The Weeknd - After Hours (Short Film)

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*****EPILEPSY WARNING ********
*****EPILEPSY WARNING ********
*****EPILEPSY WARNING ********
Official short film for The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ album - pre-order everywhere now: theweeknd.co/afterhoursYD
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Director: Anton Tammi
Introducing: Zaina Miuccia
Production Company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney, Tim Nash
Producer: Sarah Park
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
2nd Unit DP: Devin "Daddy" Karringten
Steadicam Op: Nick Mueller
Gaffer: Mickey Petersen
Key Grip: Marlow Nunez
Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Production Supervisor: Greg Epstein
Production Coordinator: Danielle Mandel
Director’s Assistant: Dylan Dugas
Editor: Janne Vartia
Assistant Editor: Tim Montana
Post Production Supervisor: Alec Ernest
Post Production Coordinator: Jeff Watterson
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Sound Designer: Akseli Soini @ El Camino Helsinki
Addt’l Sound Design: Anton Ahlberg @ Red Pipe Studios
3D & Animation: Oscar Böckerman
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi
VFX: Flawless, Mathematic
Special thanks: Andreas Arvidsson & Ida Gündoğdu
#TheWeeknd #AfterHours
Music video by The Weeknd performing After Hours. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Mar 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Sarwat Malik
Sarwat Malik 2 hours ago
Is it just me or does that bald guy look like Eminem
Sarwat Malik
Sarwat Malik 2 hours ago
Thumbnail: short film Short film: 3:22
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 7 hours ago
Respectfully, not as impressed as so many of the other comments...but Cool none the less.
thegurl04 10 hours ago
I truly love the weekend!
Amanda Alves
Amanda Alves 12 hours ago
This video clip is remembering “the joker” 🤔
vunqk 13 hours ago
My theory: The album is named After Hours because he acts like he’s ok in public, but “After Hours” he is acting like himself, his feelings are talked about in the album. He is angry at himself, for lying to whoever he is talking about in his songs. His thoughts are taking him over and he is being dragged into a murderer shown in the video.
Suvedaa D
Suvedaa D 22 hours ago
We need a video for faith! One of the best tracks on the album.
Sarah ssi
Sarah ssi 23 hours ago
this made me feel sad, i cried i totally feel this
SirQuagsire 23 hours ago
The Weeknd - T, k, n, d = he Wee
Exotic Flower
A cry for help?
DollaWave Day ago
Weeknd is the most genius artist of this era.
Kevin Mo
Kevin Mo Day ago
I think he’s be great in a movie. Seems like he’s a natural born actor/entertainer/singer
Nigel Asipa
Nigel Asipa Day ago
Genuinely intense. I was actually really worried for him. After Hours is his best work to date. He definitely has acting chops.
Unknown Justin
This is how after hours is spelled in the short film: A S O E H T U R R
honeybabe Day ago
*I just realized the ending is the introduction to in your eyes music video lol*
Alex Hayley
Alex Hayley Day ago
Imagine Abel dying by drug overdose.. just like juice wrld lil peep mac miller and some others 💔
Stef Kane
Stef Kane 2 days ago
this man is unreal
Angelina Sanchez
Angelina Sanchez 2 days ago
His smile at the beginning🥺🥺😍
Carlos Gerardo Murillo
4:28 : #1 Victory Royale
LAURA V. QUIROGA 2 days ago
ooooooooooooooooooooo,q raro
SAPICO 2 days ago
ThePusheenLover 3 days ago
Why was he being dragged on the floor, why is his face and nose always bloody, why does he attack those people in the elevator, what’s going on? I don’t understand please help me. Much love.
Светлана 3 days ago
Да ладно тебе. Сделай нос и все!
Eishan Gupta
Eishan Gupta 3 days ago
Got Epilepsy after watching this
Anshuman Bhattacharyya
The music is like the one during the bank robbery scene in the movie 'Heat (1995)'
Sabrina K
Sabrina K 3 days ago
Wow, amazing actor
Daddy 3 days ago
This’s incredible
YT_Nic Roberts
YT_Nic Roberts 3 days ago
Dont do drugs kids.🤓
Emmy Mae
Emmy Mae 3 days ago
May someone dumb it down for me and explain what's going on cause the end scene has me questioning a lot 😂
David 3 days ago
Me waiting for the song to start: 👁 👄 👁
itsafish MAN
itsafish MAN 4 days ago
Are you ok, Childish Gambino?
kalai yassine
kalai yassine 4 days ago
Who else thinks the glasses are a representation of drugs in his life
Saarvaressh Kannah
Ohhh so this is where in your eyes starts.. Wow
Frederick Russell II
Heartbroke has entered the chat.
Luciano_2020 Is Lit
She was right it was not going to be fun
PyroMaster //Nj
PyroMaster //Nj 5 days ago
The story of a serial killer
Armed Bandit
Armed Bandit 5 days ago
Jason Grove
Jason Grove 5 days ago
This is like a mix between joker and stranger things
Pega6ix 5 days ago
Deanna Nunemacher
This all makes sense now! Love watching his videos in order lol. I recall first watching this & thinking the Jimmy Kimmel part is random. 😅
Salomi Datta
Salomi Datta 6 days ago
And this, my fellas, IS ART.
A Potato In need
A Potato In need 6 days ago
You know who the weekend is in four words: red tux leopard shades
Gabriel Huajardo
Gabriel Huajardo 7 days ago
during the elevator sequence you can see after hours
Mphumzi Mdondolo
Mphumzi Mdondolo 8 days ago
Anyone seen how the words pop up to read "ate ho's" @1:48?
Paola Yepez
Paola Yepez 8 days ago
michael sampson
michael sampson 8 days ago
nobody else see the letters for the title line up as “ate hos” for a sec😂
Hot Music Booth
Hot Music Booth 9 days ago
When it looks so real you think those are his real feelings...
D Victory
D Victory 9 days ago
6600 thumbs down on 6,5 million views. Devil worship, blood sacrifice (his face being beat up) and human sacrifice (elevator action at the end). Still think this is "just art"? Or maybe the devil is real and it's time fo all to wake up... for I say unto you, fools following this fallen angel will go straight to hell with em...
Felix Sanchez
Felix Sanchez 9 days ago
I had watched this video like 5 times and catched his hidden sound songs like too late, faith, in your eyes as the man was playing the sexophone, along again, and a man like he was talking from a walkie talkie down the groceries idols I have a good hearing
Sean Marron
Sean Marron 8 days ago
You got good hearing, but not spelling pal.
XXX XXX 9 days ago
Неплохо ебашишь, уголёк
febin varghese
febin varghese 10 days ago
Abel should be the next joker
Sasha Lopez Shishkova
Porque siempre tiene 🩸 sangre en la cara
kilain pes kp
kilain pes kp 10 days ago
Adz 29
Adz 29 10 days ago
What do u think he saw when he stared at the red light?
aojvx 10 days ago
Ain’t it crazy how the song teasers specifically Too Late, we have no idea what they say till we listen to the song itself.
Dewangga 11 days ago
This Joker 2 teaser trailer actually looks amazing.
Myrical Rapper
Myrical Rapper 11 days ago
3:47 when you walk down the stairs and you miss a step (sorry if i copied)
KirbStomp Rayen
KirbStomp Rayen 11 days ago
A sequel to In Your Eyes
Betzy 11 days ago
What if the guy is Justin Bieber and the girl is Selena Gomez
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 6 days ago
That is a very reasonable interpretation actually. You are not the first to suggest it either, Especially if you extend the metaphor if him hurting the guy then the girl hurting him
Ishant Garg
Ishant Garg 11 days ago
Somebody gave my boi oscar for his acting
Spike Adam
Spike Adam 11 days ago
king of the industry
MYVIDS Gio /MVG\ 11 days ago
-bad- good
TrufasShow 11 days ago
JOKER !!!!!
Anuj Kakani
Anuj Kakani 11 days ago
Who has noticed all songs of album AFTER HOURS.
Anuj Kakani
Anuj Kakani 11 days ago
He is way too better actor than bollywood actors.
LTK gaming
LTK gaming 12 days ago
Alleng Chakma
Alleng Chakma 12 days ago
have a problem in your lie ??? just put on your lex glass and you will be ine !
Yuanna Souza
Yuanna Souza 12 days ago
such a actor! a artist! I love you.
Margaret Link
Margaret Link 13 days ago
😮😎...Baby Chas ,🙀😎stop crying, Its Not Real, Bae B😯
Mercury 13 days ago
The subway scene is, I believe, a direct reference to Rob Dougan's "Furious Angels" music video. Now THAT is a collaboration I'd love to see
Splaginty 13 days ago
If you watch his videos in a certain order they tell us a story
Samuel Bangapadang
Samuel Bangapadang 13 days ago
What happened at the end?
Gabriel Huajardo
Gabriel Huajardo 13 days ago
damn hes a pretty good actor
Jason Hawkins
Jason Hawkins 13 days ago
At 1:09 you can hear the sound of him killing the dude in the elevator
karla fierro rios
karla fierro rios 13 days ago
Peppa pig qué te dice o no bueno no me contes mimosa El cid estamos
karla fierro rios
karla fierro rios 13 days ago
Hola me costó mucho tu tiene 😎😎
Isaac Fakira
Isaac Fakira 13 days ago
Rainbow-wolf Candys
His head got cut off in his other music video called in your eyes
Ky Playz
Ky Playz 14 days ago
The end is very creepy
divinechimp 14 days ago
ngl this was a vibe
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