The Voice: Perfomances of Grunge songs

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Bringing a video only with band performances coming from a rock style created in the early 90's, Grunge that for some years at that time put several songs at the top of the charts, and the two biggest bands of the time are represented in this video, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.
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Julien Alexander Blank - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (The Voice of Germany)
Zara Okro - Alive (The Voice UK)
Prabuddha Shyamal - Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Voice Lithuania)
Mario Mancelli - Even Flow (The Voice of Albania)
Julien Blank - Heart Shaped Box (The Voice of Germany)


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Aug 4, 2018




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Comments 931
Larry King
Larry King Day ago
Kurt Cobain knock off bitch
alf88 6 days ago
Me salvaste Eddie de una muerte segura
alf88 6 days ago
Pearl jam
Charlie Kirby
Charlie Kirby 29 days ago
Teen spirit was disappointing
Zairus Month ago
The voice dont like Grunge... Mother fuckers!!!!
Quinn Schutz
Quinn Schutz Month ago
You just don't cover a grunge song the artists are just to unique.
S Vampire
S Vampire Month ago
Some of you guys may not know that but first and last auditions are same person! He have a channel on RUvid.
Bozo Brown
Bozo Brown Month ago
What was that smells like teen spirit ? My head is brain dead
max Vicious
max Vicious Month ago
Tell me where did you sleep last night is a cover of a cover, not a grunge song
Shirlee Bostrom
Shirlee Bostrom Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂! Look at that guy! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jasler 2 months ago
prefiero pisar meirda descalzo
Jona Bowen Smith
Jona Bowen Smith 2 months ago
There’s certain people that I respect covering grunge but dude at 4:07 just needs to go home
2 months ago
First one isn't a grunge song.
st1ckman 21
st1ckman 21 4 months ago
He’s not even playing where did you sleep last night right lol
Ronish Shrestha
Ronish Shrestha 4 months ago
Smell like shit u bald man😒😒😒
Wolverine Smith
Wolverine Smith 4 months ago
The guy singing Smells Like Teen Spirit didn’t know any of the lyrics. I think I heard him sing something about Cheetos instead of a mosquito, yet there were judges who turned with him. Not one of these singers had the right voice for Grunge music. Only the guy doing Heart Shaped Box even tried to sing in a voice befitting Grunge.
topher 8866
topher 8866 4 months ago
anyone gonna talk about the lady who sang pearl jam? shit i didn’t NOT expect that
Tamia Uijterwaal
Tamia Uijterwaal 6 months ago
3:43 , How ppl on Smule sing slts lmaoo
Kathleen Vibas
Kathleen Vibas 6 months ago
Heart shaped box and where did you sleep last night are the coolest for me
Cat Jack Off-Road
Cat Jack Off-Road 7 months ago
The first song where did you sleep last night had been around for a very long time led belly actually recorded many versions of it nirvana covered it made it their own it has been called “my girl” and “in the pines” in the 50-60s, book of useless knowledge here lol these cover were all pretty terrible. Smells like teen spirit was butchered cooked and butchered again.
SideVolt 8 months ago
ok the dude who did even flow did an amazing job, imo. and at the other end of the spectrum, the guy who did smells like teen spirit should never do whatever that was again.
Darth Jalap
Darth Jalap 8 months ago
You could have picked any nirvana song but you picked smells like teen spirit
Pigeon Get A Job
Pigeon Get A Job 8 months ago
The first and last performance is the same person
Pigeon Get A Job
Pigeon Get A Job 8 months ago
Lmao Where Did You Sleep Last Night is a cover Nirvana did but sure okay
Ian Pleasant
Ian Pleasant 8 months ago
These were all awful
Yasmin GreenLeaf
Yasmin GreenLeaf 9 months ago
Heart shaped box é o único que me fez feliz!!! O Grunge ainda está vivo, amém!
Yasmin GreenLeaf
Yasmin GreenLeaf 9 months ago
I dont care bro I dont care
The smells like teen spirit guy makes kurt wants to kill himself again but now with a machine gun
marshall coleman
marshall coleman 10 months ago
The American version of the voice doesn’t let u choose your own songs to sing. So stupid
Bolec twardy jak księżycowa Skała
4:20 concheetos XD
SNTTMSTR 10 months ago
He clearly don't even know the lyrics of the smells like teen spirit
Vito Andolini
Vito Andolini 10 months ago
Why Tf does every other country copies the u.s.
Sal Zangrilliton
Sal Zangrilliton 10 months ago
This is the lamest shit I’ve seen in a long time
g323g 10 months ago
All where so so guess we won’t c an amazing grunge performance for a while
jacusss1910 10 months ago
These german The Voice judges, are so obnoxious, its cringy to watch them, not to mention disrespectful to the performers....
whisperienced 10 months ago
Oh for fuck sakes... where did you sleep last night is a token song it isn't even close to the best Kurt sang or what Nirvana could perform.
scottpachable 10 months ago
Okay, leadbelly was a blues artist, and that jackass was the worst I've ever heard. Second up was off key and completely mauled the performance. Last two were good at best. I need to move to Europe and win this shit
Владимир Головач
nothing special / absolutely amateur level
Emmanuel Lopez
Emmanuel Lopez 10 months ago
Wtf smell like teen spirit
Jay Audiss
Jay Audiss 10 months ago
The last kid had corn nuts for teeth!!
NobleAss 10 months ago
Collection of stupid ass judgements and great perfomances.
Gabriele Stanga
Gabriele Stanga 10 months ago
The guy who did smells was fucking awful.
MrPieman00 10 months ago
4:48 my reaction
Dan Gibbs
Dan Gibbs 10 months ago
Heart Shaped Box was the best performance. Why did nobody turn?
Joe H
Joe H 10 months ago
European country’s are so fucking cringe wtf
Nik Canfield
Nik Canfield 10 months ago
Kurt is killing himself again cause of this
pbandjosh 10 months ago
A couple of those were awful but Where Did You Sleep Last Night and Heart Shaped Box were actually pretty good...
Denis Souza
Denis Souza 10 months ago
Rich Lucchesi
Rich Lucchesi 10 months ago
Alive was shit. This aint a gospel song
Metal Snob
Metal Snob 10 months ago
Where did you sleep last night was by leadbelly not Nirvana
Jack Strader
Jack Strader 10 months ago
And smells like tean spirit
Jack Strader
Jack Strader 10 months ago
Alive sucked
Cohen Howes
Cohen Howes 10 months ago
So much autotune.
vitória Larah
vitória Larah 10 months ago
the guy who sang where did you sleep last night is the same one who sang heart shaped-box... he's so talented
Mr DMc
Mr DMc 10 months ago
3:41 guy didn't even know the words?
Leah Qureshi
Leah Qureshi 10 months ago
And concheetos?
Leah Qureshi
Leah Qureshi 10 months ago
The first singer nailed it, his voice is close to Kurt’s
Japo Snes
Japo Snes 10 months ago
That cringe sensation during Smells like teen spirit
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 10 months ago
This was a bad video
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson 10 months ago
4:58 A black guy? OMG.
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