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Most of our generation is always ready to fly to the USA. And our friends here are ever ready and they are here for their final test, the Visa Interview. They put in everything they could to get their approval. Some of them succeed and few of them may not but all of them will sure give us heartfelt laughs and tiny enlightenment.
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Feb 9, 2018




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VIVA Year ago
Hey all, if you want to download the ringtone: "Okati..okati..." - clyp.it/ageocx2r "Ashochangoyeen" - clyp.it/nudm2jda For Subtitles, please click on the CC button in the settings. Cheers! :)
Dolly Bhagi
Dolly Bhagi 4 months ago
K bro
Bhaskara Rao Nimmala
super i like this video
Nallanti Raghu
Nallanti Raghu 7 days ago
Sunitha Muppasani
Nice viva I want to join
Chandra Sekhar
Chandra Sekhar 10 days ago
chandrashekar devkar
What u do 😂😂😂🙏🤣
Shekarskoda Skoda
Shekarskoda Skoda 11 days ago
Sai Ram
Sai Ram 12 days ago
www.zedge.net/ringtone/3f45e7c2-b70a-4c13-a60c-60ea162e366e Chipa ringtone link☝️
hari krishna
hari krishna 12 days ago
3.30 sir I will do part-time in full time sir🤣🤣
Akash Reddy
Akash Reddy 13 days ago
At 6:43 ultimate comedy
anand anand
anand anand 14 days ago
better to stay in india yem pikkayadamo adhi india lo neah pikkochu kadha..............
sai venkat
sai venkat 14 days ago
Ashochangoyee 😂
Damodar Pendem
Damodar Pendem 15 days ago
8:40-8:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
K. Yugandhar
K. Yugandhar 16 days ago
I enjoy the this viva
music lovers
music lovers 17 days ago
Usha Samariddi
Usha Samariddi 19 days ago
This is the only best video I saw in viva
Mosam Bangaram
Mosam Bangaram 19 days ago
పిచ్చ కామెడీ బ్బా
Hema raju Devarinti
ఐ లవ్ యు సో మచ్ యూత్ టీం సుప్రవీబీ comedy acting
Hema raju Devarinti
ankem raveendra
ankem raveendra 22 days ago
Chee ....paa😂😂
సాయి క్రాంతి
సాయి క్రాంతి
I love all countrys
Srinivas royal
Srinivas royal 25 days ago
Last two interviews are highlight....👌👌👌
ashirp22 Month ago
"అదేంటి స...ర్? ఆ ఒక్క మగాడి కోసం ఎందుకమ్మా భారతదేశమంతా వలస వెళ్లడం?" 😷 (కడుపు చల్లగా ఉందా???)😘
Phanikumar Chigurupalli
111222 freechaitnya parayana🤣😂🤣😂😂
Rama Krishna G
Rama Krishna G Month ago
Your English is so perfect
Ahigith Chowdhary
Krishna Bhushan
Krishna Bhushan Month ago
Gunturu Sai Santhosh
Vishnu priya
karthik koviri
karthik koviri Month ago
kiran reddy
kiran reddy Month ago
iPhone business 🤣....... naku alage vachindhi Na phone
Reddy Sreanu
Reddy Sreanu Month ago
Sameer . S
Sameer . S 2 months ago
cherukupalli venkateswarlu
Very good comedy. Keep it up. Best of luck.
Nandu battula
Nandu battula 2 months ago
Great full to harsha for such entertainment
Amogh Reddy
Amogh Reddy 2 months ago
USA ki air India lo vellochu bayya
davan bandi
davan bandi 2 months ago
Kusuma Kusu
Kusuma Kusu 2 months ago
Wt is legal wt is illegal
Raaz raa
Raaz raa 2 months ago
Raffi Shaik
Raffi Shaik 2 months ago
super hit scit
Ayyappa mamidi
Ayyappa mamidi 2 months ago
Vishu Priya super
Suresh Karnika
Suresh Karnika 2 months ago
All your videos are superb😁😁😁
Krishna Kittu
Krishna Kittu 2 months ago
Vishnupriya undiga
Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran 2 months ago
Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran 2 months ago
kalyan kumar
kalyan kumar 3 months ago
China alias Chepa
Tech 33
Tech 33 3 months ago
Mr chiipa
Rajesh Raj
Rajesh Raj 3 months ago
Achochanengya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha
Gopala Medapuram
Gopala Medapuram 3 months ago
Just awesome
P 666 RAX
P 666 RAX 3 months ago
4:37 : LOL for 1.5 to 2 you will only get a Gulf guy. Current America rates are 4.5. UK/Swiss rates are 6 and Australia 3.5
Suresh Thati
Suresh Thati 3 months ago
Super bro.
chandanaa Bharati
chandanaa Bharati 3 months ago
Then stay in India!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😍😍
Abdul Abdul
Abdul Abdul 3 months ago
Hahaha hahaha
madhavi Chellingi
madhavi Chellingi 3 months ago
And hundreds of suicides 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav 3 months ago
Then stay in India 😀😀😀
koteswar009 3 months ago
I got 10 years Business B1 visa after 5-10 min of interview in Sydney. Pretty straightforward as long as all documents are right and purpose is valid, ofcourse that you will return 😀.
Pranav Navathe
Pranav Navathe 3 months ago
Ezaz Syed
Ezaz Syed 3 months ago
Then Stay in India...!!😳😳
Siva Ratna Kumari
Siva Ratna Kumari 3 months ago
Yo!! I am studying at UIUC!!
gulam 786
gulam 786 24 days ago
Haiii siva ratna kumari garu....
Srinivas Rejinthala
Srinivas Rejinthala 3 months ago
Allu Venkat
Allu Venkat 3 months ago
Liked video😋😋😍
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