The Untold Truth Of Grumpy Cat

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On May 14th, 2019, the world lost a role model, an icon, and a meme goddess when Grumpy Cat died at an early age. But while you're probably familiar with her face - and maybe her Target line - there's more to this grump than meets the eye.

Despite being known the world over as Grumpy Cat, that famous title wasn't her real name. It was actually "Tardar Sauce," which is slightly less descriptive. According to Business Insider, she got her original moniker from owner Tabatha Bundesen's daughter Chrystal, whose mom had just made her try the condiment. At the time, Tabatha was a waitress at Red Lobster. She told Mental Floss,
"[Chrystal] was like, 'Ew, no!' and I said 'Honey, you have to try it! It goes with fish!' So it was fresh in her mind when the kitten was born."
Chrystal evidently thought the kitten's orangeish-colored fur resembled Red Lobster's orangeish-colored tartar sauce. But after fame and fortune, Tardar Sauce's family mostly just called her by her popular name, with Bundesen admitting in 2013,
"It's pretty much Grumpy all the time now."
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That's not her real name | 0:15
She's fine, thanks | 0:59
Haters say it's fake | 1:46
The Grumpy Cat business | 2:39
More Grumpy Cats? | 3:14
Her very own entourage | 3:54
Grumpy Cat's daily dish | 4:40
Was she being exploited? | 5:21
Grumpy Cat's safety first | 6:16
Please hold for Grumpy Cat | 6:59
Her lifetime achievement award | 7:48
The face that launched a thousand products | 8:32
She was worth millions | 9:28
The litter box in the sky | 10:07


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Comments 774
Grunge 4 months ago
Rest in peace, Tardar Sauce!
Geek Pottermore
Geek Pottermore 3 months ago
There there my child she is in a better place
Joey Eddler
Joey Eddler 3 months ago
@Megalodon Hendrix shut up grumpy cat is amazing she will always be in our heart except for yours
GORILLA ITA 4 months ago
๐Ÿ˜ข can u please come to my page and share my video I'm tryin to save my cat please I need help her name is fluffy please
Isiris Casiano
Isiris Casiano 4 months ago
Cats get urinary tract infections sometimes due to what they're being fed. If she was being fed Friskies all the time, that could be the culprit. Cats are oblivate carnivores meaning that they MUST eat meat as if they were in the wild, not overly processed food. Plus, they don't really need vegetables & can't really digest them. If they were in the wild, they would be catching & eating birds, mice & other small creatures. That could also be the reason why the kitten had the deformities she had. Rest in Peace, Tartar sauce/Grumpy. You were loved! ๐Ÿฑโค
Edina Antonia
Edina Antonia 4 months ago
Donna Armstrong
Donna Armstrong 24 days ago
So sad that she is gone. So glad she left a legacy. Most fun kitty ever! โค
sean volker
sean volker 25 days ago
Grumpy cat you're a piece of shit
Stacey Vermilyea
Stacey Vermilyea 28 days ago
What breed is Tartar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat?
Beepy Boop Bop
Beepy Boop Bop Month ago
2:46 one picture says. Shut up. The next one says no
Beepy Boop Bop
Beepy Boop Bop Month ago
She has a brother too. I hope he becomes her successor
Beepy Boop Bop
Beepy Boop Bop Month ago
I want to pet her so bad........ Now I can't. I will take her to the Pet Semetary so I can pet her.
Geek Pottermore
Geek Pottermore Month ago
Rest in peces my ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜‡
YANG GYAN Month ago
Peppermint Snowdrift
So adorable; I especially love the sweet little nose that twitched every so often! She'll be lovingly remembered.
Mister Turk Turkle
Mister Turk Turkle 2 months ago
Angels: welcome to heaven, tardar sauce TS: meh, this place sucks. Take me home Angel, sweating: i-it doesnt work like that.... TS: [grumpiness intensifies] Rip Grumpy cat
lygophile 2 months ago
i just learned about grumpy cat today.
Akira A McLaren
Akira A McLaren 2 months ago
Wtf is it with the daily dot, jeez tryna get people to hate grumpy. Makes me angry that they lie so they can sell.
Sherri Rougoor
Sherri Rougoor 2 months ago
Elvira Westlin
Elvira Westlin 2 months ago
Grumpy cat entering heaven: So this is paradise, Huh? *Disgusting*
Elvira Westlin
Elvira Westlin 2 months ago
@Man Vore/ Meme Lover Nu uh , she was the cutest, kindest lil kitty ever
Kristine Hunsberger
Kristine Hunsberger 2 months ago
One day on google drive I mad I a slide with at least 100 tartar sauce memes! Help me
Kristine Hunsberger
Kristine Hunsberger 2 months ago
I was at school when I saw some one crying and when I asked her why she was crying she she said that grumpy cat was dead and that was the saddest day of my life R.I.P tartar sauce. She will be in are Harts
December Sixx
December Sixx 2 months ago
I loved Tartar Sauce! You'll always be in my heart Grumpy!
I am Beanos
I am Beanos 3 months ago
Ha lol she died
I am Beanos
I am Beanos 2 months ago
December Sixx It was a joke obviously
December Sixx
December Sixx 2 months ago
@Man Vore/ Meme Lover Mmmm....okay. But at least I love animals. Better to be an asshole that cares for other lives, either human or animal, than to be an random "i hate animals!" asshole. So thanks, I'm good.
December Sixx
December Sixx 2 months ago
Not funny asshole.
Kaylen gaminig
Kaylen gaminig 3 months ago
I feel bad for the other cat too because of it not having the attention it deserves
Lemon birch
Lemon birch 3 months ago
Grumpy cat probably died because she was constantly in front of a camera and not actually getting to live normally
Kayla Pruitt
Kayla Pruitt 3 months ago
I Love that cat
Ideoform Sun
Ideoform Sun 3 months ago
It's hard to tell when cats are sick, because they hide it so well. Grumpy cat already looked unhappy, so that must have made it even harder to tell when he was sick. I don't like when people glamorize cats with disabilities. I hope Breeders don't start breeding for more inbred and disabled cats. Already the cats with flat faces have problems with their sinuses. Many cats suffer because they were purposely bred with hurtful conditions.
Nene Ferrari
Nene Ferrari 3 months ago
I cried when she died
Mayah Turner
Mayah Turner 3 months ago
So sweet. We all miss you, Tardar Sauce (AKA Grumpy Cat)!
allidog 15
allidog 15 3 months ago
PETA is not a reliable source, but Tartar Souce was fine. Rest In Peace my little baby!
cOrRuPt fiLes
cOrRuPt fiLes 3 months ago
Sally Chaos Aura
Sally Chaos Aura 3 months ago
I'd watch that movie
Amy Gray
Amy Gray 3 months ago
Lady: although she is a cat Me: shut up she is not a cat she is grumpy cat , get it RIGHT lady:
Andrea Cooke
Andrea Cooke 3 months ago
R.I.P grumpy cat :( why just why.why did that need to happen :(
Josieplayings :D
Josieplayings :D 3 months ago
I still have 2 mousepads of grumpy right before she died :(
Five Cars Five Guys
Five Cars Five Guys 3 months ago
"Who, me? You really screwed up your big wish."
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat 3 months ago
Rest in piece Grumpy Cat, we'll never forget you โค
OldEngineerGuy 3 months ago
I love cats! RIP Tarter Sauce!
MrOoferLoofer 3 months ago
My little brother is making fun of grumpy cat, his time has finally come. Reduce him to atoms!
Ruponti Roy
Ruponti Roy 3 months ago
I remembered when I had a digital grumpy cat game when I was young Wait I still might be young.
Ruponti Roy
Ruponti Roy 3 months ago
Lorddonut2009 ! U actually except me to remember I was like 3 or 4 that time!!
Lorddonut2009 !
Lorddonut2009 ! 3 months ago
What was it called and what platform was it on
Joanne smallwood
Joanne smallwood 3 months ago
I got really sad towards the end of this video. Poor little grumpy tardar sauce. Bless her little heart ๐Ÿ˜ฟ
Who knew animals could get famous. Sheโ€™s nice. Sheโ€™s got an adorable one of a kind face. Sheโ€™s the cool cat. Sheโ€™s PAWESOME! She will be missed. Rest. In. Peace.
Smuddy the kitten
Smuddy the kitten 3 months ago
My kitten only eats Friskies and Purina. He hates tuna. Also I bought his book, Grumpy Cat, a Grumpy Book, when he was still alive. Edit: Now my kitten has a Urinary Tract Infection.
Arcade Phoenix
Arcade Phoenix 3 months ago
Rip tartar sauce, you will always hate anything
Helga is Liza's cousin
Grumpy cat died one day before my birthday... rest in peace๐Ÿ’œ
Amna Rizvi
Amna Rizvi 3 months ago
RIP love u grumpy cat
Itโ€™s Annie
Itโ€™s Annie 3 months ago
She was so cute I was always a huge fan of her and cats are my favourite animal ๐Ÿˆ
James Mcclain
James Mcclain 3 months ago
RIP tar tar
gameing lion
gameing lion 3 months ago
Stop using him for views
Beatrix and Bri
Beatrix and Bri 3 months ago
T - Miao โœ“
T - Miao โœ“ 3 months ago
She was too young ๐Ÿ˜ฟ RIP & here is a small Tribute for You ruvid.net/video/video-wl4UXZigiaY.html
DarkWhisper_548 3 months ago
If its untold truth how fo you know?
โ€ข JewelsTheCat โ€ข
Lunar_Moon It's not really untold truth. Lots of this information people knew.
Maizy Moo123
Maizy Moo123 3 months ago
Rip you furry ledgend
KittyGamer Girl
KittyGamer Girl 3 months ago
Oh poor kitty
XxHUNGRY_DOGGOxX 3 months ago
Grumpy cat: Im in heaven now.... IT SUCKS!
Diem Tran
Diem Tran 3 months ago
Poki??? Jun and Rachel anyone?
Hans Meier
Hans Meier 3 months ago
"a little money off an animal" what is this ... a sad attempt to revive the "small loan of a million us dollars"-meme?
Zelda Collins
Zelda Collins 3 months ago
Rest in peace Grumpy Cat. You changed the world.
Lucky Blackheart
Lucky Blackheart 3 months ago
R.i.p Grumpy cat ๐Ÿ˜ž
Savannah Steelwall SSO
Rip grumpy cat WE ALL MISS U
LuTube 3 months ago
0:01The CIRCLE OF LIFE!!!!!!!
No_Its_Josh 3 months ago
Okay, but when she opens her eyes all the way, why does she look like an animation
iishinrxmen 3 months ago
Oh my gosh. Pokey! Same color and name as Rachel And Juns cat!
Ender Gacha
Ender Gacha 3 months ago
I love grumpy cat and I was very very sad when she died
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