The Villain Pub - Palpatine's Quarantine

How It Should Have Ended
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Palps has to lockdown the pub to enforce social distancing and learns the challenges of entertaining himself.
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------------- Credits ----------------
Produced By - Tina Alexander
Directed By - Daniel Baxter
Daniel Baxter
Nicholas Hausmann
Character Art - Daniel Baxter
Background Art - Otis Frampton
Daniel Baxter
Stephanie Fisher
John Tillman
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
How It Should Have Ended
How's your cabin fever going?
HAZIQ RAHIM 16 days ago
Fun but depressing
k-o kick combo creater
Its cool But I wish I could go outside but I’m glad the lockdown hasn’t affected your work that much
Derek Jacob Jularbal
Very bad and boring
Shadowstriker The dragon trainer
Do y’all have a httyd 3 should have ended planed
DaDerpy BatMane
DaDerpy BatMane 2 months ago
I've been training for this moment since 2015.
HydroBazooka Hour ago
The Old Time Rock & Roll skit got me laughing every time, especially the part where he does the piano part from the original song and slides in wearing socks😂☠️
Valentino Abimanyu
Valentino Abimanyu 6 hours ago
If palpatine says “execute order 66” but the clones use mask and antiseptic
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 10 hours ago
Quarantine was an absolute nightmare for Palps
Christon Stracener
Christon Stracener 10 hours ago
Unnatural force ability got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Calum Yeaman
Calum Yeaman Day ago
I can’t believe this was posted 2 months ago. It’s been so Long
rana herlambang
3:27 is that Ivan Drago picture in the wall? 😂😂
Ace AJ
Ace AJ Day ago
2:26 where have I seen this
Ace AJ
Ace AJ Day ago
“Spreading butts”🤣
Felix The weird guy
Terra Mapping
Terra Mapping 2 days ago
hamster four
hamster four 2 days ago
You know Loki can just send a hologram of himself to the villan pub
Grant Walton
Grant Walton 3 days ago
Shouldn’t some villains be invulnerable to the virus?
Eoghan O'Nia
Eoghan O'Nia 3 days ago
You need to make a part 2 to this with him trying to use zoom
Adam Cassidy
Adam Cassidy 3 days ago
I love that his phone is his lightsaber
Cube Munchkin
Cube Munchkin 3 days ago
Just take clones that are all for sale I don’t need them I’ll just clone my self Should I just shown how I survived the fall? Now my sagas dead just like Darth Maul Won’t event try to build a Death Star They never even got me on screen for long In 15 minutes I couldn’t even last long Now my sagas dead just like Darth Maul Now My sagas dead just like Darth Maul It’s unfortunate Ray was the one with the force There goes my chance of having Unlimited Power Now I’m dead just like Darth Maul
Anakin Skywallker
Me two months in advance and roits
Ryan Rieger
Ryan Rieger 4 days ago
The two hours thing is 100% percent relatable
Hello Friend
Hello Friend 4 days ago
Its Been TWO WHOLE monthS!!! Im still trap making Me Crazy!!!
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 4 days ago
I love your videos. Am a huge fan. And we know the situation in America is getting worse day by day. Feeling real bad for it. May God bless you all. So that we be all be fine. All the love and care from India. Take care. And I would really like to appreciate how you made this video to encourage self quarantine.
Elijah Scarboro
Elijah Scarboro 5 days ago
Every bar owner right now 😂
Monika Choudhary
Monika Choudhary 5 days ago
Palpatine do your homework
Nasos Tychalas
Nasos Tychalas 5 days ago
its insane how good are this guy's videos ,and he deserves getting paid for that
Max Gaming
Max Gaming 5 days ago
Royce Cao
Royce Cao 6 days ago
Add snoke to the villain pub
naveed Mohammed
naveed Mohammed 6 days ago
I like this
mustafa karwa
mustafa karwa 6 days ago
U should've had him use force lightning to get everyone out
The Greater-Scope Villain
Emperor Palpatine, without a doubt the best character in all of HISHE.
cal kestis
cal kestis 6 days ago
Bring back the gang
Sunny Days
Sunny Days 7 days ago
Play Minecraft
Charlie Russo
Charlie Russo 7 days ago
Ha ha ha I change my face all the time Ha Ha Ha
Charlie Russo
Charlie Russo 7 days ago
Watching this for the fifth time during my quarantine
PZ 75 network
PZ 75 network 7 days ago
Rachel Oberholzer
LOVE Your work!!! ❤❤❤
Narinder Singh
Narinder Singh 7 days ago
"I feel like social media is feeding my frustration and anger" that got me
Salem Andreus
Salem Andreus 8 days ago
Palps gaming is the best! :D I want to see him playing and reviewing so many games in his pink cat-eared headphones! :D
Cryscorde Ultimasunt
This joke has probably been done to death already, I haven’t checked, but... Emperor Quarantine?
Anonymous News
Anonymous News 8 days ago
So he survived. Oh well. Before The Dark Times.Before Disney.
SuperBeefJerkey [SBJ]
The face mask, spray bottle and cleaning cloth were the clickbait for me (I work at a store, so I can relate).
Brady Defelice
Brady Defelice 9 days ago
How about Batman doing a self quarantine in the bat cave 🤔
Zom Talks About Minecraft
1:45 - 2:03 What Palpatine does when vader does his missions
Solaiman Sohan
Solaiman Sohan 9 days ago
Red Skull has biggest Quarantine.Alone in a whole planet
BrianFXW 10 days ago
Elenor Minarik
Elenor Minarik 11 days ago
Did you base the villain pub theme song on the puzzles theme song from how i met your mother?
blofeld39 2 hours ago
...that's the theme from "Cheers".
Thanks Hermione
Thanks Hermione 11 days ago
You could do a sequel to this where The Emperor is so lonely that he contacts his granddaughter through Skype or FaceTime.
Rachel Braddell
Rachel Braddell 11 days ago
Love Villian Pub and love watching it with my 9 year old. Funny stuff!
Ed&Ellie-Gaming 11 days ago
This is the best thing to come out of quarantine
Semaj Cheatham
Semaj Cheatham 11 days ago
You gotta do a superhero quarantine one
Indiana the 3rd TV
Indiana the 3rd TV 12 days ago
I've watched this before, I just came back for the intro song
Indiana the 3rd TV
Indiana the 3rd TV 12 days ago
I've watched this before, I just came back for the intro song
Qigzzus46 12 days ago
Bruh my name is hal 😂
Nikolas Mason
Nikolas Mason 13 days ago
I jut realized that this song is from cheers and my nan has been watching it this whole month and I haven’t known
Jared Gonzalez
Jared Gonzalez 13 days ago
Palpatine: I’M BORREDD me: I feel your pain
Brain Zombie
Brain Zombie 13 days ago
Some of them can travel with magic instead of going outside. Can't Palps invite them?
Ahsoka Granger66
Ahsoka Granger66 13 days ago
When Palps can do more push-ups than you - 😞😯😂
WATER SIDE 13 days ago
Be safe bats keep up with the latest HISHES stay home ,stay safe ..I’ll return in the next cafe ..because I’m BATMAN!!!!
Sage Turmelle
Sage Turmelle 14 days ago
If it was Klaue showing up at the door to be let in, he'd just use his vibranium arm to blast open the door because in this series's continuity he would still be alive and keep his vibranium arm unlike his fate in the MCU.
Fictional Asshole
Fictional Asshole 14 days ago
I'd honestly prefer to go to a place where everybody hates my face, rather than take another day of quarantine!!!!
Danny Dowd
Danny Dowd 15 days ago
Thank you for this awesome video. 👍🏻 🤜🏻 🤛🏼 Air bond it.
blueberry vlogs
blueberry vlogs 15 days ago
Bright burn how it should have ended
Janna Smith
Janna Smith 15 days ago
2:24 killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
JP Sar
JP Sar 15 days ago
“and four…and…five…and six. Huh, okay that’s good, I think we can just stop there.” I see what you did there!
Anime Sayian
Anime Sayian 15 days ago
He is Darth Vader right
Simon cowell
Simon cowell 11 days ago
have you even watched starwars?
Anime Sayian
Anime Sayian 15 days ago
It's region restricted
Elijah Jose Quiambao
Damn this songs makes me relax
Nikolas Chester
Nikolas Chester 15 days ago
I think Covid is the shiteist thang ever.
Metal 1974
Metal 1974 14 days ago
Spanish flu.
O-Topia 15 days ago
Im will not stay at home and i will not be infected because im batman.🙂🙂
Kever 18
Kever 18 15 days ago
U did!! Y'all always make me laugh
Kana Beats
Kana Beats 16 days ago
of course voldemort doesn't believe it lol
Richard Bernhardt
Richard Bernhardt 16 days ago
Favorite line was well this is.a pathway to abilities even I consider unnaturual
Damian Damian
Damian Damian 17 days ago
where i king Ghidorah?on pub
CASH MOWERY 17 days ago
Omg I love the Villain Pub theme song! 😂
Madeline C
Madeline C 18 days ago
Papa palps owned a pub???
Karolina Imiołek
Karolina Imiołek 18 days ago
2:25 those pale skiny legs... I'm dying
Nick 18 days ago
4:12 If only palps could know about the update...
Brady Defelice
Brady Defelice 19 days ago
When the next Villain Pub comes out those guys should apologize to Palpatine for not being more careful during this time.
Hello There
Hello There 19 days ago
Palps: Hal! Hal: Yes Emperor Palatine. Palps: Execute order 2! Hal: I’m afraid I can’t. Palps: DEW IT!
Sara N
Sara N 19 days ago
I totally called that it was only 2 hours!!! Really enjoyed this. I'm dealing with cabin fever by catching up on my RUvid vids! ;)
Bennygamer 890
Bennygamer 890 19 days ago
Order new toilett paper! Im afraid i cant DO IT! that got me so hard🤣🤣🤣
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