The Undertaker and Demon Kane reemerge to unleash hell upon The Wyatt Family: Raw, November 9, 2015

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The Deadman and The Demon returns to interrupt their own eulogy and lay waste to Bray Wyatt and his cohorts. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : bit.ly/MobQRl




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Comments 80
Sharar Wahid
Sharar Wahid 6 hours ago
2000 Kane and Strowman who's bigger? lol
Jo walker Bumar
Jo walker Bumar 11 hours ago
I like this brother.
Cristof Cristo
Cristof Cristo 15 hours ago
4:06 look harper is exited 😂
None None
None None 23 hours ago
I like turtle. Hit the like
Troy Charlery
Bray wyatt thinks he is better than undertaker
The Tubelogy
The Tubelogy Day ago
From 2000 until now 2020..im believed undertaker is brother's kane..
Jason Voorhees
all because of a kick from orton
navneet singh
i hope you all noticed undertaker saying 'up' at 5:04 ......this comment is going down im sure :3
vinay naidu
vinay naidu Day ago
Kane in his prime would have eaten Strowmen alive......Legend to be reckon with
Theway200 GAMER
Undertaker and kane: hold my beer
steven james01
2:27 look at the left side
Andiee Day ago
Is the lightning edited only for people watching it from TV or RUvid? Or did they use special effects live in the arena?
Aditiya Saputra
Rabbi chowdhury
the phenom......... and kane..... always great in WWE....♥♥
kano zalavadiya
jeethendra tiptur
It's fake
Рышушк Оыовгашпvihg
vivek pandey
vivek pandey 2 days ago
whos man is at 2;27
Anah Lois
Anah Lois 2 days ago
I can never get sick of watching these two
Ray Valdi
Ray Valdi 2 days ago
Kane isnl the best from Indonesia
spook_sm 2 days ago
The undertaker vs Braun Strowman Definetly strowman win
bikram grewal
bikram grewal 2 days ago
best theme story wwe ever had, I just feel like we didnt see enuf of them together
Crystal Tucker
Crystal Tucker 3 days ago
Crystal Tucker
Crystal Tucker 3 days ago
Crystal Tucker
Crystal Tucker 3 days ago
Jind Jan
Jind Jan 3 days ago
Kazim and undertaker best
Jind Jan
Jind Jan 3 days ago
Kazim and Roman regiens best
Jood Altore
Jood Altore 3 days ago
Xx Death xX
Xx Death xX 3 days ago
If only this feud was during Kane and the Undertaker’s primes. Just imagine those 4 against two massive behemoths that feel little to no pain. Tanking everything they throw at them. Would have been awesome
Lemkin TM
Lemkin TM 3 days ago
Кто русский лайкнит этот коммент и пусть подумают что я что то гениальное написал
Namma Ooru Trend
Namma Ooru Trend 4 days ago
Omg 52 M Views 😱😱😱😱
kamaldeep walia
kamaldeep walia 4 days ago
2020 people of corona, hit that like button
Ciara Johnson
Ciara Johnson 4 days ago
demons:hahahaha so cute wyatt family:o god
Fazlı Çalışgan
Fazlı Çalışgan
THE DEMON 1997 2000
Rest in peace..... -undertaker
ro ta
ro ta 4 days ago
this was a damm episode where i got goosebumps even inside my nose and ears
Kamal malik
Kamal malik 4 days ago
Undertaker is best legend
k v choudhary
k v choudhary 4 days ago
Drama 😏
Gem Iñigo
Gem Iñigo 4 days ago
BoD: oh you think darkness is your ally? We were born in it molded by it.
Bramhdev Gaikwad
Bramhdev Gaikwad 5 days ago
Undertaker fans like here⬇️
roblox game
roblox game 6 days ago
Good night wyatt 😂😂
roblox game
roblox game 6 days ago
Undertaker=like Kane=comment
mizo legend
mizo legend 7 days ago
Tuta 2005
Tuta 2005 7 days ago
Strowman could legit face taker in a one on one
Catravieon Gray
Catravieon Gray 7 days ago
I like whenever Kane and undertaker works together
Catravieon Gray
Catravieon Gray 7 days ago
The dude with the black mask is the biggest so he would be the last one
Catravieon Gray
Catravieon Gray 7 days ago
The whole time the Wyatt family was laying down and then came up
Catravieon Gray
Catravieon Gray 7 days ago
That’s cool
Catravieon Gray
Catravieon Gray 7 days ago
The Undertaker and Kane background was mixed together
Catravieon Gray
Catravieon Gray 7 days ago
The undertaker should’ve came behind him and body slammed him from the neck and I would be laughing when he said we was fools because then he will get mad and once I laugh every one else will
Braa Kabbany
Braa Kabbany 7 days ago
Braun strowman the best one his hand big very big ...
BAIM geming
BAIM geming 7 days ago
Maysoon Abuhamdah
Christian Tello
Christian Tello 7 days ago
They all worked this well 👏👏
เบสท์CG 143
jw bissani
jw bissani 7 days ago
Undertaker is the best
Cheb Haroun cheb Haroun
Précieux Balloy
Précieux Balloy 8 days ago
At wrestlemania The Fiend battle John Cena and The Undertaker battle Aj Styles
FAZAL KARIM 9 days ago
You need 2 people vs 4 fools
FAZAL KARIM 9 days ago
No other tag team can defeat the undertaker and kane
Nilay Halder
Nilay Halder 9 days ago
2:09 where had his confidence gone ??
ZAYED AZAD 9 days ago
Undertaker and kane both are legend and the what family is nothing to them .
Diesel 9 days ago
Michael Cole ruins everything lol
Detona Contas
Detona Contas 9 days ago
2014, 2015 And 2016 were the best WWE years!!
michael style
michael style 10 days ago
Jajajaja x igualado
Troll Man
Troll Man 10 days ago
These fools got lucky they didn’t get Kane and undertaker in their primes
DraCc ShouHei
DraCc ShouHei 10 days ago
When you hear the gong, you don't stand... you run...cause the deadman is here for you
anthony comeaux
anthony comeaux 10 days ago
I love The Brothers Of Destruction
Kemon Harris
Kemon Harris 10 days ago
Dont mess with kane
Jafar Mokhtari
Jafar Mokhtari 10 days ago
When the lightning came down I thought u ded son
Imanuel Zepora
Imanuel Zepora 10 days ago
Is here the phenom
Dwäyñë Jøhñßôñ
Michael Cole commentary is like that Braun strowman is killed by undertaker and Kane
Nostalgic Production
One of the best goosebump moment in history of WWE and crowd reaction was also best one so far 💥
Papri D Costa
Papri D Costa 12 days ago
Post malone talks too much!
Nathan the emotionless boy
I like Bray Wyatt better than the undertaker
Rohit Pawar
Rohit Pawar 13 days ago
Undertaker is the lion of wwe
Kenny Ryan
Kenny Ryan 14 days ago
Nearly 53 million views. Wow!!!!
fernando dominguez ramos
This is B S wwe is not real, rey misterio is real
NM stranger
NM stranger 14 days ago
Kane arrives
jeury jorge
jeury jorge 15 days ago
Undertaker is the best in wwe
The Shape
The Shape 15 days ago
Hillbillies vs Hell
Islamiyah Kaisah
Islamiyah Kaisah 15 days ago
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