The Weeknd's Snowchild Music Video Breakdown

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It's amazing how much The Weeknd packed into one music video! For this list, we’re taking a closer look at the Weeknd's music video for "Snowchild", discussing the layers of meaning and highlighting the references and throwbacks that make it such a gift to fans. Our list includes its unique visual style, the meaning of the title "Snowchild", and how it covers The Weeknd's career, from “House of Balloons” to “After Hours”. What are your thoughts on The Weeknd's new music video? Let us know in the comments!
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Jul 27, 2020




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Comments 100
WatchMojo.com 3 months ago
What did you think of The Weeknd's Snowchild video?
KAK ZIEYE 2 months ago
Selena Gomez
Eleanor 2 months ago
I watch it everyday it’s so good
Mr. Qwzlmk
Mr. Qwzlmk 2 months ago
Blinding Lights
20sRapper Donut
20sRapper Donut 3 months ago
I think it's amazing
Veronica Peralta
Veronica Peralta 3 months ago
Michael Yetwale
Michael Yetwale 9 hours ago
Didn't u see selena ???
Jinxik 11 days ago
Well, his life is a movie
Mia-Lauren Gravel
Mia-Lauren Gravel 13 days ago
what abt the blade runner references? he says Philip k in the song and the futuristic version of Toronto look cyberpunk-y
Mia-Lauren Gravel
Mia-Lauren Gravel 13 days ago
and also when he's with the girl who was a cyborg, that happens too in do androids dream lololol
Elin A
Elin A 15 days ago
The irony of getting a Selena Gomez ad in the middle of this video...
I am addicted to the song
amanxo Month ago
an absolutely beautiful video
Molemo Moloi
Molemo Moloi Month ago
There's a scene near the end where he's walk toward the city and he smiles coz it's Toronto or some other city but it turns to dust than all is left is Vegas and than he feels defeated coz he knows he's about to repeat the cycle. Than that's when he sees his other self "Blinded by the lights" as u said.
Wyatt Christian Pinili
Which studio animating weeknd music video ?
PHyer Blaze
PHyer Blaze Month ago
Wait soo what the vedio is saying that the animater know the true meaning of the song XD
Asmatara Begum
Asmatara Begum 2 months ago
If Abel make an anime of his life then count me in
LordZeus 2 months ago
mkonu 2 months ago
The first time I listened to him, I knew he was gonna be a legend.
Rasheed Bryden
Rasheed Bryden 2 months ago
no one is talking about the hollywood part...
90degreesbelow 2 months ago
I’m gonna simplify the meaning and straight tell you that he was raised in the snow in Toronto. That’s all it means. His upbringing. Thanks white media platform
Shashvith Dayal
Shashvith Dayal 2 months ago
Shxkim 2 months ago
he did, but he redeemed it back, that's from what I heard
Todd Bruno
Todd Bruno 2 months ago
super mario odyssey
Ingrid Lima
Ingrid Lima 2 months ago
abel and selena are so talented and humble. I loved them together and I hope they come back but if it doesn't happen it will continue a beautiful friendship.
Justin Decaprio
Justin Decaprio 2 months ago
Thank you watchmojo
Bray Aberdeen
Bray Aberdeen 2 months ago
If you’re a real Abel fan, you don’t even need to watch this video for the breakdown
Midwest Miata
Midwest Miata 2 months ago
The floor counter goes to 29 and doesnt show 30, which is his age
AYO VICK 2 months ago
Lovatic Sweetener
Lovatic Sweetener 2 months ago
Shady 2 months ago
Dont pronounce his name like that😡😡
Harish Vishwa
Harish Vishwa 2 months ago
Loved it
Ad Da Bad Lad
Ad Da Bad Lad 2 months ago
Did they change the title?
Imran Mehdi
Imran Mehdi 2 months ago
Kochi Games
Kochi Games 2 months ago
oh my! Nice music video breakdown
Mayamiko Kafakoma
Mayamiko Kafakoma 2 months ago
Kinda gives me dante's inferno vibes
ZX Fullgrand
ZX Fullgrand 2 months ago
Obviously it just means he is a loser who keeps going to satan. Even after using the cross to literally slash inside of a low place he throws his cash into a satanic hobo fire. Not charitable, the irony of hell.
ZX Fullgrand
ZX Fullgrand 2 months ago
Obvious it is about a soft voiced curser who raps and has sex that thinks that he is still worth something despite selling himself to the devil and even having the stupidity to title it cocaine.
Alison Natai
Alison Natai 2 months ago
The greatest artist to ever live 👑
Her_biggest_fan 2 months ago
Honest fire
TheEraXO 2 months ago
You don’t even need to watch this video to understand the breakdown to it if you’re a real XO fan
Brian Chay
Brian Chay 2 months ago
Lmfaooo no one watches this channel anymore
Nathaniel Santiago
Nathaniel Santiago 2 months ago
Only true XO fans already knew this 💯
madiha quamar
madiha quamar 2 months ago
I’m sorry but if you didn’t figure these out already then you’re not XO
Margaret Link
Margaret Link 2 months ago
Margaret Link
Margaret Link 2 months ago
I ♥U, Soooo Much, ABEL❗👑 U R A GENIUS, love old xo😘🌟🙌😺😊
Shubhan Kadam
Shubhan Kadam 2 months ago
4:29 Ever heard the phrase " Descended into Madness"? The Lift is literally Descending to the BBTM phase.
Bouchra Hanine
Bouchra Hanine 2 months ago
And people are saying this is about selena they are so dumb😐
Xion Ray
Xion Ray 2 months ago
So no one gonna mention that the elevator scene represents the time he almost died in an elevator
Xion Ray
Xion Ray Month ago
Sarah Perumal yes
Sarah Perumal
Sarah Perumal Month ago
@Xion Ray when did he almost die in an elevator? Is that the Las Vegas incident?
Xion Ray
Xion Ray Month ago
Sarah Perumal when what?
Sarah Perumal
Sarah Perumal Month ago
Jxohn Laflame
Jxohn Laflame 2 months ago
Love it
Vibey Monk
Vibey Monk 2 months ago
In belong to the world at the end abel enters into some kinda mother ship where they all are cyborgish which shows that the prostitute is emotionless like a machine and she’ll never catch feelings for him but he’s actually fallen for her. Thats y abel couldn’t resist the fact that she’s now sleeping with other men too and shoots her dead in ‘pretty’ music video. Og xo 💪
arath sanchez
arath sanchez 2 months ago
The Weeknd reminds me of kaneki in Tokyo ghoul
BlaQ Batman
BlaQ Batman 2 months ago
Best watch mojo video in a long time
Makeitdude 01
Makeitdude 01 2 months ago
When u run out of ideas
Angel Delgado
Angel Delgado 2 months ago
Yes finally!!!’
Jamarie McCrimmon
Jamarie McCrimmon 2 months ago
The Weeknd truly in this video gave a written narritive in creative art through a music video using animation truly a modern day genius at what he does best
JABY920 2 months ago
This video made my day
Praise Areghan
Praise Areghan 2 months ago
I think he is tying to tell us that God is coming and the war is gonna happen repent everyone and be saved
Prince G-MO
Prince G-MO 2 months ago
The KissLand stuff was the best part. I legit missed the MDM references. I will forever testify that "I Was Never There" is the best song on there and deserved a video and should be performed at EVERY show he does. That and Adaptation from Kissland. He just legit has so many songs that you wish he'd always perform. There's always that one from each project that gets slept on. The Kissland stuff was the best.
D 2 months ago
When he wakes up it’s from his last video until I bleed out not I feel it coming
Ahmad Hasil
Ahmad Hasil 2 months ago
The beginning of snowchild is from the ending of until i bleed out And the ending of snowchild is the beginning of heartless And has anyone noticed the P1 in the back when he sees the neon crosess in the starboy part of the video P1 cleaner than you church shoes, ah 😍🙌🏼
The weeknd saw it.
The Cleaner
The Cleaner 2 months ago
So is he telling us he is a vampire lol
Janelle Marie Ibarbia
I love this mv so much
Buckets Badum
Buckets Badum 2 months ago
Thank you Abel 🙌🏿
The Partyy
The Partyy 2 months ago
XO 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Leexqour 25
Leexqour 25 2 months ago
4:29 the Knowing.
Johnny Comes
Johnny Comes 2 months ago
& 16 for his birth number
Madhu Mamidala
Madhu Mamidala 2 months ago
Am I the only one who started listening weeknd lately and unable to enjoy the mainstream music because it doesn't sound as refreshing as the weeknd's?
Ruby Alondra
Ruby Alondra 2 months ago
Wow this is pretty damn dope!!! 🔥🔥
Dontavian Smallwood
Dontavian Smallwood 2 months ago
Can we please get them all re released 😭😭idc now but let’s break the internet XOTWOD
Destine Anderson
Destine Anderson 2 months ago
Kgomotso Poto
Kgomotso Poto 2 months ago
The birds are from the birds part 1 & 2
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson 2 months ago
This video made me stressed because I saw one Easter egg and then wanted to think about it, but by then there is another Easter egg and I don’t have time for everything to fully sink in
Summertime 2 months ago
Abel needs to make a movie called Abel tesfaye and that it talks about his whole life from start to end from baby to child to teen to adult and then goes on with the story
Daaaapo 2 months ago
As an Weeknd fan this video didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I thought you'll really break it down or show/tell us something new.
雑草Kush 2 months ago
Frfrfr also I was hoping she will tell every music video references lmao like she missed KOTF lmao but it's alright
naithan hernandez
naithan hernandez 2 months ago
Reminds me of Daft punks interstellar 5555....maybe he was somewhat inspired by it.
Jake Ramos
Jake Ramos 2 months ago
Who’s here after his ig story
Shito 2 months ago
Elias Jreich
Elias Jreich 2 months ago
the canyon (the start of the snowchild vid) is the end of until i bleed out when he falls on the same floor
bluballsack 2 months ago
Sup Abel, i know you bored man, we bored too
Mirage 3 months ago
I'm glad that abel and selena are in good terms.
Huda _
Huda _ Month ago
@Sarah Perumal selena and abel are probably back together , I saw a lot of hints and easter eggs both abel and selena dropped , so u don't have to care about their past mistakes when they were together in 2017
Huda _
Huda _ Month ago
@Sarah Perumal I didn't saw that but it seems like a joke stop being so close minded lol .. something about u guys selena's haters , youre all so aggressive and it's funny how y'all go and search for " how a bad person selena is" leave that girl alone and stop being obsessed
Sarah Perumal
Sarah Perumal Month ago
Huda _ she’s quotes in an interview saying part of going on tour with him was to make sure he didn’t stray. So I don’t think this rumor is far fetched. Think about who you’re talking about, someone who’s status can get them almost anyone anytime. That is used to sleeping with thousands of people. Sorry if that’s offensive for Selena fans to swallow.
Huda _
Huda _ Month ago
@Sarah Perumal she didn't lol , both broke up and went back with their ex's abel went back with bella , and selena went back with Justin , we don't know exactly why , those were stupid rumors since ppl are so obsessed with selena and always try to spread hate
Jasmine Akhter
Jasmine Akhter Month ago
@Sarah Perumal no..he didn’t cheated on her or she ever claimed it..it was a rumor.i hope everything is cool Between them
Dahomey 3 months ago
Came here after Abel posted it on his stories. The way the selena theory is here 👁👄👁
Lyz Ace28
Lyz Ace28 3 months ago
The Weeknd brought me here ..X🖤O
Niranjan Athikavil
Niranjan Athikavil 3 months ago
Every XO watching this : Yeah, we know.
Jarrett Hernandez
Ayush Ojha
Ayush Ojha 3 months ago
I am hiring this person in case i become a sherrif.
Ayush Ojha
Ayush Ojha 3 months ago
Who came here after Abel's insta story?
Angelique Argiros
Angelique Argiros 3 months ago
Did anyone else see The Morning music video reference at the end?
Hector Aguilar
Hector Aguilar 3 months ago
Manvi Shetty
Manvi Shetty 3 months ago
who came here from abel's story?
STaR X 3 months ago
True XO got Nothing From This Video Agree ?
Nicoo Merrill
Nicoo Merrill 3 months ago
The weeknd saw it 🤣
Miljana Radojević
Miljana Radojević 3 months ago
I MADE THE WEEKND'S STORY,photo from snowchild and heartless
kushagra tripathi
kushagra tripathi 3 months ago
he put this on his story
abelena data
abelena data 3 months ago
I love the way you put Selena and The Weeknd in Met Gala part. LOVE YOU. Abel gonna watch this as well....MY ABELENA HEART 💜
abelena data
abelena data 2 months ago
Simply Ali YES he even posted on story and mentioned @ watchmojo
Aligottheheater 2 months ago
@abelena data he watched this video?
abelena data
abelena data 2 months ago
Layan Ali I HAD A HEART ATTACK...😭😭😭
Layan Ali
Layan Ali 3 months ago
Pyro D Law
Pyro D Law 3 months ago
honestly if they did more with that Starboy comics I would buy the rest
Yung Remles
Yung Remles 3 months ago
I wouldn’t say it’s his darkness he can’t escape it’s his loneliness he can’t out run
J WIDDI 3 months ago
Rushikesh T
Rushikesh T 3 months ago
Whelp... at least his teeth are white 👻💀💀
Eyanosa Sioux
Eyanosa Sioux 3 months ago
They blade runner blues in The Weeknd’s snow child song 😍😍😍
Anime is Beautiful
Anime is Beautiful 3 months ago
It's an anime video with references to his previous music videos. simple
Nody Selenator
Nody Selenator 3 months ago
my abelenaaaaaa feelings
Loann 2
Loann 2 3 months ago
I love The Weeknd he is so talented and beautiful 😌 and not lying the abelena couple was pretty iconic
jasmine s
jasmine s 3 months ago
he is so iconic ❤️
Mr.07 Joker Joker
Mr.07 Joker Joker 3 months ago
Who been with The Weeknd since before house of balloons
Fernando Leyva
Fernando Leyva 3 months ago
What’s wrong with star boy?
Reynald Mangao
Reynald Mangao 3 months ago
The saddest part of this video is when Rebecca ask's you if you agree with their picks.
Gabrielle Thompson
Gabrielle Thompson 3 months ago
Here come the fans who think this video is about Selena
Gabrielle Thompson
Gabrielle Thompson 2 months ago
@Little Angel i love that song
Little Angel
Little Angel 2 months ago
@Gabrielle Thompson true! Your right
Gabrielle Thompson
Gabrielle Thompson 2 months ago
@Little Angel i know. But its not her. Abel plays with voices a lot, lonely star is a good example
Little Angel
Little Angel 2 months ago
@Gabrielle Thompson ohh okay lol I just saw a video of Bella's laugh from Twitter that someone said he used
Gabrielle Thompson
Gabrielle Thompson 2 months ago
@Little Angel he actually didn't. No where does it say that's her laugh
j j
j j 3 months ago
My Abelena heart 🥺 Abel is LEGEND his mind works different
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