The Worst Dating Show Contestant On TV (The Bachelorette)

Jarvis Johnson
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The bachelorette finished up a couple of weeks ago and i couldn't stop thinking about how awful jed and luke p were so i spent a really long time making a video about them.

thanks to danny gonzalez for being a failed bachelor contestant. subscribe to him to make him feel better ruvid.net/show-UCSUf...

also Mike for bachelor

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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 8 812
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Day ago
I don't not "love" love, but I don't necessarily "love" love.
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Day ago
This may sound racist, but all of the "most eligible bachelors" all look the same.
Kyra Loy
Kyra Loy Day ago
homie hoe
homie hoe 2 days ago
“If i could go back i wouldnt change a thing” like he couldnt go back and make sure he did get with Hannah cuz it seemed that he really wanted to do that
Jordy Haynes
Jordy Haynes 2 days ago
i love john paul jones😭😂😂😂
angie 2 days ago
Aww he does look like a golden doodle oh my goodness it's so accurate
Jennifer Wilkewitz
Yay for Danny Gonzales LOL
Violets Da best
Violets Da best 3 days ago
I hated that season so much just because of Luke p
Samuel Leininger
Samuel Leininger 3 days ago
Right off the bat, greatest self roast ever
Bo Brecheen
Bo Brecheen 3 days ago
Dude...I completely forgot about Out of the Box! Thanks for bringing that bit of nostalgia back to my brain.
Micah Guillemette
Jed looks like he wants to die when he says "we're getting married". Like it literally looks like he's gonna start crying and puke.
Micah Guillemette
For anyone wondering, that windmill shirt says "jesus still loves me"
Brandon Akers
Brandon Akers 4 days ago
14:01 that's where he looks most like a bitmoji
Just Dandy
Just Dandy 4 days ago
Sorry, I had to stop this video, go watch some Out of the Box clips, cry really hard, and then come back.
Darian Gould
Darian Gould 6 days ago
Emoli Ravioli
Emoli Ravioli 7 days ago
"You don't get a diploma to be a musician" *Me currently working on my degree in music* 😶😶
Emoli Ravioli
Emoli Ravioli 7 days ago
Luke being just one more reason people hate my religion. Thanks 🙃
Wez 8 days ago
Oi it's John Paul Jones, keyboardist for Led Zeppelin...oh wait, it's just some wonderbred
Ashamed Ashley
Ashamed Ashley 8 days ago
Thanks to Hannah's mom, I have a new line for when I'm tryna be nice and civil when describing someone I don't like: "He has... qualities."
Gentleman Geek
Gentleman Geek 8 days ago
This man putting the short king rights movement back decades
Jill Parker
Jill Parker 9 days ago
"He has qualities"
Monkey.-. 10 days ago
Monkey.-. 10 days ago
Hannah Montana = Hannah Alabama
Faith Janicki
Faith Janicki 10 days ago
Jarvis my Alexa responded when you asked “Alexa what do you think about this?” And I use her so little that I forget she’s here a lot of the time and she scared the shit out of me so thanks for that
Mary Elizabeth Parker
Bow chicka wow wow 😬
Potatah Launchah
Potatah Launchah 11 days ago
As an introvert, I can safely say that I would rather be buried alive than be on this show
Karina Hunter
Karina Hunter 11 days ago
Never seen Jarvis before but I suspect he may be Thomas Gauthier's American-cousin
Funtime Freddy Approves
1:22 I don't know why, but I love the way she says "Welcome to Alabama! :D"
Derek Robinson
Derek Robinson 12 days ago
Hey dude... please don't use Alexa commands... My house goes fucking nuts when you say "Alexa what do you think?"
Chloe Burwell
Chloe Burwell 12 days ago
her: we’re engaged! ☺️ jed: we’re engaged 👁_👁
littel creatchure
littel creatchure 13 days ago
Men like luke are why im gay
Lexya W
Lexya W 13 days ago
I watch this monthly and it never gets old
Matthew Marley
Matthew Marley 14 days ago
I never watch these shows, but how has it literally turned into a carbon copy of its parody show Burning Love? 😂
Damie O
Damie O 14 days ago
I know Luke might be control (based on the information provided) but I am happy he knows that fornication is sin. I hope that he becomes more Christ-like in character.
Looney Lovegood
Looney Lovegood 16 days ago
The guys at 9:33 literally are the exact same person. I actually couldn’t tell the difference apart from hair
buttercup 16 days ago
Jed's song where it says 'I wanna come inside' sounds like the song he would sing when trying to convince a girl to let him not use a condom lololol
Meifua Edits
Meifua Edits 17 days ago
Straight up kept going back on the video because I could have sworn that guy was Danny Gonzales
{ kaelyn }
{ kaelyn } 18 days ago
As a Christian girl, it is appalling and shocking to watch this idiot use his religion for manipulation. Just because she had sex with one of the other guys and you don't do that kind of thing doesn't mean you can judge her for her actions. That's your choice, and that's her choice. If you have real feelings in the first place they don't just disappear.
Alexa C
Alexa C 18 days ago
When Jarvis asked what Alexa thought it caught me off guard-
Minaaa 19 days ago
Better bowl jingle goes hard asf
aviendhar idek
aviendhar idek 20 days ago
Literally the only time I've ever seen and everyone clapped be true and have evidence
Tiffany Kim
Tiffany Kim 20 days ago
Do they not get these people checked before putting them on the shows? They're putting people's life's at risk.
Tiffany Kim
Tiffany Kim 20 days ago
That guy is creepy and ew just ew wtf is wrong with the creators of that show and the producers who usually create the drama. But that was messed up.
Jesus O'Bannon
Jesus O'Bannon 21 day ago
Yo I can’t believe they got the father of the US navy and the bassist of Led Zeppelin on
Samaire Angelique
Ok Luke as a person deserves every ounce of the hate he's getting and more, but I can't help but feel like less short dudes would be THIS pissed off at the world if videos like this didn't talk about being 5'9" like it's a disability or something. "Oh nooo he's average height how sad lmao" Edit: But the Megamind comment was bodyshaming 😂 lol ok
Colt 22 days ago
Colton Underwood just came out as gay lol.
Juliett A
Juliett A 23 days ago
It doesn't even matter if it's all fake and staged. It still normalizes stalking and harassment and violating women's boundaries which the patriarchy and popular culture already have severe issues with normalizing.
History Harbinger
History Harbinger 23 days ago
I want to see the bachelorette, but one of the guys is gay, and no one knows who it is
Dark Rey
Dark Rey 24 days ago
5:30 literally Danny Gonzalez
Mimmi Bergholm
Mimmi Bergholm 24 days ago
9:42 legit the funniest thing i have ever seen on a reality tv show
Olivia Halliday
Olivia Halliday 24 days ago
grassy 24 days ago
5:34 somethings wrong i can feel it
lola is tired
lola is tired 24 days ago
Jed would definitely go “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall”.
James M
James M 25 days ago
Plot twist Jarvis is his manager and is mad at jeb
Ratboy Chris
Ratboy Chris 25 days ago
Please, I would die for Luke S. He looks so kind.
George Immanuel
George Immanuel 26 days ago
She chose the worst from the three, cool
Max 26 days ago
Jarvis: **refers to 5'9" men as short kings** Me, a 5'2" man: "I knew it... I am a short *god* !" ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
killer goat
killer goat 3 days ago
You go max :DDD
Dynamic Duck
Dynamic Duck 26 days ago
On behalf of the 'people named Luke' community, we do not claim Luke P
ぃぃぃ 26 days ago
For me, it's John Paul Jones.
Leafy Is Queer
Leafy Is Queer 26 days ago
John Paul Jones? As in multinational privateer John Paul Jones? As in British-American traitor John Paul Jones? As in John Paul Jones the queen damned pirate?
Green Axolotl
Green Axolotl 26 days ago
5:35 is that Danny gonslaves
emerz35 27 days ago
Is it just my sleep deprivation or does Jarvis look, like, physically smaller in this video than normal? I mean like in a bobblehead way, like his head is attached to the wrong body.
Big Shrek
Big Shrek 27 days ago
Just found your channel u seem too cocky tbh
The White Picket Fence
hey uh, how the fuck is he cocky lmao
Sage Rose
Sage Rose 27 days ago
I just found his channel and I think your crazy lmao how is he cocky
Memetress 28 days ago
Wow all the names of the men I dont trust what a coincidence
Brit Fish
Brit Fish 28 days ago
8:05 British people: Boris, is that you? Sorry, I couldn’t resist XD
Sawyer Ninja Crafter
At 5:34 is that danie consoles
Sage Rose
Sage Rose 27 days ago
Danny Gonzales* and yes.
kaitlyn 29 days ago
i don’t care if jarvis is dating anyone, we have to get i’m on this show
Cheryl Andrew
Cheryl Andrew 29 days ago
When you asked Alexa what her opinion was, my Alexa said "I don't have an opinion about this." 🤣🤣
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet Month ago
Jed has more fans on Spotify than my favorite band. fml.
Alexis Charpia
Alexis Charpia Month ago
The math teacher on the new season of the bachelorette is a better singer than Jed...
Josh Mau
Josh Mau Month ago
Okay I know this is super weird but does anyone else hear the piano @5:53 and expect it to continue on as Two Out of Three Ain't Bad by Meatloaf. If it's not the same notes it's super close.
whatthefuck Month ago
In french we say « forceur » ! Love ur Channel kiss from paris
Lauren Doll
Lauren Doll Month ago
I'm sorry but I CANT STOP LAUGHING at Jed's off tune singing: "Oh HaNnaH hANnAaaAh~~" "Who me?"
Savannah Skinner
"Should he?" My soul left my body lol
Manly Being
Manly Being Month ago
Manly Being
Manly Being Month ago
Manly Being
Manly Being Month ago
sarah warnock
sarah warnock Month ago
That creep totally reminds me of an ex that would randomly show up at my house drunk MONTHS after I broke up with him. He finally stopped... after he was arrested for attempted murder🤦‍♀️ Just goes to show, you shouldn't date guys (or anyone) just bc they remind you of Professor Snape He was really hot tho
sarah warnock
sarah warnock Month ago
Thos show is bonkers!
Carl Essenthier
Carl Essenthier Month ago
I just came across you’re content Jarvis and it’s hilarious 😂 keep it up my bro ya love to see channels like this that is normal people need in order to tolerate the nonsense channels that are making buckets of money with just turrrrrible content
Lunar DeBrie
Lunar DeBrie Month ago
7:11 Azula, Ozai (reply with some more if you want, let's rub Jarvis' lack of tv knowledge in his face >:))
Gucci girl
Gucci girl Month ago
Colton came out as gay
Sage Rose
Sage Rose 27 days ago
Wait which one was colton?
croissantcrust Month ago
can I make the Led Zeppelin joke about John Paul jones or has someone here already done it
RM's Husband
RM's Husband Month ago
This is the only season of the bachelor or Bachelorette I've ever seen and I can't imagine watching another because how do you top this
Kuma Quatro
Kuma Quatro Month ago
9:31 No one can tell me that's not the same person arguing with themselves idc idc ✋
Tuy Vũ Văn
Tuy Vũ Văn Month ago
A megamind megaminds another megamind
Noobmaster69 Month ago
5:35 was that danny??? Am i missing something
Ott Month ago
ah yes i too yell “friendly friendly friendly” before i eat
Kami Madalyn
Kami Madalyn Month ago
My second grade teacher was on the bachelor 🙋🏻‍♀️😩
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson Month ago
This kinda reminds me of America Next Top Model!
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson Month ago
Ahhhh train wreck!
J Gardner
J Gardner Month ago
Thanks for setting of my Alexa
agustin rodriguez
In this man's psycopath definition it sas " a person with a psycotic behabiour (...)" me: ah yes, and also a square is a squared like figure just like a circle is a circular figure"
Matthew Ray
Matthew Ray Month ago
Rodney alcala. Nuff said.
Contrary Coney
Contrary Coney Month ago
So...the way a psychopath registers the world is to learn that they are not neurotypical and then learn to emulate sympathetic and empathetic behaviors. Therefore, a huge red flag would be someone who points out the definition of a psychopath, and then says "that's the opposite of me". That guy is not only most likely a psychopath, he's also stupid.
Lindsay's Blue
Lindsay's Blue Month ago
I’m sorry but when the screen a did jump cut to my 11th grade math teacher I screamed so loud. I forgot he was on this show LMAOO That scared me!
Its wierd now hes out of closet to watch stuff like this
Naughty Leopard
Naughty Leopard Month ago
So gringe 😳🤮
BluBobbie Month ago
Luke p is anything but christian
Landon Mel
Landon Mel Month ago
The first time I saw Danny I thought it was someone that looked like him but no that's straight up Danny
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