The Ultimate PlayStation Comparison

Austin Evans
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After over 20 years, how does the PS4 console stack up with the PS1, PS2 and PS3 in the ultimate Sony PlayStation gameplay comparison?
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Apr 10, 2018




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Comments 80
Austin Evans
Austin Evans 2 years ago
Hope you got your 🍿
reflexive 15 hours ago
Nikos G I am 12
reflexive 15 hours ago
Austin Evans I got my 🍔and🍟
Rc Animates
Rc Animates 4 days ago
Sorry but no
Saajid Hafiz
Saajid Hafiz 6 days ago
MR. FØXJERLIN 7 days ago
Jools Barry
Jools Barry 9 hours ago
Ally Mullins
Ally Mullins 21 hour ago
king frass
king frass Day ago
This video take me back, I grew up on ps!!
Malcom Frink
Malcom Frink Day ago
The ps2 had the red screen of deth
Malcom Frink
Malcom Frink Day ago
I have Grand Turismo 1
Israel Nunez
Israel Nunez Day ago
I have owned a ps2 slim,ps3 slim, launch ps4 and ps4 pro
Christopher Chow
Playing Vice City on the PS2 instead of San Andreas...LOL
I think no matter what we play, wether it’s happened yet or not, all of play on a ps3 at some point in our life. I know I did. Unfortunately it stopped working. My characters kept moving on their own and I couldn’t really stop them. It was like that one scene in wreck it Ralph. So I got a PS4.
Gerry-Didi-69 Xd
Gerry-Didi-69 Xd 2 days ago
I got an Xbox ad on this... curse you google
soysoy 2 days ago
you forgot the psp
luluculu 2 days ago
Me an intellectual: PSP
Charlie McNamara
Charlie McNamara 2 days ago
I have the ps3 super slim but it's ok I have a ps4
Charlie McNamara
Charlie McNamara 2 days ago
Gustavo Guevara
Gustavo Guevara 3 days ago
Hey Guys from the intro turned on my Google lmao
Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan 3 days ago
I grew up on ps2 lol
DAOUTLET 3 days ago
He guys this is Austin best intro 🔥🔥🔥
Max Skripp
Max Skripp 3 days ago
the high pitched sound in the music is actually really annoying.
OAM Plays
OAM Plays 3 days ago
For a second I thought it was the ultimate playstation Corruption
Martintruexfan #19 ツĞoㄥDsғM1❶
I had a silver ps2 for a year and then my cat took a piss on it. My uncle gave it to my mom in 2016
Eric See
Eric See 3 days ago
Sony Conceptualized PS 3's form factor while grilling.
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT 4 days ago
Thank god sony decided to just release it anyway
Jr Gallardo
Jr Gallardo 4 days ago
My first game console is... The original Play station
MataPro YT
MataPro YT 5 days ago
I had ps3 slim its so cool play on it i dont like ps4, i really love to play on ps3
markito mgt
markito mgt 5 days ago
and the psx net yaroze ?
DeathMetalJedi 5 days ago
He's rocking them busted up CB1s lol
Just Cruz
Just Cruz 5 days ago
The PS3 flopped because Sony got full of themselves. The Xbox One flopped because they they got full of themselves and also forgot they were a game console.
sweet N
sweet N 5 days ago
I loved hit and runn I even claimed it as the best game on the PS2
Mario And Luigi
Mario And Luigi 5 days ago
But the ps3 slim is good because it's newer so it has more updates
KnightKirkyBoy 5 days ago
nintendo f*cked up bad
Tiano Mustafa
Tiano Mustafa 5 days ago
Nothin can beat my time when i first got my PS1 & PS2
Jessica Brannigan
What about gta and resident evil
raxxzzreaperr 6 days ago
Where the f is the PSP?
Iven Chhiv
Iven Chhiv 6 days ago
I born in 2006 and my dad got me ps2 but when i 16 i pass my test my dad got me ps4 and he sall ps2
Cath Badh
Cath Badh 6 days ago
If you were born in 2006, how are 16 years old?
Android Gear
Android Gear 6 days ago
Why didn't you play Gran Turismo 4 instead of 3
Shawn thaDon
Shawn thaDon 6 days ago
Listen since that game came out
Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson 6 days ago
I have grand turismo 1 you know.
SmokewalkeR 26
SmokewalkeR 26 6 days ago
11:26 pretty sure that broke his ps4
SmokewalkeR 26
SmokewalkeR 26 6 days ago
Am pretty sure that the nintendo guy who decided to turn down the deal would be crying for his mistakes even now .(idk if he is exists anymore)
Weeb Memeist64
Weeb Memeist64 7 days ago
If nintendo accepted the offer... then there would’ve been no Sony PlayStations?
Windows_2000_YT 7 days ago
The ps2 could run linux
Brody Bohnstedt
Brody Bohnstedt 7 days ago
OfficialBlazy 7 days ago
my 1st console : SNES (mom flipped out cuz her boyfriend got it for me) my 2nd console : PS1 (i saved money savings from my nan) my 3rd console : PS2 (i never bought it as i played it all the time at firiends place) my 4th console : PS3 (i never bought it but i played it over at my ex's place and friend let me borrow it) my 5th console : PS4 Pro (i bought it myself from the money that i earned by working 8 - 10h a day) my future console : PS5 (already reserved it)
Andres Bozo Rondon
Really Austin? GT3 and vice city? What about God of war and shadow of the Colossus to show the ps2 performance?
Skylar Golden
Skylar Golden 7 days ago
I really want a phat ps2 for some reason it just looks sexier than the slim
Tek Gung
Tek Gung 7 days ago
I have the PS4 slim and it is amazing, just lags occasionally
Game Spot
Game Spot 7 days ago
imagine if the playstation became an addon imagine how crazy it would have been playstation influenced microsoft to make xbox no playstation=no xbox so what would it have been like today?
Rift SilentOrb
Rift SilentOrb 8 days ago
The ps3 has 256mb of ram, not 512mb lol
chickennuggetboi 1200
No one: Literally no one: Not a soul: Austin: HeY GuyZ ThIS Iz AuSTiN
chickennuggetboi 1200
@StUCaboose yolo boi
StUCaboose 6 days ago
Have you seen his recent videos? Ever since he stopped saying that, it's all anyone talks about
Enad Farraj
Enad Farraj 8 days ago
i bought a sega saturn not ps1 back in the day, i hated Sony, i was a loyal Sega fan, i didnt have a PC back then so when my Saturn got busted i bought a PC, i lost interest with consoles coz PC had internet, i didnt need a console, however i bought ps3 back in 2012 and a ps4 back in 2016, ps4 is awesome, my laptops and PC has no games anymore, its only for work if u know what i mean, i love Sony now am gonna get ps5 as soon as it gets released `
Lovre Sokolov
Lovre Sokolov 8 days ago
First and second generation are the best
Cath Badh
Cath Badh 6 days ago
All the generations are and always will be.
Marching Food Truck
Yo, your CB-1’s left side is broken, i can see it.
sg29rei 8 days ago
My first console was ps3 super slim i STILL have it i tried to play on it but i have to clean it from some very tine White bugs
skullZ 8 days ago
im ps1 player
Dingo 8 days ago
The only ultimate thing with this video is how Austin forgot about the PSP and the PSVita
Crimsonally YT
Crimsonally YT 9 days ago
PS3 logo is like in the Spider-Man movies
SaveClimate NOW!
SaveClimate NOW! 9 days ago
I owned a ps2 had to return it 4times because it kept breaking I switched to team Xbox when the 360 released considering switching back to team PlayStation though I really want to play all the exclusives
Kayden Denney
Kayden Denney 9 days ago
the ps2 slim looks like a book
mudabbir ali
mudabbir ali 9 days ago
Ps1 is the best
M m
M m 9 days ago
who is watching after ps6 got announced
Cath Badh
Cath Badh 6 days ago
No one
Cyber67 GC
Cyber67 GC 10 days ago
"In 1994 the world got this"
AU5TIN247 10 days ago
Austin: plays on ps1 Also Austin: HAS 240 HZ MONITOR
Rohan Mahesh
Rohan Mahesh 10 days ago
This is why I have a PS4 Pro
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 10 days ago
Is there anyone left that hasn't heard the story of the Nintendo PlayStation and the origin of the Sony Playstation? Yet we have to hear this story in every video about the original Playstation.
pro gamer lv
pro gamer lv 10 days ago
My fav is the ps3slim or the original
Trek gamers
Trek gamers 10 days ago
Playstation is a trash
Anders Robertsen
Anders Robertsen 10 days ago
I love the ps 3 slim, it's really a great console n I just love too play GRID on it but I feel ps2, ps3 n ps4 has small controllers, I like a ps3 controller witch look like a xbox controller so the joystick have some more space between them
Roberto Perez Salazar
My first console was the PlayStation 1
Muhammad Nauman
Muhammad Nauman 10 days ago
Who still sells a ps1
Andrew I Rollason
Andrew I Rollason 11 days ago
Anyone here when last of us 2 came out?
Doge 11 days ago
That PS3 playing the last of us flawlessly was the same machine that would lag when 2 players played Minecraft
Doge 11 days ago
Sure, just go ahead and completely neglect the PSP and the PS Vita
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Ian Fink
Ian Fink 11 days ago
Nobody: Austin Evans: HOWEVER
Ian Fink
Ian Fink 11 days ago
An Xbox ad played before this
Honestly I thought he was going to fusing them all together to have the Ultimate PlayStation 😅
Daanyaal Ali
Daanyaal Ali 12 days ago
What if he edits this and adds in the ps5 when it releases. Who else is here in 2020 ?
Msn_ Leo
Msn_ Leo 10 days ago
He will have to delete it
Es wird Suppe gegessen
My first ps is gonna be the ps5
Siraj Uddin
Siraj Uddin 12 days ago
U know the slyding one u have to press a button
zendy man
zendy man 13 days ago
Can you give me a gaming pc
Johnny Cbp
Johnny Cbp 13 days ago
I still play vice city and so many other games on PS2
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