHILDREN
Silent Deft93
This is what happens when kids are forced into show and a lot of shit that’s kids can’t mentally handle it
Madison Maddie.
Lol these toddlers are so dramatic XD
yasmin Abdullahi
Why was she running away from you
Isabella Colbourne
They all sound like 80 year old smokers
Isabella Colbourne
That mom is a Karen tho
Itachi Senju
Itachi Senju 2 days ago
Jesus Christ these parents and children need some Jesus
These toddlers are there going in competitions,wether me and a lot of the viewers as toddlers grabbed worms and frogs and ate play-doh 😂💕
Lachlan Taylor
Lachlan Taylor 2 days ago
Poor kids their whole life is based on beauty. They haven't seen true beauty until they have seen Carl Wheezer.
Carrotcakeslime 2 days ago
james person
james person 2 days ago
Me: no you not Beautiful editor: roasted 😎😎 the girl gaps 😭😭😭😭 ahhhhh
LaMya Willis
LaMya Willis 2 days ago
Give them some privacy’s
internet persona
internet persona 2 days ago
........ I know I’m new here, but can someone please explain to me why there is a *g o a t*
That Lonely meatball
Their awful people
Genessis Leal
Genessis Leal 2 days ago
Your are not butfuil ol
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