The World’s Worst Liar (“The Usual Suspects” Parody) - Key & Peele

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A detective has a hell of a time wringing the truth out of a strangely calm suspect.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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Nov 11, 2019




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Comments 2 237
cool guy
cool guy 9 minutes ago
Kevin spacey
Maxwell Walters
Maxwell Walters 12 hours ago
I died laughing
Michelle Henderson
Michelle Henderson 14 hours ago
Genius! True geniuses!
Chelsey Olalde
Chelsey Olalde 16 hours ago
Why’s he using his Twilight Zone voice
JWS Gilliland
JWS Gilliland 20 hours ago
His name was “Keyser Soze”.....Hang in There
Landon Kauffman
Landon Kauffman 23 hours ago
He's such a God acter
Trash Cat
Trash Cat Day ago
The Unusual Suspects
Keko Jones
Keko Jones 2 days ago
Mr Meow 😺
spookym123 2 days ago
"Baldy Tall Man Coffee Coop."
Petra Paulina Emotera
His hair looks like Vageta
ETTEM 2 days ago
"It was a chinese guy called Mr... Meow" *AWHH WHAT A WONDERFUL START OF THE CONFESSION*
DillyC_11 2 days ago
Destroyer of Worlds
"What happened on March 15th?" Me: Caesar was stabbed!
Da Chop Up
Da Chop Up 2 days ago
Bruh their plot twist are pure GENIUS!!! 😄
Mr. Dhruv
Mr. Dhruv 3 days ago
Why is there a picture of cat hanging on a branch hanging on the wall in his office?
tenup Day ago
Its psychological welfare.
kaiserstan 3 days ago
My god, that twist is freaking funny. Love 😍 you guys
Pierre Harris
Pierre Harris 3 days ago
Bro their hair pieces be so funny
Jeromey Klein
Jeromey Klein 3 days ago
This was a rip off of the dictator
butta1080 3 days ago
They are really too good. Only two guys doing all those characters. Jordan is too talented.
Lloyd Albinio Gasper
Please no...
jose deleon
jose deleon 4 days ago
I like how he's so blah lol
Prashant D
Prashant D 4 days ago
Squidward asmr
Prashant D coulda said purrfect
Chhavi Pareek
Chhavi Pareek 4 days ago
"Do not say POSTER and CAT." "CATPOSTER"
I'm changing my name to Hangman Justincats Poster.
The Englishman
The Englishman 5 days ago
Top 10 anime plot twists of all time
Ian Auck
Ian Auck 5 days ago
You hang in ther. ZING!
JoeyBadAzz 6 days ago
Their acting makes me uncomfortable but they're so good 😂
wyatt Rickard
wyatt Rickard 6 days ago
The guys name is carter Finley like NC states stadium
The GameRoom
The GameRoom 6 days ago
He does a good Kevin Spacy impression
Edges & Hairstyles
March 14th is my b-day by the way 😊
VoiceOfMichael 7 days ago
am i having a stroke or did i see this years ago
- khushi
- khushi 2 days ago
I came here to rewatch
solo mays
solo mays 3 days ago
Your having a stroke.
ippolea 3 days ago
They are reuploading on his own channel, something with Comedy Central issues I guess.
Marina Ashley
Marina Ashley 5 days ago
They re-upload their old videos a lot
jj perdiue
jj perdiue 7 days ago
march 15 from julius caesar
Mateo Lucero
Mateo Lucero 7 days ago
His name was BALDY-TALL MAN, ANGRY-coupe! Hahahaha
Nikodim Zafirovski
Commenting on every video I see part 798
Logan Craig
Logan Craig 8 days ago
Biggest plot twist of the decade
kilroy540 -_-
kilroy540 -_- 8 days ago
Cat poster
Nn Dd
Nn Dd 9 days ago
The Paw and Poster
H Begum
H Begum 9 days ago
Dude, spoilers for Usual Suspects!!
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