The Vows Tana Didn't Make At The Altar | Episode 7 | MTV Not Filter: Tana Turns 21

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As Tana struggles to write her wedding vows to Jake, Jordan is made aware of a plot that could derail the #Jana nuptials.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child TanaMongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV RUvid.
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Comments 80
MTV 3 months ago
Las Vegas? More like LOST VEGAS! Ashly and Imari reveal their #GreatestPartyStoryEver in VEGAS! ruvid.net/video/video-xjkrPM5a0NU.html
Lksbdbwjsjsj LAnsbsnejajaka
Tana clout* HAHAHAHAHAH jk I love u tana
Lexi Rosko
Lexi Rosko Day ago
Logan and Jake look so pissy and upset the whole time I stg
Jayden Bais
Jayden Bais Day ago
It genuinely pisses me off how much of an asshole jake is
Ketlynn Strasser
Jake paid that person to throw that drink on her ..smh he's a cloud clown.
Angelia Cowart
Honestly, watching this back, I feel so bad for Tana cuz she seemed genuine..as far as Jake goes, there wasn't any forethought or emotion..granted, they could both be in it for the clicks/followers/clout which is probably the case, but I felt like Tana was truly FEELING it..as unconventional as she is, I still think she got in her feelings (what girl wouldn't, with her very first wedding and all)
caitlin Flano
caitlin Flano 2 days ago
Love seeing Sara fanning in the background! Yesss
RileySmileyRiley 2 days ago
God his vows sucked watching this makes me so sad🥺 out of all of the compliments he could’ve gave to Tana, he comments on her beauty, outfit, and her white teeth?? Really?? He should’ve continued about how they were the same person. AND HE COMMENTS ON THE RING’S PRICE WHILE SHE’S SAYING I LOVE YOU! Ugh, Tana deserves the world. She deserves better.
Melissa Sippa
Melissa Sippa 3 days ago
Ashly needs to stfu and just be supportive of her so-called "best friend in the whole entire world"
Plannie 7
Plannie 7 4 days ago
why is ashly so pressed about jana having sex😂😂😂
Ashley Westenberger
Worst wedding ever
logan lafferty
logan lafferty 6 days ago
Did anybody notice Sarah Baska fanning tana 😂😂😂
Radina Velleva
Radina Velleva 6 days ago
all i hear from tana's best friend is "are you gonna have s3x with him tonight??" and i think it's so disgusting...
Kendal 6 days ago
Can we talk about how more emotional Logan was during the vows than Jake was😂he looked like he was about to cry
Michaela Monteiro
Honestly I think tana and Jordan would be way better for each other.i mean damn do you see how much he cares about her
Lia Veronica
Lia Veronica 8 days ago
I feel like the reason everyone fell in love with Tana is that even though she partied and was fun and crazy she had a mature element and a certain wisdom to her and now I feel like that’s gone
Valerie Rodriguez
Ahaha the fact that they faked a fight
J. STP34
J. STP34 10 days ago
Her makeup is horrible it doesn’t even match her skin! How much do you need caked on lol
Julie Okeakwa
Julie Okeakwa 10 days ago
It should be Jana in like Jordan en Tana
Kiley Hirsch
Kiley Hirsch 10 days ago
I’m sorry tana but I see him taking advantage of the relationship. Really hope you don’t get hurt too bad.
PoundKey 11 days ago
Jordan you need a pay raise.
Naja Lynge
Naja Lynge 11 days ago
tana literally just got played by a paul. all the way to the altar.
Avexogica 11 days ago
Ashley is so pretty 😫
Nikki Redz
Nikki Redz 12 days ago
I still remember when he and Erika got married, and even that wedding didn't have anyone invited. "They'll be screaming out Jerika All across America." Yeah, suuuure
Talia Gonzalez
Talia Gonzalez 12 days ago
Talia Gonzalez
Talia Gonzalez 12 days ago
bro tana is sleeping on jordan... not to be dramatic but i would gladly sit on his face for the rest of my life
Talia Gonzalez
Talia Gonzalez 12 days ago
the whole dad/daughter situation is NOT it... they’re both so attractive.. i know he’s older, but they could totally be together 🙃 she needs someone that’s gonna love her like jordan does... i know it’s his job, but he does above and beyond because he genuinely cares so much 🤷🏻‍♀️
Amarie 13 days ago
21:39 I love how you can see Sarah Baska fanning in the back lmao
solange lynnea
solange lynnea 13 days ago
was ash wrong?
oop 14 days ago
she got a drink thrown on her and had to comfort him poor girl ):
April Norman-Yates
April Norman-Yates 14 days ago
Lol by the time I saw this they r divorced wow forever is so short to them
Olivia Stephens
Olivia Stephens 15 days ago
when tana is on the phone and eating chips, it’s literally the 3 way call scene in means girls😂
Taya 15 days ago
Ashley is so hot
anthony zoee
anthony zoee 15 days ago
this wedding... dear god 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂
Jesica Lopez
Jesica Lopez 16 days ago
Bro that wedding was actually a joke though
Karen guzman
Karen guzman 19 days ago
Why isn’t Bella in the episodes as much?
Louise Warner
Louise Warner 20 days ago
“Jerika forever “ they broke up “Janna broke up” eventually break up
Afton Pinote
Afton Pinote 21 day ago
Was just me or was Logan looking hella annoyed during the wedding scene?!😂
Angel Sky Silver
Angel Sky Silver 21 day ago
Jordan: I wonder how many times I'm gonna have to walk her down the aisle. Too many Jordan, too many. Ps. Not meant as hate I do love tana but let's be honest she's gonna get married a lot
Tierra Marie Alan
“This is your daughter... is she gonna get railed or not” 😂😂😂
iris diamond
iris diamond 21 day ago
Sarah and Caitlyn weren't lying bout this wedding lmaooo
Moon Child
Moon Child 21 day ago
I really don't like her friends, the seem so disingenuine, like if she lost all of her money/fame/clout tomorrow they'd also vanish 100% guaranteed. How can tana not see this? Or perhaps she just doesn't care because she wants friendship even if it is fake
bobo baggins
bobo baggins 21 day ago
Everything jake says is cringe
madu panza
madu panza 22 days ago
dude this is such bullshit i dont know how they arent drowning in it
Car Car
Car Car 22 days ago
Does she have parents?? I mean who raised her
Ashlynn Tallent
Ashlynn Tallent 22 days ago
Notice how when she was saying her vows Jake had NO EMOTION ON HIS FACE AND NEITHER DID HIS BROTHER....I have lost all respect for these two don’t get married for clout it’s so stupid guys..
Marklon Johnson
Marklon Johnson 24 days ago
Tana you're only with Jake Paul for his money
Yakeen Jafar
Yakeen Jafar 24 days ago
JANA sprayed in reverse spells ANAL . LOL !
Lindsay Ward
Lindsay Ward 25 days ago
I love her freakin friend. “I wouldn’t call this ceremony romantic, I don’t know what to call it.... uncomfortable.”
Lindsay Ward
Lindsay Ward 25 days ago
Logan Paul looks horrified and annoyed
Llama 27 days ago
I feel like jake isn’t in love with tana
Pretty Ally
Pretty Ally 27 days ago
Trash wedding as well 😂😂😂😂
Christi Manweiler
Christi Manweiler 27 days ago
So funny how pissed Logan is.
Canisha-ann Walker
Canisha-ann Walker 27 days ago
Toxic af
Blondie 28 days ago
Lol he does look like he has a crush on her and he’s a little jealous but he will make a really cute couple with her to
jajeisdaly diaz
jajeisdaly diaz 28 days ago
i’m sad for tana cause u know she has feelings and u can tell he doesn’t :(
Hannah W
Hannah W 28 days ago
Protect Jordan at all costs
Heighton 720
Heighton 720 28 days ago
Lmao only Tana would miss her own wedding rehearsal
tonksnjoy Satan
tonksnjoy Satan 29 days ago
Damn even Logan and Ashly have more chemistry than Tana has with Jake
Marki Rossman
Marki Rossman 29 days ago
Tana really did have feeling for him. She reminds me of me in toxic relationship, losing yourself.
Alexia Kau satz
Alexia Kau satz Month ago
He disgusts me
Lew Speaks
Lew Speaks Month ago
Tbh I think Tana and Jake could’ve had a really good friendship but not relationship. Jake is not into Tana and it shows. He’s super closed up. Tana is open and free about everything. Too free.
abby downtown
abby downtown Month ago
ugh the wedding was so crowded lmao
abby downtown
abby downtown Month ago
jordan seems like a really nice guys and i respect that
Mel Smith
Mel Smith Month ago
Watching this in 2020 and i feel like Jake was never in love with Tana it was all for the fame
debbie yanalin
debbie yanalin Month ago
9:29 I think this rose will last long than our marriage, #TRUE
Delaney Darnell
Delaney Darnell Month ago
Jake has never told tana he loves her. He never says it back. I’m so angry
Wanda P
Wanda P Month ago
Those janky hair extensions tho. Girl you make how much $$? Least get yourself some decent extensions 😵
Armaan Arslan
Armaan Arslan Month ago
Georgia Kate
Georgia Kate Month ago
Idc who she’s marrying her vows were so cute
Emanuel rodriguez
I dunno if I would define it as love, oh wait cameras still on? No they're in love....
not_me Month ago
Okay but Ashley and Logan look so done xD
nabila noury
nabila noury Month ago
i am i the only one laughing at the fact that sarah baska is in the back fanning her
Lucy Hemmersen
Lucy Hemmersen Month ago
She was clearly in love with him and he was in love with the story the media was watching. It's sad because she deserves better and at the time I thought he was actually real but I guess he deserves more credit as an actor because he clearly had a whole load of us fooled. There were people who absolutely saw through it for sure, but I for one wanted it to be real and not toxic FoR her.
Angelica Thompson
lotto winner
lotto winner Month ago
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Hannah hannah
Hannah hannah Month ago
Melissa Marie
Melissa Marie Month ago
Jordan finding out there may be a fight... says he doesn’t wanna tell Tana to stress her out before the wedding. Then proceeds to tell her as they’re walking down the aisle 😂
hey an
hey an Month ago
I don't like Natalie
Lana R
Lana R Month ago
Y’all KNOW Jake planned the fight so someone could pop Jordan
Alina Noelle
Alina Noelle Month ago
Can she not get proper extensions?! Her hair looks terrible 24/7 and you would think she has enough money. Can’t take the cheap bitch out of her I guess🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Katie Beveridge
Katie Beveridge Month ago
0:45 so you got married for views .... 🤦🏼‍♀️
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