The WORST Dirty Drivers In F1 2019

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The Worst Dirty Drivers in F1 2019! If you enjoyed the video leaving a like really helps out the channel! 👍
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 324
Robinho 1305
Robinho 1305 9 hours ago
I missed that "MAN MUSS DAS SEIN" from seb
AlphaCharlie 3 days ago
my friend stoll your vid check his channel for proof. idk strixie
Simon Schut
Simon Schut 6 days ago
That song at Brazil its called how we win
IHMA club membership
2:04 Is that Moe Shop??
Arry Koo
Arry Koo 9 days ago
iContrast you really need two account one for youtube and one for yourself
Arry Koo
Arry Koo 9 days ago
I accept contact when battling for a position but not wait a whole lap to get someone out of the way
iTryHard4Reason 9 days ago
I played for 30 minutes I cannot play this without a wheel
TrAp Paw1os
TrAp Paw1os 13 days ago
dobry w tą gre jestes xd
Michael S
Michael S 21 day ago
Omg i couldnt do this. Just started playing F1 18 recently. Bought a cheap setup and I love it. But this would stop me from playing immediately.
Nicolas S.
Nicolas S. 23 days ago
11:42 that guy is argentinian haha. Nice to see people from my country playing this game. Sadly, that means SA servers(if there's one to begin with) are pretty much dead :c
Fort Gory
Fort Gory 25 days ago
The best thing in F1 2019 online mode is when you start p20 but u close on podium (or win) without doing anything. You need only to wait of accidents of other cars and be careful 😂
Rarity Nguyen Belle
LOL I’m dying! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lewis 29 days ago
i cant stop laughing
Lewis 27 days ago
Rarity Nguyen Belle totally agree :p
Rarity Nguyen Belle
Tbh 7:25 and 7:34 got me good
Rarity Nguyen Belle
Same LOL
LarDiaTor lars
LarDiaTor lars Month ago
Wtf is wrong with ppl in this game? Fucking children ruining everything
El_ Grando
El_ Grando Month ago
How is he getting all those meme sounds ??
Ethan Thetoad07
Ethan Thetoad07 Month ago
Nobody Icontrast: *Activates Wing Damage* Everyone else: *Activates Torpedo*
Kylie O'Connor
Kylie O'Connor Month ago
1:05 He pulled off a Ken Miles
Denny Setzekorn
Denny Setzekorn Month ago
F1 2020 really needs a system, that sorts online drivers in the lobby. One lobby, where you can race, and another, where idiotic drivers can play autoscooter
Your average comment
Unfortunately I play on a shared account and trust me, on the D safety rating you can't actually play. People will ram into you, break in front of you when you're overtaking, swerve when you have DRS. They're the scum of this earth.
01Hyp3r Month ago
that url schiavonea99 guy was clearly slower than you and dirty
Sapnu puas
Sapnu puas Month ago
I don’t play this game, but is there like a ranked system? Like the more you wins the better players you race?
SilverQuick Month ago
Game: Someone crashes into you Also Game: here's a penalty
Denny Setzekorn
Denny Setzekorn Month ago
You also get a penalty when you spin and cut a chicane during the spin, but aren't able to avoid to cut the chicane. It's so stupid...
Sam Farah
Sam Farah Month ago
so just like reality
c trop drloe putain
TrL _apoD
TrL _apoD Month ago
I'm 16 , and the edit still annoys me. Please make it a bit more serious
Jara Lol
Jara Lol Month ago
And i think the battlefied Community are retardet as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 now i know never Go online in F1 games
YT_alfie_D Month ago
I hate I hate dirty drivers
TSG Ghoul
TSG Ghoul Month ago
I’m blaneb12
TSG Ghoul
TSG Ghoul Month ago
So fuck you for making me look like shit
The Eastside
The Eastside Month ago
You werde only quicker because you had slipstream you arrogant fucker 😂
F class rider be like
Lo Sc
Lo Sc Month ago
10:52 Song?
[W]ade Month ago
Can somebody give me the name of the video or meme in 5:17? :D :D its so funny
Andreas P
Andreas P Month ago
Brah this video is my life when im playing online
Sleev3s Month ago
*smack* Give us another one! *SMACK* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
EffKay9 Month ago
Bud, decisevely too memes, my lungs can't handle all of them XD
AL3XANDER Month ago
The sparkling behind the car. What is that?
decrisp1252 Month ago
That moment when you have crippling wing damage
i feel so sorry for all the dirty drivers we have to deal with :(
SmokingSpitfire Month ago
I just dont get why people drive like this. Online simply isnt fun in any game like this anymore because of assholes. Either play single player, or play iracing/GT Sport/SRS.
Alexander Month ago
*S T A L A C T I T E*
Santhiish Month ago
4:08 which team radio grans prix was that?
Team Crazy
Team Crazy Month ago
Santhiish sochi 2016 Vettel crashed by torpedo 🤣
Comical Retard
Comical Retard Month ago
We need a hardcore damage setting for all online races
150ping God
150ping God Month ago
Where do u find this people Your lobbies are savage I'm a new subscriber dude. This shit funny. Keep up the grind
VikingLion Month ago
Thats why i'm not racing with randoms.
Seesaw41 Month ago
2:57 I don't know this songs name, so I can't know if it's in the description or not. I want to know the name of it though, so please tell me
Seesaw41 Month ago
@Vin Gallot ok thx
Vin Gallot
Vin Gallot Month ago
Touch - Mattia Cupelli =)
Marvin Finley
Marvin Finley Month ago
For once or twice or maybe three times I would like to see a good good race you might bump a little but it ain't enough to throw you off the track good races,we love
Kevinisthier YT
Kevinisthier YT 2 months ago
whats the song called at 3:06 ?
Forza En F1
Forza En F1 2 months ago
Hey just put colisions off
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 2 months ago
Add me Tony_4656
Riccardo Maragoni
Riccardo Maragoni 2 months ago
No good 🙄
SlayerofAllLife 2 months ago
Nikkolajur Eco
Nikkolajur Eco 2 months ago
6:50 song?
Shayrecio 2 months ago
3:13 music PLZZZZZZZZ!
Bryan74TV Month ago
Virtual Self - A.i.ngel (Become God) [Satisfye Remix]
Hjalti 2 months ago
amazing video:) keep up the funny videos👍
Efe AKYOL 2 months ago
make it again xoxoxoxox
lilFerro 2 months ago
9:42 best part for me
Gimmelfani 40
Gimmelfani 40 2 months ago
I hate people like this who can't drive (All dirty drivers)
my mom says no spaghetti for u son
Just got f1 2019 and people wanted to congratulate me by smashing my front wing in turn 1
damekids 2 months ago
Fuckin 5:17 gets me every time, that and the wild thornberries bollard.
smileyiveyYt 2 months ago
I'm a clean driver and I only just got f1 so I'm clean
Anderson Gutierrez
Anderson Gutierrez 2 months ago
*The Council will decide your fate*
It's Pretty Good
It's Pretty Good 2 months ago
The pain this guy must go through to get these clips
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