The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)

The Weeknd
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Official audio for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now: theweeknd.co/InYourEyesRMX
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May 20, 2020




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Comments 80
xxnameless 97
xxnameless 97 29 minutes ago
Jasmin Ramirez
Jasmin Ramirez 2 hours ago
Wow abel is liking the coments first i see that i would freak out if that happened also you should start blog but it may not happen cause you said your shy
SimplyNick 2 hours ago
This Is Such A Iconic Duo
REALME 2PRO 3 hours ago
That eye is Whitney Houston isn't it!
Nay HF
Nay HF 4 hours ago
Beautifullll ♡♡♡
Mohammed Jabbar
Mohammed Jabbar 5 hours ago
I love you I wanna meet you when I'll be famous
fraggle 66
fraggle 66 7 hours ago
My Vlogs
My Vlogs 9 hours ago
Love from Pakistan
Nanda Dyah K
Nanda Dyah K 16 hours ago
Deyna Génesis
Deyna Génesis 17 hours ago
Que pendeja estoy que al principio del video pense que tenia baja calidad y ya rstaba por cambiarla xddd
Celine Obejera
Celine Obejera 18 hours ago
This song is my vibe😍😍 thanks the weekend and doja cat😘
J. Núñez
J. Núñez 19 hours ago
Why is this so Damn Good??
Митя сэрво
NRG 7 Day ago
Where’s my Lana del Rey song? >:v.
Jhon Calle
Jhon Calle 23 hours ago
Nick Shepard
Nick Shepard Day ago
Nick Shepard
Nick Shepard Day ago
Nick Shepard
Nick Shepard Day ago
Nick Shepard
Nick Shepard Day ago
Kern Alleyne
Kern Alleyne Day ago
MJ of our era.
Julien Gonthier
1:31 Sounds like Ariana Grande
Jhon Calle
Jhon Calle 23 hours ago
Uncle TV
Uncle TV Day ago
can't stop repeating this song wtf😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vanessa Hernandez
I never felt such a connection with someone I have never met. Abel you’re an incredible singer & ur voice brings me peace ❤️
Wiktoria Rabe
I love this song💖
Sam Cosmo
Sam Cosmo Day ago
Gonna tell my kids this is Michael Jackson
Jay ThePurpleFox
Jay ThePurpleFox 2 days ago
i like the hole 80's horror movie vibe, this is by far one of the BEST songs ive listened to by far
Esther Silva
Esther Silva 2 days ago
glândula sebácea
👁️👃👁️ 💧 👄 💧
Carson Fisher
Carson Fisher 2 days ago
Me discovering fire. 👁️👄👁️
James3j 1
James3j 1 2 days ago
Weekend said he going sign me
Sol Dasilva
Sol Dasilva 2 days ago
Since nobody is talking about Dojas ANGELIC verse on here I am jdhdnmdsmsjxnsnmwysbs
Luca Casu
Luca Casu 2 days ago
This is good music! This is my life
Marina Ma
Marina Ma 2 days ago
Ahahaha! My best friend used this song for a school mv production homework! Btw, his songs are angelical. I love all of them! And its even better with doja, they both are amazing singers ㅇwㅇ 💕💕💕💕👉👈
Bagio Piano Covers
The weeknd is the only artist worth listening of this generation.
MoonMan •
MoonMan • 2 days ago
s t r a n g e r t h i n g h s Season 4 , Please do It.
Sophie R
Sophie R 2 days ago
yeeeeeeesss ugh
O.V playz
O.V playz 2 days ago
Every time I hear the weekend I fill good inside and I also fill confeden of my self
Lee Jizzle
Lee Jizzle 2 days ago
The 2nd best song on this album
Krishna lila Devi Dasi
Vaya :v
Kadi Kadak
Kadi Kadak 2 days ago
I really love this song!!! I always turn louder! Greetings from Estonia and sorry if I made some mistakes 😍
Axl Blk
Axl Blk 3 days ago
Doja is everywhere lol! Love her. Here's my remix of Say So, hope you enjoy:) ruvid.net/video/video-00NsDT0JGes.html
Harvey Taylor
Harvey Taylor 3 days ago
This guy has a ft. In his voice it's GOD
Blackheart752 3 days ago
Dude I love this song
This track contains that catchy 80s element.....
José de la Torre
Oh man... i love you so much
Mario Ajdini
Mario Ajdini 3 days ago
I love this song 🌌💚💚💚
Tim Wray
Tim Wray 3 days ago
Love this song
Tentzz 101
Tentzz 101 3 days ago
Oh wow I like
Rob5on1 3 days ago
Sorry to say that but Doja is absolutely crap. Is this the new chris brown?? Fuck man. I was your biggest fan untill this featuring. Teen pop star. Why would you do that you had all the money already
R3k ben
R3k ben 3 days ago
This song slaps🔥🔥
Turtle neck
Turtle neck 3 days ago
1 month late to this song, but I love it!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
reanne 3 days ago
I wish Doja was the full song..
Jhon Calle
Jhon Calle 23 hours ago
ollymoo reveiwz
ollymoo reveiwz 3 days ago
I love this version I love his voice ❤️
3 days ago
Im in love with songs 80s of the weeknd (Blinding lights, in your eyes)
Lucas Cesar
Lucas Cesar 3 days ago
He sounds exactly like Michael Jackson's voice!! And this is amazing!!
_xtristecion7 4 days ago
favourite worst nightmare
Heard this in H&M hundred times.
AJ 77
AJ 77 4 days ago
If the Weeknd voice fit with Doja cat cute voice thats means the Weeknd can make collab with KPop idol cute voice. 😆
NO EXO NO LIFE 4 days ago
Jessica Dent
Jessica Dent 4 days ago
Doja= canceled. These are the type of people i can not stand only black when it’s convenient. Real recognize real and she is fake boo.
Flying Dragon 555
Your very uninformed...Twitter misrepresented
Kylee Floyd
Kylee Floyd 4 days ago
Fucking GOLDEN🔥🤯
Ropeacola 5 days ago
Genius Track
skippy 5 days ago
Who thinks it sounds awesome when it says "In your eyes."
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 5 days ago
This + Say so = 💥🔥mashup!
Leigh Mendoza
Leigh Mendoza 5 days ago
doja's rap part. ugh bitch i cant
LILY리리 :3
LILY리리 :3 5 days ago
BlackBerry 5 days ago
8.6k people are mad cuz they didn't see them titties.
Orangely ASMR
Orangely ASMR 5 days ago
My new jam during this covid outbreak.
Philippe G
Philippe G 5 days ago
Best version of this song
C. M.
C. M. 5 days ago
I can not be the only one who is in love and obsessed with doja's voice
Star Meiaz
Star Meiaz 5 days ago
infinite bucle, this song say what i feel right now... i miss a girl so bad.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 5 days ago
City pop realness
Ice 5 days ago
He's a great man for donating 1 million to coronavirus cause
Kathlyn P.
Kathlyn P. 5 days ago
I think this is the only remix I like
Bella 5 days ago
I love this with my whole heart. Please do more songs together. I can’t get enough of your voices😍😍🤤🤤🌹
THE JOHN 5 days ago
Йоу Йоу
IncorporatedOps 5 days ago
1. Open "Los Angeles fireworks drone footage" in a new tab 2. play this song with the video muted 3. thank me later
Jon Miro Boñon
Jon Miro Boñon 5 days ago
We're all going back to the past put your seatbelt on. Haha
Jasper Bloodsworth
Doja is amazing af. Love this song.
Ravi Semwal
Ravi Semwal 6 days ago
Listening to this album on a high fidelity audio system just makes me forget that world exists.
Nompilo Khumalo
Nompilo Khumalo 6 days ago
literally outshined DoJa ,he cant be in a collaboration with another singer and not body them unless it a rapper
PandA man
PandA man 4 days ago
Both of them possess a smooth and powerful voice, i think this is a perfect duo, and they should work together again.
Gor Gulyan
Gor Gulyan 4 days ago
Didn’t outshine her at all. And that’s on a period
Margaret Link
Margaret Link 6 days ago
In your Eye's😵Tell Me About It, 😘Sing it CAT .Meow🐆🐸 ,
poofy 6 days ago
doja makes every song better all you heteros can stfu now
Jenny Kang
Jenny Kang 6 days ago
Such an addictive song. Absolutely love it. ❤️
Psalm Tolentino
Psalm Tolentino 6 days ago
Imagine: listening to this. late night drive.
linkydubs 6 days ago
this song reminds me of late nights in toronto
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