The Umbrella Academy Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Same weird family. New weird problems. The Umbrella Academy returns on July 31.
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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Blasted back in time to 1960s Dallas, the scattered siblings build new lives for themselves - until a new doomsday threat pulls them back together.


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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 60
Netflix 26 days ago
and here's the full song by Gerard Way: ruvid.net/video/video-e425i81YVLc.html
Proud Bangladeshi গর্বিত বাংলাদেশী
Kel T
Kel T 2 days ago
DeepFriedRock fuk off
DeepFriedRock 2 days ago
Y u make everyone gae
Kel T
Kel T 2 days ago
I loved how you actually see the way colour men and women were treated back then course i was aware of it but it’s a different thing all together when your wanting these police educated had workin people just wanting served and they nerve were aggressive back!(expect wheh Alison battered the asshole wee his foot in the door spot on 👌🏻 especially with the “Black Lives Matter”. Anywiy long story short season 2 was fuking amazing! Robert Sheehan’s hair tho 😍😍 now When’s season 3? 😂🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻☂️☂️☂️ 🙌🏻
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 4 days ago
Where’s the show Netflix it’s Friday
Fineas Țîrlea
Fineas Țîrlea 2 minutes ago
Alison has the shitiest power
Joshua day
Joshua day 36 minutes ago
lõÄf 🥖 lõäF 🥖 love ❤️my 😡 lõäf 🥖 lõäf 🥖 lõäf 🥖 LOVE ❤️MY 😡 LÕÄF 🥖 lõäf 🥖 lõäf 🥖 loove ❤️my 😡 lõäääääf 🥖
mgsGamer 57 minutes ago
The Ujbrella Academy is the reason I named my fish “Carmichael”
ya vi
ya vi 59 minutes ago
Studio Jeremiah
Vanya reminds me of Raven by DC's Teen Titans. Same quiet girl with tremendously dark powers.
Alex V
Alex V Hour ago
Allison needs to wear a metal plate around her neck 😂 protect that power
aløhømøra Hour ago
Did anyone else notice that they tried to make Luther a little goofier?
Royal Cyborg
Royal Cyborg 2 hours ago
Someone suggest me some exciting series like the umbrella academy please
BaBy Driver
BaBy Driver 2 hours ago
my favorite series now Five 😍😍
I s a b e l l a
I s a b e l l a 2 hours ago
LOAF- ▪️👄▪️
Dilan Hoş
Dilan Hoş 3 hours ago
This is "i hate lila" button 👇🏻
ally. 3 hours ago
'amazing' is an understatement for this season. They literally outdid it. 🤍
Mini Panini
Mini Panini 3 hours ago
Viking funeral for a foot hands down best scene
Winnie Chen
Winnie Chen 4 hours ago
S2 is the best. It's such a good show. But man I am so frustrated with Vanya. The most powerful yet useless
MASTER KUNG 4 hours ago
รอ ต่อไป...
Michał Ryciak
Michał Ryciak 4 hours ago
There's about 4 plot twists in every episode and it still makes sense, good job.
Rahul Ya
Rahul Ya 4 hours ago
DARK:we have the most complexed family And timeline . Le umbrella Academy:Hold my Umbrella for a minute
Qnzdipset1 5 hours ago
SJW XMEN Season 2
Mohidul Hassan
Mohidul Hassan 5 hours ago
Is it a good series to watch?
About The World
About The World 5 hours ago
Sparrow academy? Really netflix?
Well, I liked it... But I watched it after Dark so it just did not feel so good in therms of development, with many unnecesary scenes
MD Zeesh
MD Zeesh 6 hours ago
It's too boring yaar .
no u
no u 7 hours ago
why is Vsauce in the cult
Bruna Reivax
Bruna Reivax 9 hours ago
Best. Hero. Show. Second. Season. EVER
Bryan matthew
Bryan matthew 9 hours ago
How does Five manage to wear the same uniform everyday despite all the apocalypses and killings?
Alisa Galloza
Alisa Galloza 10 hours ago
Anyone else has the biggest crush on Ben? No, just me? :|
S C 10 hours ago
Season 3 plz, seriously
Guti kush
Guti kush 10 hours ago
I fucken hate vanya she literally made me hate this show useless af
yeet lufer
yeet lufer 10 hours ago
I heard a rumour, that you liked this comment
CDCS 10 hours ago
Michael Linkin
Michael Linkin 13 hours ago
Why they copying 11/22/63 by Stephen King? Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
Dan Lucas Huertas
Dan Lucas Huertas 14 hours ago
yes guys i have a crush on harlan
Bossman Winner
Bossman Winner 14 hours ago
Welcome back, this isn’t your first time here.
Dilan Hoş
Dilan Hoş 15 hours ago
I have just finished the second season and i feel uncomfortable 😰
Aprilll 15 hours ago
My fav series ever
siavm 15 hours ago
I can’t wait to see season 2. I finally finished season one this week and loved it. Well time to get out the comments here and get started.
Muhammad Abdul Malik
This season was a lot better, more rounded and holistic than the first. Liked the ending, love Klaus as usual. The only part I hate is that they made Diego and Luther butts of all dumb jokes... I mean one guy was a detective and the other went to the moon ffs 🤷.
P M 16 hours ago
Oh look! Another series who got on the band wagon to continue to demonize white people and make them the bad guys. And there’s more!!! There always has to be a gay scene! Because gay people are 90 % of the world by liberal logic.
CDCS 10 hours ago
Helena Cruickshank
Helena Cruickshank 16 hours ago
Who watched the whole season in 1 day???
The Enclave
The Enclave 17 hours ago
Plot is straight outta COD Black ops 1
Kelly Cyrus Jr.
Kelly Cyrus Jr. 17 hours ago
Just watch Anime this is stupid
Aprilll 15 hours ago
Tandy Nyawanza
Tandy Nyawanza 17 hours ago
Leah DLP
Leah DLP 17 hours ago
Loaf loaf loaf by loaf
vall wanjala
vall wanjala 18 hours ago
I loved Aidan ni Nickelodeon...but whaaat he was ment to be no 5 , he's amazing sells the character...
Sivu M
Sivu M 18 hours ago
The world is coming to an end, you can now release S3🥺
Our Pranks
Our Pranks 18 hours ago
Literally one of the best and funny series I’ve every watched, can’t wait for season 3 Netflix be blessing us during this time
kanch007 19 hours ago
Can't wait for season 3 😍
Fiore 19 hours ago
So nobody’s gonna talk about the great soundtrack of the two seasons?
Любофф Федореева
Do you know that Vanya is not a women’s name? It’s only men’s name in Russia...The whole name is Ivan
Daniela Routh
Daniela Routh 19 hours ago
It was Amazing. although i agree the beginning was slow but it was awesome.. finished it in two days . Cant wait for season 3 :'(
Maria Azizova
Maria Azizova 20 hours ago
John Chi
John Chi 20 hours ago
I’, gonna miss Allison’s awesome season 1 hair 😢
Sub to me and I sub To You
Any one else back after finishing
AnJo888 20 hours ago
Two questions: 1 - Is it not possible, nowadays, to create a serious and good TV series without having the characters to act stupid? I mean, with characters that do what they should do, instead of having them make stupid decision to justify the never ending story? (with this season's hugely weak plot, I'm about to remove my thumbs up, on TUA evaluation); 2 - Is Ellen Page taking male hormones? She looks a little bald, like Tammy Miranda from Brazil. (honest and non-transphobic question);
CDCS 10 hours ago
1. The characters aren’t as stupid this season. 2. No. She actually wears more makeup this season and more feminine clothes.
Tobias Dulla
Tobias Dulla 20 hours ago
no one else is talking about fives real name
CDCS 10 hours ago
The mom didn’t choose Five’s name for some random reason. The mom named all 6 other siblings though. 🤔
Rania Ranini
Rania Ranini 21 hour ago
Is it weird that i find 5 attractive
CDCS 10 hours ago
Brad Trulove
Brad Trulove 22 hours ago
“The Agenda Academy”
Caleb Payne
Caleb Payne 22 hours ago
Vanya doesn't deserve sympathy. She deserved to have been left. She was an asshole
CDCS 10 hours ago
No, she was misunderstood. All the siblings in S1 ignored her. Although Allison is my favorite character, Vanya deserves some happiness too. ☀️
Nur Khairina
Nur Khairina 22 hours ago
Episode 3 when Ray was beaten by the white cop 😔😔
CDCS 10 hours ago
I know right. 😢
Mr Jean Deaux
Mr Jean Deaux 23 hours ago
It's ... _"no skin off my NOSE",_ (not _'teeth')._ And ... _"by the skin of your teeth"._ Jussayin... 👍😎
Slyhound 23 hours ago
Is Ellen page really necessary? It’s a great show. But whenever she come on, idk I get disappointed.
CDCS 10 hours ago
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