The Unexplained Murder Of Mobster Bugsy Siegel

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Who bumped off the man that built Las Vegas?
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Apr 12, 2019

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
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Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez Month ago
You should do the murder "the act"
Steve Salamanca
Steve Salamanca 3 months ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network make an episode of the Mackenzie Poltergeist..! Guarantee Shane will believe then! Lol seriously... messed up case though lol
Tierra Lu
Tierra Lu 3 months ago
Is Shane really from Chicago or from the suburbs 🤔
Nidsquid :D
Nidsquid :D 3 months ago
Why do you guys always add “wheeze”? I love it though 😂
Dog Poop
Dog Poop 12 hours ago
U guys pronounced Luciano wrong, it’s more of a ch sound. Also yes Shane, as a fellow Chicagoan, Chicago is where u go if u want stuff done😂
U.S. Army Airforce
That was not a carbine that you showed you showed a garand
Dick Butt
Dick Butt 3 days ago
"Expert with 30. carbine" Shows picture of M1 Garand
APP sauce
APP sauce 4 days ago
11:20 dont you mean he shot his wife then himself
JustDoItXo_ 4 days ago
“You really want something done, go to those boys in Chicago” 😭 Shane knows how them boys roll in Chicago back then 😅💯
Exposed Secrets
Exposed Secrets 5 days ago
nobody is going to believe this but I'm related to him... My mom told me
quacks 6 days ago
I just solved it. It was............ THE MOB DU NUN NAAAA
Sirius Black
Sirius Black 7 days ago
Hmmm banana fish
Death Omen
Death Omen 8 days ago
9:09 😂😂😂
basically hell
basically hell 8 days ago
Says 30 caliber carbine shows a m1 rifle
Death Omen
Death Omen 8 days ago
$250k profit compared to a 6mil usd capital? That is terrible, and yeah, if I was a mob boss i'd have that dude pay for such thing too.
/Insert Name/
/Insert Name/ 9 days ago
This is how many people will go to shanes funeral if he waS murdered I I I v
Edwyn Krueger
Edwyn Krueger 9 days ago
i’ve lived in vegas my entire life and have never heard of this guy let alone know that a mob existed in my city
Raven 9 days ago
wait, how did the killer get to shoot 9 rounds even though the 30 caliber rifle can only fire 8 rounds?
deadspace 10 days ago
I get so happy when I find an Unsolved episode that I haven't watched yet. It really makes madej
sara Kareem
sara Kareem 10 days ago
16:51 LOL
Lars M
Lars M 11 days ago
Was that picture of the mob guy getting assassinated in the booth at the restaurant a picture of Rich Evans from Red Letter Media with the top half of his head blacked out? WTF!?!?
Tyler Is a Cactus
Tyler Is a Cactus 12 days ago
My aunt and cousins live in an old house with a giant vault safe, 3 feet of concrete all the way around it, and secrete rooms throughout the house. My mom suspects Bugsy Seigal used to live there, because he used to live in the westchester area.
Cam Damelio
Cam Damelio 12 days ago
As someone who's lived in Vegas his whole life and is of Italian descent I can say that while the Mob no longer exists here it's still a huge part of the culture and all those old casinos like the Flamingo that still exist are a constant hangout for the older Vegas generation that still remember those times their shadow still looms over this whole city
MDS 30
MDS 30 12 days ago
Bugsy died on my b-day
Flamey 12 days ago
You should do an episode on Marilyn Monroe
Ella Pocock
Ella Pocock 13 days ago
What are Ryan and Shane's Zodiac signs? I know that's random but I'm just wondering
Jasmine Artates
Jasmine Artates 15 days ago
He looks a bit like... *John Deacon*
Paarmita Shukla
Paarmita Shukla 15 days ago
Does anyone wanna talk about how cute Ryan's shirt is?? ^-^
Ty Vichayabhai
Ty Vichayabhai 15 days ago
The gun shown was a M1 grand, nine shots were fired M1 grand would only shoot 8 rounds before reloading
Nicholas Muniz
Nicholas Muniz 15 days ago
7:00 thought my phone died 😐
Naimi Naimi
Naimi Naimi 16 days ago
Bugs house has these pillars just like the White House in California
Naimi Naimi
Naimi Naimi 16 days ago
Bugs house in California elvis his house in Tennessee. It has the White House resemble that’s so incredible
mr smith
mr smith 16 days ago
Ha a gamble
Naimi Naimi
Naimi Naimi 16 days ago
I wana live in. Bugs house
Baphomew 17 days ago
Born under the bean as well! Best pizza in the world and we don't mess around!
Lexi Earle
Lexi Earle 17 days ago
I don't care about the risk, I'll go to your funeral, Shane!
R M 17 days ago
cärla !!
cärla !! 18 days ago
I went absolutely feral when they mentioned Lucky Luciano
Julie Kavanagh
Julie Kavanagh 18 days ago
i dont know if there's any overlap between Critical Role and Unsolved, but i gotta say, its kinda weird how much Taliesin Jaffe looks like Bugsy Siegel. like. we all know that Taliesin is an eldritch god that time has forgotten, but i didnt expect any of his many past lives had ever actually been killed.
isabelle yeet
isabelle yeet 18 days ago
I bet he wanted the gaba ghoul
Tricia B
Tricia B 18 days ago
Did anyone else notice Ryan’s mug had flamingos on it? 😂
Mr. Fazbear
Mr. Fazbear 19 days ago
Another Chicago boy yes!!
NDandHBCentral 19 days ago
I love Ryan’s mug! I want it ! 😍🥰
lex 19 days ago
Gaurav Parab
Gaurav Parab 20 days ago
Michael Corleone killed Bugsy
Misti Blu
Misti Blu 20 days ago
Have Respect For The men who helped build this country!! The Italian Mafia lives by Respect, Respect that is earned! And That They Did!!
Random Stranger On The Internet
Why is this unexplained ? Seems like you explained his murder rather well.
The one guy (Ryan??? No? Idk their names) looks and sounds a lot like Adam Scott.
onequartercanadian 20 days ago
Andro thanks!
Andro 20 days ago
guy on the left is Shane, guy on the right is Ryan
Wowwwww these youngins actually have no clue who the real Lucky Luciano is/was!!! Unbelievable...
Carter 23 days ago
12:16 according to beemo.
Stonemansteve II
Stonemansteve II 24 days ago
I'm always going with the death bed confession!!!
Titty Mitty
Titty Mitty 24 days ago
When they say they were involved in bootlegging I imagine a bunch of touch mobsters going into the theatre to film the show with shaky cam and bad audio
SEAN notseen
SEAN notseen 24 days ago
Chicago mob don’t fucka aroun
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