The World's Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez)

Drew Gooden
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WARNING: this video gets pretty gross at times, maybe don't watch this if you're like 12 or wanted to watch a youtube video with your parents. You will be very uncomfortable.
Now that that's out of the way, I hope the rest of you stick around to enjoy this video about a very insane person named Hard Rock Nick.
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Feb 17, 2019

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Comments 14 106
sunny Minute ago
holy shit the ending
Bass BoostedYT
Bass BoostedYT 3 hours ago
These guys share the same brain and I love it5
I met a dude who was a lot like this when I went to school. Dude was totally overweight and bragged about random shit all the time, and then paraded around like he was the boss or some shit. No surprise when he got expelled for literally not doing any work, and totally plagiarising a bunch of shit. I literally cannot understand what these people are thinking.
Mar cry
Mar cry 5 hours ago
No, women hate it when people look like the 👁👄👁 meme.
Tobias 7 hours ago
Gacha Art
Gacha Art 9 hours ago
I’m scared to be breathing the same air as this guy
Janie Horton
Janie Horton 12 hours ago
It’s like he thinks insulting women, will get him a girlfriend.
Bumble Boo Gacha
Bumble Boo Gacha 16 hours ago
If this is all some fucked up joke I applaud this guy for putting so much effort into it, but if not... ooh that's sad-
Alien Dayz XD
Alien Dayz XD 16 hours ago
Wait. Is he wearing eye liner?! 😂😂😂
Candy corn
Candy corn 20 hours ago
I am cringing so hard at this guy
I'm throwing my life away on this app
i've watched this video 7 times now wtf
MaKayla Fastnacht
MaKayla Fastnacht 21 hour ago
This guy is giving me Elliot Rodger vibes
Isabella Lmao
Isabella Lmao 23 hours ago
I’m - Not - Insane - I - Swear
Danny at the beginning reminded me of Captain America from Endgame lmao
Minicen Day ago
this video did not help your case that you're not the same person at all
Bentigiri Day ago
he looks like a very ugly girl.
Katelyn B
Katelyn B Day ago
I laugh too hard at this video can we please get a part 2
Tegridy Farms
I’ve never been so repulsed by one human being in my whole life
Hjwah hh
Hjwah hh Day ago
His pouting lips makes the urge to punch him hard in the teeth so much stronger
Eliot Day ago
*Does crossover with self*
Sky Jumper 444
This is the video that made me laugh in such a long time
Why does this guy remind me of Dahvie Vanity??? 😂
Sky Fox
Sky Fox Day ago
look at his newest video he knows you roasted him he talked about it
Elizabeth Ruiz
Imagine Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzalez, and Ryan Trahan make a video together
That annoying guy that can draw kinda really good
-Was I the only one that didn't know how to do this?-
zara nicole
zara nicole Day ago
why is he a GTA character come to life
Wait drew, is that nerd city merch I see?
Cameron Cole
Cameron Cole Day ago
"Like the left half" lmfao
MorbidHunch Day ago
I feel like everyday that guy is slowly turning reptilian everyday.
DG and DG
Gabriel Phillips
12:35 Hey! And this guy must have a clapsack... You know, when us guys cut apart our ballsacks to have them tugged on one by one... And so that they clap together when we run. Hence 'clapsack'
ALostCause Day ago
I appreciate that while this awful man is talking about women, Danny and Drew are respectful of us and don't act like we are objects on the Earth solely for men's pleasure. It can be nice to be respected occasionally.
Jorge Lomeli
Jorge Lomeli Day ago
This performance art is getting more and more abstract
Isabella Reynolds
I like girls, I have a girl. And if I was strait, he wears too much make-up so...no bro!
somra shafiq
somra shafiq Day ago
... this guy is definitely an incel LMAO what the fuck
Rebecca Galloway
Youre a little fzzking stinker" haha im crying laughing 😂😂😂😂
Elena Herr
Elena Herr Day ago
5:44 I jumped
Rad Beatz
Rad Beatz Day ago
The smile that killed more people than any disease instagram.com/p/9CgSUgokiq/
claire o'neal
claire o'neal 2 days ago
not to be rude but out of all of the football teams he picked the 49ers? really!?
Space PlayZ
Space PlayZ 2 days ago
danzmen is watching
The White Horse
The White Horse 2 days ago
hard the rock nick lmfao
Hard rock Nick...yes base all your judgement of men on him. Cuz we are all going viral for shit like this. we all feel and act exactly the same. None of us are laughing at him...what in the fuck
Abigail Peterson
Abigail Peterson 2 days ago
why does he fill in his eyebrows so much that they are the one thing your eyes instantly go to when you look at him?
Kat S.
Kat S. 2 days ago
I'm part Asian! He didn't say anything about us. (Jk this dude is a psychopath)
Applesauce 2 days ago
Is he wearing mascara?
Rad Beatz
Rad Beatz Day ago
No, all of his looks are genetic.
BItk2D 2 days ago
Welp I'm a guy now
Sana’s Shy Language
That custom loofa is something you can buy at the supermarket. Super “custom”.
Creepypastas are life
*biggest flexer of the year* I like to spank ur tits *neighbors* JIMMY GET THE GUN HE'S DOING IT AGAIN!
Isabella Crawford
I gotta stop watching his videos high
Isabella Crawford
I gotta stop watching his videos high
Oh Geez
Oh Geez 2 days ago
Of course he was born in Nevada
have a good holiday
"Like, I'm older than you dude!" I spit my water out
Alexandra 2 days ago
Pretty sure his exes turned gay because the sex was so bad
J4YL3N 4L0
J4YL3N 4L0 2 days ago
hardrocknick looks like humpty dumpty
Miranda Rose
Miranda Rose 2 days ago
He must be an aquarius 😂😂😂
megasaur 2 days ago
"I don't take it personally." *makes an entire video about how insecure and jealous women are*
Eduardo Murray
Eduardo Murray 2 days ago
This guy has so much going on and none of it is good
Sienna Ellis
Sienna Ellis 2 days ago
danny is nick kroll and drew is john mulaney
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero 2 days ago
Never have I ever been so happy and relieved to be a non-caucasian woman.
Boopie Boi
Boopie Boi 2 days ago
He looks like oliver platt from year one.
LiamZxmbie 2 days ago
He’s a internet troll 🤦🏻‍♂️
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh 2 days ago
No child should be put through the trauma of having him as a father. That's just child abuse. I'll call child protection services
livvy j
livvy j 2 days ago
Elizabeth Marie
Elizabeth Marie 2 days ago
7:42 maybe cause your too cocky and they want not racist and not rude or discriminative orrrrr maybe they want an actual decent and kind human being as there boyfriend or girlfriend unlike you (not about danny or drew)
tayler fane
tayler fane 2 days ago
i unliked this just to like it again
Brandon 3 days ago
14000th comment baby.
Seryna Bykewich
Seryna Bykewich 3 days ago
i see the thumbnail everyday and today is the day it scared me enough to watch it so it gets off my recommend
Twitch 3 days ago
Danny’s in town.
drben10 3 days ago
The four seasons is a way better hotel
Chillhouse Music
Chillhouse Music 3 days ago
Thought Danny was Drew and that reaction time guy
Donny 3 days ago
I feel violated after watching this creeps videos
Banjo Joe
Banjo Joe 3 days ago
You guys are hilarious and even better when together
Sugar Ree
Sugar Ree 3 days ago
Im sure he could just pick up the ladies just with duck face. Wait, omg, his facial hair is crooked. And ps- millionares dont use Suave coconut body scrub. That guy sucks.
not sultan
not sultan 3 days ago
they just reapeat each other in different ways
Benjamin Blackman
Kari 3 days ago
“Women hate when a guy’s put together, good looking, and has a successful career” Holy shit I about cracked my skull on my headboard from throwing my head back in laughter.
Yo Whaddup
Yo Whaddup 3 days ago
it’s slightly alarming how many people in these comments are more concerned with him wearing mascara than the blatant sexism and racism.
MarkToast 3 days ago
Is this page like a bearded woman circus act or something?
Megan Boyer
Megan Boyer 3 days ago
Seneca Crane is quaking
deffnotalex 3 days ago
this is so funny im so sad i waited so long to watch it
OOF Intensifies
OOF Intensifies 3 days ago
I like how he flexes his car yet drives a pickup truck
whomst'dve 4 days ago
My mom orders 1-2+ packages from amazon a week, does this mean something
georgia lundin
georgia lundin 4 days ago
how did you edit this to seem like there are two of you?
Everett Schmidt
Everett Schmidt 4 days ago
who wins? Danny & Drew *vs.* Cody & Noel Like for cody and noel Comment for drew and danny
Alex Luessow
Alex Luessow 4 days ago
All of those cars are his but he drives an old pickup
safanah barrak
safanah barrak 4 days ago
The fact they bought Cameos for the outro is giving me life rn
Yalllouu 4 days ago
well, i broke up with HardRockNick, and have regretted it every since. directly following the break up, i contracted a mild case of homosexuality, and when i realized that all the non-caucasian women i'd dated would never measure up to HardRockNick, i murdered them all with a rock, and am now on death row, waiting for my lethal injection..
ChloChloa 4 days ago
weird flex but i really don't care
Hungryhungry Flippopotamus
No you buy
James Q
James Q 4 days ago
I love hard rock nick and just found out after a while of watching your videos I found this and I am destroyed and heart broken
Para N. Oid
Para N. Oid 4 days ago
3:23 I bet those were all true, it's just that it happened because they dated him, not because they stopped dating him.
Nabum Echalair
Nabum Echalair 4 days ago
iT's a CoMpLiMeNt To YoU :v
Ava B
Ava B 4 days ago
Nobody: Nick on his live: I didn’t rob a bank in the year 2012 on March 18 at 4:30 pm
Rad Beatz
Rad Beatz 2 days ago
I bet he'll also be like "I never took a hostage on a freeway in northwest Nevada on may 29 of 2009 from 1:22 P.M to 2:59 P.M."
_lemonzzz_ 4 days ago
Well done for having this monetised
ᖇᗩIᑎᗷOᗯ ᖇOᔕE Roddy
His car has a sticker on it that I think is a 50% off sticker
Pero H
Pero H 4 days ago
Why is he always wearing makeup
Grace King
Grace King 4 days ago
So he says he owns a bunch of Mercedes and then is in a truck 😂😂
Eliza Bean
Eliza Bean 4 days ago
my grandma lives in del mar
Sonicx24 Cool
Sonicx24 Cool 4 days ago
10:23 that voice quiver is probably because he almost got in a car wreck while he's questioning on why women won't date him lol
Extreme Spider
Extreme Spider 4 days ago
what he means is women want men who arent desired to other women which is still..... stupid... anywho gotta go get my ass eaten out and my dick sucked bye 😂😂😂
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