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A compilation of the best pro plays of 2019 - aces, clutches, smart plays and VAC plays. This video doesn't include single vac shots. This is the absolute biggest project on my channel right now, I worked hard and long on this, probably around 20 intensive hours in 2 days, so I truly hope you will like this video. #csgo #rewind #best #plays #highlights #ace #clutch
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[Electro Pop] Versio - Feel It (ft. Nar)


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Dec 29, 2019




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Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel
This is the real deal. This is my thank you for everything. I hope you will enjoy it. EDIT: I want to point out that even though it has over 200 minutes and I tried to make sure I don’t forget a single memorable clutch/ace, I still might’ve forgotten something.
Gideon 2 days ago
@Silverjack ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ,
Gideon 2 days ago
@Silverjack ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ,,
Gideon 2 days ago
@Silverjack ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° .....
Gideon 2 days ago
@Silverjack ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° .
Gideon 2 days ago
@Silverjack ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ,,,
Ben Severson
Ben Severson 21 hour ago
Mom: You can only watch one more video before bed Me:
Oldac Day ago
14:40 looks kinda fishy
TrippyHD 5 days ago
1:59 slow it down he snaps to the guys head twice, could be coincidence
TrippyHD 5 days ago
just before this actualy just after he kills the 2nd to last guy
Kadir Ünsalan
Kadir Ünsalan 13 days ago
Julisa Buechner
Julisa Buechner 13 days ago
cool video
Fabian Büchner
Fabian Büchner 15 days ago
nice video
Sharks yustered
Sharks yustered 16 days ago
6:02 he’s lucky his teammate didn’t kill him
Aleks Bg
Aleks Bg 18 days ago
Dhairya Gala
Dhairya Gala 20 days ago
I thank you for the effort before even starting to watch it 💪🏽😇
Gabriel' Month ago
Why do they look like they're using wallhack i saw many pre firs lol
Demir Zengin
Demir Zengin Month ago
Dude you are amazing. You have such a patience. It must be a hell editing this video. Great job
El Astronaute
El Astronaute Month ago
These guys are cheating they can see through obstacles to where the other players are, like a wall hack...
Jax Olaf
Jax Olaf Month ago
32:16 why there is polish flag for team vitality ?
Sportrider89 Month ago
You can tell the hackers when watching so many pro and legit players. It's funny to see some of the pros hack.
Stone Month ago
this is 75% a clutch highlight
Abdenour Slimani
21:30 that was one of the most big brain things i've ever seen
MarvelExtra Month ago
And some of these beautiful shots are cheating... Sad.
leonelx22x x22x
leonelx22x x22x Month ago
Sloane Wendel
Sloane Wendel Month ago
Started watching this at 2am. I can’t wait to see the sunrise :))))))
Wyatt Month ago
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Month ago
S1mple is cheating xd
Ade Thornhill
Ade Thornhill Month ago
Too clean
jape Month ago
RexTreme Trader
RexTreme Trader 2 months ago
I Bet nobody will watch till the end of 3hr.. Smash Thaf Fucking Live Button ...
gamersbsffcr bidirel
nice video and S1mple is pro
Alex Medina
Alex Medina 2 months ago
34:40 AIMLOCK. Watch it at 0.25 speed for more obvious. Spotted it at normal speed, though. Superobvious.
Abdelaziz Samy
Abdelaziz Samy 2 months ago
F in chat for 11:41
Harold Chang
Harold Chang 2 months ago
Corona lockdown? Nahhh
Ivan Vtorov
Ivan Vtorov 2 months ago
7:23 have anyone noticed?take a look at Fer's AK))))Fer dick BIG))))))lol)))
john smith
john smith 2 months ago
this is incredible you're a beast
Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel
Pod Yavuz
Pod Yavuz 2 months ago
They all cheaters :D
keechada 2 months ago
23:21 aim bot
Matheed0 CS:GO
Matheed0 CS:GO 2 months ago
22:49 Saw this live... Almost cried when astralis lost
RBeatz' Remix's
RBeatz' Remix's 3 months ago
1:39 :24 Harry Potter play Csgo ? Wtf ...:)))
Keylock 3 months ago
There is no best player
Kyrpäpasi022 3 months ago
Can we just agree that ence is the best?
Olaf Michelson
Olaf Michelson 3 months ago
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 3 months ago
1:45 :39 is the reason why the awp has been nerfed so that you cant move fast after firing a shot
Erik 3 months ago
Love your content man. Keep up the good work
ExdeadL 3 months ago
i watched all of it seriously what am i doing with my life
OctoGerald 3 months ago
Apparently Kscerato and f0rest are Jesus because there on about 25% of the clips.
tlot pwist
tlot pwist 3 months ago
someone doesnt know how to count 8:32
Reforming ATM
Reforming ATM 3 months ago
23:20 the last shot looks sus to me lol
David Reynard
David Reynard 3 months ago
Ikr, I saw that, tf is up with the mouse movements after the guy dies. Dunno much about CS but pretty sure the crosshair is meant to be on the head when you shoot, and not like a single frame after
FalorPL 4 months ago
Good video man keep it up ;)
Hang ya neck to death
😂can't help but notice da fer DICK BIG stickers
Danyon Wang
Danyon Wang 4 months ago
1:58 :56
TP4k tutorial
TP4k tutorial 4 months ago
GONGY 4 months ago
Is here someone who watched the full video?
Benjiii 4 months ago
Pansy is the only good female caster
Braaaa! 4 months ago
2:52 :05 Wtf, it's like playing in the special olympics as a normal guy.
Ze BOy
Ze BOy 4 months ago
25:11 chris made the same highlight of pasha
Farmer Dio
Farmer Dio 4 months ago
i woke up to this and I love it
Cookie Cs
Cookie Cs 4 months ago
Amazing Fun
Amazing Fun 4 months ago
Very nice
Mawtin 4 months ago
1:36 :05
Mikhael Niere
Mikhael Niere 4 months ago
LMAO that moment of silent 1:13
Bnm Hjj
Bnm Hjj 4 months ago
2:09 hacker
BraxTer 5 months ago
3 and a half hours. Just like watching Endgame or The irish man
CristianKlodczyk 5 months ago
2:18 :31 the caster said 1v3 at the end and it was a 1v5 smh
Søren Kristensen
Søren Kristensen 5 months ago
Now snipe, this one hell of a unique video and hard work, this ill say gratz for ;)
200% Auto King Sound
No I miss it
C 14M1V4N
C 14M1V4N 5 months ago
Rich Biscuit
Rich Biscuit 5 months ago
Thank you for all your videos! Happy new year! I look forward to watching whenever I get the chance thank you for your time!
Nisse 5 months ago
Good job (: super Y for CS (“
Alex De Hond
Alex De Hond 5 months ago
Zywoo the hungry frenchman hunting some baguettes
Артём Юсупов
eternal video, Happy New Year everyone
Mace 5 months ago
This is amazing. Have no clue how you only have 90k subs
dane 5 months ago
22:52 the crowd gives me a goosebump lmao
Samuel Eriksson
Samuel Eriksson 5 months ago
ZywOo is the future of CSGO
Vasos 5 months ago
Like i said in chat lets go and hopefully for someone that will be helpfuly: 0-15min plays: 0:04 Brehze godlike 1v4 0:30 ZywOo quad kill hold in Cologne playoffs 0:54 ZywOo 1v3 quad kill against NRG 1:35 bORUP 1v2 ace usp hold on vertigo 2:08 rain deletes three of Cloud9 members 2:21 allu with 1v4 awp clutch 2:47 BnTeT insane usp ace 3:08 Andyy with double double awp collateral 3:22 art ace hold in overtime against North 4:01 allu 3 vac shots 4:20 ableJ milion angles to check but he still win a 1v3 4:49 1mpala ace hold to OT 5:15 flamie double pistol ace against FaZe in Katowice 7:05 fer last seconds 1v4 against Tricked 8:06 f0rest insane AK ace 8:36 frozen 1v3 in epicenter final 8:55 flusha glock/usp ace against liquid 9:19 Golden ace SG hold 9:34 GuardiaN 1v4 ace against Cloud9 10:08 s1mple 1v4 ace against ENCE 10:41 sdy 3 seconds ace hold 10:50 shox 1v3 to map point for vitality 11:07 SHiPZ insane aggresive banana hold 11:42 sergej 1v2 in Dallas finals 11:57 snax back to back quad kill hold 12:24 twistzz deagle 1v4 against Vitality 13:25 ZywOo usp ace against Grayhound 13:42 Xyp9x of course 1v3 clutch against fnatic 14:20 Zellsis insane 1v4 in first round of IEM Katowice Major 14:59 woxic with awp 1v3 clutch
Vasos 5 months ago
120-135 plays: 2:00:13 ZywOo end match against ENCE with four huge entry awp kills 2:00:33 Xizt smart 1v2 in OT against NRG 2:00:54 woxic save map for Mousesports by 1v3 clutch against Tyloo 2:01:25 woxic wins another 1v3 against Tyloo 2:01:50 woxic close match against Tyloo in another 1v3 2:02:09 Twistzz 1v3 usp one taps against FaZe 2:02:40 Liazz double usp one taps threw the smoke 2:02:51 s1mple m4a4 quad kill hold 2:03:11 shox quad kill hold of Mirage ramp 2:03:37 stavn 1v2 ace hold against Vitality 2:04:04 olofmeister 1v3 with unreal kill in the air 2:04:39 Stewie2k 1v2 in OT with 2 quickscopes 2:04:52 Sico 1v3 against Liquid with nice double kill spraydown 2:05:21 tarik sick quad kill hold of Dust2 short to save the map for EG 2:05:44 TACO aug quad kill hold of Dust2 B site in Katowice QF 2:05:59 device quad kill in the flank 2:05:59 Twistzz huge decision to goes threw molly to wins 1v1 clutch 2:06:49 Xyp9x krieg 1v4 ace clutch against NRG 2:07:40 ZywOo scout ace hold of Cache B site 2:07:59 qikert smart low hp 1v3 against CR4ZY 2:09:16 loWel usp ace hold in Berlin Major 2:09:40 Liazz amazing ace hold of Mirage B apartments in OT 2:09:54 mantuu awp quad kill hold with huge noscope headshot 2:10:16 nitr0 1v3 quad kill to hold bomb plant 2:10:38 cadiaN usp quad kill hold against Sprout 2:10:59 Brehze amazing ace hold clutch to save the map for NRG 2:11:47 BnTeT wins very important 1v4 in Katowice Major 2:13:10 FalleN clear usp ace hold in Chicago SF 2:13:29 frozen ace hold of Train pop dog against Astralis 2:13:49 flusha cheats on and quad kill hold against Avangar 2:14:17 Freeman usp ace hold against North 2:14:33 fer on his fragging mode against ENCE 2:15:00 JW low hp 1v4 against Optic
Vasos 5 months ago
105-120min plays: 1:45:21 art ace hold against ENCE's eco round 1:45:39 art insane awp ace hold in same match against ENCE 1:46:03 AZR 1hp quad kill hold of Mirage B site 1:46:24 allu 1v4 against Heroic 1:46:51 EliGE clear Overpass A site solo and finally gives first round for Liquid in match against fnatic 1:47:27 twist awp ace hold of Nuke ramp against EG 1:47:45 Zeus amazing quad kill hold in his last tournament in pro career 1:48:00 Rain deletes TyLoo's attack to Dust2 A site by 2 quick one taps 1:48:08 Liazz sick 1v4 against FaZe 1:49:07 Nifty amazing quad kill in the offense in 2v5 situation 1:49:45 nitr0 wins 1v3 against Navi after knife miss (later Liquid wins this map after OT) 1:50:30 jkaem ace in the offense against ENCE 1:51:03 olofmeister ace hold of Mirage B apartments against NiP 1:51:36 nitr0 unbelivable 1v4 ninja defuse 1:52:30 qikert insane double kill spraydown to wins important round for Avangar 1:52:47 lekr0 needs only deagle to wins 1v3 clutch against Navi's full buy 1:53:08 Liazz brilliant ace in the offense to close match against ENCE 1:53:33 Lucky 1v3 against MIBR in Katowice major 1:54:14 LUCAS1 quad kill hold against Renegades in 29th round 1:54:28 KRIMZ with quad kill retake to gives us Hiko's retake flashbacks 1:55:16 kennyS quad kill in the offense to wins an important round for G2 against Vega 1:55:38 ottoNd godlike 1v2 quad kill retake against Astralis 1:56:10 nitr0 + Overpass A site hold = rip for terrorists 1:56:27 Plopski dont stopping and gives NiP a quad kill in the offense 1:56:55 olofmeister sick awp triple kill hold of Nuke ramp 1:57:19 RpK low hp 1v3 against NiP 1:57:45 s1mple amazing ace in the offense against BIG 1:58:22 ropz insane ace retake with deagle/AK against Liquid's full buy 1:59:26 SHiPZ awp ace hold against Asterion 1:59:49 tarik insane ace in the offense in Berlin major QF
Vasos 5 months ago
90-105min plays: 1:30:07 EliGE wins so important 1v2 clutch in Cologne final 1:31:01 f0rest sick glock 1v3 against fnatic 1:31:46 KSCERATO dont need m4a4 to win clutch against ForZe 1:32:09 kennyS amazing usp quad kill hold of Cache A bombsite 1:32:21 kNgV quad kill hold by deagle/AK against Sharks 1:32:48 karrigan quick aug 1v3 clutch 1:32:59 Jame use his big brain to win 1v2 against Brazilian crowd and Furia 1:34:07 JW deletes defense of NRG to close match with quad kill 1:34:25 shox intense 1v2 clutch retake to give G2 map point 1:34:48 ZywOo 1v3 clutch close first map of match against ViCi in Katowice 1:35:13 Stewie2k insane quad kill spraydown 1:35:25 tarik 1v3 against Navi in Starladder Major playoffs 1:36:13 Stewie2k usp quad kill hold against Astralis 1:36:15 coldzera smart 1v2 triple kill in Sydney playoffs 1:37:02 broky wins clutch against Xyp9x so he finnish csgo 1:37:25 Furlan deletes LDLC by usp 1:37:49 f0rest opens Inferno A bombsite by quad kill against EG 1:38:03 TACO 1v4 clutch retake in OT against fnatic 1:38:58 jks m4a4 1v3 quad kill in the defense 1:39:25 f0rest sick 1v2 double one tap to close game against Spirit 1:39:48 stanislaw ace hold of Inferno banana 1:40:18 stavn close 1v3 defuse to give Heroic match point 1:41:03 Stewie2k quad kill 1v2 clutch in 2v5 situation 1:41:57 sergej p250 triple kill hold against MIBR's full buy 1:42:05 ShahZaM deagle ace against Lazarus 1:42:38 stavn intense 1v2 clutch against Hard Legion 1:42:59 REZ give NiP first round of Mirage in Katowice QF against Astralis 1:43:22 ropz ace in the offense against Vp 1:43:51 ottoNd awp ace against Godsent 1:44:24 jks usp 1v3 quad kill hold in Mirage palace 1:44:57 jnt quad kill hold against MIBR
Vasos 5 months ago
75-90min plays: 1:15:32 nitr0 of course hold A bombsite Overpass this time quad kill against Astralis 1:15:59 Liazz triple usp/krieg kill hold against Astralis full buy 1:16:28 acoR deagle 1v2 triple kill against Illuminar 1:16:44 Infinite smart m4a4 quad kill hold 1:17:21 aizy m4a4 quad kill hold against BIG 1:17:41 huNter sick 1v3 against AGO 1:17:51 GuardiaN awp ace hold 1:18:42 fer insane triple kill hold in OT 1:18:52 EliGE quad kill retake with deagle/AK 1:19:16 autimatic amazing 1v4 against FaZe 1:19:58 EliGE 1v3 to close the map against FaZe 1:21:03 ALEX aug ace hold against Avangar 1:21:27 AZR amazing AK 1v4 1:21:43 allu save ENCE with 1v2 against Navi 1:21:57 AmaNEk insane low hp 1v4 1:22:13 Xyp9x 1v2 defuse 1:23:00 sergej sick awp 1v3 1:23:14 reatz deagle ace in the offense against Sprout 1:24:16 oskarish deagle/ak 1v3 against Sprout 1:24:34 NAF aug 1v3 against Vitality 1:25:13 NEO low hp 1v2 triple kill in double OT against G2 1:25:32 ropz insane 1v4 against BIG 1:25:57 KSCERATO impossible 1v3 to close a game 1:26:09 boombl4 1v4 clutch ace to give navi a match point 1:26:56 bORUP quad kill hold against SJ Gaming 1:27:15 Brollan sick deagle triple kill in 2v3 situation 1:27:27 CeRq awp 1v3 against INTZ 1:27:50 cajunb quick quad kill hold against Astralis 1:28:05 conor quad kill AK hold against Mousesports 1:28:31 EliGE ace aug hold with amazing observer view 1:28:57 EspiranTo deagle triple kill hold 1:29:22 Ethan krieg quad kill in the 2v4 situation 1:29:38 EspiranTo sick ace in the offense to close map against INTZ
Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel
@Vasos Actual god
Ethan Mallory
Ethan Mallory 5 months ago
I think the Alex deagle clip is in here twice but still a great video!
Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel
That one definitely isn’t twice.
Dade Dade
Dade Dade 5 months ago
You are crazy 3 Hours Video really??
Dogehino 5 months ago
Great vid - just one clip that wasn't mentioned was NiKo's 1v3 Pistol on Nuke vs Mibr at Blast Sao Paulo.
Flambo0yan7zz- 5 months ago
Quick math: 2018 Best Pro Plays - 155 minutes 2019 Best Pro Plays - 202 minutes 2020 Best Pro Plays - 249 minutes???
Ano Nym
Ano Nym 5 months ago
Happy and lucky year 2020 to y'all!
MooMooJenkins 5 months ago
Most underrated CSGO montage RUvidr. Best content to watch, keep up the good work
Xerom 5 months ago
You really are dedicated to CSGO mann, you deserved more subs broo just saying :DD
GamingNOS 5 months ago
That outro music hits differently when I've been sitting here for 3 hours...
Icey 3 months ago
skY f0rest
skY f0rest 5 months ago
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