The World's Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez)

Drew Gooden
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WARNING: this video gets pretty gross at times, maybe don't watch this if you're like 12 or wanted to watch a youtube video with your parents. You will be very uncomfortable.
Now that that's out of the way, I hope the rest of you stick around to enjoy this video about a very insane person named Hard Rock Nick.
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Feb 17, 2019




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Comments 80
nobody 3 hours ago
i watch this video whenever i’m sad and it always cheers me up. it’s also probably my most watched video, i’m sad often :/
Charlie Vaccaro
Charlie Vaccaro 3 hours ago
Their chemistry is amazing
Anna Κ
Anna Κ 3 hours ago
The fact that I’ve watched this video like 3 times and I don’t get bored of it is kinda sad
???? 4 hours ago
Quarantine any one??
Vanessa Olsen
Vanessa Olsen 5 hours ago
If you look like either of these dudes you are legally required to be a mormon
Jossaline Ehoff
Jossaline Ehoff 6 hours ago
One year later he technically would be rich with that toilet paper get it because of the pandemic
Undyne 6 hours ago
His looks are extremely unappealing and his personality is disgusting. He's creepy and looks like a wish version of DJ Khalid Honestly, that whole "GF is 18" seriously gave me King Henry VIII vibes.
Emma Moo
Emma Moo 6 hours ago
Thank god I have dark brown yes 😰😰
maisie smith
maisie smith 6 hours ago
so in case you guys didn't notice, danny's in town. i am in town. he is in town. this town specifically, um- which town is that? i don't wanna say. funky town! yeahh thats righhttt..! BROTHERLY LOVE
Fiafia Liaga
Fiafia Liaga 8 hours ago
London Parks
London Parks 9 hours ago
In his RUvid video, he’s in a truck. What happened to “his” Tesla’s?
Wi11sm411 9 hours ago
Didn’t know drew had an identical twin
Eliza Ford
Eliza Ford 10 hours ago
As a girl I can confirm that I absolutely hate guys that: 1. Are successful 2. Good looking 3. Charismatic And I love guys that: 1. Have a beard like a corn maze 2. Smile like a demon 3. Are racist and homophobic
Daniel Yahalom
Daniel Yahalom 11 hours ago
2 cute straight twinks expose a creep
Ducks For Hire
Ducks For Hire 11 hours ago
ive watch this video like 4 times, and the " THIS GUYS GOT HALF MY D COME ON GIVE IT BACK MAN " is still funny to me
Marco Gallina
Marco Gallina 13 hours ago
These guys gotta make a channel together
Je suis indienne
Je suis indienne 14 hours ago
Left side of dick 😂😂
Damn Bruh
Damn Bruh 15 hours ago
get your balls tucked on one-by-one? Do you have four balls or sumn?
Gacha Heaven
Gacha Heaven 18 hours ago
*ok, but how does he either make a duck face, or a creepy smile in every single Instagram picture of him*
Henry Peterson
Henry Peterson 20 hours ago
I like how this guy talks about himself as “good looking” when a fermented pile of shit looks better then that guy
Ariah Stapp
Ariah Stapp 21 hour ago
Have you seen the hard rock nick comeback video? His video made me throw up in my mouth... If you haven't seen it you need to watch it
HustnWeHavAPrblm 22 hours ago
You might think you're sexy but have you ever *driven a woman to suicide?*
Piotr Kozłowski
Piotr Kozłowski 22 hours ago
you two are so adorable together, love you
Rulia Lee
Rulia Lee 23 hours ago
This is the type of guy I'd start speed walking, clutching my keys in my fist if I see him few feet behind me.
Shockwave 32
Shockwave 32 Day ago
Well, I now know what *true fear* feels like
Gabriel Mopas
He reminds me of someone from school
青谷もか Day ago
Luke Day ago
If you want to chuckle really hard go to his car monologue scene and pause as he's speaking to see his terrifying face expressions
Baron of Cinnamon Toast
I can see why he has turned someone gay.
_Gaming Artz_
hardrocknick: *flexes* Me: Wow, I can’t find it It’s nowhere Can you help me find when I asked?
My dad worked at the hard rock for 13 years(and brought me there many times for events and concert) and never saw this dude once at there
Tricky Kitten
his beard is the funkiest cut I’ve ever seen. Wtf is that? He’s got tiger stripes on his face.
Zayden Buford
"I order toilet paper every week." that aged well
Elliecaitlin Day ago
The rewatch ability of this video is amazing
Midas Day ago
Nell McBride
Nell McBride Day ago
he made a clapback vid
Anastasia Day ago
This guy is the reason I’m gay.
Carlo Cruz
Carlo Cruz Day ago
Thank God I'm not female I'm safe.
Nancy Lozoya
Nancy Lozoya Day ago
He can make you gay
•Paris Wildflower•
His uneven eyebrows are stabbing my soul
AZ Battle School
To be fair often the owners DO purchases the cleaning supplies - unless your are 7 mill and up-
AZ Battle School
Human axe spray
Blue Rose
Blue Rose Day ago
Danny: “Yeah, I got a subscription just to get toilet paper every week.” Me: “GIMME!!”
Алексей Мэдисон
Biiiigggggg incel energy here
Sara Bier
Sara Bier Day ago
why does he look like the lady bug from a bug’s life
James Reid
James Reid Day ago
Hard Rock Nick: I’m educated Also Hard Rock Nick: Women don’t desire desirable men
Nathaniel Copperfish
Are you sure this guy isn't just trolling?
Mercy Behrens
The sub title said that they said the n word but they obviously said makeup 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jess White
Jess White Day ago
8:44 the reason why is because we might thing your a douche
dumbalek Day ago
Let's entertain the idea that you can turn someone gay. How is it brag worthy? In that version of reality, if you're a guy who turned a woman gay... It doesn't...look good for you? Usually the joke is "you're so shitty you made someone switch sides.
IceWallow come
Why he lookin like a girl was lookin through his husbands stuff and she accidentally spilt some of that beard oil on her face, and that's how he was made
Stav Day ago
Wtf and ouch why is it so bad to be is Israeli or Mexican or woman you know woman give life right
Dying In fashion
J rockets!
Dying In fashion
As a Jew, I can say that many Israeli woman are quite pretty. Don’t think that has to be said but ya know. Why the fuck not?
This guy must be doing a bit
Cats rule so get over it
If I met this dude in real life, I’d have nightmares for a week.
「Midnight Clouds 」
「Midnight Clouds 」
「Midnight Clouds 」
「Midnight Clouds 」
Failed Futures
Failed Futures 2 days ago
13:38 I cant breathe
Lexie Clement
Lexie Clement 2 days ago
That man, his lash extensions, lip filler, and micro-bladed brows knows full well that women aren't dating him because he's not into women.
Swan Ronson
Swan Ronson 2 days ago
This guy has an AC/DC sticker on the back of his truck. That makes me sad. His favorite song of theirs is probably “Big Balls”
Chloe 2 days ago
Who made this human? gah hes DISGUSTING!
Lydiadoesstuff 2 days ago
1:59 sign me up
did i stutter
did i stutter 2 days ago
can I just say r/niceguys
did i stutter
did i stutter 2 days ago
Ah yes we love sexist, racist, homophobic, freaks 🤪🤪
When they said he gets toilet paper so he’s rich, drew and Danny predictited the future
Jad El Masri
Jad El Masri 2 days ago
One year later and those Clorox wipes are a real flex now.
Lemmi Chillmister
You would think Danny and Drew were the most annoying dudes on earth - nah, it’s male Ursula here
A.C. Slater
A.C. Slater Day ago
Why tf would be think Danny and Drew are annoying? They're freaking hilarious
Clemence Wilkins
Clemence Wilkins 2 days ago
shrtlink.ca/h0rnyxxxamateur619 Name: Ed. Subject: Robe.
Mentally Unstable420 69
Just why
Kai Leeluu Drummer
ImAos Y
ImAos Y 2 days ago
4:11 can you imagine that as a Easter egg someone found and put in your basket? (•̀O•́)
vwgolfer187 2 days ago
"Thats the sun thats how the earth gets warmth and light..." - Hard rock Nick.
easyusername64 2 days ago
When your so desperate to lose your virginity you flex
Lucas24709 2 days ago
Kachins 2 days ago
Hard rock "and ball torture" nick
Pastelcos *
Pastelcos * 2 days ago
nah man i just don’t like you because i’m lesbian
Alika Alika
Alika Alika 2 days ago
My overdramatic BFF is the youngest (dumbest) flexer is the whole world MOVE LIL TAY when we FT She said when i was talking " What sorry i cant hear you.. i have airpods in" when she faked taking them out .. she proceeded to put them back in and checked her ears, looked at em THERE WAS NOTHING she was also constantky checking if i was jelous.. WAS SOO FKING OBVI.. and she said "oh wait im not focusing that much im editing my yt video on my laptop" checked her hands she cant even type as fast as me doesnt type with all her fingers like me cant even spell HER HANDS WERE ABOVE ABSALOUTELY *N O T H I N G* So.. i flexed back but this time its real what can a 4rth grader flex? Roblox.. i flexed my robux even tho its childish and she was like "OMG DO YOU HAVE THE ANGEL WINGS LIKE DO ANGEL PLS BUY WHITE WINGS ANGEL WINGS" I was so annoyed then she said " OH YEAH CAN YOU BUY UNICORN STUFF PLS UNICORN IS THE BEST" MY BROTHER BOUGHT ME ROBUX FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND MY BFF IS SPENDING IT (I didnt btw and she fake cried). I like playing Boy-ish stuff like Project Lazarus (the rblx ver os COD zombies), rap battles and she was whining cuz i cant join her game i kept asking for her username she said "Zoey Zoey MY NAME IS Zoey" LITTERALY ANYONE COULD BE NAMED ZOEY IN THAT GAME AND PLUS I SAID HER USERNAME NOT HER RP NAME LIKE HER ACTUAL ROBLOX NAME AND SO I ASKED HER AND SHE KEPT SAYING THAT "Zoey Zoey MY NAME IS ZOEY I ALREADY TOLD U my name is ZOEY" THE FIRST PERSON WHO NAMED THEIRSELF ZOEY IN ROBLOX PROB JOINED IN 2009 OR SOMETHING AND SHE JOINED LAST MONTH TURNS OUT SHE WAS FKING WAITING FOR MY ATTENTION AND SHE TOLD US HER USER WHEN I TOLD HER MINE. And today .. I MEAN EVERYDAY she keeps spamming the call button and texts me "Alika, Can i call Alika?, Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Pleaee Please Please, sends crying emojis EVEN SPAMS GACHA LIFE CHARACTERS CRYING and today she said ***am cry***, *** crys 2 tims***, and when i told her "ur annoying" she said on voice "WHY IM NOT ANNOYING I THOUGHT WERE BFFS AND ON MY BDAY WE SAID WE NEVER FIGHT WHAT NOW? DO U SEE ME AS A MONSTER U SEE ME AS I HAVE HORNS U SEE ME AS LIKE I HAVE RED SKIN DO U SEE ME AS SATAN DO YOU SEE ME WITH DEMON EARS?" then i said she was overdramatic then she said "NOOO UR LYING I THOUGHT U SAID WE WILL BE BFFS IM NOT BEING OVERDRAMATIC STOP CALLING ME THAT" What i meant by "ur annoying" i meant "your annoying my mum who was doing nothing and using her phone and you keeps annoying her with notififcations so i told her i said " i meant ur annoying my mum not me u misunderstood thats why ur being overdramatic" she relized she was wrong and since shes a kid she crys cuz she found out she was wrong so she was like " IM NOT BEING OVERDRAMATIC PLS STOP IM NOT ANNOYING STOP DOING THAT IM CRYING " Now shes the one who starged a fight and she agreed tat we dont fight but this time she started it so she was like "WE ALWAYS FIGHT AND WE NEVER CALL WE RARELY CALL WHY R U DOING THIS TO ME " then i said "isnt like yesterday u called me 3 times and said u have to tell me something but turns out u were lying and u were only doing that for attention" she cried even more and said " IM ALL ALONE IM BORED" When i heard someone cooking in the backround and washing the dishes she was clearly lying so i sent her proof that shes faking all of it and shes actually begging it so i sent her ALL the text she sent me and how much texts were there in total? 87 TEXTS OMFG IN 1 HOUR + ABT 11 VOICE MESSENGES THATS 98 IN TOTAL SO i told her that exams were next week (I WASNT LYING EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK) and i also told her that i wanna focus on learning and pointed out that how in this whole semester she only joined 1 FKING CALL why did she do that WHEN I WAS IN A CALL SHE KEPT CALLING ME SO THEN I GAVE HER ADVISE THAT SHE SHOULD LEARN AND SHE STILL WAS BEING OVERDRAMATIC SO SHE SAID "Fine im gonna do my homwork" fastforward 10 second "there im done now say sorry are you happy now" told her she was lying so i just left
H.P Purya
H.P Purya 2 days ago
Did you see his response video?
random blitz #5529
The problem is he's driving while making his video
Brady the birdy
Brady the birdy 2 days ago
We need that toilet paper subscription rn
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