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You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.


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Oct 31, 2019




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Comments 100
Tanooj Mitra
Tanooj Mitra 7 hours ago
Guys I have not watched the show. Is it at good as Game of Thrones season 1?
bananaslol1 6 hours ago
Yes!!!! But better. Less intelligent and legendary but almost just as good with its own qualities
vαмρɪяє нυиτєя ツ
The season one was amazing waiting for season two
Jum Hed
Jum Hed Day ago
Does this follow the books or the game?
Jesse Jauga dogari
Thanks to blitzhack on Instagram I can watch my favorite series on Netflix for free
Sylvia Godsmith
Sylvia Godsmith 3 days ago
The music used for trailer is epic and fit absolutely perfect with the feels of it. Am still trying to find it. What's this version?❤
Abhishek 3 days ago
This guy has good fitness & acting skills. Why not he is trying for a Superhero Role in Marvel's !!!!
Thunder Poke
Thunder Poke 3 days ago
Waiting for S2
beasthunterr 4 days ago
The Hound form Game of Thrones should be eskel 👍👍
Bakugan Hantaman
Bakugan Hantaman 4 days ago
0:30 What were they doing when superman talked to her ?
Bakugan Hantaman
Bakugan Hantaman 4 days ago
Superman join this chat
Melody Catulay Ching
As much as i love Henry Cavill, i'd honestly say that i didn't really like everything about it personally and really thought it was soo boring and may not watch the sycceeding seasons✌️😅 anyways, looking forward for more from henry😍🤩
Legendary God!
Legendary God! 5 days ago
1:10 epic theme.
Catalin Zgortea
Catalin Zgortea 5 days ago
There will bever be a better actor to play Geralt of Rivia. Henry Cavill is Geralt as Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow
Sylvia Godsmith
Sylvia Godsmith 3 days ago
You just said my mind! 👍
Hamza Ihmidan
Hamza Ihmidan 5 days ago
I see these free
BoredYT User
BoredYT User 6 days ago
nobody: my dumbass self: *_SUPERMAN THOR SUPERMAN THOR_*
muh bahdar
muh bahdar 6 days ago
I bet when the people who never knew what the witcher is searched "is the main character albino?"
i know exactly who you are
This show deserves an Emmy nomination at the very least
Softym 7 days ago
I imagined the thug at 0:19 saying "Your mother sucks dwarf cock" and I was a bit disappointed he didn't :D
Connor Mcleod
Connor Mcleod 8 days ago
This more than made up for got s8
Mir Ali Seyyedi Sahebari
I watched till the 4th episode . It was trash
DailyMental 8 days ago
that ass shot at 0:04 must be deliberate :D
Sebastian Bellarmino
MEDIOCRE ACTING by cavill and the rest of the cast!
Gamers Home
Gamers Home 2 days ago
Said no one ever
Lillie Evans
Lillie Evans 10 days ago
he looks like dracos dad
subalofficial Vlogs
One of the best series in Netflix 😍❤️
Grikzang N Marak
Grikzang N Marak 10 days ago
Any vampr diaries, the originals fan🖐
İrfan Yıldız
İrfan Yıldız 11 days ago
0.33 song?
Fakhr e Alam
Fakhr e Alam 11 days ago
Shit 🖕🖕🖕
mariama boumia
mariama boumia 11 days ago
Perfect shin witcher
Mustamira Alvaseryo
Is he the granddaddy of daenery's targaryen?
Three Jackdaws
Three Jackdaws 12 days ago
Peaple rushing to every vedio that critics the show already disliking it before watching , no respect for other people's opinions , they want to force you to like it , angry infantile fanbois and fangirls roaming like a plague on every platform, its sad to see what out generation has turned out to be , another vedio I watched that said the series is trash was taken down in a heart beat, because it spoke badly yet truly of feminism and diversity , criticising even critics and journalists , like you know better , like the only truth that exists is the truth you know , enjoy watching the shit netflix gives you and I promise shit is all they ever ganna provide
M DB 12 days ago
The diversity hiring makes this show looks unauthentic. Black people in a medieval Eastern European setting??? Come on.. Why not include some Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Latino's as well? Why do the actors got to be BLACK?
Tareon Finhorn
Tareon Finhorn 13 days ago
Netflix, I am a Witcher fan and you have dissapointed me greatly. Books - great. Games - fantastic. Series - trash. Goodbye Netflix subscription.
SlCKB0Y 13 days ago
Henry is making me reconsider this whole heterosexual decision ...
Gülenay Keleş
Gülenay Keleş 10 days ago
lol 😂
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 14 days ago
Terrible series, youtube fan series level acting, trash writing, despicable casting and a complete abhorrent attempt at mimicking a great series of books and games.
BB C 14 days ago
@BroodRooster I love him too.
BroodRooster 14 days ago
The only thing you love more than the Witcher series on Netflix is BBC. Known fact. S0ul Falls Again
jack tank
jack tank 14 days ago
Why just one sword on his back?
Quiet Wolf
Quiet Wolf 13 days ago
That's how it is in the books, the two sword on the back is just for the games.
Ricardo Montaño
Ricardo Montaño 15 days ago
Need the 4K Blu-ray of this show already!!
dot 15 days ago
still no gwent
Doody C.
Doody C. 16 days ago
How I love the show H.C. did the dam thang
Ethan Sylliboy
Ethan Sylliboy 16 days ago
this show looks awesome
nam le
nam le 17 days ago
Angelo Bautista
Angelo Bautista 17 days ago
Done watching 1st season. I can say only few can understand this kind of program...
Sanket Motling
Sanket Motling 19 days ago
When I started watching the series it felt kinda weird cuz I was expecting dialogue options to pop up, donno why
ICE & FIRE 19 days ago
This show is like GoT s7....not s8
Артем Кузьменко
Henry Cavill very cool in this tv show. His character should have a lot more screen time than these ugly sorceress
sandilya bukkapatnam tpaHhjuqk
Wowww it's like a dream story👍👍👍👍
King Lynel
King Lynel 22 days ago
Lambert, Lambert what a prick
William Valentine
William Valentine 22 days ago
sir icke, all of/everything about nilfgaard(especially the armor) and Ciri's story sucked in season 1 PLEASE FIX THAT SHIT NETFLIX
sunyoung Kim
sunyoung Kim 22 days ago
let's play
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata 24 days ago
muhammad, to the tarmac too slow :D
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata 24 days ago
November bitches!
Chirag Desai
Chirag Desai 25 days ago
My brain :- let's watch trailer My Eyes :- no read comments Me :- up down up down
Chirag Desai
Chirag Desai 24 days ago
@Karak Coffee ?
Karak Coffee
Karak Coffee 24 days ago
Watch it
shwah faruk abdul
shwah faruk abdul 25 days ago
Please tell me the witcher season 2 release date
elving osma
elving osma 25 days ago
Regina Hildegard-Kontakt
Hadil Bouderbala
Hadil Bouderbala 27 days ago
Random Things
Random Things 27 days ago
_Just finished the whole series_ Loved the *Past,present and future* timeline concept. But they should colore grade more, I mean it looked average cinematography.. Last but not the least, *WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THAT MUCH NUDITY!!!* 😒
Michael Rytkiewitcz
why is there no polish voice output? i can see it in german french english and in many other languages ​​but not in polish. Why? There schould be one. Is it like this because i'm in austria or what?
TheBartFart 27 days ago
Not in U.S either
black burst
black burst 28 days ago
now geralt is a pc master race
جعفر الجنابي
هل من عراقي
Kaido _ Sama
Kaido _ Sama 20 days ago
موجود اني اقلك كيف نشترك عن طريق نتفلكس اريد اشترك عن طريق كارت دولارات
N Flores
N Flores 29 days ago
Season 2 go!
minjae lee
minjae lee Month ago
Sylla Bear
Sylla Bear Month ago
dont let him free farming, i'll take that chance
Used Paper Towel
*will my tv explode if I watch this?*
Matt S
Matt S Month ago
Why is he wearing a Vauxhall badge as necklace?
Under Droner
Under Droner Month ago
Srijal Shrestha
Srijal Shrestha Month ago
Love this show need season 2 fast
Jay Witting
Jay Witting Month ago
Whoever thinks this is actually medieval and traditional should go suck a refugee
gregoria andrea
gregoria andrea Month ago
Riyas Sajeed
Riyas Sajeed Month ago
Looks like targareyan
chanti 999
chanti 999 Month ago
Can ,Netflix reveal that when witcher season 2,Is going to be released..eagerly waiting to watch it🥳🥳🥳
Rohit Das
Rohit Das Month ago
When will witcher season 2 release??
Ēagle Gaming
Ēagle Gaming Month ago
season 2 releasin date ???
Harry Turner
Harry Turner Month ago
Just felt like it was trying to hard to be game of thrones and failed miserably
Gabriel Month ago
Winds howling, medallions humming, must be a place of power, it’s gotta be
Dada Djukic
Dada Djukic Month ago
Aaaand now I'm addicted...
Alexandre Jouan
Alexandre Jouan Month ago
Brolandian Viking
I'm gonna tell my kids, this is Rhaegar tagaryen😂
Ahmet Tolga Koç
Poor cast,poor acting it's just disappointed.
peter pwn
peter pwn Month ago
what a great oppurtinity this show missed so badly.... one of the best books and stories ever written, the games tried it but created a different stuff altogether, which they accomplished, tho you miss the books during it, but at least that is an artform that accomplished what it wanted and has amazing depth and vibe, but this series is literally a disaster... the trailer was so good made me waiting it so badly... and god what a mess it was, with poor script and poor acting
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming Month ago
The Sword Of Destiny main theme goes so well with this trailer...Guys TRY IT!!! You won't be disappointed!!
henry julius
henry julius Month ago
The timeline shifting a bit confusing..
Dishu Month ago
Too adult stuff in this series you cant watch it in your living room sadly
Brolandian Viking
Ya same I agree. I only managed to finish 3 episodes in my living room without being caught by my parents. After this I stopped watching witcher. (btw the show is good but too much of the adult content ruined it)
Kwd Month ago
I miss this show
Billy Jean Files
Just watched this, it was bad. Juat watched this, with my keyboard mouse in my hand, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Kamal J
Kamal J Month ago
Hollywood should reach heights, and let bollywood get destroyed, iam saying this because most of Hollywood films represents science and fiction and it also adapts concepts from Hindu Vedas ! Hollywood and Christianity should preserve because it is far more better than bollywood. This is the irony of our country, bollywood make films in India but they are hindu phobic, but Hollywood make films in foreign land, yet they are cultured and respect our hinduism.May south Indian films and Hollywood achieve more success and I pray that bollywood gets destroyed for stealing a gem from us.
In God We Trust
In God We Trust Month ago
Big fan of the game. I was skeptical of the show for a long time, as so often an adaptation of a book or otherwise doesn’t live up to its namesake in filmography. Especially you get to know a character, but what you see on screen is someone completely different. But just started watching and very pleasantly surprised that they have adapted it so well to the screen. Henry Cavill in particular deserves commendation for his role as Geralt. Apparently he’s played the game himself, and shows. The voice acting is indistinguishable to the point I had to google if it was the same person. The same soundtracks in the game are utilised throughout the season, and the atmosphere of a Temerian village or a Nilfgaardian court that was so well created while playing is recreated on screen. Fans of the games will not leave disappointed. I would definitely recommend. 👍
kyvalda 1337
kyvalda 1337 Month ago
this story is connected with Slavic mythology, why do blacks play there?????
ガリオス Month ago
that's 'Murica for you. Politically correct racial quotas for everything.
Mayank Aggarwal
Mayank Aggarwal Month ago
Season 2 bhi aayega kya
A Paul
A Paul Month ago
This is just awesome..... Far better than GOT........ The Hindi dub is also awesome...! No any comparison
alysha kelley
alysha kelley Month ago
Henry cavil😍😍😍
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight Month ago
Clark Kent to Geralt
Hate the game but I love the show.
A Paul
A Paul Month ago
This is awesome..... :-$
Doogii Month ago
Такая параша👎
sean g973
sean g973 Month ago
Geralt of Rivia vs Aragorn of Gondor
A WA Month ago
cant wait for season 2!
C.C Month ago
IMO although I enjoy Anya's acting I still think Bitsie Tulloch would be a better Yen looks, voice and acting wise when Ashley Greene would be better as Triss, again, looks and voice wise especially with redish hair.
GREGOR VL Month ago
Сериал конечно конкретное дерьмо , негры и рыцари и эльфы ,это пиздец , бутафорская броня северян , сырные доспехи нильфгаарда это вообще отдельный разговор 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Qadeer Khan
Qadeer Khan Month ago
Please we need update for season 2
jahed sheaik
jahed sheaik Month ago
Amazing i love this series
Rahul John
Rahul John Month ago
I want to see O'Dimm.
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