The Way It Is

Bruce Hornsby
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by Bruce Hornsby and the Range from their 1986 album The Way It Is
This video is from Bruce's Intersections box set.


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Oct 8, 2010




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Comments 5 016
abhik das
abhik das Hour ago
Ti ri ring Ti ri ring Ti ri ring Thats just the way it is 👌💐
jali898 19 hours ago
Just started my first job ..got my first girlfriend..my whole life in front of me and never realised just how special and precious life is...now at 50 wishing I could click the back button....it's gone !
Sylvio Dietrich
Sylvio Dietrich 20 hours ago
Beautiful Piano...,Great!
Clinton Fischer
I wanna go back to '86 and start over.
Fliqpy卍 HTF C.C
Excellent song
Cristian Marcelo Morinigo
Amo este tema tiene hermoso momentos lo conocí en el 99 u hoy febrero 2020 lo sigo amando
Owor Kennedy
Owor Kennedy 3 days ago
2020, still standing and making most of my playlist. Wow, livelong Hornsby!
Rennel Ditheko
Rennel Ditheko 3 days ago
2020 still on point 👌💓
Roger Barcellos
Roger Barcellos 4 days ago
Essa musica é foda demais....
Northern Light
Northern Light 5 days ago
Loved them in the 80’s, love his voice, love his lyrics, great band. We’ve lost so much but the main thing we’ve lost is real music and real musicians like this. Now they only love the money and the bling, all authenticity is gone.😔
Michael Wormald
Michael Wormald 5 days ago
great track- love hearing it !
Despott 6 days ago
This is one of those songs that I've always loved when I hear it, but always forgot to add to my collection because I so rarely do hear it. Always found it such a soothing song. My sweet dog died of cancer today. We took her body to the vets to be collected by a crematorium. Within seconds of starting the car to drive home after leaving her and feeling utterly heartbroken, this song came on the radio. Now this song has suddenly become very special to me. And it's always going to remind me of my sweet girl. RIP Bella.
Rapha 6 days ago
Love listening to this song
Laballa Traore
Laballa Traore 6 days ago
Chanson intemporelle et inoubliable. Rappelle tellement de souvenirs enfouis et de complicité. Ah si jeunesse savait ! Et si vieillesse pouvait !!!!
Mikal Rage
Mikal Rage 7 days ago
I came for the song. I stayed for the perms.
B Blicker
B Blicker 7 days ago
Massive 2 pac fan. I heard this melody playing in some shop in westfield today i thought it was bout to be pac but then this came on so i had to look it up. Life is horrible at times but thats just the way it is
Kirki Neron
Kirki Neron 7 days ago
raa 8 days ago
anybody else that's 14 and listens to music like this?..
BUFU By Us F U 8 days ago
My whole world just changed! Always fought that's originally from 2pac (No Shitstorm please 😅)
Rey Ateo
Rey Ateo 9 days ago
Pure and delicious. As fresh as the time it was released. I always loved that piano solo.
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 11 days ago
Came from Tupac stayed for this masterpiece
f16 ryan Halford
f16 ryan Halford 12 days ago
Oh yes!!!!!!!!
Greg Hepple
Greg Hepple 12 days ago
Pure class.
Robo Cop
Robo Cop 13 days ago
Love to Elton John sing this great song.
Daniel Pino
Daniel Pino 13 days ago
Sin duda alguna una de las mejores canciones de los 80. Sólo para entendidos
Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle 13 days ago
Of course listening in 2020.
FC XAVIER 14 days ago
Greendales the way it goes..
Ciru Karago
Ciru Karago 14 days ago
I loved how Tupac did it 👌😍😍
Pipi Mili
Pipi Mili 14 days ago
Amarte con mi vida amigo
David Wootton
David Wootton 14 days ago
I had this on cassette.
Letitia Buchan
Letitia Buchan 14 days ago
And the reason I want to learn to play piano 💞
Paulo ache
Paulo ache 15 days ago
Recuerdo cuando escuchaba está hermosísima canción en la radio en honda corta y ahora me pone los pelos de punta.Gracias Bruce por tener ese éxtasis para crearla!👏👏👏
Sam 15 days ago
10 MILLION VIEWS! CONGRATS! Can we get this to 100M views?
Paynezerfaust 16 days ago
its 2020, I'm Canadian and I still shed a tear when I hear this song. I guess that's the way it is.
steve kresevic
steve kresevic 16 days ago
Unfortunately thats the way it is😭
Rodrigo Viana
Rodrigo Viana 16 days ago
2020 ☕⁉️ Deixa o Like aí ✌️✌️✌️
Saulo Nery
Saulo Nery 17 days ago
Amo tanto essa música ♥️♥️♥️
okwera steven
okwera steven 17 days ago
i might have missed its release day but caught up with it just when i was born. this kind never dies. GOD bless these poets
Michael Niesner
Michael Niesner 17 days ago
not for Americans apparently... :s thanks youtube
Nikola Čolić
Nikola Čolić 18 days ago
2Pac was brought me here
FRTR 5566
FRTR 5566 18 days ago
Every time i need to remember my good times i turn on this song. When i had no problems at all.😥
Sarah James
Sarah James 19 days ago
This song is an oldie but a great. Brings me to tears every time I hear it played.
evelyn baron
evelyn baron 19 days ago
OMG wish I could play piano like that musical genius
antony richardson
antony richardson 20 days ago
Dont make em like this anymore
Wayne Sheldon
Wayne Sheldon 21 day ago
fuck the way it is. a very english song about english life. change the way it is for you. takes time and sacrifice. beat your addictions too
Ryan Zedic
Ryan Zedic 13 days ago
The songs themes are universal but Bruce is American. 😉
Bom Bong
Bom Bong 21 day ago
Aylina Aylin
Aylina Aylin 21 day ago
Mero nachmache
Maike Delto
Maike Delto 21 day ago
That's just the music of my childhood
Allan jose Muller gatto
The best music just one hits
Mark J
Mark J 22 days ago
Hands down one of the top 3 musicians in the 80s... maybe #1
SweetSensi1 23 days ago
Is this really badly out of sync? Or have i had a stroke?
Marcelo Williams
Marcelo Williams 23 days ago
Amo essa música!
Felix 24 days ago
Any1 here afer Don Diablo's release?
Kai Johnson
Kai Johnson 24 days ago
This is the most irritating song I have ever heard. Sticks in my head for months.
willow mel
willow mel 19 days ago
Haha We have been listening for years! You are just playing catch up.
tyrone govender
tyrone govender 25 days ago
Greendale's the way it goes Some things are still the same Slop pails and pantyhose Oh, Annie believes in me...
Ana Lúcia
Ana Lúcia 25 days ago
Me faz, lembrar da versão 2pac "Changes" incrível tocante demais, quem de 2020?
david gold
david gold 25 days ago
The tune to The Weather Network back in the 2000s lol
Julio Sabia
Julio Sabia 26 days ago
Air piano!
Cwizzy 19
Cwizzy 19 27 days ago
2pac version is better
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