'The World's Best' Magician Justin Flom's iPhone Card Trick

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden welcomes magician Justin Flom, competing on The World's Best, to perform some insane card tricks that leave Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rebel Wilson and The Late Late Show audience stunned. You might want to grab a friend and a deck of cards to try one of the tricks yourself.
Watch Justin Flom's audition on The World's Best: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-p61AaG3wd20.html
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13 фев 2019




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Комментарии 3 047
yendrembam Nandira
yendrembam Nandira Час назад
it might be easy make out the trick behind the magic..but I'm sure it needs a lots of brains to make it bro!!
Looven z
Looven z Час назад
quick maths
Justin N
Justin N 23 часа назад
Taukup Stark
Taukup Stark День назад
So good
ولی ولی
ولی ولی День назад
v vivek
v vivek День назад
Never did a math in your life
Chona Bonite
Chona Bonite День назад
OMG it really works
Smitha Patil
Smitha Patil День назад
Pure maths it was last stunt!but loved d way he did it
Tucker Kofoed
Tucker Kofoed День назад
The wallet could be lens reflective he did have the light on
elek asdfk;
elek asdfk; День назад
boi wtf i-
Gacha gamer
Gacha gamer День назад
Oh my gosh it worked! I'm so surprised
Crimson День назад
Justin: “The magic will work wherever you are.” Me, at home: *excitedly grabs cards* Justin: *tears cards* Me: *puts away cards*
Learners День назад
First one was clearly planed. In second one, they send the video to editor. They edited and again send back.Again planed one.🤣😂😂😂🤣 gotcha Third one was algorithm based.,🤣
Greggymario День назад
Time traveler I see
Soapy 2712
Soapy 2712 День назад
Watch fron tje start when he is counting the deck is all aces
Soapy 2712
Soapy 2712 День назад
If anyone believes that imma pms
Asheon Arc
Asheon Arc День назад
1999C2996 День назад
.....the video on the phone was different though...
Jeysen Castillejo
Jeysen Castillejo День назад
Hahaha same.....
Broly Legendary
Broly Legendary День назад
It’s math matter people
Thanos IS DEAD
Thanos IS DEAD День назад
Devan Wescott
Devan Wescott День назад
You suck at magic it was obviously pre recorded
xGalaxy Lordx
xGalaxy Lordx День назад
My god he is good!!!😁👌🏻
Eliza 2 дня назад
What the actual WOW
The Proudest Maximilian
The Proudest Maximilian 2 дня назад
Rip the the janitor
athika samad
athika samad 2 дня назад
Omw this actually worked...I'm so shocked. Wow it's amazing. Just love this guy. Justin Flom😍❤
Ballena Mark
Ballena Mark 2 дня назад
I thought those 2 women are fucking gays now that is magic
lizzie16200ro ro
lizzie16200ro ro 2 дня назад
See i would have done the card trick with him but he said to rip ur cards in half and the only cards I have r my Friday the 13th playing cards and there was no way in hell I was ripping those up
ColdOne 2 дня назад
The last trick is just basic math...
한국에자 2 дня назад
It was all calculated Awsome!!
Ji m
Ji m 2 дня назад
Did anyone noticed priyanka hiding her card in her breast?
Imad Bajji
Imad Bajji 2 дня назад
Ok WTF just happened 3:33
Kingevers 2 дня назад
The first trick is poorly done. He clearly takes the card from a place he know where it is and not from the top of the deck. And used his hand to hide the side it was "ripped". The only thing we don't know is how the missing piece ended up in the pocket. Probably a crew member helped him with that part before the show.
tesha mauchley
tesha mauchley 2 дня назад
The card trick didn't work for me and I did it three time rip cards
Aidan Williams
Aidan Williams 2 дня назад
If u look closely at 0:50 the card was already torn he never showed the rope half of the card that he “tore” 👀👀
agnostic atheism hdjsjf GH cj
agnostic atheism hdjsjf GH cj 2 дня назад
so handsome
Squid_122 2 дня назад
Shin lim is good too
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 2 дня назад
10:14 where is her shirt from??!!!!! 😭💘
nichu VJ
nichu VJ 2 дня назад
Priyanks is here wow
Kendz Garcia-Suarez
Kendz Garcia-Suarez 2 дня назад
shut the front door
Alix Brown official
Alix Brown official 2 дня назад
Omg I tried and it worked
Ilovehamburgers girl
Ilovehamburgers girl 2 дня назад
Yooooooo... The card trick actually worked
Leanna L
Leanna L 2 дня назад
i can’t believe this guy performed magic at an event at my church a few years ago lol
Joubin Zargarbashi
Joubin Zargarbashi 2 дня назад
easy tricks
jojo Turi
jojo Turi 2 дня назад
how the fuck did he do that Damn
Room Hates
Room Hates 2 дня назад
Fuck I did it and it worked
maddiesquirrel 2 дня назад
The first trick- the card was already ripped but he is holding it so you can’t see. Puts the ripped piece somewhere when he is “ripping it” by Rebel’s ear. Ripped piece was pre placed in James’ jacket.
Shyan Khan
Shyan Khan 2 дня назад
Harry Potter has left the chat
B Ride On
B Ride On 2 дня назад
ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-bAHIeu0uqx4.html if you are soul mortal fan PUBG mobile
jenna dawnnn
jenna dawnnn 2 дня назад
justin came to my school!!
bellision 2 дня назад
Hooooly! wow... real magic!
Thejeswar Reddy Mula
Thejeswar Reddy Mula 3 дня назад
It’s not cool. It’s a childish trick designed to confuse and intrigue simpletons.
vivi kelio
vivi kelio 3 дня назад
Literally anacinv
Arven Mari Pareja
Arven Mari Pareja 3 дня назад
The last trick was so easy though!
BTS xBlackpink
BTS xBlackpink 3 дня назад
What the hell how did he do that ?
Kimberly Esparza
Kimberly Esparza 3 дня назад
Omg Justin Flom!!
Monric 5
Monric 5 3 дня назад
5:25 Card is there 3:45 Card isn't there This is a real magician, everyone
Venezuelan Sisters
Venezuelan Sisters 3 дня назад
3:28 if you look closely at rebel Wilson’s mouth 👄 she says bitch
Tyler Paik
Tyler Paik 3 дня назад
who else rewinded after he did the trick
Limitless Trading
Limitless Trading 3 дня назад
The worlds best? 😆 You mean best in America.
One Sun’s Anatomy
One Sun’s Anatomy 3 дня назад
0:51 the card was already ripped, he covered it though
YourDailyHumus 3 дня назад
Who else is looking in the comments for the answer on how he did the tricks?
Hyper_Watt День назад
Samundra Bhandari
Samundra Bhandari 3 дня назад
priyanka behaving like she got dick on her ass
BallinTheGamer 3 дня назад
If you look at the beginning the first ten cards were all ace of spades
Lily Grace Sumile
Lily Grace Sumile 3 дня назад
Ronan Gautier
Ronan Gautier 3 дня назад
Did you see him put his is in his pocket of his jacket then put something else in his back pants pocket, yeah that was another phone
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 3 дня назад
5:40 James’s response to Pryanka was legit my same response
Mataya Griffith
Mataya Griffith 3 дня назад
Mangkuklu 3 дня назад
American show with foreign host and guests!
The Emperor
The Emperor 2 дня назад
That is the true America - The land of opportunities, made by immigrants.
SAMZIRRA 3 дня назад
Uhm, the card was already torn. He faked pulling the piece off.
Aritra Mondal
Aritra Mondal 3 дня назад
Hmm there.in last one all for everyone..found that some repetition of cards...must by logically application of maths
kaitie torres
kaitie torres 3 дня назад
that indian girl is so cringey
The Emperor
The Emperor 2 дня назад
I think she is fine.
Dano Szoto
Dano Szoto 3 дня назад
this is simple magic tbh, magicians know what im talking about
Lelan sanders
Lelan sanders 3 дня назад
Its fat amy from pitch perfect
Jessica Furtado
Jessica Furtado 3 дня назад
I did it 4 times it didn’t work the last two but the first two was cool
maychan 3 дня назад
the last trick smells like some sick matematics
Sumaita Ali
Sumaita Ali 3 дня назад
Rebel's cards were blank, did anyone else notice that? The camera shows her tearing up totally blank white cards.
Sumaita Ali
Sumaita Ali 3 дня назад
Rebel's cards were blank.
Mx.05 _
Mx.05 _ 3 дня назад
"Shut the front door" 😂
Bohemian Hardy
Bohemian Hardy 3 дня назад
Blacky juk
Blacky juk 3 дня назад
over acting@priyanka chopra
Porn club official
Porn club official 3 дня назад
need serious relationship partner? if yes then you can contract here : www.fxdating.us
Zidan Mabrur
Zidan Mabrur 3 дня назад
Fuck the devil worshipers
Zidan Mabrur
Zidan Mabrur 3 дня назад
This is surely black arts
NicoPlayz 3 дня назад
wtf i tried the last trick at home and it worked
JP D 3 дня назад
He looks like Mlep‎(clay‎‎)nos from B99 😂
Saroj Jha
Saroj Jha 3 дня назад
I'm here for Priyanka Chopra only
mama papa
mama papa 3 дня назад
the first trick: he told her to choose number 9 prior to the show. he also planted the torn off piece in james's jacket prior to the show. the king of hearts was already torn. he hides the corner with his fingers. the wallet trick was that the wallet is a reflective trick wallet and it was the first card that she placed on the table which is three of diamonds. placed at the weird angle so that he can pick it up. the last trick was a math trick. there are many videos on youtube that viewers can play together with.
Freedom Anything
Freedom Anything 3 дня назад
Wow that was so AMAZING!!
gaya karam 2
gaya karam 2 3 дня назад
it didnt work
GOOD WORLD 3 дня назад
He is blessed with god
BEYOND the Scenes
BEYOND the Scenes 4 дня назад
Holy shit
Vivien Madlen
Vivien Madlen 4 дня назад
Wow that wallet phone thing... Is kinda shin lims thing 🙄
Leticia Soto
Leticia Soto 4 дня назад
Any one else get scared watching magicians this good !
itsFIFFY N 4 дня назад
mine didnt work ..not at all😂when he said everyone at home can also do this..i ran to my bedroom and open a box of new card..when he said rip them of..i was like OUH NO..MY CARD IS A PLASTIC CARD😂😂😂
One direction Forever
One direction Forever 2 дня назад
itsFIFFY N sameeee
Bongo cat
Bongo cat 4 дня назад
He had gone, “ZA WURLDO” at the time and put the 3 of diamonds into the wallet
SomeWeirdKid 3 дня назад
Jojo reference HAHAHAH
kidink0djillwill 4 дня назад
This guy is weak sauce
Texans 56
Texans 56 4 дня назад
Just saying someone could've photo shoped a card in it on the phone because they were messing with the phone
Bas Ti
Bas Ti 4 дня назад
You mean Shin Lim?
NathanRW 4 дня назад
The FORCE is strong with Justin int the first card trick.
Kurtis Oxley
Kurtis Oxley 4 дня назад
Well that was easy, at the start, he counted cards from the back, then on 'the number' he took it from the front, so doesnt matter what number she picked. Pen and Teller would pull this guy apart :P
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