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Scott The Woz
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Scott gets help.
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Music Used:
"World Map" from Donkey Kong Country
"Collection Room" from Sonic Generations
"Sanctuary" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
"Mario Stadium" from Fortune Street
"Brinstar" from Metroid
"Town Theme" from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
"Game Select" from Super Mario All-Stars
"Athletic Theme" from Super Mario World
"Mystic Cave Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2
"Fun House" from Mickey Mousecapade
"Title" from Tetris DS
"Cool, Cool Mountain" from Super Mario 64
"Seaside Hill (Classic)" from Sonic Generations
"Techno de Chocobo" from Final Fantasy VI
"Door Into Summer" from Knuckles' Chaotix
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


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Feb 23, 2020




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Justin Massengale
Justin Massengale 15 hours ago
1:39 has happened to me before 😂😂🤣
redd ztone
redd ztone Day ago
Brody McCaul
Brody McCaul 2 days ago
Why are the only subtitles in Korean
Lucas Jones
Lucas Jones 3 days ago
Hey Yall youtuber closer to 1 million subs soon here!
There's the Champions' Ballad in Breath of the Wild and after the first part, I gave up trying to figure it out on my own and just played through with my brother telling me what to do while looking at a walkthrough for it. So let me try to oversimplify it to the point where it doesn't even seem that complicated: Finish all the divine beast, then go back to the shrine of resurrection, pick up the pitchfork, go to four certain spots on the Great Plateau, raid the enemy camps there, kill every single enemy without taking any damage, then go to the shrines that appear when you do, complete them, the pitchfork will break and now you have to go to four separate areas in the world where Kass is for some reason, he'll give you vague hints on the three challenges you have to do when you get to each place, do them, then fight a boss in one of the divine beasts you fought before, then go back to the shrine of resurrection, take the elevator, then you'll go to a new dungeon, complete it, kill the monk in a boss battle, then you finally get your motorcycle. Also, before that, pay, like, 20 dollars or something.
Fred 5 days ago
I remember that shiity Final Fantasy IX guide! I was so angry cause the guide was still there price of a full strategy guide but literally every tip box ended with something like "go to playonline for the full scoop!" and I didn't have the fucking Internet at my house. GameFaqs was already in full swing too so I was pissed I wasted my allowance when I basically could have printed an FAQ at the library like I normally did but I wanted the FF IX guide as a treat for myself. Lol still annoyed whenever I remember this.
Freaky Snuke
Freaky Snuke 6 days ago
0:35 Truest quote from Scott ever.
2022Jordan Rodman
I have a guide for timespliters 2 and Knights of the Old Republic
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 6 days ago
Who actually had a walkthrough come with their game??
Mask Media
Mask Media 7 days ago
I like walkthrough...i don't have time.. I want to play the games but I also have work to do. I never finish 90 % of the games i play. If im stuck i stop put it away and play something else...Buffy its been 10 years since i played it.. Demons Souls I never even got half ways.. So yes... I now use walktrough... I got life with family but the geek in me still wants to play for a couple of hours and done.
X-Ray722 7 days ago
No its more like ahh fuck I'm an idiot
Sleepy Taylor
Sleepy Taylor 8 days ago
To be fair, even if you know how to play it, ET was terrible. You could beat the entire game in actual minutes, without even trying to “speed run” it. Edit the “long play” of it on RUvid isn’t even 5 minutes lmao.
StinkyTeethMusic 10 days ago
Hey all! I’m here!
RichCanDoIt Life
RichCanDoIt Life 10 days ago
That’s what I’m talking about Scott! Great video 💯
Elijah King
Elijah King 11 days ago
Nothing I love more when playing an action game than having to solve a monotonous puzzle that added nothing to my enjoyment
Chenler 12 days ago
Bruh, the Animal Crossing New Horizons strategy guide is $150+ on ebay right now...
Glitch Guide Gabe
Glitch Guide Gabe 12 days ago
The Uncharted 3 temple was really intuitive.
Sam Beast
Sam Beast 12 days ago
Bjorg. 12 days ago
12:11 I read an article or watched an interview (cant remember which) but they were forced to do that, square wanted to launch their website and made the writes if the guide intentionally leave key info out so you had to go on their website and inflate traffic artificially, it sucked.
Jimmy Lopez
Jimmy Lopez 13 days ago
The last game I remember using a walkthrough for was Mass Effect...nowadays I mostly just use trophy guides or google a how to beat a Boss...
Robb Hays
Robb Hays 13 days ago
Someone on my bus in elementary school had that Super Gameboy guide. He let me borrow it. I didn't even have a SNES or most of the games in the guide, but it was still inexplicably fun to read through everything.
Alexis Josue Perez Galvan
15:06 Blocked Content in a nutshell
water melon
water melon 14 days ago
*cries in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius*
SomeRandomHuman 15 days ago
wait. This isnt TheRadBrad!
serenkaos 15 days ago
WHY are the auto-generated subtitles Korean?
SaltyFox 16 days ago
I feel like the way to get the most out of a game is to complete or find as much out as you think you’re able Then guide it up I did that for the last 40 shrines in botw and I’m not ashamed
pollo20x6 17 days ago
I used to feel that overwhelming sense of guilt, but as I got older, it got easier. GF, job, other responsibilities, makes game time that much more limited. If a puzzle has me stuck, I dont want to spend what little time i have trying to figure it out. I'll give it a couple tries, but if I dont pass this, it could be more than 24 hours before I get to play again.
Shadz Gamez
Shadz Gamez 17 days ago
15:06 Oh hey, look at that timer. Here comes the punchline.
Tech With Sean
Tech With Sean 20 days ago
I like walkthroughs 👍
AkAkAkNeil 20 days ago
ran out of time, classic
Noah Silver
Noah Silver 22 days ago
I remember reading the diamond and pearl strategy guide for fun over and over again, and I remember finding soooo many errors.
Joseph Palma
Joseph Palma 24 days ago
thank you for bringing up the 5 minute walkthroughs with the 4 minute intros
Xenovia Ana Medusa
Xenovia Ana Medusa 24 days ago
14:58 to 15:06 | Didn't tell you gals this, but this was the moment that got me to use my phone for walkthroughs!
Coleman Shropshire
Coleman Shropshire 24 days ago
2:01 "yoshi's creed odyssey melissanthi mahut"
Jonah Meiers
Jonah Meiers 24 days ago
1:28 what’s that song I want to know
Jonah Meiers
Jonah Meiers 12 days ago
@Damian Stachowski Thx
Damian Stachowski
Damian Stachowski 13 days ago
All songs used in this video are listed in description
Iceman World Network
What game is this for
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones 25 days ago
I always like to use walkthroughs in games just because I want to make sure I discover every secret.
MikesterManifest 26 days ago
My hands feel dry just looking at that scratchy ass sandpaper pages of the Atari guidebook
Bobtheconqueror 42
Bobtheconqueror 42 26 days ago
Theirs an ouya controller in the background
cannon 27 days ago
I find it hard to believe Scott had those guides as a kid, he literally looks 16 years old
cannon 27 days ago
4:53 what game is that?
chef souffle
chef souffle 27 days ago
Loved ff9 hated the strategy guide.. Bought it used at a local game store, but didn't have money for the internet, so I was pissed It took my 12 times to fight through one part without help. My wife still uses strategy guides but that's because she love written word more then internet.
FairGroundsLP 27 days ago
this channel is just one big nostalgia trip
Parker Brown
Parker Brown 27 days ago
The game fan mike skit was gold.
Parker Brown
Parker Brown 27 days ago
I miss strategy guides.
Lunatic Gin
Lunatic Gin 27 days ago
Inconsistent TechDad
I love that instead of just showing screenshots / pictures of the material he's referencing... He HAS them. I assume he purchased some of them to make the video, and he does that for all of his vids. Which is equally impressive and shows planning. He puts SO much effort into every video.
Dr.Balance 28 days ago
game fan mike, the best character in the scott multiverse
Kicapan Manis
Kicapan Manis 28 days ago
In a way, ET was ahead of its time. More specific objective quest based.
Daniel Saylors
Daniel Saylors 29 days ago
am I the only one who tried to claim that guide code RGEH-R38D-VQE8-33T8 :p
The Immortal One
The Immortal One 29 days ago
I want to subscribe to Game Fan Mike
Sebastian Wardana
Sebastian Wardana 29 days ago
Strategy guides still exist in form of the guides we see today for videogames, right? So they are not gone at all I think, they have just changed.
Kruemmelbande The Cat
Can i have a strategy guide for strategy guides?
JohnCantGame Month ago
I used to beg my dad to take me to gamestop when I was a kid JUST to look at the Resident Evil 4 guide book and learn how to beat parts I’d be stuck on for days... good times...
Kruemmelbande The Cat
Yeah i never have an idea what i should do... Breath of the wild be like: just... Win... Its not that hard.
Andrew Umana
Andrew Umana Month ago
I remember going to Walmart to get a Brawl strategy guide and some dude twice my age (20ish) told me how to unlock everyone new
Angel C
Angel C Month ago
15:07 i just fucking love it hahahah
Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan Month ago
I mean, while ET was certainly not the sole reason for the crash, it was still so bad that the urban legend about the mass burial of unsold cartridges, along with several other games, turned out to be true. It was so awful, they had to literally bury it.
Nuno Wun
Nuno Wun Month ago
They want you to go online... I'm online right now... I'm found...
Travis Boyko
Travis Boyko Month ago
Ecco the dolphine, Defender of the future, Sega Wrote the Guide first then developed the game.. because NO ONE beat the game with out the guide.. .EVER
Not really noticed until I watched this why I like the videos so much. It because you dont ask us to subscribe within the first 5 seconds or start it with " welcome back its ya boi (blablabla) here" like I know them personally. Keep up the good work dude. Your Like one of five channels that iv subscribed to. Stay original
BT Clark
BT Clark Month ago
I haven't got past the menu
Cole Smith
Cole Smith Month ago
Bill Kerr
Bill Kerr Month ago
Print and record your own so you can have the physical copy
Wiz Gi
Wiz Gi Month ago
I only really use walkthroughs to find collectables
FinalMagus 25
FinalMagus 25 Month ago
11:23 That's the point, Scott. They don't. IGN is a garbage company with their rating of 8.9/10 for Final Fantasy 13. They are the laughing stock of the gaming industry besides EA.
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges Month ago
Confusing puzzles are still better than difficult puzzles. ARKHAM KNIGHT.
Celeste Allen-Davenport
I got stuck for MONTHS on one of the Nightmare Before Christmas missions in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Apparently I was supposed to have upgraded to a specific key blade and ONLY that keyblade had the stats needed. After that I passed the stage within an hour or two (which doesn’t sound impressive, but I’m shit at video games. Most games I play are turn-based strategy or simulation games)
zau64 Month ago
I have the original FFXI strategy guide. Its cute, but worthless. Like me.
Dr. Purple
Dr. Purple Month ago
We need more Game Fan Mike
Mudak The Multiplier
In pretty sure you can't even beat Super Mario Sunshine if you follow the Prima guide exactly.
Penny Serrato
Penny Serrato Month ago
That fucking smile he had on the phone makes me laugh
Brett Boggs
Brett Boggs Month ago
This is going to sound stupid. But I was around 10. Lol I could not beat this level in ratchet and clank for days. And I had a dream I had to knock these thing off then turn on the water and I could swim through. I woke and immediately ran to my ps2 lol
Katie Date
Katie Date Month ago
The trouble is when a video game has mechanics that have long-term consequences (Mass Effect Trilogy) or game-breaking bugs that impede your progress.You really don't want to be stuffing up at all.
Sincerity Nature
I used to collect game guides. I just love leafing through them and reading all the little tidbits that tend to be included.
Trini Diaz
Trini Diaz Month ago
Me: buying the Animal Crossing New Horizons companion guide
Ridley Burns Hyrule
I always feel like the biggest loser when I look up a walkthrough for one part of a game. The amount of times this has happened to me in the Zelda series is astronomical I'll admit.
Smalls the Timelord
I got a Twilight Princess strategy guide from a used bookstore. Turns out its for the Gamecube version and I play on the Wii. Whenever I need help I always need to make left right, east west. At least it still had the poster.
jfnoxus Month ago
Read the handbook to mother 3 purely because I love the game and the art in the guide
Asteelo paparazzi
If this guys youtube career doesnt work, he could always be a stand up comedian.
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