The wild comeback finish to the 2000 Lakers-Blazers playoff series deserves a deep rewind

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Before there was a Lakers dynasty, there was a crucial moment in the final minute of Game 7 of LA's 2000 Western Conference Finals series against the Portland Trail Blazers. And before THAT, there was ... so much important background and context.
This episode of Rewinder covers what came before the moment. That includes the collapse of the Chicago Bulls dynasty that began after their third title in 1998. That includes the rise of Kobe and Shaq, their run through the 2000 playoffs, and the big lead the Lakers had in this series. It includes the fully formed Blazers Megatron, and their comeback from a 3-1 deficit. It includes a lot of whistles, and a tremendous fourth-quarter collapse.
The moment that punctuates all this is iconic, and to truly appreciate it, you've gotta rewind.
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Dec 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Portland Trail Blazers
you didn't have to post this
Asher worcester
@primetime858moneymay there good
Jeff's Place
Jeff's Place 4 days ago
Soo no one is gonna Mention Larry David
Jko Taylor
Jko Taylor 20 days ago
Trailblazers haven't been right since game 7 in 2000
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges 27 days ago
Bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Whoever runs this account is the goat
sankalp nanda
sankalp nanda Month ago
Hahaha this is great 👏👏👏
Rayn Summer
Rayn Summer 2 days ago
sad but refs gave lakers this one horrible pippen would of had 7 rings but threw adversity he crumbled jordan would of won regardless
Orlando Pudding
Orlando Pudding 7 days ago
collapsed 1998 bulls
Whereyahidin 8 days ago
“Unanimous MVP....SORRY ALMOST UNANIMOUS MVP!!!!” *Steph laughs*
ArroyoVideo 9 days ago
well done! One of my favorite sports moments ever!
Russell Wise
Russell Wise 16 days ago
Portland Trail Blazers!
wolfpacsyxx 18 days ago
It’s clear the refs allowed them to win bs
Maybach Rob
Maybach Rob 18 days ago
Sheed was bad man
M ALLEN 19 days ago
Wow an era when the final score of the game were only double digits! Competition was tough then
Shaq is so overrated. So much bad officiating went his way...
ConnectedSims23 21 day ago
The 1988 Lakers-Pistons phantom foul deserves a deep rewind
Patrick Hoisington
Patrick Hoisington 27 days ago
This and the 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals have always been very iffy to me. I don't think the NBA has ever liked a small market team as champions, because it doesn't build the NBA brand like a big market team does. This is where Stern/Silver and myself, have different views nothing comes before the sport, not even revenue.
Ivan Santana
Ivan Santana 29 days ago
Refs... they def decided this
Floyd 972
Floyd 972 Month ago
Anybody want to talk about how Tim Donaghy, the disgraced referee who served time in jail for altering playoffs games, when confessing his own sins and those of others. This game (game 7 of the Portland laker series) he claims that after watching the whole game, he said the 4th quarter was severely tampered by referee interference resulting in a Laker comeback. Pretty crazy story, guy really tampered/exposed tampering in the NBA...
josie 111
josie 111 Month ago
fuxk these refs
Alex Hagan
Alex Hagan Month ago
The Shaw-Shaq Redemption
Jake Thrash
Jake Thrash Month ago
Make a rewind on reggie Miller's 8 points in 9 seconds
Zhuoran Li
Zhuoran Li Month ago
Today is the 20th anniversary...
Vivekananda Joshi
When he said Steve Smith I immediately thought sandpaper. If you get that reference you are a legend
tkokesh Month ago
This was Kobe’s fourth year in the league, and it was his third year as an All-Star. People forget that Kobe was voted in in his second year, even though he was coming off the Lakers’ bench at the time.
serpico Month ago
OF COURSE the foul wasn't called. refs rigged this and 2002 series in the Lakers favor. Kobe is lucky his sorry ass won a title without Shaq. otherwise his legacy would be HIGHLY questionable.
Alex Sanders
Alex Sanders Month ago
Oh man. Whenever I revisit the Shaq championship years, I'm always reminded how much I hated watching a lot of those games. Shaq just slowed the game down and the officiating was annoying. Even if foul calls were justified, it just became boring for me. I liked the Kobe-Gasol Lakers much more.
Last Mohican
Last Mohican Month ago
Another example of how we only remember when Kobe shows up.
xElNinoo Month ago
So the officiating doesn't seem to be at the level of barbarity as it was in the 2002 WCF vs Sacramento. Doesn't look great though.
Christopher Diaz, PhD
I watched this game from start to finish at the Hooters in downtown Dallas as the ONLY Laker fan in the restaurant. IT WAS AWESOME, lol.
Josh Mayer
Josh Mayer Month ago
Hate to admit it but the refs were a factor to let my Lakers win...
Anthony Kerkett
Anthony Kerkett Month ago
The refs bailed the Lakers out.
Isreal Stonesman
As an LA fan, I don’t see any discrepancies about the officiating. 🙈😂
Cristian Chavez
Cristian Chavez Month ago
The eagles 2017 Super Bowl run deserves a deep dive
Attest411 Month ago
The NBA IS A business. It’s all fixed.
Matthieu H.
Matthieu H. Month ago
1:53 Wow Sheed's hands were actually really small, I knew they were, but never knew they were that small
N1C0YA Month ago
Good ass video bro!!!!
John Locke
John Locke Month ago
That Blazers team was stupid deep. Way better than LA. Too bad Stern wanted a Jordan replacement.
Goku Baller
Goku Baller Month ago
Once again pippen got screwed by the refs against a high market team just like he did back in 94 against another high market team - knicks
I remember watching this game and couldn't believe such a pathetic 4th quarter by the Supersonics. Scottie Pippen should have taken more shots and proven he was a leader and finisher.
@Jaime Pereira You're right - I meant the Trailblazers, not the Supersonics
Jaime Pereira
Jaime Pereira 28 days ago
By the super Sonics?? Are you watching the right videos
Ryan Patrick
Ryan Patrick Month ago
The refs put their company men on the court to ensure the lakers got the help they needed. Through the whole series it was these old fossils officiating. They knew that if they got Sabonis out of the game, that Grant could not guard him, especially if he too was in foul trouble. The foul Steve Smith was pretty much the NBA saying "yeah we did this, and we don't care if it is obvious". They needed a dynasty, and Portland had too many older stars that would not make a good one for NBA execs, even though Portland was the most talented for that year.
A Sherm
A Sherm Month ago
this series was rigged
Alex Mathew Mendoza
I didn't realize how many tragic moments litter the Trail Blazers' history books. Goodness gracious.
Admin Fire
Admin Fire Month ago
If Pippen led this team to a championship, Skip Bayless would never disrespect him like he does
Greg Levine
Greg Levine Month ago
Obama ⛳ 8x more than George W
Cj Bixby
Cj Bixby Month ago
I'm a Celtics fan but I was rooting so hard for the blazers plus Rasheed is one of my favorite players I was so mad
Brandon Pederson
How bout that 2020 Title run Lakers
Charis Glaze
Charis Glaze Month ago
TheWriterNW Month ago
This game still haunts me. NBA is clearly fixed and it has only gotten worse as time has gone on. I call for a independent investigation! Jdjdjttkofocockf!!!
Jay Alston
Jay Alston Month ago
So the officials knew, the viewers knew but Kobe won't say the league gifted them this series along with the Sacremento series. 2 rings with asterisk - hmm. Kobe the great.
Mr. Nice Watch
Mr. Nice Watch Month ago
That instrumental in the background is disgusting
TruthTella2 Month ago
The last time pippen was relevant...
Cakes Month ago
if anyone TRULY remembers this, the REFS CHEATED the BLAZERS. This was back when the refs also CHEATED the KINGS out of the playoffs. The KINGS were on FIRE for years to come, but would get cheated out left and right and this is when the now jailed ref, Tom D. was reffing who BETTED on his OWN games in which he REFFED THESE.
Misael Martinez
Misael Martinez Month ago
Those Laker wins were all rigged
Carushow 8 days ago
😂😂 I guess missing 13 out of 14 shots is rigged
blobcity Month ago
WalterDiamond Month ago
My 1984 Camry died on my way to Colorado this very day.
Tony Trees
Tony Trees Month ago
Yeah the lakers were handed more than they won
Brandon Russell
Brandon Russell Month ago
Ik im not the only one that thinks the tap rewinder looks like a convertible
Jake Month ago
Never saw it live but it’s crazy how loud the crowd is when Shaw throws it down.
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar Month ago
Pippen would have a championship without jordan!!!
Dusty Grady
Dusty Grady Month ago
Scottie Pippen was a proven loser after this. He ended his career as a joke
Mac Dreezy
Mac Dreezy Month ago
The officiating was lousy in this series....Wow, has times changed...
Moe Snert
Moe Snert Month ago
I lost interest in the nba by this time. Jordan's years with the bulls were the best
Vitor Redes
Vitor Redes Month ago
Your way to tell this stories is amazing
raydn23 Month ago
Was so pissed when this happened. Lol. Rip Kobe.
Dave Ibanson
Dave Ibanson Month ago
Although the 1/13 matters, I think the real crucial moment came when Sabonis fouled out. From that moment on...Shaq was unstopable.
Mark Anthony Granados
They added too many players for the 1999-2000 season that they lost some of the chemistry of the 1998-1999 season. Brian Grant and Stacey Augmon became lesser factors. There was really no need to add Steve Smith and Detlef. Adding just Pippen was good enough.
Krishna S
Krishna S Month ago
lmao 'basketball is best, if you don't notice the refs' couldn't agree more
Jacob Celmer
Jacob Celmer Month ago
Lakers getting favorable officiating during their three-peat what a shocker...
Lachness Month ago
Tim Donaghy is a notorious criminal and degenerate gambler. He got banished from the league and did time I believe for his blatant rigged officiating which he did in this series and many others. You failed to mention that Jon Bois.
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm Month ago
Sure, if you can call almost losing a 3-1 series lead an “impressive comeback”
GeniusEngineer Month ago
The biggest wonder to me is if the Bulls had stayed together for another couple of years we probably could’ve had Bulls and Lakers in the 2000 Finals. Jordan vs Kobe. Only if...
Investment talk
Investment talk Month ago
That's why i hate the lakers. They were always been the league's favorite because they are a big market and have a huge fan base. Refs always helping them win just like the kings series
The dude
The dude Month ago
If Jordan and the bull stayed together they would have for sure won 2 more championships. Kobe and shaq would have been dominated by them especially with no Phil Jackson. Crazy how things work out. Don’t forget the old jazz team swept Kobe and shaq before Phil joined them.
Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba
the horror, Wallace stared at the ref too hard? the unspeakable brutality
Pa P
Pa P Month ago
Those refs helped a lot people that needed the money.
Jonathan Frimerman
The Lakers in that dynasty got help from the refs that helped them winning
David Scarpa
David Scarpa Month ago
Who was officiating this game? Oh yea.
Toxic Knight
Toxic Knight Month ago
hmmmmmm isn’t funny that each time the shaq and kobe lakers won a hard fought playoff series there was controversial officiating
G L Month ago
When Shaq dunked that alley-oop I knew the Lakers would win the Finals, not just that game.
Angel Torivio
Angel Torivio Month ago
Rewind saint vs rams
G L Month ago
Hack-a-Shaq not working in gm 1 hurt Portland. That and losing gm 4 to go down 1-3.
Chris A
Chris A Month ago
Blazers would've won that year they had a great team pippen would have 7 rings
Imnawaahla Shamianwan
I’ve been saying it for 20 years, NBA certainly didn’t want a Pacers Blazers Finals. They needed LA or NY media and patronage for what the NBA corporation wants most, Maximum Optimal Profits. NY already lost in the ECF and LA had to win by default.
epiccollision 2 months ago
“Phil Jackson left as coach” that statement could not be more inaccurate
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