The Voices of Dawn of War

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A trivia video showcasing the many roles assigned to credited voice actors from Dawn of War, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade, and Soulstorm. Although some roles have been validated, many of the performances were not specified in both Dark Crusade and (mostly) Soulstorm and thus were predicted based on other performances done in cartoons and anime showcased in this video.
Some minor roles not mentioned are:
Campaign Warlock (Winter Assault) - Laara Sadiq
Stronghold Warlock (Soulstorm) - Mackenzie Gray
Stronghold Scout (Soulstorm) - Trevor Devall
Stronghold Cultist (Soulstorm) - Scott Mcneil
Stronghold Chaos Marines (Soulstorm) - Scott Mcneil
Stronghold Commissar (Soulstorm) - Scott Mcneil
Soulstorm Campaign Tutorial - Ellen Kennedy




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Comments 80
Inq. Zeketer
Inq. Zeketer 3 days ago
so Dark Eldars are just Dark Eddies
Titan Tohka
Titan Tohka 8 days ago
MrCoolSmoovie 9 days ago
Fuck I swear I have every guardsmen lines by heart
WkKnockOut 10 days ago
Tortured Slave was Edd
White Wolf
White Wolf 10 days ago
So anyone can do this with a voice modifier...Good. I can do Gabriel without one. I win!
RolluTheRhodie 19 days ago
vaynelevant Month ago
can't believe that thule was voiced by the same actor who said spess mehreens steel rehn. i mean, what happened?
Thomas Revill
Thomas Revill 2 months ago
So commisars are literally M. Bison... This changes nothing
fisyr 2 months ago
Those are some insane talents, three Dobson guys can make more voices, than the entire cast of Skyrim.
Afonso de Albuquerque
Wow Double D became an edge lord who would have thought
Valhalan guardsman
Valhalan guardsman 3 months ago
Metal boxes!
Derrick Hayden
Derrick Hayden 3 months ago
God damn, I hope they had as much fun making this as I had listening to them in-game. Amazing work. Both DOW1 and COH1 are some of the best voiced games ever...and they are RTS games...crazy.
star beast 1.0
star beast 1.0 3 months ago
what about necrons
Reptile 4 months ago
Tau the best
Youtube Underground
Youtube Underground 4 months ago
You tellin me the bonesinger was a dude this whole time?
Sparks7907 4 months ago
Can we all just agree that Paul is the best Chaos Lord voice. Eliphas is the man then dawn of war 2 made him into something for some reason....
TGxIlyaork 5 months ago
When commissar and M. Bison have same voice actor: "YEES YEEES"
Fox Bautista
Fox Bautista 6 months ago
where's the sphess mehreens voice actor?
Callum Evans
Callum Evans 6 months ago
Welp, now the tortured slave will forever just be Double D to me. Great
SteveAkaGoatpile 6 months ago
these peoples Vocal range is amazing.
ian fontanet
ian fontanet 6 months ago
I noticed that some or most of the actors were in My Little Pony series (I'm not a brony, just saying).
disk3001 6 months ago
Dawn of War (especially Winter Assault) has one of the best VA of all time
Trixie Glimmer
Trixie Glimmer 6 months ago
Lol, I will never ever forget the first time I heard Bale in game and said out loud: Holy shit it's Dinobot!
Герман Крылов
Tim a bit faster?
Jake Martin
Jake Martin 7 months ago
Still some of the best voice acting in a video game.
Ducky 7 months ago
McNeil and the Dobsons, sounds like a band
Louis Kelemen
Louis Kelemen 8 months ago
Poor Double D became a Dark Eldar slave
NCO Pictures
NCO Pictures 8 months ago
M Bison as a commissar. YES!...YES!!!
This is badass
Darktitanium159 8 months ago
fighta bomba heya ready to maike a BIG BOOOM
Blueoriontiger 8 months ago
So basically Nicole talked to herself back and forth for all the Eldar pretty much?
ServantOfPriss 9 months ago
Grand Moff Tarkin
Grand Moff Tarkin 9 months ago
Surprise Boreale hidden on this video, tread carefully. Actually so many good memes, Carron is one of my favourites.
Aragorn II
Aragorn II 9 months ago
This is epic!! There are no others like this game!
BikeRyder13 9 months ago
Plot Twist
Plot Twist 9 months ago
Scott Mcneil was commander Boreale...
Josh Armstrong
Josh Armstrong 9 months ago
Ed Edd n Eddy man who knew the nerd kid Google full edgelord like that puberty hits like a ork waaaag! Or an entire company of Leman Russ battle tanks or both
VaciliNikoMavich 9 months ago
Witness the glory of the Dobson, through meeee~
evan gaynor
evan gaynor 9 months ago
Never gonna be able to unhear the ed edd eddy tortured slave
Гиллиман был евреем
Orcs = very dangerous britts =)
Gerald Corvitz
Gerald Corvitz 9 months ago
Paul dobson voices the three best human characters in Dawn of war..... if eliphas counts as a human...
Surprise 10 months ago
now whenever i play dark eldar i will think of double D
jeroen92 10 months ago
Tim Lewinson screw you
Wind Wind
Wind Wind 10 months ago
Indrick Boreale
Indrick Boreale 11 months ago
8:30 My bruva.
Filip Rebro
Filip Rebro 11 months ago
i always thought that Eldar are vocalized women because of their voice.
Nicholas Squires
Nicholas Squires 11 months ago
Double D was the Dark Eldar? ROFLMAO!
The Black Baron
The Black Baron 11 months ago
Mark Oliver is my favourite. His Aspiring champion voice work is by far the best fitting one for a servant of chaos. The other games didn't get it right like he did in DOW1 - Soulstorm
Kapn Krump
Kapn Krump 11 months ago
Pich Ofir' Aviyah
Pich Ofir' Aviyah 11 months ago
Jhmartin An
Jhmartin An 11 months ago
5:08 5:24 wow(richard ian cox)
Schazmen Rassir
Schazmen Rassir 11 months ago
Holy shit, the Dobsons did a crapton of voices!
cc2099 9 months ago
That is when you know he is a great voice acting
Norad2 Year ago
Ha, I forgot Nicole Oliver was one of the VAs! Praise the sun!
13:28 "There's so much you still don't know..." " I serve the sisterhood."
that orange guy
Swoor. Year ago
DOBSON WAS RED ALERT IN TF ARMADA?? I loved that cartoon when i was a kid.
Dr. Lanky
Dr. Lanky Year ago
Martin Sand
Martin Sand Year ago
Most suprising. Didn't know that so few voiced in the games and least one actor for each faction
George Sienfeld
Jesus protects
Mark Oliver actually looks like Isador.
roiking2740 Year ago
i dont understand relic why didnt they use the dobson brothers for the voices in Dawn of war 3? they are perfect for the roles
Dmitriy Loisander
Only Tony Gronick is loyalty to Emperor.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Year ago
Wow, whatever woman voiced the Eldar has some serious talent! (Sees it a man) Me:....
Blueoriontiger 8 months ago
I know, right?! I was wondering what old soul they pulled out to do the Bonesinger. And today I learn it was a guy that did it. O_O
K-leb Year ago
15:04 "Faster than blasphemy." I never noticed that line before. That's hilarious.
K-leb Year ago
Richard Ian Cox does a really good job of sounding neither like a man or a woman when it comes to the Eldar (besides the Dark Reapers and a couple others, of course).
Andy Wolf
Andy Wolf Year ago
"Scott McNeil, reporting for duty to lead other Scott McNeils under the watchful cover of mechanized ScottMcNeils."
Brother Kotello
Brother Kotello 11 months ago
Bruva Dobson, the Astra McNeilum is attacking our base! Our McNeil Servitors are under attack!
baka gaijin
baka gaijin Year ago
Limis Year ago
I think most of these voice actors are legends at this point
SirYorange Year ago
Even though it only has a few lines, I really, really love the early Leman Russ tank voice.
Faisal Roufa
Faisal Roufa Year ago
So ryuk is actually tau ethereal 😂😂
Dacijo Year ago
I don't like the blood raven's voices, too over the top
Deceptiwave Year ago
sure are a lot of transformers here.
Vectus Year ago
Now all dark eldar are double d to me
André Niemand
The Cowards! The Fewls!
Kurt 104
Kurt 104 Year ago
Damn the Chaplain, son
Renan Palma
Renan Palma Year ago
There's an error. In Winter Assault, Taldeer is played by Claudia Black, not the one you showed. Yes, Claudia Black, aka Morrigan, aka Aeryn Sun, aka Admiral Xen... I checked credits to say this. Well, if they re-released game with another voice for that character, i don't know, but when i played Dragon Age: Origins for the first time, i recognized morrigan's voice because of Winter Assault.
Eranthis Year ago
I don't think so. Winter Assault does not have Claudia Black as a credit for voice talent, nor is she on the IMDB. Laura Sadiq however is credited as the role for Taldeer.
the O.D.S.T spartan
11:39 this guys an asshole
Gremblo Year ago
What with all of the Death Note voice actors? Good taste in actors though.
Spurdo Jenkins
So scott mcneil is responsible for so many memes
Zerebrat Eightyseven
in the grim darkness of the future , there is only dobson
Whining Ylthin
Whining Ylthin 2 months ago
And McNeil.
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