The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You

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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Boys, we made it. #50 on trending! 🔥🔥
Outdatednelle 7 days ago
And girls💀
OZA DAGOAT 3 months ago
JxmyHighroller how do I make vids like you I really want to but I don’t want to get copyrighted or plagiarism help
Static_fizzo 4 months ago
Mantorras Montquilla
yao ming for china money and sell their asses to china no surprises there
4.5 Ballers
4.5 Ballers 8 months ago
Zack Rodriguez
Zack Rodriguez 14 hours ago
I’m not a fan of lebron whatsoever but that ending...that’s really impressive
Don Lee
Don Lee Day ago
The Draymond Green win rate didn't last long.
Joash Negi
Joash Negi 2 days ago
So there's people who have a higher perfect score in the finals. But people still call MJ the goat. I mean the ring arguement is the biggest one they give when comparing LeBron and MJ. So why don't they consider Bill Russel's 11 rings? What about Wilt Chamberlain?
Aryan Kaushik
Aryan Kaushik 3 days ago
What variable are you plotting on the x-axis? (Consecutive Double-digit scoring games)
ggarcon89 3 days ago
Well, fuckin' shit
Velha Guarda Tricolor
6:55 Shit Floats!!!
Yannick 3 days ago
There is a simple explanation for Yao Ming's quick introduction to the hall of fame: Chinese tourists.
DocNintendo 4 days ago
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera 4 days ago
This year tanked Dryaymonds record
Modern Nostalgia
Modern Nostalgia 4 days ago
I’m back here for the old theme music lol
Dima Дима Puto
I love all these LeBron James facts. To me they show that LeBron James is not the best player ever. All these amazing stats and for what 3-6 record in the finals. Why did he LOSE 6 times in the biggest moments of his life. Because Lebron James didn't have enough help, or didn't have a good coach,gm, or owner. Maybe he wasn't his mentally ready. That happens to every player, but it's those trials and tribulations that a player has to transcend in order to win. You cannot say LeBron James is the best player when he won the majority of his games by happen stance. Jordan never went to game 7 in the finals.But because the games and series finals for LeBron have been so closer so they are seen as bigger accomplishments. Which leads people to believe in the hype. Enjoy the sauce. On top of that if you the best player in the lead why are you down 3-1 in the finals in the first place. You can't compare eras but you can compare winners.
Brave Fart
Brave Fart 5 days ago
REGULAR SEASONS.. If you included playoffs LBJ got 2 single-digit scoring during those double digit regular season run. 7pts in 2014 ECF game and in the 2011 finals- 8 points in 45 mins vs Dallas.
Shadow Jenkins
Shadow Jenkins 5 days ago
Yeah you see, there are two problems with the end. 1 It took LeBron 4 more years than Jordan to get just above him. 2 that is basically the ONLY stat that LeBron had over Jordan. This video has aged terribly. Below is the real video that shuts off any LeBron Vs Jordan debate. ruvid.net/video/video-tl3mR6eoEa8.html
Shelby Fisher
Shelby Fisher 6 days ago
Joel was doing a hell of a lot more than running back and forth. Ever hear of screens and defense?
Samrajya Basnet
Samrajya Basnet 6 days ago
that physically ill line got me
Ja Momma
Ja Momma 6 days ago
the ending made me yell the biggest, "OOOhHHHH OK"
CocoFlacko 7 days ago
That LeBron guy is pretty good at basketball
William Santana
William Santana 8 days ago
I remember being young and and watching a game against chicago and new york on nbc. I remember rookies complaining about michael jordan made more in one game then they did for the year. Back then was crazy
ilan mislovic
ilan mislovic 9 days ago
shouldn't wilt be on that list at the end???!!!
Tomer Winberg
Tomer Winberg 9 days ago
Fixundfertig1 9 days ago
Man, I feel bad for Donkey Green :(
German Major Sgt Riflemen
lebron has 959 so far.
Eric Macody Lund
Eric Macody Lund 10 days ago
4:33 Where Scotty at? ;(
Your Grandpa
Your Grandpa 10 days ago
I’m this close to beating the shit out of you for adding that end chart
ThatKid- Dakota32
ThatKid- Dakota32 11 days ago
Pete averaging 13 3s a game isn’t all that surprising he was a great shooter and back in those days they wouldn’t defend deep shots as much because the style of play was different they were prepared for the drive and the lack of the 3 point line just makes it a bad shot in those days
Logan Patterson
Logan Patterson 11 days ago
But didnt he say in the previous fact that it was because Michael was injured? ... why people acting like its a lebron flex. Its cause Jordan stopped playing in one game lol If he played then all of his games=more than lebrons streak since Michael only didnt do it in 1 game xD people funny man
Strip4Ace 11 days ago
I hate dat his background music got ruined by tiktok, anotha good song gone 😥
Azor Pazcoguin
Azor Pazcoguin 12 days ago
I hate this intro
Lupko Pot
Lupko Pot 13 days ago
These bedtime stories are amazing
Ethereal Synchronicity444
It's all in the delivery..."I mean I got love for Draymond BUT..." PMSL! Subscribed.
Braloha 14 days ago
Who misses the trap sax
Michael Demario
Michael Demario 14 days ago
i love mj
Judene Nwaojigba
Judene Nwaojigba 14 days ago
Oop, double negative... 0:39
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews 15 days ago
That first fact is basic statistics. Every year 30 guys make it the finals. Half of them will win and many will never go back again.
John Alexander Lagman
I don't encourage Westbrook's tripple doubles because most of his rebounds are scripted!!
Pokey Ua
Pokey Ua 15 days ago
Yao made it into HOF quick cuz NBA is on China's jock. You're welcome.
James Gibbs III
James Gibbs III 15 days ago
Wow! Great post! :-)
Khabib Nurmegedov
Khabib Nurmegedov 15 days ago
How many games played by d green
Tommy Gianiodis
Tommy Gianiodis 15 days ago
About LeBrons playoff points and no shade being thrown, but while Jordan was in the league he played in best of 5 series for the first round at least for part of his career.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 16 days ago
Draymond a walking legend
Johnny Wallace
Johnny Wallace 16 days ago
I wish I could be your voice
Lepe 16 days ago
11:31 - "Huge accomplishment from a huge guy". How is it an accomplishment that other people voted for you to get inducted into HoF faster? Nothing against Yao Ming, but they clearly did this to appease the Chinese owners of the NBA.
Aaron Meade
Aaron Meade 16 days ago
Everyone forgets those 8 pts lebron had in the finals. I know the record doesn't count that but come on..
Aaron Jenkins
Aaron Jenkins 16 days ago
Not to take anything away from LeBron but of course he would have more double digit games than MJ. He played 2 years (at the time of this recording) longer than MJ. That’s 164 more games not even including playoffs and finals.
Aaron Jenkins
Aaron Jenkins 16 days ago
Not to take anything away from LeBron but of course he would have more double digit games than MJ. He played 2 years (at the time of this recording) longer than MJ. That’s 164 more games not even including playoffs and finals.
Aba Talib
Aba Talib 16 days ago
Man fuck lebron
ashim shrestha
ashim shrestha 18 days ago
I was shocked that Lebron was not mentioned at double-figure point streak and then came the ending.
DrDomich 19 days ago
That Yao Ming thing is simple as a pimple - China is a big market. So, no great feat of his. But I understand, you're only 23. It's ok.
romainthblt 19 days ago
66% vs 62%: that's not 4% better, that's 4 percentage points better.
YaBoyTroy357 19 days ago
If you noticed, LeBrons streak was 2 games less than Jordan’s whole career. That’s consistency right there
Fotis Kontos
Fotis Kontos 19 days ago
Kobe is going to also be inducted in the hall of fame 4 yrs after his retirement
Kyler Tucker
Kyler Tucker 19 days ago
Great content! The low key LeBron bit at the end was rad!
3loaded 19 days ago
who else been watching old jimmy videos during quarantine😭
Sebastian 3
Sebastian 3 19 days ago
I miss that intro
newyorkblo0d 19 days ago
Everyone's talking about the ending (rightfully so) but check out the timing @ 7:18
Mzee1084 20 days ago
Lebron scoring so many points in the playoffs is a testament to how much his teams struggled to win since they had to go to 6 or 7 games so frequently.
Vic Crown
Vic Crown 20 days ago
I miss when the NBA used to be good
Maxmillian200HP 20 days ago
Where's part 5 you fucking turtle?!
youngchris111 20 days ago
what's Draymond's winning rate now??Asking for a friend lol
Khotta Bogard
Khotta Bogard 20 days ago
James Truth
James Truth 20 days ago
Now Draymond Green is leading the warriors...all I can say is he's just lucky to have those numbers.
Lawd Asa
Lawd Asa 20 days ago
AkA Delta
AkA Delta 20 days ago
What about wilt
Daysean TV
Daysean TV 21 day ago
It freaked me the hell out when I saw that boy lebron have more games than Jordan I was like yo wtf and I started rolling on the floor and I had the chills at 13:01
Darkcruzer23 21 day ago
i like joel anthony. i felt like he was a big help for miami. i cant help but feel bad for those stat lines.
C a gruff jd Tuthchs
Lebron < Michael jordan
Rahu Singh
Rahu Singh 21 day ago
One name is still missing from that list. Chamberlain
TheLZisTooHot 22 days ago
And how many championships per 1,000 playoff points does LeBron actually have?
Ben Drew
Ben Drew 22 days ago
Lebron has played way more games than jordan so not surprising at all...
kukurokocchi 22 days ago
Lebron played more games than MJ before tying or even surpassing MJ's points. Plus, Michael never played a lot of 7 games in a series. In addition to that, when he was winning in the 90s' he also didn't played a lot of games that are pushed in 7 games. MJ is the only player to ever average 33ppg in the playoffs No other player has averaged 30.
Earl Maglalang
Earl Maglalang 24 days ago
Draymond Green: sike, not anymore
dat boi
dat boi 24 days ago
i guess draymonds winning % isnt the best anymore
BEAR 24 days ago
All I gotta say is one thing......LeBron
Carl Patrick Ragas
Carl Patrick Ragas 26 days ago
Everyone is mindblown of LeBron's streak of double digit points but wasted a long stretch of career losing in finals. The efforts are always in vain
Cole Kampa
Cole Kampa 26 days ago
Good video
NOW I KNOW 27 days ago
R.I.P. Kobe
Dylan Crees
Dylan Crees 27 days ago
What’s the intro music??
Theo G
Theo G 28 days ago
Jordan still the best player.
Jake 28 days ago
Yo somebody pull up that game of Joel anthony😂
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