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Huyuj Nubu
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The Voice Russia The best auditions Per Hour with RUvid Marketing, Get Started Now Judges Леонид Агутин - Александр Градский - Пелагея - Дима.
All four judges turn around, amazing auditions. 1. Наргиз Закирова - Still loving you 2. Иделия Мухаметзянова - Let it be (2:06) 3. Александра Вороб.
I would like to introduce some amazing blind auditions in the music show - The Voice of Russia 2014. Enjoy the music and thumbs up if you like it)))

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Oct 9, 2015




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Comments 150
Cha Rli
Cha Rli 2 months ago
16:44 very very very very nice
Alex Drop
Alex Drop 3 months ago
А че не на 10 часов видео?? еблан автор
Cha Rli
Cha Rli 2 months ago
Ну вали науй тогда, бомж. Что тебе 5 минутный ролик из хрен знает сколько сезонов сделать?!
M J 3 months ago
Russians are really beautiful humans
Charlemagne de valmont
Аброр Пулатович
Voyage is the best
Gundega Vilumsone
Gundega Vilumsone 4 months ago
My favourite xxx
EDUARDO CUNHA 5 months ago
Baixem o som destas porras de botao para nao atrapalhar cacete.
ducatiist 5 months ago
Russian's have some serious talent for sure!!! Sorry for the politics of this dying empire. If only love and music controlled the world. Love from USA.
Julio Sanchez
Julio Sanchez 8 days ago
jwlry I think he means the USA is a dying empire, as an American I agree lol
jwlry 22 days ago
Russia is Federation, not an empire. You are slowpoke))
Victor Aguilar
Victor Aguilar 2 months ago
Russia is not a dyling empire nor they are weak if our country the usa is so sure of its power how come only invades small nations who are nowhere near its military power but when it comes to russia and china the usa stay away from their territories? According to the bible when the great babylon gets destroy it will seen like it came from the skies and which country calls it self the great and also controls commerce all around the world we who think are alive are really the ones who will perish before other do
Никай Никайленко
Who said you we are dying? WaPo and NYT? Don't trust them.
Stefania Kvackaj
Stefania Kvackaj 6 months ago
Rusi súnajlepší speváci na svete s tými najdojímavejšími hlasmi. Slava Russia!!!
alirs alirs
alirs alirs 7 months ago
Alexandra's the best. This is deffinetly the most beautiful cover of Chandelier.
Vladimir Solovev
Vladimir Solovev 7 months ago
Nargiz Zakarova is missing from this list unfortunately
gitana082 8 months ago
2:08 Szép volt! OMG.
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue 9 months ago
Of course Mariam!
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue 9 months ago
I keep coming back to this, year after year. Addicted l think. But a Good thing.
Lin Train
Lin Train 7 months ago
What performance is your favourite? From what country are you?
PELSI Anime 9 months ago
beba army present :B
Nanette Cormier
Nanette Cormier 9 months ago
I am amazed! Most of these performers are singing in a language other than their mother-tongue! And they rock!!!
gls600 9 months ago
Three turned on the Chris Isaak song before they heard the falsetto.
Boss Statement
What is a name this woman 09:50
Boss Statement
Nelly Art thanx you very much
Nelly Art
Nelly Art Year ago
Mariam Merabova. she used to sing backing vocals with Dima Bilan (he is on the jury)
Deni Lotus
Deni Lotus Year ago
Sorry i realy like men rusia one he emazing good voice but i dont know he is name because the rusia word😣
Vlad Bel
Vlad Bel 10 months ago
You re welcome
Vlad Bel
Vlad Bel 10 months ago
Andrey Davidyan
Vlad Bel
Vlad Bel 10 months ago
Anton Belyaev
Vlad Bel
Vlad Bel 10 months ago
Zlat Habibullin
Vlad Bel
Vlad Bel 10 months ago
Samvel Vardanyan
Larissa linso
Larissa linso Year ago
Alguém sabe onde acho um vídeo em que uma menina canta e essa jurada se emociona muito, acho que o gênero era Árabe, só que ela fica como que é um maestro e muito emocionada
gabriel Silva
gabriel Silva 7 months ago
Caramba filha, procurando árabe na Rússia!? Skks
Jair Teixeira
Jair Teixeira Year ago
Esses russos cantam para cacete !! These Russians sing very well !!
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
The blonde dominatrix in yellow was über hot. And what a voice.
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
Best male rendition of Georgia l have ever heard!!
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
He only needed Helena to complete the fantasy.
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
Amazing version of Let It Be.
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
And the lady, l would run to her.
Sidy Baltimore
The Legend Scorpion Still Loving You
Mauro Jimenez
Mauro Jimenez Year ago
Viven de los americanos
Misael Cruz
Misael Cruz Year ago
The best 28:39 uffff
Lokiss Year ago
Anastasia Manivannan
Ata hurush
심사위원 여가수 이름을 알고싶어요. 너무아름답고 러시아최고 여가수인것 같습니다. 이름이라도 알고싶습니다.
Мысль Year ago
Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya, Dmitry Bilan. These are very famous musicians, some legendary. Pelageya is the most closed star in Russia. Mega popular. Sings different styles but mostly folk. For an example ruvid.net/video/video-5XbM7hn90Hc.html
Peter G
Peter G Year ago
Huyuj Nubu.Thanks for the video!!! But after 32.17 is a replay.It is necessary to correct,insert for example the best for 2016- 2017....
Saro Nacharyan
одну песну 10 раз паставили
rene florencio
the first contestant was not that good...her voice was nothing extra ordinary.
Ben Aziza Lassaad
facebook.com/1451766948/videos/10206613144114588/ me singin Always on m'y mind for the psb
Marie Year ago
The lady judge had a face of an angel ! And Russia has big talent !
Роман Кузьмин
She is most a performer of national Russian songs ruvid.net/video/video-qPuffyhHXgQ.html
Роман Кузьмин
gabriel Silva
gabriel Silva 7 months ago
@MidwinterLady ohh.. okay haha
MidwinterLady 7 months ago
@gabriel Silva Me - Russian ? Nope - Iceland born - living in Canada ;)
gabriel Silva
gabriel Silva 7 months ago
I have a feeling that you are Russian...
Julie Jenkins
Julie Jenkins Year ago
what's the guys name that sings Still Loving You? Love his voice.
Chris Year ago
You should check out the rendition Nargiz Zakirova did: ruvid.net/video/video-L_qZfy2tJtA.html
Alexa Salmone
Alexa Salmone Year ago
sharip (sharif) umxanov
Slobodan Despinic
What about 18:50 ? It's Russian.
Lokiss Year ago
Yes, this Russian
Анна Т
Анна Т Year ago
Елена Ваенга - "Шопен". It's Elena Vaenga - "Chopin"
Svetlana Tula
Svetlana Tula Year ago
Valentine Biryukova Валентина Бирюкова
Армагеддон YT
Yes,Классный голос ))
M S Year ago
Why did the judges act that way during the performance at 22:18? What was the meaning of the stuffed animal? The performance was beautiful.
Vladislav Galkin
Vladislav Galkin 5 months ago
Pelageya (female coach) knew him and his group Therr Maitz
Michael Fisher
His son passed it was in his memory.
Sohail Ahmed
Sohail Ahmed Year ago
why are all the russians singing in english?
Кил Ван
Кил Ван 11 months ago
wayne whitson
wayne whitson Year ago
10:53 "WHAT IS UP WITH (the guy eating) THE HOT DOG (backstage)?
el succia
el succia Year ago
wayne whitson Its sosiska
Bruce1004PL Year ago
1:48 Hot :) Nice voice and beautiful woman...
Sean Gotts
Sean Gotts Year ago
erm wtf .. no way are they the best you just threw some random auditons together and called it the best
Kawaii Kute
Kawaii Kute Year ago
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
These people SING!!!
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
Mariam. A Force!! Oh Georgia!!!
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
I know.....she knows!
Keith Purdue
Keith Purdue Year ago
Not bad, but no one can match Karen.
Дева Мария
16:42 !!!!!!!! BEST
Joao Nunes
Joao Nunes Year ago
Com certeza!
Weather Moon
Weather Moon Year ago
I swear you all have better singers than America... Wow!!!!! 32:32 ****swoon***
Je vais taire mon nom
@rogue crysis desireless voyage voyage
rogue crysis
rogue crysis 4 months ago
@Je vais taire mon nom Name song? its beautiful.
Je vais taire mon nom
Omg he's singing in french
Weather Moon
Weather Moon Year ago
Who is the grey haired judge, please? His face is familiar?
Northern Psy
Northern Psy Year ago
Jo Harker Alexander Gradsky. Very famous singer in Russia. Also sound actor. One of the most famous songs - "How young we were" ("Как молоды мы были" Александр Градский)
Weather Moon
Weather Moon Year ago
Иван Комментатор Alexander! Thank you so much! I have enjoyed his voice for decade, but never knew his full name. Spasibo
Valdir Salinas
Seus governantes odeiam tanto USA mas seu povo só canta música do ocidente.... Ilárico.... e com celular Apple...
Valdir Salinas
No mundo, as diferenças só existem pelos políticos e governantes e não pela humanidade....
FrozenZain 2 years ago
23:14 that's the real pennywise lmao
Coach_Rick Dorian
Coach_Rick Dorian 16 days ago
Dude why are you on hime hahaha True
Elyrian Elder
Elyrian Elder 2 months ago
I just pissed myself laughing
J M 7 months ago
hahahaha im from russia and im first time look it like pennywise hahah
el succia
el succia Year ago
Pelageya like pennywise
antoshka _koenigs
FrozenZain ahahahah lol
robert p
robert p 2 years ago
Guy singing voyage is the best, gave me bumps
testovirone 2 years ago
why no one singing Russian songs, but on a good note they pick great songs to sing
Lin Train
Lin Train 7 months ago
@Anonymous User there is no such conditions.
Михаил Лаухин
Anonymous User чего? С чего бы? Наоборот, многие на русском поют.
Alexey Lavrov
Alexey Lavrov Year ago
18:53 - for example on Russian
All Together
All Together Year ago
The Voice of Russia - Best Blind Auditions - Songs In RUSSIAN ruvid.net/video/video-ODK5_-W_eHw.html
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 years ago
One of the conditions of the Russian project "the Voice" to sing in a foreign language.
testovirone 2 years ago
can som1 tell me the name of this channel. I know it's Russian but if Wana get it on my receiver
Кирилл Линьков
Translate with clear Russian meanings: The First national channel of Russia. The Voice of Russia channel in RUvid: ruvid.net/video/video-b3YlzbiJwwA.html Link to the video of this project Voice of Russia. Just hear this song - Blue eternity by Sergey Volchkov :)
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 years ago
robert p
robert p 2 years ago
testovirone translated as The First channel, in Russian : Первый Канал
Frans Sikkes
Frans Sikkes 2 years ago
Vraag me nog steeds af wie die blonde schoonheid is die in de jury zit.
Waldemar Year ago
Für wahr, Pelageya ist wirklich eine Schönheit. Liebe Grüße uit Duitsland an unsere Holländischen Nachbarn. 😁👍
Мысль Year ago
Pelageya is the most closed star in Russia. Mega popular. Sings different styles but mostly folk. For an example ruvid.net/video/video-5XbM7hn90Hc.html
Sienna And Kaja
Eindelijk een nederlander 😂😂
Frans Sikkes
Frans Sikkes Year ago
Hennie.Bedankt ik vind het gewoon een heerlijke spontane vrouw.
Hennie Cornet
Hennie Cornet 2 years ago
ze heet Pelageya en is een russische folk zangeres
icykickflip 2 years ago
Why are russiam women like... Black and white. Either drop dead gorgeous, or ruthless forest wife farming and shit. No in between
annettemint Year ago
icykickflip lol
ulku yaldaz
ulku yaldaz 2 years ago
Is there anyone who sings a Russian song?
Donny Vaughan
Donny Vaughan Year ago
Who are the judges?
DSL989 Year ago
ulku yaldaz Z
С К Year ago
Бульбуль Аглы
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